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My journey through my day and my life with its andotes and life lessons of the day. The gifts and blessing of those people the Lord has surrounded me with along with the many treasure's He has left for me to open and enjoy along the way. My walk with my Lord and Savior, Prayers, Work, Play. Pictures of the gifts and blessing. My journey through life and how it has strengthened, blessed me or............

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Daily Journey

Monday, June 24, 2013

June Sunshine Finds~ June Joy Dare

June Sunshine Finds

Day 17~ June Sunshine Finds me looking forward to yet another exciting day! Up somewhat early to have morning coffee which I always find as a small slice of sunshine. Getting ready to meet Mandie Ambs and her beautiful children at the Grotto for a morning walk in the peaceful sanctuary of the gardens. The real joy was sharing the morning with the children and Mandie and getting to know them better. ♥ Loved watching them run and play. Walking the Labyrinthian with the kids was wonderful. Seeing things through their eyes is amazing. I loved the seeing all the flowers in bloom. Having a quiet lunch at Popeye's and reflecting on the goodness of the Lord. Home to more tranquil moments before hubby gets home. I would say I have many sunshine finds and moments as I reflect on all that is good and wonderful. Thank you Lord!
The other really big piece of sunshine in this day was the chat with my brother as well as my nephew. Loved talking with them both. Miss them and love them so much. 

Day 18~ June Sunshine Finds three haircuts on my sheet today when I get to work! YEA! And of course one shampoo set. Making them the sunshine beautiful with some clips for the warmer weather and a new look for the week. Smiles for everyone! Home early as it doesn't take long to do haircuts. Some quiet moments and prayer time with Crystal N Koch! Makes the world look brighter and more cheery! Thank you for the encouragement and prayers my friend! Then a movie with hubby. We watched "Moneyball" with Brad Pitt. I really liked this movie it was good! Now some quiet time as the day comes to a close.

Day 19~ June Sunshine Finds me awaking to the smells of coffee brewing what could be sweeter.  Today's sunshine was hidden in puffy grey clouds with peeks of blue sky. My phone conversation with daughter today about up coming trip brought smiles of delight with many prayers. Posting photos for Mandie Ambs was a joy to me today. It over all was a very quiet and peaceful day which is a gift I love and treasure everyday.

Day 20~ June Sunshine Finds me up with the grey skins of sunshine. The morning was full of beautiful ladies getting their hair done for the week. Done early and lunch with Mary McCormick Loomis sharing and catching up. Thank you for a lovely afternoon. We went to Cash -N-Carry never been before! WOW! Thank you Mary for this little find that will bring sunshine for sure in the pocket book. Then a surprise knock on the door brings me tears of answered prayers. My old neighbor who was in a mess of affairs has been in recovery. I didn't even recognize her. Looks so beautiful and happy! keep up the awesome work beautiful lady and Praise God for the work He has started in you and will see to the end of completion. I applaud your accomplishment and the beauty that shines through. The best gift of the day seeing her smiling face an answered prayers. ♥ :) ♥

Day 21~ June Sunshine Finds us searching for rainbows. It was a full busy day at the salon. Making smiles that are better than the bucket of gold at the end of the rainbow. Because they are the rainbow of life each one. New styles and oh yes the dreaded favorite little red rod perm. Yes there was glimpse's of the sun trying to break through. But through it all today we found our own rainbow and sunshine.

Day 22~ June Sunshine Finds me up early and ready for some fun adventures with friends. A beautiful drive to central Oregon for a rock show with Mary McCormick Loomis and Edie Ricker Cowell! A wonderful breakfast at ZigZag! Then laughter never stops. Enjoyed learning about rocks and getting some as a gift! Sitting on my fireplace mantel. Sunshine and giggles all day from start to finish what could be better? Looking for the ruby slippers and the the lost Mt Hood. Inside joke but oh what fun! Never a dull moment when we seize the day!!

Day 23~ June Sunshine Finds waking to early morning call from number one daughter about up coming travels. Which does bring me great sunshine in my life. Making arrangements for my granddaughterSummer Harris to spend a few weeks with us. YEA! She will surely bring laughter, joy, and sunshine into our life's. Then working on little business projects and completing some goals. Laundry done for the shop and home is truly a blessings. That one seems to be an ongoing blessing each week. Watching the Killing series with hubby!

 June Joy Dare

June Joy Dare
Day 17~ 3 Gifts in your dad
1) He is a hard working man
2) He loves his family
3) He is tough but fair

June Joy Dare
Day 18~ 3 Gifts from your heavenly Father 
1) Waking every morning and being able to breathe and get up and find all the blessing He has left around for me to find in my world.
2) The love of my friends and sisters and brothers in Christ! The prayers of the saints.
3) The talent and the ability to work with my hands and make others feel and look great! 

