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Daily Journey

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

65 Day Journey

Day 34

Here we are on the last day of November.
I cannot believe we are the the way out of 2011.
It seems we just got started and here we are at the close.
My goodness!
Where did it all go?

It has been a very full and busy month.
I'm sure the month of December will be busy;
 If not more busy.
As December is filled with much activity and something always to do and somewhere you have to be.

I say make sure to take some special time for you.
This is the time of year that we stress and over spend.
We tend to put more on our plate's then we should.
Take a moment and get your calendar out.
 Then make an appointment or two or three for self.
Maybe the hair dresser.
Pencil in about an hour and half, get the works.
Maybe at the end of a busy shopping day;
Go and get one of the mini manicures with a pedi for 30.
It will take about 2 hours of your time.
Pencil in a hour for a hot bath with salts and hot tea.
Don't forget that  candle and soft music.
Shut out the world!
That means the entire family.
they will be fine without you for an hour.
Or maybe it is just shutting out the world and spending time with the Lord for an hour;
After one of those crazy days.
Don't say yea I do that.
Get the calendar right
Set up at least three appointments to take care of you this month.
You will have a much more pleasant Christmas season by doing so.
It will relieve the stress make a much more happier you.
Your family will love you for it!
Because you wont be stressed!
Some would say that is selfish.
I say ,
To give our best we must be our best.
So with that being stated.
When we take care of ourselves we can give the best of ourselves.

Today was a very full day at the salon.
I didn't wrap up until after 3.
My cleaning wasn't the best today.
I was so tried.
I made out bills to families.
Made arrangements for perms for family members to be there.
Some are no longer able to really handle a perm.
So I think if the family takes the responsibility it is best they come and sit with them and sign a waiver.
If they demand for their mothers to have perms well come and sit with her please.
Thank -You!

The Pastor over at the Assisted home is so
In fact I think I will call him self absorbed.
He wants me to schedule all my appointments around his schedule.
Then the doors close.
I cannot accommodate that.
I cannot move a standing appointment for a lady because he wants another to be in chapel.
I really need to pray in this area.
I also have never felt this way about a man of God.
It makes me feel awful!
Lord help me to pray for him.
  Lord help him see I cannot do what he wants, that is impossible.
Thank you Jesus!

Nothing seemed to get done on my list today.
Tomorrow is a new day.


Psalm 51: 12

Restore to me the joy of Your salvation, And uphold me by Your generous Spirit.

Devotional Card

Dear Lord, help me not to overlook the giving of thanks to you before I begin asking.

Psalm 84: 11

"The Lord will give grace and glory: no good thing will he withhold from them that walk uprightly."

Day 30

I'm so glad to have been part of this thankful month and journal for the entire month of November.
Made me realize I have so much more than I think that I do.
So much to be thankful for.
For the opportunity to be a blessing in my hair salon even when it is difficult. 
To be kind to those who are harsh and mean.
For the laughter and smiles given out daily and those received back as well.
For the Christmas music I love so much.
The peace and direction the Lord leads when I settle down and listen to His voice.
The warmth of my home and the love that is all around me.

Does anyone specail thing state out from the month of November that you are extremly thankful for?

Dodge Writes Ten Word Challenge From FB


The rules are you must use 8 of the 10 words as they are given in prose or any form of poetry...

The breeze was blowing through the tree's
As the whispering of the snowflakes
Spiraled downward
Footprints of angels 
Left a magical enchanted beauty
On the playgorund
Where children were gathering
Singing Christmas Carols
With each new song
Renew joy fell upon the crowd
With peaceful thoughts
Of the hope we have in Him

Have you started to put up your Christmas decorations?

Three Word Wednesday Promt~

Behave; verb: [With adverbial ] act or conduct oneself in a specified way, esp. toward others; [ often in imperative ] conduct oneself in accordance with the accepted norms of a society or group.

Jettison; verb: Throw or drop (something) from an aircraft or ship; abandon or discard (someone or something that is no longer wanted); noun: The action of jettisoning something.

