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My journey through my day and my life with its andotes and life lessons of the day. The gifts and blessing of those people the Lord has surrounded me with along with the many treasure's He has left for me to open and enjoy along the way. My walk with my Lord and Savior, Prayers, Work, Play. Pictures of the gifts and blessing. My journey through life and how it has strengthened, blessed me or............

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Daily Journey

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Photo A Day~

Day 16

Happy Halloween

Found this beauty at Walmart while shopping for some milk.
What a pleasant surprise and the best part was I only paid 2.50.
A bargain beauty she is!

Halloween Glamour babe

October 31, 2013

Not as fun as my out fit from the other evening. But I had to work around the ability to do hair and not frighten the old folks at the same time.
So I decided to glam it up and wear a beehive and red  red lips with a beauty mole.
It was fun too!
The ladies where in love with the look and said I should wear this style all the time.
NO! I don't think so!
But it was fun! 

Did you dress up for Halloween? What as?


October Joy Dare

October Joy Dare

October Joy Dare
Can you believe I'm ready to start yet another month. WOW!! I wonder what gifts are held in store for us this month.
Day 1~ 3 Gifts orange
1) The turning leafs that are blowing about the yard and the neighborhood. The Autumn colors of beauty swirling around reminding us Winter isn't far.
2) The carrots in my vegetable dish this evening for dinner.
3) The orange envelopes that I mail my Mary Kay product out in.

October Joy Dare
Day 2~ 3 Gifts falling
Well......... this is a bit tougher for me.
1) I once again pick the beautiful leafs flutters and dancing off the trees as they are falling to the ground. Such beauty in color and the dance they do as they fall to the ground.
2) More rain as it was pattering at my panes this morning as it was falling once again. The music that I gently woke up to.
3) Falling deeper in love with all those wonderful grandchildren of mine each day more and more. Even from a distance is isn't hard to do. They light up my day and set my heart on fire just thinking about them. I treasure each phone conversation I have with them as I fall deeper in love each moment of each day. Thank you Lord for these precious blessings you have given this family.

October Joy Dare
Day 3~ A gift caught, let go, mid way
No easy task on this one at all.
My gift caught is that the Lord always reveals things that need to be shown and that is sometimes being caught to keep you safe. That happened today and am thankful for this as he protected someone I love so very much. But broke my heart at the same time and cost them more than they wanted to pay I'm sure. Thank you Jesus for watching over my loved ones and protecting them.
Letting go of something because you love it is always hard. But I believe if you let something go and it comes back then it was meet to be. Never easy and I struggle with this one daily.
Mid way through the day I was able to just sit and rest for about half hour before i got paid and went on my errands before heading home for the day. It was a lovely gift just to sit and do nothing at all mid way through the day. 

October Joy Dare

Day 4! 3 Gifts reaped
Oh I feel like I reaped tons and tons of gifts today. And all I have to do is name three!
1) A day of laughter and smiles at the salon with the ladies. Then an afternoon adventure with Mary McCormick Loomis.
2) Collecting more charms today in the The Dalles for our charm bracelet on the charm trail they have. So much fun! Eight new charms to add to my bracelet today.
3) Spotting things I have never noticed today in a place I grew up at. Fun going into places I haven't been in such I was a small child. So fun!

October Joy Dare

Day 5~ 3 Gifts returned
1) The sunshine and warmth returned today. I just wish I could have been out in it. But I did enjoy viewing it and hearing of all the great adventures that took place in it today. Thank you Lord for the beautiful susnhine that we were blessed with today.
2) That I was able to go through and return some of the pages of my Rut Busters book today and reread some of it and drink it in. Praying that this all sinks into me and grows me in new ways. Thank you Cathi Forsythe for hosting this class.
3) Returning home this evening from work and feeling really good about my experience today at my new job that I will be doing for at least a month. Thank you Ann and Kim for trusting me to come work for you and Shari Whitlock for introducing me and referring me to them.

