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Daily Journey

Sunday, October 15, 2017

October Blessings ~ Counting It All Joy! (Week Two)


Vibrant Colors Of Beauty!

It's The Great Pumpkin!
The Great Pumpkin Awaits!
For October 31st

October 8~ Good morning Sunday sunshine! Loved my good morning surprise snap.Great way to start my day! I say Good morning to me! Actually always nice to hear from you. Invitation to morning breakfast. Sweet! Thank you for the 99 boxes so that I can pack up my salon. Yes! It's gong to be a good day! Love my outfit and the boots. Perfect! Yep! the outfit did it's job and then some.Got to love that! Yes! I know my car needs detailing. Do you know a detailer? Breakfast was interesting as always. Thanks for the game of pool. Went and saw a friend I haven't seen in a very long time. Great to see you Shirley. Congratulations on the up coming retirement. That is so exciting! Then off to see another friend. It has been a great day visiting and catching up with friends. Then off to dinner to a wonderful place called the Wild Hare! WOW! Really good food. Thank you Dorlores for suggesting this place. Very good indeed. Home to recoup from this great weekend of adventure and fun. Thank you Lord for meals out that I didn't have to cook. For the scent of fresh air and pine in the air. Thank you Lord for the early morning good morning. Thank you for another day of beautiful weather and sunshine on this Fall day. The drive down old country roads that bring peace in the heart and fill the soul. For simple wishes spoken and unspoken. The whisper prayers that are upon my heart that I know you hear. For meeting me everyday right where I am and making it the best day yet! Thank you Lord for your unwavering love for me. Truly I am blessed beyond measure. Blessings

October 9~ Good morning Monday fresh new week of adventures. As I move forward this week I have lots of business phone calls ahead of me. It really is a Monday! Prayers and coffee will be required. Time to freshen myself up for the day and roll out the door for morning appointments. Then home to complete the business calls. Lunch with Sherilynn Ganther, then we head out the door for some adventure and fun.Heading up to Mt. Hood to look for some art work that I would like to try and replace. Only to find out eh artist is retiring and the work they have of hers is almost gone. The piece I was looking for only in blue. So sad! I needed it in red. But found another piece and bought the blue. it shall be a nice piece to replace. Now I think I will see it I can find someone that can do repair work on the piece I have. Shattered as it is. You never know. Played in the snow and walked a bit up a little path to get some awesome photos. Then headed over to Trillium Lake to take an afternoon stroll around the lake and take in the Fall colors and views. Beautiful day for enjoying the lake and the mountain both. Time to head home after taking in all this fresh air and beauty. Stopped at Calamity Janes on the way home for some chili. Perfect end to a beautiful afternoon adventure. Thank you Lord for this day. For the dental appointment made and other business call attempts. Thank you for gas money to make this afternoon trip to the mountain and enjoy the beautiful Fall day with all of her rich colors and beauty. Plus the wonderful early Fall snow at the mountain. So fun! Thank you for the smiles and the laughter of so many other Fall travelers enjoying the beauty of the afternoon from the Lodge at Mt. Hood to those fishing and walking around Trillium Lake. Thank you for the muffins Geo Sutter shared with me yesterday; as they came with us today to enjoy on our way home from the Mountain and the lake. For the still quiet of the Forrest, the calm of the water. The beauty of the ducks and the chipmunks and some squirrels along with the beauty of the birds of the air. The amazing rich beauty of the Fall colors that bring a new bloom to the landscape.For safe travels home and a new perspective on this day. I thank you Lord for yet blessing me once more with another day.I am so grateful for all that you do for me. Blessings