Mob; noun: A large crowd of people, esp. one that is disorderly and intent on causing trouble or violence; verb: Crowd around (someone) in an unruly and excitable way in order to admire or attack them.

I behave as nothing ever took place
As I jesttison
The  mob of thoughts
That came tumbling
Through the scene
Of my mind
Holding onto the passion
In the wake of the dispair
Of the break up


Do you hold onto things long after you should dicard them?

365 Days Of Pictures ~ Day 280

This delectable morsel was found at the Tollgate Bakery.
Now that is some cookie!
I think it could feed about four kids or one hungry man.
For sure on woman who is on a chocolate craze!

Huge Chocolate Cookie
 With Chocolate Icing!

Do you enjoy going to bakery's where everything is made for Paul Bunyan size?

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Saturday Centus With Jenny Matlock

This was a tough one.
I think my migraine is effecting me.
All I can think about is please go away.
But I gave it the good old college try.

THE PROMPT THIS WEEK IS "Would you like fries with that?".
WORD COUNT - Not to exceed 100 words plus the six words of the prompt. 106 words total.

As I waited in line to make my order;
The counter girl methodical would ring each one.
As if like a robot
No matter what was ordered;
You would hear her say over and over again,
"Would you like fries with that?"
Some would answer with a resounding
Some a very loud
Yet others would say nothing at all.
All I heard over and over again like a broken record was,
"Would you like fries with that?"
"Would you like fries with that?"

"Would you like fries with that?"
"Would you like fries with that?"

Jenny Matlock

What kind of french fries do you like?

65 Day Journey

Day 33

I thought I would do the Simple Woman's Day book today.
I'm not feeling so good and it is pretty much laid out for me.
I have had a very full and busy day.
I'm sure when I'm done with the 65 day journey.
 I will be implementing this into my weekly routine.
I just love this link.
To think I would have never found it had it not been for the 65 Day Journey that The Prairie Maiden challenged us too.
Thank you Cheryl!

Which I found via Gina's blog over at
Rainbow's Daily Life


I would just like to feel okay with no massive headache!
It is making me so ill I want to vomit.
I'm sorry that doesn't sound very nice.
Praying the Lord will touch and heal me in Jesus name!
Outside my window...

It is gray and over cast. Very cold to me. I don't think it has gotten above forty two degrees today at all.
The leaves cover the ground like a golden carpet.

I am thinking...

How cold I am today.
How nice some sunshine would be.

I am thankful...

For those the Lord has placed in my life.
The amazing ways they help me grow into the person I am created to be. 
From the learning rooms...(if this applies)

My learning room today was with other hairdressers and what they have learned in the business for other 40+ years.
These ladies where sharing how to take care of myself in the care facilities where my salon is;
So that I'm not injured or taken advantage of as a free CNA.
Which does happen a lot in these places sadly!

In the kitchen...

A huge bowl of salad awaits to be eaten.
With baby shrimp cooked with onion and garlic to be tossed on top.

I am wearing...

Black velar pants
White tennis shoes with socks
Salmon long sleeved shirt with a black vest.

Wishing I was in my PJ's!

I am creating...

Christmas presents at the moment.
If you have been reading my blog and the 65 days then you have seen my blankets.

I am going...

To go to bed early this evening so I can feel better and go to work in the morning.
I want to feel like a million not like I need to be buried.

I am wondering...

Am I ever going to get all that I need done in time for shipping before the last possible date for arrival of Christmas.

I am reading...

Still working on
"Heaven is for Real"
By Todd Burpo

I am hoping...

That a personal private thing I have been pondering would change a bit in my favor.

I am looking forward to...

I'm looking forward to putting up my Christmas decorations in the coming week ahead.

I am hearing...

I'm hearing the TV in the other room.
The news casters talking about the weather.
The humming of the computer.
Hubby cracking sunflower seeds.
{Grates on my nerves}

Around the house...
Need to vacuum and do some cleaning and re-arranging to put up Christmas decorations.