October Joy Dare

Day 6~ 3 Gifts redeemed
1) Well I think a little of Summer weather was redeemed today as the sun was out shining brightly hit 76 where I was at! Totally a gift from God as I didn't get to enjoy the sunshine yesterday so this was a pleasant surprise and gift.
2) The Lord redeemed me for His own! Thank you for sending your son for me. No greater gift have I ever received.
3) I redeemed my wonderful ice cream cone today at the Eastwind Drive-In in Cascade Locks! So worth the little bit of drive for it! Thank you Mary McCormick Loomis for coming over and driving down for ice cream today. A real treat and blessing. I think one of the best gifts of the day I could have. Had so much fun! Thank you!

October Joy dare

Day 7~ A gift baked, Sherred, eaten
Baked is the awesome sun baking through the windshield of my care warming me today. In the Summer is bakes me....but today it baked its warmth into my body. Thank you Lord for the warmth of the sun.
Sherred would be the paper that I send through the sherred into fine conffitti.
Eaten would be the wonderful yummy lunch at Five Guys today in Salem.

October Joy Dare

Day 8~ 3 Gifts prayed for
1) For my day to be filled with customers. I did more than I had placed on my books so it was an answered pray. I had only two and ended up doing five with getting my hair done as well. What a wonderful day of answered prayers.
2) I found some nice black pants with two interchange tops with jacket for my Mary Kay retreat next weekend. Was praying for me to find a nice pair of black pants. Answered in a smaller size that I wore last year! Yea me!!!
3) Getting to spend time with friends that I love and just making memories for a life time with them. Always an answered pray as I pray that I can always spend time with those I love and make memories for a live time. Thank you Jesus!

October Joy Dare

Day 9~ 3 Gifts praised for
Not sure if these will fit under this but I know I am thankful and am praising God for them.
1) For a day of just resting and getting caught up on a few chores around the house. Thankful for this day. 
2) Understanding and knowledge of things that I am invested in as I pray about this all the time. I got to speak with my investor and felt much better and more knowledgeable afterwards. Thank you God for His skolls and for answering this pray. And I am praising God for this answer of knowledge gives me re-assurance and more peace.
3) Most definitely the sunshine that broke through the fog this morning is something I have prayer ed and praised God for everyday. Loving it!

October Joy Dare

Day 10~ 3 Hard Eucharisteo
For those who don't know what Eucharisteo means this is the meaning....
{A Greek word meaning thanksgiving, to be thankful.

Envelopes the Greek root word charis meaning grace, and the derivative chara which is Greek for joy.
He took the bread, and knew it to be a gift and gave thanks. We too participate in eucharisteo in communion, and in life if we so choose.
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Now for my three Eucharisteo...
1) Well I would say my work today. As I worked in a great deal of pain bending in positions that no body should be in. And the nakle swelled and turned black and blue today. But am ever so grateful for my work and the ladies I have the honor and privilege to do their hair as well as the gentleman too. Thank you Lord for the gift and talent of my hairdressing.
2) Getting my towels done when I got home from work today. Normally not such a chore but I think because of the pain today it was a lot of work. So grateful to have gotten them done and ready for the next day at the salon. Always feels good to now they are ready to go.
3) Getting some shopping done for the MK retreat coming up next weekend and some grocery shopping for the house. Great for the funds to meet these needs. God has provided and blesses me abundantly. Thank you Lord!

October Joy Dare

Day 11~ 3 Gifts of change
1) The ever changing weather here in the PNW! You never know what your going to get, but it is always beautiful rain, fog, snow, sunshine my favorite! All of them or one of them. You are never disappointed in the beauty and ever changes weather and climate. Thank you Lord!
2) The styles and looks of ever season. That change with the generations with more modern up-dates from the generations before. Fashion and style are always changing. Love it!
3) As I reflect back over the years and the life I have lead there have been many changes mostly for the good! I love to see the growth that has taken place like a good old oak tree my roots are strong and steady but my leaves change with the season.

October Joy Dare

Day 12~ A gift small, smaller, smallest
Hmmm...this one is going to be a bit interesting to say the least!
My small gift is the opportunity of working with Ann at the salon Saturday's during the month of October. She is a real blessing. Got my hair trimmed and styled before the day even started. Thank you Jesus!
Smaller gift is the small cut I got on my figure today doing a hair cut on a young man who wanted a very high fashion style! I knocked it out of the park for him,. Yea me! Cut the finger in the process. But...he was happy and got lots of complainants as he left. 
Smallest gift would be seeing my great nephews this evening. They are so cute and full of energy. Wish I could have spent more time with them. Maybe next time. We has business to tend to that was a real gift as well. Thank you Lord for each one today.

