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My journey through my day and my life with its andotes and life lessons of the day. The gifts and blessing of those people the Lord has surrounded me with along with the many treasure's He has left for me to open and enjoy along the way. My walk with my Lord and Savior, Prayers, Work, Play. Pictures of the gifts and blessing. My journey through life and how it has strengthened, blessed me or............

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Daily Journey

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

May Blessings ~ Counting It All Joy! (Week Three)


April showers
Brought us
May flowers
Fragrances of beauty 
Scattered blooms 
Rich in color
Scents of 
Scattered petals
Of love
In May


May 15~ Good morning world! What excitement awaits me on this glorious day the Lord has gifted me with? Guess I need to get up and discover the beauty in my day. I'm sure it will be scattered with plenty of jewels throughout the day for me to be thankful for. 
1. Waking up and breathing and given another day to rejoice in and be thankful for. 
2. Oh my coffee everyday I'm so grateful for and the potpot that I make it in. (Big Cups!) 
3. A nice surprise David, came by to put my bathroom lights in. Thank you so much. Then there was light! 
4. A sweet roll to go with my coffee. 
5. Dishwasher liquid soap. Clean dishes! 
6. Seeing miss smiley Melissa Simmons, when I delivered her, her Mary Kay order. So nice to see you. 
7. My roses in full bloom. 
8. The birds singing their love songs to each other. 
9. Finding really cool baskets for clothing items; until I can afford and find a bedroom set. 
10. Listening to all the noises of the neighbors working in their yards. Watering, mowing, moving garbage cans, them coming home to their families. Love all these noises that I can hear. Thank you Lord for hearing. 
11. Sitting on my back patio soaking up the warmth of the sun rays. 
12. Seeing my brother today. "Beth's Hair Salon" was open for business. Love seeing you Don and catching up. I love you. Pray you feel better soon. 
13. Sadly! But good to am thankful. That my tree cannot be saved and must come down. It has died. Maybe.....I can put a lilac tree in its place there. We will see. 
Thank you Lord for this day and the blessings you have filled my day with and so many more not even mentioned. Blessings

May 16 ~ Good morning! Arise and shine Beth today you go create smiles of beauty. Where did the sunshine go? A marine layer creating a dreary overcast. Ok that means I truly need to create some sunshine and smiles. Wonder what awaits me in this day I have been given to be thankful for. 
1. Vitamins 
2. Coffee, prayers, and weather. 
3. Curling iron, hairspray 
4. Make-up 
5. Beautiful drive to Oregon City, even on a dreary day there is a majestic beauty with the cloud layer. 
6. The smile on Delia' s face after her haircut. Worth a million bucks. 
7. Another back road home through Colton; with some crazy turns that turned into a driving adventure. 
8. Kicking back watching movies. (Sad TV went poof). Guess it's a good thing I'm not a TV person. 
9. My toasted cheese sandwich for lunch. 
10. A phone call from Joanne. What a kick and pleasant surprise. Love you and dad! 
11. Talking to my daughter Webber Heather and praying with her. Love you! 
12. Words of wisdom and love wrapped in prayers. 
Though it was less than a stellar day; and I feel the bear ate me today instead of me eating the bear. All ended well and God watched over me and sent His angels to protect and guide me. Tomorrow is a new day and if I'm blessed to enjoy it I know there will be plenty of surprises and blessings. So thank you Lord for this day and your guidance and protection as this day unfolded. You even found places to throw in your gifts for me to be thankful for even when I couldn't see them thank you. Blessings

May 17~ Early good morning! Up to get ready for a days adventure. Oh no! Plans change. Guess God has something else in mind for me today to be thankful for. 
1. Text from Crystal N Koch with words of love and encouragement wrapped in prayers. 
2. Plumbing and the fact that its indoor plumbing. 
3. Morning coffee from the Keurig coffee pot. 
4. The two screws needed appeared. Found in the rug. Must of fallen out if box and never noticed. Thank you Jesus I stepped on both of them. Found! Grateful for sure. 
5. Another large pot of coffee. 
6. Nail files 
7. Puzzles to help my mind relax. 
8. Help from the Samsung helpline today. 
9. Being able to read. 
10. Bacon for BLT's. 
Thank you Lord for this day even when plans change you still fill my day with abundance of blessings to be thankful for. Blessings