I am praying

For a smooth move for my two older daughters as they prepare to move into their home together on Thursday with their combined eight children.
That all will get along.
That the middle one would get transportation back and forth to her two jobs.
That all of their needs will be meet.
That my baby daughter and hubby will adjust to the changes ahead of them and be patient with one another.
That all of our bills are paid and we wont go into debit this Christmas season.

I am pondering...

What the future will hold as my work schedule is changing once again.
How many hours will I loose or income if any.

One of my favorite things...

This time of year it would be

A few plans for the rest of the week:
Work on my Christmas projects.
Possible pull out some Christmas decorations and start decorating.

Here is a picture, Link, or thought I am sharing...
(add your picture here)

Sky Blue
Sun Breaking
Bolts Of Clouds
Each Day
A New Horizon



Matthew 16: 2-3

He answered and said to them. "When it is evening you, 'It will be fair weather, for the sky is red', and in the morning, 'it will be foul weather today, for the sky is red and threatening.' Hypocrite's! You know how to discern the face of the sky, but you cannot discern the signs of the times.

Devotional Card

Our Father, when familiar surroundings fade, strengthen my wings of faith. Help me to accept the need to grow and mature.

Psalm 27: 5

"In the time of trouble he shall hide me in his pavilion: in the secret of his tabernacle shall he hide me."

Day 29

I am so happy that I have a job to go to in the times we live in.
That my hubby has a good job that brings in a good income to meet our needs.
That my bills will be paid for another month.
That my home will be filled with friends and loved ones this Christmas season.
That the Lord has given me those around me that accept me just the way I am and they don't judge or try to change me.
But allow the Lord to do His job and they stand and support me in love and grace.

Do you or have you ever fought migraine headaches?

100 Things About Me~

Tara, over at "Undeserving Grace" is hosting a very exciting link.
It is called a "100 Things About Me."
I thought this would be a great link up.
A fun way for us all to get to know our bloggie friends a bit better.

  1. I love rich looking items and bling (I have some of my own. But is is summer diamonds. I dream of the real diamonds!)
  2. I have uddles of jewelry boxes and jewelry.
  3. I have lost some very expensive pieces of jewelry. Some fall off well working well others broke and got lost. And who knows what all.
  4. I love rings! Big rings!
  5. I love ankle bracelets as well as bangles. I have worn them all and lots at one time
  6. I lost a favorite pair of sunglasses I had for over 7 years. Now I have to get a new pair. DARN!
  7. I have gotten RayBan's for free when they broke mine when I took them in for repair work; that were a gift. I had no idea how spendy they were. They replaced for nothing a more expensive pair as I said how do you put a value on a gift. So they let me pick any pair in the glass case for FREE!
  8. My eye glasses hurt my nose so I have to get those little round sponges ones put on them so it doesn't hurt me.
  9. I like toes rings in the Summer
  10. I just love bling everywhere!

Do glasses bother the bridge of your nose?


365 Days Of Pictures ~ Day 279

Here it is!
My first addition to my Christmas decoration's.
I found this great snowman rug at Lowe's.
So you know I couldn't pass it up.
The best part is it only cost five dollars.
What a bargain for these little snow beauties.
I saw so many cute snowman.
If only I could have them ALL!

Happy Snowman Rug!

Do you have anything favorite in Christmas decor that you love to purchase and add to your collection ...of...?

Monday, November 28, 2011

65 Day Journey

Day 32

Here we  are on Monday!
We have to get up and start moving.
It is Monday and back to the grind after a long weekend of family, friends, and fun!
Interesting though;
I don't remember asking Monday to come back out and play with us.
So ....
I guess I just have to go with the flow of the calendar.
Back to work!

Headed over to John's today.
We got more of his appointments set up.
Plus his ride over here on Christmas day.
God bless each of those who drive and give up their Christmas for others that wouldn't have one otherwise.
You are amazing special people!
I applaud you all each one in every field that gives so we might enjoy!
Blessing to you and your families for what you sacrifice.

When I got done at John's today, I went out and did some Christmas shopping.
Or...I should say I went out a picked mine up that hubby is getting me.
He wont let me have it until Christmas day.
I'm getting a Tablet that converts into a small lap top.
So cool!