October Joy Dare

Day 13~ 3 Gifts read
1) Prayers of devotions
2) Rut Busters Book By Deb Erickson 
3) FB Status

October Joy Dare

Day 14~ 3 Gifts said
1) Today when I as giving Gergie her perm she told me how special I was and that she loved me.

2) I do beautiful hair styles 

3) Thank you!

October Joy Dare

Day 15~ 3 Gifts re-read
1) My new book Like Yourself Love Your Life By Audrey Meisner (This one hasn't been re-read Just starting)
2) My junk mail
3) Status updates on FB

October Joy Dare

Day 16~ 3 Gifts burning
1) The beautiful yellow ball in the sky was burning brightly today! just love that and it appears she will be around for at least another ten days. I am so very excited about that. It is truly a gift this late into the year here in the PNW when we would be seeing tons of liquid sunshine (rain). Thank you Lord for the yellow ball of sunshine in the sky!!

2) Burning with excitement about my blog and getting back to writing and sharing photos and thoughts. I may even start writing my poetry again. It has been a long while. So burning with excitement.
3) I have been burning up my phone lines today for some reason as they phones die. So I am thankful to have them and that I have back up when they die so I can continue on.
What gifts are burning for you today?

October Joy Dare

Day 17~ 3 Gifts Ugly beautiful 
1) Sitting at the salon today for three hours with nothing to do but was worth it. As I did a color on Carmen and she loved her new color. So it was ugly sitting around with nothing to do. But turned out beautiful when I got to send someone home with a huge smile and feeling ten years younger. Well worth it!

2) Waxing is ugly beautiful when it is done. Kinda one of those grateful your not sure what to make of it! But know it is worth the end result and not so much when your going through it.
3) Not being packed for my trip and leaving tomorrow is ugly which means I will be up late or up early to pack. Which will be nice to have it done for a beautiful weekend at the beach.

October Joy Dare

Day 18~ A gift shared, saved, surrendered
My shared gift is traveling with my Mary Kay girlfriends up to Oceanshares Washington for the weekend. So much fun!
Saved gift would be the the beauty of day of each friendship and memory of the years have created and given me in each one. I am so thankful for each one.
Being Surrendered to the one who first loved me. My Lord and Savior; My Jesus I love you!!! 

October Joy Dare

Day 19~
3 Gifts unexpected
1) The Warmth of the evening on the beach next to the bon fire at Oceanshores Washington
2) The hug notes filled with love encouragement and friendships that have been formed over the many years Mary Kay 
3) The fact if I closed my eyes and took pieces of my life away, huge chunks of who I am and have become would be gone not to mention many of those friends that I love and have shared large part of my life. Much like the movie "Its A Wonderful Life" It is so very true it is A wonderful life!!!

October Joy Dare

Day 20~ 3 Gifts unconventional
1) The joy of quiet time and reflecting after a long weekend and sharing with those whom you have spent the weekend with as you stretch and grow in ways you thought weren't possible.
2) Watching the waves rolling in and seeing how they roll over and over take each one rolling in and out. That is how the Lord wants to over take us with His love and blessing in All areas of of our life as we come in and go out. Such a huge visual. 
3) The soft patter of the rain then as it gets strong and turns into a storm that pours just as the Lord pours His rain upon us through His mighty hand and blessings. Strong visuals this weekend in seeing the many gifts we are given. Just walk through the storm to the VICTORY!! When God plants and takes us to it He will bring us through it to the VICTORY!

October Joy Dare

Day 21~ 3 Gifts undervalued
1) My Mary Kay business as there are many more gifts inside that business hinded in many different places through the threads of the business. Through friends, growth, opportunity, making money, and so much more. 
2) Working for myself and seeing the options I actually do have because I am blessed to work for me and be a service to others in ways that I may not be able to through any other kind of work.
3) The world wide web and how it connects me and many others to a world and friends we may not have other wise.