May 18~ Good morning! Lazy Friday rolling into the weekend. Overcast skies and cooler temperatures. Where did my fire ball of yellow glowing rays of warmth go? Oh happy day! What wonderful gifts does today hold for me? Always something to be thankful for. 
1. Bacon for breakfast. 
2. Lounging longer in bed then one should. 
3. Praying for others and their various needs. 
4. Snack food or is that junk food? At any rate I'm thankful for it. 
5. The comfort of my home. 
6. Late morning naps/afternoon cat naps. 
7. Rocky road ice cream 
8. My sweater to keep me warm and my fuzzy warm slippers to keep my feet warm. 
9. The quiet ticking of my window bubbles. 
10. Remotes 
11. Afternoon snap smiles. 
12. My eye glasses so I can read and see. 
13. God's unconditional love for me everyday. He accepts me for me right where I am. 
14. Classic movies 
15. Knowing that I'm going to be okay; even when it doesn't feel like it. Because I know you hold my hand Lord and I am never alone, You're with me always. 
Thank you Lord for always being with me and never leaving me. Thank you for this day you blessed me with. Even in the quiet and loneliness there you are filling my day with abundance. Blessings

May 19~ Good morning! Did anyone watch the Royal wedding? I slept through it. Pictures are lovely of the Royal couple. Many blessings to them. So I guess that makes this a royal Saturday. I think that means we will have plenty of treasures and gifts to be thankful for on this royal day. 
1. Being snuggled up tightly sleeping knowing I would still get a birds eye view of the Royal couple when I woke on this beautiful Saturday morning. And I did!Congratulations Prince Harry, and Meghan Markle! 
2. A wonderful pot of coffee brewing. Love the aroma and most differently the taste. Always so thankful for that first cup of coffee of the day. 
3. For locks and keys. So many of them! 
4. For the internet to search for waterfalls on the Washington side of the river. 
5. For the adventure to Panther Falls, Washington above Carson.
 6. For the young lady on the road side with the perfect directions and some personal help as well. What a blessings she was. 
7. For the viewpoint at Panther Falls. Incredible! Next time if I'm brave enough I will go down to the bottom. So thankful to have been able to find this Falls and enjoy the beauty of it. 
8. Ice cream at East Winds at Cascade Locks on the way home. 
9. Meeting up with Randi Hilary for an early dinner. Loved the laughter and memories. Always a great time when out with you. 
10. Phone call from mom. I love you so much. Love that I still have you to hear your voice and I love you! 
11. Prom pictures of my granddaughters that my daughter Amber Webber posted. Nothing better than seeing those photos. Made my day perfect. They grow so fast. Love you all so very much. 
12. The warmth of the sun on this day. 
Thank you Lord For filling this royal day up with so many perfect gifts and treasures to share and hold in my heart. The spoken ones and the unspoken ones that truly are never forgotten. Each a treasured gift. Lord thank you for the techknowledge that blesses me with photos of my grandchildren and family that keep me close even when far away. Also so that I'm able to share with them as well my adventures here. Truly there isn't a thing in my day that I'm not grateful for; even when I struggle some days. That's when I see your hand at work the most, thank you Lord. Blessings

May 20~ Hate those nights when your up every half hour. Then the light breaks through and you look at the clock and it says 6:30 a.m. Okay I give... No sleep for me. So arise and shine. Good morning! It is a great day to celebrate the Lord and the gift of another day. I'm sure there are many gifts in sight and hidden to be thankful for today. 
1. That first cup of morning coffee. 
2. A closet full of clothes. Even though I couldn't find a thing to wear. 20 tops later, 6 sweaters, and four pairs of pants later we have an outfit I can live with today. Having choices....definitely blessed. 
3. Being asked out for breakfast. Thank you. 
4. Seeing Marshall that handsome black lab. 
5. Going to see the movie " Book Club". Hilarious! So could relate as an older single woman. 
6. Sitting on the porch in the sunshine eating pizza. 
7. Listening to the wind blow through the trees and the birds singing. 
8. Enjoying all the beautiful blooms of fragrant colors; throughout the neighborhood and around my home. 
9. Popcorn, that was made in my new microwavable popcorn bowl from Pampered Chef. Very cool bowl. 
10. Laughter 
11. God's grace and mercy of love that he gives me everyday. 
Thank you Lord for another day and the gifts that you have blessed me with. Each day filled with your provision and love for me. Thank you! Blessings

May 21~ Good morning! Thank you Jesus for answered prayers for a good night's sleep; even slept in. Its Monday and a new week worth adventures await me. I know there is going to be endless possibilities and everyday life happenings to be thankful for. 
1. A good night's sleep and sleeping in. 
2. Answered prayers 
3. The warmth of the sunshine beating down warming me up. 
4. Reading my sister Christine Good post this morning and realizing how much I really take for granted daily. I love you and all that you do for others and our family, thank you! 
5. For electricity that has been harnessed for our convenience in the modern world. And the many comforts it brings daily for me. 
6. For my walk at Salish Ponds Wetlands Park. 
7. Watching the wildlife in the creek and the ponds today. 
8. Leftover pizza for lunch. 
9. Seeing all the people out fishing or just enjoying the beauty of the wetlands and nature in the city. 
10. Wind chimes 
11. Meeting up with Cindy Forsythe Rieder today. Really great to see you. 
12. The beautiful message from my nephew Jonathan Good. I love you! 
Thank you Lord for this day filled with your unspeakable love for me that showers me daily with amazing gifts and blessings to be so thankful for. Blessings