I really did get some shopping done for others though.
I got all of my great nephews gifts done.
I also picked up my favorite mints from Hickory Farms tonight as well.
Funny how every year you try to cut back;
 Safe money on Christmas;
It seems somehow the wallet gets out of control.
I was praying tonight asking God to help me so that I don't over spend.
My list never gets shorter just longer.
Needs to figure out how to cut back even more.

I completed yet another blanket!
This one is going to a neighbor.

Fleece Blanket
This one is a bit similar to one I made earlier.
This one has a brown backing where the other one had a black backing.

I figured I still need to make at least ten more blankets.
Not sure I can get that done.
As well the material went up in price.
It was already spendy.
More than before.
I even told the clerk it was funny how all this was cheaper the week before Thanksgiving and how spendy it is
She tried to tell me it wasn't.
 I laughed and told her I had been in that week before Thanksgiving and bought a ton of fabric.
 Maybe it will happen that I get all the blankets done and  maybe it wont.
We will see.
Need money and time to complete them all.

Ankle is still pretty swollen and causing me pain.
I tell you.
I need to slow down and be more careful.
I get in such a hurry I think.
And that is how I get hurt.
Not to bright!

I colored my hair this evening.

Ethel I Need Your Help!

I went back to a very dark red auburn.
Though I don't think I will leave it this color long.
I think I will go two tone in about a week.
I will do the blonde again in the front and keep it dark in the back.
Hubby said it is really dark.

Closer To My Original Hair Color

So I'm thinking it wont stay this dark color.
I don't mind I have fun playing with color.
After all it is just hair.
I have been a rainbow of shades through the years.
I think the funniest one was either the fire engine red or the fuchsia pink.


2 Corinthians 9: 7

So let each one give as he purposes in his heart, not grudgingly or of necessity; for God loves a cheerful giver.

Devotional Card

Dear Lord, help me to build on a firm foundation, learning to diligently seek They direction in all I do.

Genesis 9:11

"I will establish my covenant with you:.... neither shall there any more be a flood to destroy the earth."

Day 28

That I was able to accomplish so much today!
That I hit some great sales and saved money that I didn't expect to safe.
Good deals even after the crazy Black Friday!
Thank you Lord for your great favor!
For gloves to protect my hands while I colored my hair.
Body scrubs to help remove the dry skin as well as color from around the hair line.
Gods sufficient grace each day as I stumble through the maze of life.

Did you do any cyber shopping today?

365 Days Of Pictures ~ Day 278

I love snowman!
I actually have quite a Christmas collection of them.
I will be pulling them out soon to display.
I love to decorate for Christmas.
Something about the snowman is so magical to me.

Childhood wonder
Dreams of play 
With laughter of games


Snowman Tin

This lovely tin was found at the Tollgate restaurant where I had lunch on Sunday.
I just had to have a picture of this beauty of a tin.
I personally don't recall this brand of popcorn.
Maybe you do...?

Do you like old tins and collectibles things of the past?

Sunday, November 27, 2011

65 Day Journey

Day 31

Amazing that we have been on this great journey headed into the new year.
I love it!
It has kept me accountable
I actually have been focused on some of the things on my list and they are getting accomplished.
Thank you Cheryl over at Prairie Maiden
For taking us and challenging us on this journey into 2012.

Today I went out with my friend Carol.
My hubby wanted us to stop over at Lowe's.
So we did.
We both picked up some Christmas goodies and gifts.

Then we went on a little drive.
It started pouring down.

Sandy, Oregon

We ended up in Sandy at a wonderful little restaurant rich in history.

History Story
Front Of Menu

It also had a little bakery and a very fun gift shop.
the name of the restaurant is
Tollgate Restaurant & Inn
The food was excellent!

Carol's Lunch

I couldn't eat it all.

Beth's Lunch

We also had the most wonderful old fashion milk shakes they where so tasty too!

Frosty Old Fashion Milk Shakes

Then we headed towards home.
Then we stopped at Marshall's to do a bit of Christmas shopping.
I was able to pick up a few more gifts.
I also found my Christmas table runners.
One more thing off my list.

