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My journey through my day and my life with its andotes and life lessons of the day. The gifts and blessing of those people the Lord has surrounded me with along with the many treasure's He has left for me to open and enjoy along the way. My walk with my Lord and Savior, Prayers, Work, Play. Pictures of the gifts and blessing. My journey through life and how it has strengthened, blessed me or............

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Daily Journey

Monday, September 18, 2017

September Blessings ~ Counting It All Joy! (Week Two)


Changing Seasons!
 Of Leafy Blooms Of Beauty!

Fields Of Beauty!

September 10~ Good morning Sunday sunshine! Some coffee, time to get ready for morning breakfast date. Okay so it turned into a brunch. Couldn't believe we sat for 40 minutes with no acknowledgement at the first place. Walked into second place was seated and waited on in about three minutes. Excellent breakfast. Thank you! Called Geo Sutter to see if she wanted to go for a walk today. Feeling very emotional. Fresh air always does me wonders. Missing my girls Webber Heather, Amber Webber, Racheal Perry, and all of my grandchildren. When I left California nineteen years ago today I only had two grandsons. I came back for each one as they were born. So blessed by them all. They have grown into amazing young adults. I am so proud of each one and my daughter's with all of their many accomplishments. Love you all with my every breathe and heart beat. So Geo and I ended up taking a little drive and going to Milo Mclver State Park and walking along a path and into a rock bed along the Clackamas River. Beautiful day for it as the skies were blue and sun shining. Best of all no smoke from all the fires. Then a lite dinner in Craver at the Hanger. Ordered a half order of nachos to split. We could've eat them all. I cannot even imagine what a full order would be like. We had so much food to take home. So we took over to Mary McCormick Loomis. They had to tape the large pizza box shut. Laughing so hard thinking no one will believe this. Lord I'm so thankful for clear blue skies and sunshine with no smoke. Thinking how grateful I am for were I live. As I only have to drive a short distance in any direction to enjoy the great outdoors and country; even though I live in the city. Thankful that I have A car and gas to get to these amazing places around me. For being able to share my day with those I love. Yes I'm very grateful! Blessings

September 11~ Another restless night...and when it's time to get up.....well....yes! You guessed it.....I was finally falling asleep and sleeping. Oh so glad this sleeping thing is over rated! Good morning on this day of remembrance; when so many lives were lost and changed forever. A world gone mad! To this day it is still so surreal to me. Thank you to all who fought hard to safe lives and find those lost. God bless you each one. May the Lord hold all who's entire world and lives were torn apart that day. My prayers of love to all. Seven years later on this horrific day the Lord blessed our family with an amazing little man. B-man has brighten our days and though this day of sadness God saw fit to bring joy and happiness through the light of this child. There isn't a day that goes by that he doesn't challenge us and bring us his B'ism. Truly a heart on fire for life and will go after what he wants in full force. We love you B-man! Happy birthday and many blessings on this special day the Lord blessed our family with you. Lots of appointments today. Out the door and on my way. Oh! The winds are shifting can smell the smoke from the fire and it's getting hazy once again. Saw the trainer at the gym today. Learned I am doing some things right. Just need to get back on track and pick up my pace. I can do this! A quiet night at home. Hate the loneliness but love the quiet. Kinda got an oxymoron going on here. Thankful the Lord calmed the hurricane Irma. Thankful loved ones and friends are safe. Thankful to have spoken to all three of my daughter's today. So blessed! I even got some B-ism today....he wants me to come for Christmas. Says he hasn't seen me in a very long time. I giggle...Say I was there a couple months ago. No its been a long time I miss you and you; you need to come. Made my heart sing and my day perfect. Especially with the I love you mema! So thankful to know I make a difference in my grandchildren's life's. Thank you Lord for filling my quiver full of them. Yep its been a day but in it I have found many thing to be thankful for. Blessings