May 22~ Good morning! A beautiful day breaking through my bedroom windows as the sunshine glisten in. As this day starts with a gentle nudge and my favorite morning liquid coffee; and morning prayers I wonder what awaits me. 
1. Sleeping in past seven. Sweet! 
2. Hairspray 
3. Smiles from sales clerk. 
4. Finding my widget. It is the little things in life. 
5. Finding photos of my granddaughters on Facebook from their prom, that I hadn't seen yet. So beautiful. So grown up. 
6. Costco adventures 
7. A hotdog and soda for lunch. The best price in town 1.50. 
8. Iron and ironing board. 
9. The warmth of the sunshine. Wonderful 86°! 
10. Finding a big jar of raw honey. 
Thank you Lord for this day that you have blessed me with. For all the many unspoken things that I have not mentioned that I am so very grateful for. And yes I'm even thankful that I got to adult today even though I would have much rather went out and played on the trails or in a park. Enjoying the beautiful sunshine. I had adult things to do and so I did my adulting even though the sunshine was calling my name. Thank you for all the blessings even the ones I don't like that are blessings for a good life. Thank you! Blessings

Monday, May 14, 2018

May Blessings ~ Counting It All Joy! (Week Two)


April showers
Brought us
May flowers
Fragrances of beauty 
Scattered blooms 
Rich in color
Scents of 
Scattered petals
Of love
In May


May 9~ Another restless night and an early morning rise for smiles of beauty. Good morning! Cool morning with the sun fighting to make a break through the rain clouds and cloud cover. Spring in the PNW. Time to rock this day with beauty and smiles as I give thanks for the blessings of mt day. 
1. My beautiful daughter Webber Heather calling me this morning. Love hearing her voice and the words I love you mom. Great way to start my day. 
2. Driving that relaxing drive out to Oregon City in the river road. Morning mini vacation. 
3. Morning chat and good day blessings and wishes with Mary McCormick Loomis. 3. Sweater to keep the morning Spring chill off my arms. 
4. Prayers and conversation with my Father in heaven. 
5. Afternoon coffee. 
6. Watching American Pickers today. Very fun to watch and educational with lots of history and just really odd cool stuff fun. 
7. Wishing my Dad (father in law) a happy birthday. Hearing his voice today made my day. Happy birthday dad! Many blessings. 
8. Leftover soup for an early dinner. 
9. Talking with mom. I love you! 
10. Quiet evening. 
Thank you Lord for this day and the blessings you have filled my day with those spoken and unspoken. Blessings

May 10~ Good morning! Early rise for my car appointments. Poor girl sure has been spending a lot of getting take care of. Time for me to get myself together so my car will be good and healthy for all my adventures. This day is a full one so I'm sure I will have more than plenty to be thankful for. 
1. My early morning appointment at Firestone. 
2. Walking the strip mall, getting some exercise in for my health. 
3. Breakfast and coffee at Shari's. Where I got to witness three ladies get super blessed. The surprise and shock on their faces priceless. Some gentleman picked up their entire tab. What a blessing just to see. 
4. A wonderful conversation with Geo Sutter and her insight. Thank you! My car and I thank you. 
5. In and out of DEQ in less than 15 minutes. Yay! I don't think that's ever happened. 
6. Some more walking around at Gresham Town Center. Getting my walking in. (Exercise) 
7. Some goodbyes are so hard, even when you know your time has ended. I will miss you Ron. Thank you for all of your help. Wishing you many blessings on your new adventure and journey. Now my page turns as well., excited to see where my journey will take me. You have been an awesome confidant in helping me see things differently thank you. (Tears) 
8. Finding a really cute Summer handbag. 
9. Prayers and love from Crystal N Koch. So enjoyed praying with you today. 
10. BLT plus for dinner. Yummy! 
Thank you Lord for this day beautiful day filled with sunshine and warmth, and all the many gifts you give me daily to enjoy. Blessings

May 11~ Good morning! I have been awoken to another day to celebrate and give thanks for. There is something in everyday to be thankful for. 
1. Laying a little longer in bed than I should've. But so nice that I can. 
2. Watching Hallmark movies. 
3. Morning power drink. 
4. Glad the girls at the bank take such good care of me. 
5. Finding the perfect sandal to go with my dress; for my granddaughter's graduation. 
6. Getting haircut today. Looks so much better. Thank you Leah. 
7. My walk around Troutdale today for my exercise. 
8. The warmth of the sunshine. 
9. Stuffed asparagus chicken for dinner. Yummy! 
10. Being told I don't look my age. 
11. Laughter and tears laced in the beauty of the day. 
12. The little boy at the salon who brought his wise seven year old wisdom and smile to all in there today. Such a handsome lad. His mom beaming. 
Thank you Lord for blessing me with another day filled with so many things to be thankful for spoken and unspoken. Blessings

May 12~ Good morning! It is Saturday and Mother's Day weekend. It is sure to be filled with plenty of surprises and many things to be thankful for today. 
1. Sleeping much to late into the day. But was very grateful too. I had woke up early and then fall back to sleep. Must of need it. 
2. Pistachios 
3.Morning coffee for sure! 
4. A drive East on the scenic highway to Latourell Falls. 
5. The wonderful families I meet along the way on my walk today. 
6. The group of young kids who let me sit and rest on the bench and shared their water with me. 
7. The wonderful scents of the wild flowers blowing in the breeze as I walked by, I could smell their fragrant beauty. 
8. That I accomplished walking the entire Latourell Falls. The Upper Falls, Lower Falls, and the Loop. 
9. Swiss cheese, chips and water when I got home. 
10. Getting my yard mowed.Though I still have a lot to do, it looks much nicer. So thankful to get that done. 
11. A surprise visit from David.With beautiful bucket of red geraniums for me for Mother's Day. Why thank you! What a huge surprise that was too! 
12. A peaceful quiet evening enjoying the reflection of the days blessings. 
Thank you Lord for blessing me with this gorgeous day that I could go out and enjoy your creation of beauty. Thank you for the many surprises and joys that you brought me today in so many different packages. Glad I took the time to enjoy each one. Thank you for always waking me and pouring such lavish gifts upon me each and everyday. Blessings

May 13~ Good morning and blessings to all of you beautiful mother's out there! Happy Mother's Day! You all deserve to be honored for all the that you do everyday. Your amazing feats to be the amazing moms that each one of you are. I appreciate you and applaud you all! Thank you to all you mom's. I know my day will be different then I expect. My daughter's live in another state. But I intend to celebrate. Though I have no idea what that looks like. I'm sure there will be plenty of surprises in my day to be thankful for, there usually is. 
1. Waking to a beautiful morning of sunshine. 
2. Surprise coffee and mother's day card with my red bucket of geraniums for Mother's Day. Thank you Dave. 
3. An encouraging text from a friend. Thank you. 
4. Phone calls from all three of my beautiful daughter's Webber Heather,Amber WebberRacheal Perry, wishing me a happy mother's day and I love you. The best gifts of all. I love you all and pray your days were amazing as well. 
5. A drive down the old scenic highway 30 once again today. So beautiful! And I got an earlier start today. 
6. Walking the view point loop and down to Bridal Veil Falls. Gorgeous! 
7. Chatting with so many beautiful people out enjoying this day and celebrating moms. 
8. My walking sticks. 
9. Going to the movies to see " Life of the Party". Thank youCrystal N Koch for suggesting. Great movie and so funny! 
10. Invited for a glass of wine for Mother's Day. So nice to see you. Thank you. 
11. For all the beautiful mother's day wishes. 
12. A wonderful dinner at Agave. Thank you for the suggestion. Was very good. 
13. Eating ice cream on my back porch taking in the last part of the day as I reflect on how much I have to be thankful for. 
14. Listening to the birds chirp and sing their love songs. 
15. The support and love of my friends so very thankful for each one of you. 
16. For the many strangers today that wished me happy mother's day. 
17. The beautiful lady who stopped and chatted with me at the restaurant and wished me happy mother's day. She was pure joy! 
What amazing day! Full of many joyous surprises thank you! 
Oh my Lord you sure know how to turn tears into joy. Those tear drops of diamonds. Thank you for blessing me today above anything I could have dreamed or imagined. A mother's day to remember. Blessings

May 14~ Good morning! New week new possibilities. Sunlight streaming in through the drapes waking me with a gentle nudge. As the day awaits I know I will have many blessings to be thankful for. 
1. Finding some bulbs to use in my bathroom. Now if they would just go in. How many people take to put a light bulb in? Still haven't gotten them in. Ugh! But grateful for the bulbs. 
2. Getting my laundry done yay! 
3. Fresh bedding on my bed. 
4. Working in my bedroom and getting rid of more clothing imagine that!?! 
5. My Shredder. 
6. Switching out my purses into a nice cute Summer handbag. 
7. Talking to my mom today. She always makes me smile. 
8. Cleaning out the sock drawer and the pajama drawer. 
9. Having my back and front door open getting that beautiful cross Breeze coming through in the fresh air. So nice. 
10. My landline phone. 
11. My overhead fans. Nice! 
12. A small walk to the mailbox and back today. 
Thank you Lord for another day to give thanks for. For all the things I take for granted daily and all the lovely gifts that are presented to me throughout the day. Blessings