June Joy Dare
Day 19~ 3 Gifts you become today in serving
Well......I really didn't leave the house today except for my walk to the mailbox. So this one maybe a bit tricky to accomplish. you all know I am up for the challenge.
1) A prayer partner and warrior for the needs of others.
2) A cook for hubby and I
3) An encourager was reminded as well.

June Joy Dare
Day 20~ A gift bent, beautiful, loved
My bent gift would be the flowers in the garden from all the rain that we have been getting. I see them bending in God"s glory!
The beautiful smiling face of the lovely person on the other side of my door in total sobriety looking so lovely and full of life. Thank you Lord for answered prayers. I didn't even recognize her at all! Such beauty that was hidden is now shining forth. Praise the Lord!
Loved is the friends and the friendships that I have. I so love and treasure each and everyone. The many faucets of my life that each one brings is a golden gem that shines brightly in my life add such rich beauty to mine. I love you all thank you for being a part of my life and adding such richness to it.

June Joy Dare

Day 21~ 3 Gifts found in light
1) My morning light from the breaking of dawn coming in through the blinds to wake me in the morning.
2) The digits on my electric clock that are light up with light day and night to see them more clearly.
3) My way in the darkness my the light of the silvery moon and a flash light.

June Joy Dare
Day 22~ 3 Gifts that are difficult
This one is a tough one cause it was an amazing day!
1) Getting up in the morning even when you know it is going to be play date kinda day. With lots of fun and adventures. Staying under the covers always seems so much easier it can be so difficult to get up especially if you didn't sleep well the night before.
2) Saying goodbye is never easy it can be very difficult at times.
3) Finding the right words to express ones self can be very difficult at times.

June Joy Dare
Day 23~ 3 Gifts found around the table
I am laughing so hard on this one. I know what I want to do and what is around my table unless we are talking coffee table. Than again it does't specif what kind of table. (Giggling)
1) Well...........What I would like to find around my table is love and family; kitchen table doubles as a storage for my kitchen. So..... to me that is a blessing to use it as a little extra storage space. Then clear when needed. :)
2) I find chips snacks on my table which is nice when I want a treat.
3) A picture of my mom and hubby's mom on the kitchen table along with the baby shoes of two of my daughters done in bronze. ♥

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Three Word Wednesday~

Agile; adjective: Able to move quickly and easily; able to think and understand quickly.

Flaccid; adjective: (Of part of the body) soft and hanging loosely or limply, especially so as to look or feel unpleasant; (of plant tissue) drooping or inelastic through lack of water; lacking force or effectiveness.

Phantom; noun: A ghost; a figment of the imagination; [as a modifier] denoting a financial arrangement or transaction that has been invented for fraudulent purposes but that does not really exist:

The mind is agile
With its phantom thoughts
Laying flaccid in memories


How is your week going?

Sadly this is as good as it gets for me according to the doctor.
I will have to live with the swelling and pain.
I have permanent damage done to nerves and tenants
as well as muscle.
There is calcium build up.
Pain caused by the tissue around the scar area  where the plate and screws are.
Thank you for all the love and prayers of support.
I cannot afford second opinion.
But am grateful I can walk.
Below are two fundraiser links to help with medical bills. 
We have no medical insurance to cover medical.
As the weeks have gone by since I have started back to work
The ankle continues to have many issues
The cost of second opinion is much more than I realized
Doctor has discounted my pain meds
Many issues
Needing God's direction
With many prayers 
I feel God is showing us
The direction to go.
God is faithful and I trust this is going to be paid in full;
and every need meet through Him

Monday, June 17, 2013

June Sunshine Finds~ June Joy Dare

Day 10~ June Sunshine Finds me in a whirl wind of new activity as I clean out my Mary Kay business and get ready to start out as a brand new Consultant. Thought it best to start with a clean slate. So.....I am working on making new contacts and new sells and new clients. Very exciting and brings new sunshine in my life. Talking with my Director and looking at the best way for me to be comfortable and re motivated and excited about my business thank you Cathi Forsythe for the baby steps ahead of me. Knowing my goals are the start of my success! Go to Monday night meeting and getting re-connected! So today's sunshine is seeing that the old things have passed and making room for the new. Very scary and very exciting all at the same time.

Day 11~ June Sunshine Finds me elbow deep in the salon with three beautiful clients. All three turned out beautiful! Two shampoo sets and a perm! They all left with smiles! