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My journey through my day and my life with its andotes and life lessons of the day. The gifts and blessing of those people the Lord has surrounded me with along with the many treasure's He has left for me to open and enjoy along the way. My walk with my Lord and Savior, Prayers, Work, Play. Pictures of the gifts and blessing. My journey through life and how it has strengthened, blessed me or............

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Daily Journey

Monday, March 12, 2018

March Blessings ~ Counting It All Joy! (Week One)


As the winds whistle through 
Blowing Winter away
The rains come splashing down 
Watering the land
As the daffodils bloom
The first signs of buds
Of the flowers to come
Chirping birds 
Singing their love song 
For Spring has arrived
Lovers hand and hand 
Come sit awhile 
Take rest in the garden 
As life comes into bloom 
In full color
For all to enjoy
As the March winds blow
Winter Goodbye!

~ Beth~

March 1~ So wanted to sleep and was not to be on the first day of a new month. Good morning March. Wondering what gifts await me this month. Today is filled and already many surprises shouting and appearing in the light of a new day, even before the day even starts. 
1. Morning call from my daughter Webber Heather
2. Crystal N Koch your wise words of love encouragement and prayers always bring such comfort, peace and harmony in the midst of my crazy but fun filled life and all of its turns and twist. What a blessing. Thank you! 
3.Sherilynn Ganther morning coffee. And allowing me to be me in all my crazy morning chaos. 
4. Delivering my Mary Kay order to Melissa Simmons. Good to see you. 
5. A walk around Mall 205. And window shopping. Or should I say lack of windows to dream or pier in. No windows to window shop....lack of stores. What shock to see no store fronts. But I did get my walk in. 
6. Then a drive to kill some time. 
7. Seeing the ladies at class. 
8. Not having to drive today.
 9. Going line dancing with Mary McCormick Loomis and Sheri. So much fun! 
10. Fuzzy warm PJ's after a nice hot shower. 
Thank you Lord for this day and the blessings you have blessed me with. Blessings

March 2~ Good morning Friday! Good morning Sherilynn Ganther. Today is filled with lots of errands. Looking forward to the many blessings in the day. 
1. Morning coffee with Sheri. 
2. Getting laundry done. 
3. Getting my multiple banking adventures done today. 
4. Thank you Sheri for driving. 
5. A yummy salad on the run for lunch today.
 6. Finding bargains 
7. The mountain views of the snow capped mountain sides; kissed with a blanket covered cloud resting lightly upon crown. 
8.Katherine Fischer Huston arriving safely from Central Oregon. 
9. Going to see "Your A Good Man Charlie Brown". 
10. Slippers for my tired aching feet. 
Just a few of the many things I'm thankful for today. Thank you Lord for this day and the treasures of the day. Blessings

March 3~ Good morning weekend adventures and fun! Its time to rise and shine and have coffee with my girlfriends Katherine Fischer Huston, and Sherilynn Ganther. So glad they spent the night and we had so much fun! Today I will be able to add many pages of thankfuls to my ever growing thankful list. 
1. Surprise knock on the door from Geo Sutter. What a pleasant surprise and a great visit ant time with our friend. 
2. Another surprise and sweet rolls with cream cheese to go with coffee,thank you so much that was so kind of you. 
3. Not having to drive today.Thank you once again Sheri for driving for us. 
4. Going to the ballet and seeing "Alice In Wonderland"! WOW! AWESOME! 
5. A walk around downtown Portland. Seeing buildings I have never seen before. Really a beautiful city. 
6. Beautiful blue skies and puffy white clouds that look like cotton candy. 
7. Going to the Old Town Pub and Pizzeria. It sounded better on the highlighted top places to go in Portland. 
8. Then a trip to Salt and Straw. Oh that was worth its weight in gold! I would go back and stand in their lines for ice cream once again. Really yummy! The Lavender and honey ice cream very tasty. Who knew! 
9. Great having AmyJune McClure with us today and enjoying the adventures with us. 
10. Really enjoyed being dressed up in a pretty dress and heels today. Even though I didn't wear the best shoes for day. 
11. Getting the car partially loaded and ready for the road trip. 
12. Taking my shoes off and resting my feet. 
13. Talking to mom. 
14. Watching the the sunset this evening eating ice cream. 
15. The light of the huge moon tonight. 
Yes it has been a good day filled with many adventures and things to be thankful for. So many blessing and gifts throughout the day. Thank you Lord for blessing me abundantly always. Blessings