October 10~Good morning Tuesday! Time for me to rise and shine for my morning appointment. It's a bit cold this morning you truly can feel the Fall crisp morning air. Actually the entire day has truly felt like a crisp Fall day. Dressing for this cooler weather I have to pull out the layers; along with sweaters and sweatshirts. The dress code for the rest of the Fall season I'm sure. Loving all the rich Fall colors as I take my walks in. Loving the vibrant reds. Those are my favorites. After morning appointment came home and grabbed a quick early lunch then meet up withSherilynn Ganther to walk around Rocky Butte at the Joseph Woodhill Park. It has a great view of the entire city from north, south, east, and west. Some of the views are not as visible as they once were due to the foliage and tree growth. But still amazing views. Even with the grey overcast skies it was still beautiful. Another hidden gem in the city.Truly am blessed to live in a city rich in natural resources and beauty that is preserved for our enjoyment. Got to walk around and watch the rain storm roll in from the West. Had to leave for next appointment as it started to spit on us, I would say that was perfect timing. I must remember to head up that way on a clear evening and watch the sunset. So many wonderful places and gems to go to its hard sometimes to remember where you want to go. There are so many I haven't seen and want to go too as well. Off to next appointment as the rain started to drizzle. Grateful for getting in a late morning walk. Then home to prepare for work tomorrow.Seems there is so much going on and so much to do. I'm thinking the closer I get to retirement the busier I'm getting. It is true..... you do get busier when you retire I guess. Then out for some soup for dinner. Thank you Geo Sutter for meeting me. I so dislike eating alone. Now sitting in the house listening to the ran come down wearing my down coat already. Yes! You read right down coat. Not ready to turn on that heat quit yet! Thankful today for early morning walk and the rich colors of Fall in the foliage. That I can go for small walks and get fresh air. For being able to share my day with friends. Thankful for yummy pretzels. Thankful for my home to keep me warm and dry from the elements. The car I drive to get me around to my appointments and many adventures. Thank you Lord for the beauty even in a grey day. Blessings

October 11~ Good morning Wednesday smiles of beauty! Time to get ready for the day. Coffee! Warmth....thinking these cool morning's maybe calling for heat. Three layers today, and its only mid Fall. Out the door to grey skies and rain. Thirteen ladies scheduled for today. One rescheduled....two no shows.....and Mel wanted to make sure she got in to see me; she was down twice. Nine ladies done before 11:30 a.m. today. Was a bit teary eyed saying good bye to one of the ladies today. Others wanting to make sure I'm going to be here a bit longer to do haircuts and perms. Yes! Packed up a box to bring home today. Throw away a bunch of stuff as well. Who knew you could stuff so much stuff in one room. Home and unpacked the box of stuff. Where to put it all! Ugh! Lunch and then put my feet up. More business calls to make. the appointment made. Thank you Sherilynn Ganther for coming over. Dinner at Geo Sutter. Thank you for having me over. Homemade dinner so yummy! A lovely evening chatting. Mary McCormick Loomis love catching up with you this evening. I miss you and our outings together. Life sure has taken us in different directions. Today Lord I'm thankful I gave my notice at work. I'm thankful for those 99 boxes to pack up the salon with. For my down coat that is keeping me warm. I'm thankful for left over soup for lunch. I'm thankful for the rainbow tonight that reminds me of your promises. For the blue grey sky with puffy white and pink clouds; as the sun peeked out and broke through the evening sky. Bringing smiles of sunlight with your hand painted beauty as this day comes to a close. Thank you for all of this and so much more. Blessings

October 12~ Thursday morning of beauty. No sleeping in for me. Time to rise and put on my smile of beauty. Time for me to go create beautiful smiles of beauty today for two ladies. Wait....what is this? Three perms! Okay! Not what I had planned on at all. It's going to be a long full day today. Lets get this party started. I mean day. It's the 90's ladies forever young crowd today. One celebrating her 97th birthday. Happy birthday Ruth! Then we had Viola 91 who shared wonderful stories of her life and family. And we can never forget the beautiful Annamae who spreads smiles everywhere she goes. Surprise! Yes Betty I can shampoo and cut your hair. WOW! I'm exhausted! Still need to clean and pack another box to take more things home. Have no clue where all this beauty stuff is going. Laundry time......lots and lots of towels. Dinner and some cleaning. Oh fun! Today I'm thankful for the Lord's blessings upon my business and the stamina to do my work. For the graciousness of each lady and the beauty they share with me every time I have the pleasure of bringing them smiles of beauty. For my morning smile snap. For my conversation with my beautiful daughter Amber Webber this morning. For my dinner salad. For a place to put my feet up when in great pain and at the end of each day. For your provisions for every need I have need of Lord. Thank you. Blessings