October Joy Dare

Day 22~ A gift silent, still, and strong
My silent gift would be the very quiet of the day 
The stillness of my day that caused the quiet of the day
Strong is the marriage of 25 years

October Joy Dare

Day 23~ 3 Gifts begun
1) My needle point on my every green pillowcases with the bear on it. Need to start working on them again. Need to have them fisnihed for a gift.
2) Reading my new book that was suggested to me my friend Crystal N Koch "like yourself, Love yourself" By Audrey Meisner; just got in the mail the past Thursday.
3) Also working on my "Rut Buster's" That I'm doing with a lovely group of my MK girlfriends! Half way through.

October Joy Dare

Day 24~ 3 gifts accomplished
1) Getting to work and actually having a few clients today. Getting them done early was very accomplishing. Praying for more tomorrow and the days ahead. 
2) Setting up an event for Monday evening to my Mary Kay business to have all my Portland friends come. Felt real good to set up and invite them to join me and my Mary Kay friends to a "Trash It Party".
3) Getting more junk and garbage out of the living room. Still have more to go out of the entire house. Slow but sure this battle will be won.

October joy Dare

Day 25~ 3 Gifts enjoying
1) Enjoying my new phone and all the interesting things that are on it.
2) My phone calles with friends far and near. They encourage and lift me up. Bring smiles and love that make my heart burst. Love you all so very much.
3) Laughter even if it is at my cost sometimes. Laughter is but of good medicine.

October Joy Dare

Day 26~ 3 Gifts extravagant
!) The luxury of laying around and doing pretty much nothing all day long.

2) Being taken out for dinner and enjoying great company with Katherine Fischer Huston and Anna Michelle Leach-Beeching. Thank you for the laughs, prayers and joy you both bring to my heart to enrich my life. 

3) Knowing that I am the heir to the best inhertiance on the earth. Which is owned by my Father in heaven. Thank you for this gift that only you could give.

October Joy Dare

Day 27~ A gift humbling, honoring, and happy
My humbling gift would be the the friendship and love I am given daily by those in my life. Thank you to each one who enriches and blesses me through their presence in life by just being you. I love each one of you and the gift you are. Thank you!
Today when I was watching the movie "The Lost Valentine" it was so honoring and so much of a reminder of what has been given for the freedoms we have in this country. I thank each one who has given and served in any capacity; you have given much for us to have much. No amount of thanks will ever say what I feel thank you!
I'm happy that I have been blessed with yet another day to fill and find the joy and gifts in the day. Thank you Lord!

October Joy Dare

Day 28~ 3 Gifts in Christ 
1) The love of my sisters and brothers in Christ and the love support and encouragement that is given.
2) Peace that is unspeakable
3) The living water that dwells within us all because He dwells in us all who believe

October Joy Dare

Day 29~ 3 Gifts on time
1) Arriving at work on time to service the ladies and gentleman with their hair appointments; that make them feel so good and as beautiful as they are. Love my job of making others feel beautiful. Always on time!!!
2) Phone calls of love encouragement and prayers are always timely and welcomed not matter the time or day. Thank you Lord!
3) God's perfect timing regarding everything in my life.

October Joy Dare

Day 30~ 3 Gifts overjoyed

1) The wonderful gift from my dear friend Crystal N Koch. I'm so very excited that I am getting to go to Florida the month of December. What an awesome gift in the dead of Winter. I haven;t seen my sweet friend in over 8 years. The Lord truly has blessed beyond words. Extremely overjoyed!!! Thank you doesn't even begin to express what I feel. I keep pinching and reading the ticket over and over again. 

2) Truly overjoyed by all the late beautiful weather and Sunshine with temperatures in the high 50's during the day. Have been loving it. Soon to disappear I'm sure. But boy I have been a very happy girl withese great Fall days. Thank you so much Lord for each one, what a gift indeed they have been.
3) The response of those enjoying my pictures and my blog that I have recently started writing on again and attempting to do a picture a day on. I have been having so much fun with it. Thank you for all the wonderful. It fills my heart and I'm overjoyed with delight!