March 4~ Good morning ladies! Time to get this sleepy tired body rolling down the road. Today is travel day with Katherine Fischer Huston andSherilynn Ganther. I know there will be plenty of blessings along the journey today. 
1. Coffee with the ladies this morning. 
2. Finishing loading the car up for our travels today. 
3. Thank you Sheri for driving. 
4. Morning service at Minnehaha Church of Christ in Vancouver Washington. 
5. For safe travels to mom's house. 
6. For the rainbow over us traveling today. 
7. Watching TMC this morning before leaving. " Dead Heat" with Glen Ford. Excellent! 
8. Lovely dinner with mom. 
9. Homemade lemon meringue pie. 
10. Great conversations with mom and the ladies. 
Thank you Lord for this day and the blessings you have filled my cup with today. Blessings

March 5 ~ Waking at mom's. Good morning mom! Good morning Sherilynn Ganther and Katherine Fischer Huston. Excited about what the day holds for us and the many treasures, gifts and blessings await. 
1. Breakfast with mom. 
2. Mom's hugs 
3. A trip into old town Poulsbo. 
4. A Licorice and root beer store. 
5. Walking around town. 
6. Lunch with mom 
7. Playing on snap chat with mom. 
8. A beautiful drive to Discovery Bay. 
9. Hot tubing 
10. Wine with dinner. 
11. Being with great friends. 
12. Beautiful housing for our stay in Discovery Bay. 
Thank you Lord for this day and the treasures you have filled my day with. Blessings

March 6~ Good morning Discovery Bay! What a beautiful view to wake too. Sunshine and glistening diamonds on the water. So excited to explore today. Heading to Port Townsend with Sherilynn Gantherand Katherine Fischer Huston. I know it's going to be an a great day of adventures. So much to look forward to and be thankful for on this day the Lord blessed me with. 
1. The glistening water view of the sun hitting the water from the master suite. 
2. Playing in the bay in Port Townsend and finding great treasures from the sea. 
3. Walking through the historical Port Townsend. 
4. Loved touring the Palace Hotel in Historical Port Townsend, an old Brothel. 
5. Speaking to so many of the towns people and hearing about the rich history of this beautiful seaport town.
 6. The private tour at the court house. Second oldest building in the state, with a hundred foot click tower. The bricks were imported from St Louie. Gorgeous building. 
7. Admiring all the beautiful old architect on the buildings throughout the town and the homes. 
8. Drive through Fort Worden to the light house. 
9. Watching a gentleman fly a kite. 
10. Sitting and bathing in the jetted tub. 
And so much more to be so very thankful for. Thank you Lord for this day and the blessings you have filled my day with. Blessings

March 7~ Good morning peek-a-boo sunshine! Love waking to the beautiful view here at Discovery Bay. Early morning start to the day with Sherilynn Ganther and Katherine Fischer Huston. Heading west and see were we land in our adventures today. Will have lots of treasures and gifts to be thankful for this day I'm sure. 
1. Pancakes for breakfast with morning coffee and a beautiful water view. 
2. In Sequim Washington a nice brisk walk on the Dungeness Trestle Bridge and Audubon Nature Walk. A great way to start out a new day's adventures. 
3. A walk up to the crows nest in Port Angeles Washington on the docks looking over to Canada. Beautiful! 
4. Looking at the Olympic mountain range and Forest. 
5. Time spent at the Crescent Lake in the Olympic Forest. Such a beautiful blue green. Amazing! 
6. Getting great photos of the wood duck and his little mate as well as the seagulls. 
7. Going to Naey Bay in Washington. Then heading to Cape Flattery the extreme Northwest corner of the lower 48 states. Beautiful tribal scenic byway. WOW! 
8. Hiking into the furthest Northwest corner you can possibly go. Standing on the platform on the edge of the bluffs; looking out to the Pacific Ocean, Strait of Juan de Fuca, and Canada. That was extremely amazing! 
9. Viewing Tatoosh Island with historic lighthouse. 
10. Feeling like I could just reach out and touch Canada. 
11. Arriving back to home base to soak in jet tub. A perfect end to a perfect day. 
With so much more to be thankful for. Thank you Lord for all that you have created for me to enjoy. Thank you for this amazing day with my friends. Blessings

