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My journey through my day and my life with its andotes and life lessons of the day. The gifts and blessing of those people the Lord has surrounded me with along with the many treasure's He has left for me to open and enjoy along the way. My walk with my Lord and Savior, Prayers, Work, Play. Pictures of the gifts and blessing. My journey through life and how it has strengthened, blessed me or............

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Daily Journey

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

May Blessings ~ Counting It All Joy! (Week Three)


May blooms
First love
Country drives 
Fresh breezes 
Creasing the petals
Fragrant beauties
White lines blowing
Meadows of wildflowers
Dancing in the wind
Spring is in the air


May 15~ Good morning! Early rise for a day of smiles and beauty. 
1. Morning coffee 
2. Good morning text and call wishing me a good day. See you soon. 
3. GPS and back roads 
4. Rest stops to stretch when traveling. 
5. Beautiful mountain views even in the misty rain. 
6. Prayers with Crystal N Koch
7. Arriving safely to my destination. 
8. A warm welcome 
9. Being in the country. 
10. The smells of the fresh rain on the countryside. 
Thank you Lord for this day and safe travels. Thank you for meeting all of my needs spoken and unspoken daily. Blessings

May 16~ Good morning! Went to sleep early and slept all snuggled up. Woke semi early to sunshine pouring into my room. 
1. Waking up feeling totally rested. 
2. Sitting in the rocker taking in all the quiet and beauty. 
3. Listening to the doves coo. 
4. Driving over to Jacksonville and taking in some of sights and sounds of this old town. Need to come back here and explore some more. 
5. Finding some great hiking trails around Britt Gardens. 
6. Meeting some great people on the trailheads. 
7. All the beautiful flowers found today on the trail and in this lovely little town. 
8. Listening to the wildlife rustling in the brush and trees along the trail and the Creek. 
9. An afternoon noon nap after my adventure and small walk. 
10. All the smiles and hellos collected today. 
11. Thanking the firefighters for their service today. 
12. History. Thank you Lord for this day and the adventures I'm enjoying on my little trip down south. 
Thank you for the sunshine today and always meeting all of my needs spoken and unspoken daily. Blessings

May 17~ Good morning! Love all the morning light pouring through the bedroom windows. What a beautiful way to be gently awoken every morning. This is a gift for sure to be thankful for. 
1. Stretching and soaking in the early morning daylight. 
2. Pull the covers over my head for a couple more winks of shut eye. 
3. Hot shower. But realized how grateful I am for good water pressure at home. Who knew that was important. But it is! 
4. A crazy drive to the Ashland Oregon and back. Thought I was going to enjoy this little quaint Shakespearean town. But it was too busy for me. But I enjoyed the drive. Maybe another time. 
5. Dutch Brothers coffee. 
6. Finding a cool little restaurant for lunch. Crackin & Stackin. Located in Central Point Oregon. 
7. A drive out to Lower Table Rock Trails. Beautiful 15 minute drive from where I'm staying.
 8. Being able to take a 1/2 mile walk on one of the trails. Taking g in all of the wildflowers and wildlife.
 9. Beating the rain once again today. 
10. Discovering new places to explore and enjoy. 
11. Taking in all the countryside around me. 
12. The smell of fresh rain on the countryside. 
13. Feeling rested. 
Thank you Lord for another day filled with many new discoveries and being able to soak in all the beauty around me. The friendly people I have meet and spoken to. And their beautiful smiles shared. Thank you Lord for meeting all of my needs spoken and unspoken daily that I have need of. Blessings

May 18~ Good morning! Today I say goodbye to my time here in Central Point. It has been a very nice time here and am thankful for the adventures I have had. Also realized life has wonderful things instore for me, reflection time always reveals something. 
1. Up early and saying goodbye. Thank you for having me down and your wonderful hospitality and friendship. 
2. Coffee with Jim and Athena. She is such a funny girl. I was petting her and she didn't want me to stop so she knocked my coffee out of my hand. She's a girl that knows what she wants. Lesson here! 
3. Thank you for eye drops to relieve the swelling and itching eyes from allergies. 
4.Stopped and had breakfast at Heaven on Earth Restaurant. So yummy! 
5. Rest stop to stretch 
6. Watching the Blazers game with Cindy. 
7. Being told I looked like I was 45. WOW! Can I keep you? 
8. Evening out with Cindy and Tami. Wish I wasn't so tired. Love girl time. 
9. Hot showers 
10. Insights and opportunities. 
Thank you Lord for another day filled with friends and family. Thank you for watching over me today as I traveled. Thank you for meeting all of my needs spoken and unspoken daily. Blessings

May 19~ Good morning! Here we are on Sunday morning...where did the weekend go? Seems the days and weeks are going by faster and faster everyday. Waking early in my own home and bed. Nothing better than being home. Though missing those windows of beauty I so enjoyed this past week. 
1. Morning coffee in my own home. 
2. Fun conversation with an old friend from school. 
3. Deadheading my petunias. 
4. Listening to rain. 
5. Going on a walk with Cindy and the three fur babies. 
6. Finding out about Google word and how easy it is to use. Thank you for telling me about this and showing me Cindy. 
7. A warm sweater 
8. Tennis shoes 
9. Telephone 
10. Fragrant flowers. 
Thank you Lord for another day to celebrate the gifts you bless us with daily. Thank you for meeting all of my needs spoken and unspoken daily. Blessings

May 20~ Good morning! Need my morning coffee. It is a bit chilly and damp outside today and I have to do some yard work. Hoping it warms up some. 
1. Fun pokes and light conversation this morning. Actually brought many smiles and helped me avoid going outside for a bit. 
2. Warm sweatshirt to keep me warm. 
3. Vitamins 
4. Laughter 
5. Getting more yard work done, and filling my green can up. Little by little it is taking some shape. 
6. Stacking all the wood together to be picked up. 
7. Having choices in life. What a wonderful thing. 
8. Meeting up with the ladies this evening to watch the Blazers. Great company, food and time. 
9. Watching people's faces when I tell them no I'm not 48-52. I'm 61! Thank you for making me younger. 
10. My electric fireplace today to take the chill off the house. 
Thank you Lord for another day of smiles and friendships and laughter to fill my treasure box of memories with. Thank you for meeting all of my various needs abundantly daily spoken and unspoken. Blessings

May 21~ Good morning! How the days are zipping by. May is more than half over. Seems the days are rolling by quicker and quicker everyday. Not sure where the time is going. Thankful for everyday I'm blessed with. 
1. Up having that morning coffee that brings one of the first smiles to my face. 
2. Drew arrives to put my new thermostat in this morning. So excited about it. It really looks nice. 
3. Fresh air 
4. Hammer to mend my fence. Seems there maybe lessons here about mending fences. Lol 
5. Sally's Beauty Supply so thankful they had one bottle of the product I need for appointment tomorrow. I got the last one. Thank you Lord! 
6. A text that brought an early evening smile. Always nice to hear from you. 
7. Vacuum cleaner I am so grateful for. I remember many times sweeping my rugs with a broom.
 8. Friends that call to say hello. 
9. Hot showers and fresh towels. 
10. Prayers 
Thank you Lord for another day to celebrate the life you have blessed me with. Thank you for meeting all of my various needs abundantly spoken and unspoken daily. Blessings

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