October Joy Dare
Day 31~
3 Gifts Hallowed
This one is going to be a bit tough!
1) The love of my children and family make me so blessed and I think of them being very sacred to me so yes they are hallowed.
2) Most defiantly the love of the Lord and what He has done for me. Not even a question there or doubt.
3) The events of my life that make me who I am!? I say this with a question as I really don't know how else to answer this last one. Things that are hallowed is not an easy response too. I think I will have to work on this one and pray upon it. 
What do you find Hallowed in your life? Blessings

What are your October Joy Dare response's?

A Holy Experience

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Photo A Day~

Day 15


October 2013

This little happy pumpkin found sitting around spooking all that comes by with his lighting smile.
Sign in and sign out or
He may come hunt you down
Some of the delightful decorations found at 
Parkview Assisted!
To scare and delight
All that come in and out

Do you like to decorated for Halloween?

Three Word Wednesday~

Depressed, adjective: (Of a person) in a state of general unhappiness or despondency; (of a person) suffering from clinical depression; (of a place or economic activity) suffering the damaging effects of a lack of demand or employment; (of an object or part of an object) in a physically lower position, having been pushed or forced down.

Fuzzy, adjective: having a frizzy, fluffy, or frayed texture or appearance; difficult to perceive clearly or understand and explain precisely; indistinct or vague; (of a person or the mind) unable to think clearly; confused.

Sharp: adjective: (of an object) having an edge or point that is able to cut or pierce something; producing a sudden, piercing physical sensation or effect; (of a food, taste, or smell) acidic and intense; (of a sound) sudden and penetrating; (of words or a speaker) intended or intending to criticize or hurt; tapering to a point or edge; distinct in outline or detail; clearly defined; of an action or change) sudden and marked; adverb: Precisely (used after an expression of time; in a sudden or abrupt way.

As I reach to see
In hope and desire
All I see is
The fuzzy vision
That I longed for
Long ago
The sharp beauty
Of my longing and desire
Only brings great depression
As I search my heart
I long for that vision
Of hope and beauty
Of a love long gone
Depressed and out of sorts
I reach deep within
I find that hope
Sharp and detailed 
Is the vision
Once longed for
As a young girl
Now the years of reckless living
Has caused the vision to to be more fuzzy
Still obtainable
I will find my way
Through this sharp pain
Of depressed illusions
Into the 
Love and beauty
I so deserve
That awaits me
Depressed no more


Are you ready for the spooks and goblins to come to your house?

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Phot A Day~

Day 14

Halloween Scary Mary Kay

October 28, 2013

For our meeting Monday night our Director asked us to dress up. We could dress up as anything we wanted. I personally love dressing up. I never buy my costume as I never have.
I work with what I have in the house.
I try to be as creative as I can be. Every year I come up with something new and it is always fun!
This year I will have the pleasure of dressing up twice. 
Once for this past Monday evening for our Mary Kay meeting.
Which was a hoot!!
All the ladies looked great and we all had so much fun.
Yes we voted on best costume and I won first place!
I couldn't believe it.
I did a split face and wore a frightful outfit.
Below you will see the close up of my face and make up.
They did do a close up on my out fit but have chose not to display it.
I figure I have scared enough with this outfit and look already.
What fun to get to play and be a kid....
Not once this week but twice. 
Watch for the next scary face to pop up soon on a blog coming to you.

October 28,2013

A split personality here!
Which side would you like to do business with?

First Place Winner!

Do you like to dress up in costume? Do you make yours or purchase?

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Photo A Day~

DAY 13


This beautiful arrangement is on the patio at Parkview assisted living.
I so enjoy the beauty of the planters and the blooms of  the flowers and plants in the gardens in the facility's.

Do you have a green thumb?

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Photo A Day~

DAY 12

 Hanging Out

Found this little red guy hanging out in the rafters in the apartment across the way from ours.
I just thought this was so cute.
I know someone had to place him there with great care.
Made me smile!
I thought ...
This would make a great photo to share on my blog.
He is just hanging out being lazy and enjoying the day.
Or maybe he is the watchful bear keeping an eye on everything and everybody.
I hope he doesn't catch the freeze this evening as the temperature's dip.
At any rate he does have a great view from the rafters as he looks about with his watchful eye.

How is the view from your neck of the woods?