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

February Blessings ~ Counting It All Joy! (Week four)


The month of love
Time for sweethearts
A celebration of
Joyous things to come
Rejoice in the moment
It's your time to
To shine
The joy of love
In every new day
The rose petals drop 
Their sweet love
For us to find
Each one holds 
A key of 
Love to remember


February 22~ Early good morning! Not....rolling over and going back to sleep. Maybe when I re-wake up the snow and ice will be gone. Nope! It's still here in all of its glistening gems of beauty. So I didn't make first appointment today. I know I will have plenty to be thankful for as each new day brings new gifts and treasures to be thankful for. 
1. Waking to a new day and rolling over for some added shut eye. Always a gift. 
2. The sun shine hitting the snow and ice; making glitter and diamonds out of the ice and snow, while melting it away. 
3. Conversation with Crystal N Koch and prayers. You always have the perfect word of love and encouragement wrapped in prayers. Thank you a treasured friend and gift from the Lord so many years ago. Love you. 
4. Sally Mazzamaking me laugh. Your support always there, Thank you for being you. Hugs prayers and love. 
5. Talking to Dish.....praying this situation will be resolved. The young woman was so kind and understanding. I appreciate that she went the "then some" to try and resolve. 
6. Making it to afternoon meeting. 
7. Laughing so hard with Sherilynn Ganther that I couldn't even stand up. 
8. Meeting Mary McCormick Loomis for an evening out. Thank you for the dinner and snowman. Mostly thank you for being you. 
9. The stillness and quiet of my home. 
10. The love that is poured out daily into my life through so many amazing people that I'm so grateful to have in my life. 
11. The waitress that thought I was 40. 
12. Being able to live this amazing life I have been blessed with. 
Thank you Lord for another day wrapped in beautiful treasures and gifts scattered about for me to enjoy. Blessings

February 23~ Well sleeping in rollers! Yeah! Now I remember why I don't do that! Good morning! Darn... how I really wanted to sleep and sleep in at that. guessed it.....I didn't get the best sleep nor did I sleep in. But coffee with friends and laughter at my duck hair...thanks Sherilynn Ganther. A whole new vision of what a duck must look like. Great way to start the day. Smiles all around! I know this is going to be an awesome day with plenty to be thankful for.
 1. Re-do on my was a must! No duck hair for me. 
2. Not having to drive today. 
3. Celebrating Geo Sutter birthday with Mary McCormick Loomis and Sherilynn Ganther
4. The picturesque beauty of the snow on the trees today as we drove over to Beaverton.
 5. A yummy lunch at the Cracker Barrel. 
6. Going over to Rose City Pepperhead Jelly and getting yummy jelly and garlic. Thank you Susan. 
7. My snowman socks and my new solar snowmen from Mary. They are so cute! 
8. Learning to window shop and not purchase everything I want. 
9. Skittles 
10. Freedom to be me. 
Yes thank you Lord for this day filled with so many rich blessings and being able to celebrate my friends and their special days. Thank you for the provisions and the blessings that you pour out each day for me to have and enjoy. Blessings

February 24~ Good morning weekend! It's Saturday and I have nothing planned. It feels good to know I don't have to rush around or get ready for the day. I love a quiet slow start to my day and weekend. I think it's going to be a pleasant quiet day with plenty of things to be thankful for on this day the Lord has blessed me with. 
1. Laying in bed all snugly until 8. 
2. Coffee and apple turnovers. 
3. Yoga pants and sweater. 
4. Watching a marathon of "Mash". Always reminds me of my dad. He so enjoyed that sitcom. 
5. A phone call from my mom. I can hardly wait to see. I miss and love her so much. So blessed to still have her. 
6. Support and encouragement from friends and loved ones. 
7. Pulling out my taxes and started working on them. 
8. For potato chips 
9. Enjoying laughter and chat with an old childhood friend. 
10. The break in the day to enjoy the break in the weather. 
11. Fresh air that revives. 
Thank you Lord for this day and the scattered blessings throughout my day. Blessings