October 13~ Good morning Friday the 13th! I'm not buying into any of that bad luck that everyone claims happens on this day! I believe it is a good day to be blessed! So I'm off to a good start on blessings. I got to sleep in. No rush to go anywhere. Quiet time and coffee. Worked on my new business cards, with error and all. Going to make them work for me. Get ready to run errands. Need to visit my favorite banker Chelsie Lanning, and her crew at Wells's Fargo! You all make banking fun. Thank you. A few more stops before heading home to get ready for a small road trip. Heading to Eugene, to watch Katelyn play volleyball against Lane. Thank you Cindy Forsythe Rieder for the invite. Crazy long drive down. Great dinner at the Mexican restaurant. Who knew there where so many rules to Volleyball! Great games ladies and a nice win! Really enjoyed myself. Drive home much faster than down. Thank you Lord for another day filled with everyday living. The simple but fulfilling little everyday errands that fill your day, banking, shopping, etc. Thankful that I can do banking and I'm grateful that I have money to pay bills and shop for my essential daily needs. For a great afternoon and evening out with my friend Cindy. The beautiful scenery on the way down to Eugene complete with a lightening show and beautiful clouds of beauty. Sunlight gleaming and streaming through the clouds of beauty, for our enjoyment!. For our safe drive down and back. For another beautiful Fall day. Blessings

October 14~ Good morning adventure Saturday! Hot shower, coffee. Catch up with Sally Mazza.Sherilynn Ganther arrives and we have more coffee. Mom calls and just love visiting with my mom. She makes me laugh and so happy, she is funny! I love you mom! Then Sheri and I head out the door for parts unknown and adventures. Actually we kinda had an idea where we were heading. First stop at Liepold's Pumpkin Patch in Boring. Lots of sunshine to soak up and a beautiful view of Mt. Hood. Great start to our adventure Saturday. Then we found this hike not far from the pumpkin patch after going around in circles; Cazdero Trail. Well....lets just say have no understanding of a trail on a private drive in the middle of electrical towers. Needless to say we didn't stay here long due to the fact it was messing with Sheri's pace maker. NOT GOOD! So we thought we would look for the other end of the trail to walk it instead; but ended up totally somewhere else. And what an adventure it we went on too! We ended up at Eagle Park just outside of Estacada. What a beautiful park that is too. Must go back there and check it out some more. So beautiful. The bridge we crossed to go over to the trail was a pretty awesome expansion. It jiggled as we walked across it. We had quite the adventure in the park looking for a tree house. Sadly it is no more. It was there for a movie and then removed. But had fun looking for it. Trip home turned into quite an adventure as well. Saw places we had never been and somehow got twisted and turned around and was a good hour from home on the other side of Estacada in the farming area. WOW! So pretty there too. Finally found our way home. Thank you so much Sheri for driving today. Today I'm thankful for the sunshine and the beautiful Fall day it turned into. The rich Fall colors. The view of Mt. Hood. Thankful for those who open their farms to the public to enjoy Harvest activities (pumpkin patch, hay rides, and so much more and fun leading up to Halloween; right into the Holiday season. I'm thankful for getting out of an unsafe place quickly and safely. I'm thankful for long country rides on country roads. I'm thankful for the old forest and the sun that breaks through with beams of radiant beauty.The rushing water from the river; giving way to peaceful beauty and taking away all my troubles washing then down steam. Thankful that I have my mom that I love so much. Thankful for Mary Kay appointments being made to share with friends in the near future. I'm thankful that I am able to enjoy the beauty around me and that I can share it with others here on Face Book and my blog. Yes! Lord you paint this world with beauty and leave me treasures wrapped in adventures to be found in each and every day; I am so very grateful for each and everyone mentioned and unmentioned. For those that are held tightly in my minds eye and heart just meant for me. I am thankful. Blessings