No blankets today.
Maybe tomorrow.
I have enough material to do one here at the house then I must buy more material to achieve all that I have on my list.
Still praying about that one.

When I arrived home I had a business call from the lady I have been doing the fill work for.
She is going to try and come back.
So ....
Not sure where that leaves me at.
Not going out for lunches that is for sure!
On call...
Waiting to make money
Not making much money.
God will provide!

Which will help in the healing of my ankle this week.
Praise the Lord for small gifts in disguise!

I'm thinking on Thursday I will have time to get some of my other projects started and possibly completed.
This may work in my favor.


Romans 14:12

So then each of us shall give account of himself to God.

Devotional Card
Help us Lord, to carefully bear the fruit of the Spirit. Help us to be the very essence of goodness.
Matthew 5:6

"Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled."

Day 27

Friends that come to your rescue and get you out for the day.
Finding great specials on Christmas gifts!
Not spending money you don't have but using the wisdom that God gave and a friend that helps keep you accountable.
A hubby that says things always work out the way they are suppose too.
Don't worry!
My oldest daughter calling and checking in with me.
Sharing wise words of wisdom that the Lord has placed in her.
Thank you Lord for giving me daughters that chase after your heart and live before you.
The Lords unconditional love for me.

Did you do any kind of shopping at all this Thanksgiving weekend?

Happy Birthday Daily Journey

Happy 1st Birthday
Daily Journey!

It was one year ago today that I started my blog.
I had no clue what I was doing;
How much fun I would have.
The wonderful people and friends I would meet along the way in this amazing journey through the blog world.
I had no clue what I was doing.
What I wanted my blog to be or if there where rules or guide lines.
If you had to be a certain way or what.
I just started writing;
And have had so much fun doing so.
I miss it when I cannot be on here and sharing or reading the adventures and stories of my bloggie friends.
You all have enriched my life so much;
Thank you!
I have grown so much through this amazing journey.
My skills in photography have so improved and enhanced through this past year.
What fun that has been!
My writing abilities have differently improved.
What I thought would be a journal has turned out to be so much more.
When I go out adventuring I look at things so much differently.
I look for a story to tell in all that I do.
I live my life more fuller and because of that I'm much happier.
My oldest grandson wanted this turned into a book.
So I make a book out of this blog every month or few months for him.
He loves it!
(Or I should say he will when he gets it.)
He does ask about the blog all the time.
Each day I come I find new things I want to share.
The challenges have grown me as a person as well as my skills in writing and photography.
They keep me accountable and on time with the challenge.
I have researched in areas I would have never done before so my knowledge in areas is growing.
My ability on the computer is defiantly growing.
I look forward to many more years in blogging as I grow.
Learn and experience new things through this amazing world and culture.
Thank you to each and everyone of you that have encouraged me left amazing comment's and thoughts.
That have held the challenges that I have enjoyed and participated in.
To all of my amazing followers who drop in and read what I have to say or to look around and ....
You have helped make this blog what it is.
To you all I say thank you for coming along for the journey!
Each award that I have been blessed with.
I have so much to learn still and so much fun a ahead of me.
I have no idea how to celebrate this special stepping stone in my journey.
So what I would like to do is ask you all to post a comment and I will draw a name and send you a special gift from me to you. I just wish I could for each and all.
So lets get the party rolling and lest see what this year will bring!
I will draw the name at the end of the day on the 30 of November.

Did you know what you where getting into when you started blogging?

Prompt 4: Children's Corner (CC) – LOLLIPOP

A new month of acrostic's. Every month a new batch of words and challenges are released for us to work with. Please go check them out over at:

Prompt 4: Children's Corner (CC)LOLLIPOP

Image Source Page:

Large hard candy on a stick
Ordinary flavors made into extraordinary tastes
Laced with colors of the rainbow
Licking until you must crunch down
Impossible to only lick the candystick
Pleasure given with every slippery lick
Oh! Must we share our candystick's
Popping fun with each tasteful flavor


Do you still enjoy a good lollipop?