February 25~ Good morning last Sunday of the month. Waken by vivid dreams and down pouring rain. Time for coffee and curl up on couch. What treasures will I have to be thankful for on this day. 
1. Old fashion donuts to go with my coffee. 
2. Lazy morning wrapped up in fuzzy blanket on my couch watching Spaghetti Westerns. 
3. Watching the movie "Ever After" with Drew Barrymore. 
4. Propping foot up and taking a late afternoon nap. 
5. Having a relaxing quiet day. 
6. Surprise snaps and hello smiles. 
7. Great conversation with childhood friend solving world we think. 
8. Laughter which is of good medicine.
 9. Phone call chats that bring smiles of hope and possibilities. 
10. Puzzles. 
Even on lazy Sundays God blesses me with so much to be grateful for. Thank you Lord! Blessings

February 26~ Good morning Monday! New week new possibilities and opportunities. Gives way to many more treasures and blessings to be thankful for. 
1. Coffee and weather report. 
2. Morning conversations that bring the first beauty of the day and smiles. 
3. A phone call from number 2 daughter Amber Webber. Her voice and chat with I love you; warms my heart and fills with love. 
4. Music 
5. Going to Sandy to pick up Edie Ricker Cowell. Then meeting up with Mary McCormick Loomis and to airport. Safe travels my friend. 
6. A yummy lasagna dinner at Giuseppe's. 
7. Tiramisu for dessert on the house. 
8. Smiles of the old folks enjoying their dinner from the restaurant brought joy to my heart. 
9. Phone call from oldest daughter Webber Heather. Loved hearing about her fundraiser she is working on for our military men and women coming home from Afghanistan. Pray she raises all she needs and then some in Jesus name. 
10. Unexpected kindness from a surprising person and source. 
As another day comes and go I'm so grateful for all the Lord does for me and those I love daily. Thank you Lord for this day filled with so many gifts to fill my cup to over flowing. Blessings

February 27~ Good morning! Our days are numbered here in February. Up early for a full day of appointments. This month is slipping by so quickly. Looking for the many blessings in my day that I can fill another page of thankfuls with. 
1. Morning coffee as I got ready for the day. 
2. A smoothie before running out the door. 
3. Seeing old familiar faces and smiles that warm the heart. 
4. Car heater 
5. Snack foods 
6. Nap in the car to shake off the dizzy spell. 
7. Answered prayers 
8. Pancakes for dinner with Mary McCormick Loomis and Sherilynn Ganther. Best part free! With great friends. 
9.Making arrangements with the ladies the ballet this weekend. 
10. Hot shower and fuzzy warm PJ's. 
Just a few of the things to be thankful for on this day the Lord blessed me with. Thank you Lord for another day. Blessings

February 28~ Good morning last day of the month. It is going to be a full day. I have a beautiful smiling morning of beauty to create today. Running out the door looking for my thankfuls for my thankful list. 
1. Morning coffee as I got ready for my day. 
2. That I had a beautiful country drive to Oregon City. 
3. Glad the old man didn't hit me this morning on the way to hair appointment. (Near miss) Angels watching over me. 
4. Seeing Dolores and getting her perm done. Turned out beautiful! 
5. Good morning snap! Always a smile. 
6. Talking with doctor's nurse and receiving good advice and wisdom, even if I don't like it. 
7.Sherilynn Ganther going with me to Urgent Care. That we made a not so fun place a fun place with laughter and smiles. When we left they had smiles. 
8. Glad I don't take life so serious and that there is always time for laughter. 
9. Dinner at the Old Pub in Troutdale. 
10. Listening to the padder of rain coming down this evening. 
11. For a wonderful birthday month filled with many blessings and lots of love. 
Thank you Lord for this day as we close this day and month out. Grateful for all the many blessings you have filled my cup with to over flowing. Thank you! Blessings