September 12~ Finally felt like I got some sleep. Thank you Jesus! Relax and enjoy a slow start to morning. Coffee, prayers, and getting ready for the day. First appointment of the day is after lunch. Perfect! No rushing this day along. Time slips away so quickly. Dinner out. Thank you! Salad was great! Sure didn't need the dessert. Rolled out the door. Hot shower, comfy bed. Thank you Lord for a day of simplicity and relaxation. Thank you for laughter, and friends. Thank you for another day of sunshine. Grateful! Blessings

September 13~ Good morning comes way to early for me on Wednesday's. Especially when it's still dark outside. But it's Wednesday smiles of beauty. Time for me to rise and shine. Coffee, prayers, and out the door. Eleven on the books today. Nine completed by noon! Exhausted! Home to start laundry for the salon. Sherilynn Ganther came over and and we did her hair. Looks darn cute! Then Geo Sutter came by and I fixed her hair for her. Full day indeed. Then it was time for water aerobics. Now I'm really tired! Thank you for the encouragement in the class Sheri. So thankful to have my little salon and the ladies that come in. Thankful I didn't injure my back any worse; so grateful for the hot tub and the jets pulsing on the injured area. Thankful for Sheri and her encouragement tonight in the pool. For unexpected surprises and laughter. A smile and invite for a glass of wine. Maybe! Yes, each day holds new gifts and treasures. Some days there just easier to spot and find then other days. But everyday has something to be thankful and grateful for. Blessings

September 14~ Good morning Thursday! I really don't like the darker cooler morning's. Means Fall is sneaking up on us quickly. I'm carrying my sweater with me now. When I leave the house in the morning I have it on. I must say my home is much more comfortable, no longer the sauna house. Morning appointments went well. Great laughter and happiness going on, with lots of sharing. Mary Kay delivered. So good to see you Melissa Simmons. I know your going to love those products. Keep smiling my friend. Home to clean. Mop I bought not sure I like. the price I paid I'll learn to like it. House smells clean. Thankful I don't have the attitude of some people, makes me wonder if they ever find anything to be happy about. Listening to the birds chirp and sing their song. Thankful that I have my home to live in, and a car to drive. Thank you Lord for another day filled with living life. Blessings

September 15~ Yet another extremely restless night with little sleep. No need to wake up.......I am a wake. Good morning Friday! Time to get ready to go to Hood River via SR14 to see the doctor and the to sisters in the The Dalles. Bank first, then coffee. Thank you so much for the cup of coffee. Oh! Not a fun drive. So very smokey and oh so very sad! Heart breaking. Took me over two hours to get to Hood River. Crazy! Missed my morning appointment with doctor. So......thankful they saw me after lunch. Then onto sister's house. What excitement takes place here. Never ever a dull moment. Love the hugs I'm getting from my great nephews. Today I'm thankful to have gotten from point A to B to point C safely. For the out come of my daughter Amber Webber surgery, and that she will have a speedy recovery. Thank you Krystal Sparks for sitting there with her and taking care of her. For messages that bring smiles and hope for future invites. For little people hugs that hold so much love. Love rocking little people to sleep. Feeling relieve from some of the things that have been weighing on my mind. Thank you Lord for helping me through this very stressful day successfully. Your provision and guidance that brings me your perfect peace. Another day coming to a close on a smokey Summer day. Blessings

September 16 ~ Early good morning Saturday! It's birthday celebration for Jennifer Merritt-Estep! Happy birthday to you! The party starts early in the house. Cake is made before 10 a.m. Time to go run errands and have lunch. Fun time with The party girls Jen, Lori BovaChristine Good, Rosie, Brandy Estep. Then a surprise party and dinner. More fun to be had. Then it was time to dance the night away. Thank you for inviting me along for the fun. I'm thankful to have sister's that truly love me. For great extended family and friends that enrich my life. For the crazy fun memories made. Thankful Lord you know me and my heart and the truth in all things. Grateful you wipe every tear and that they are diamonds to you. For your perfect peace that dwells inside of me even when a storm is swirling around me. Thank you Lord. Blessings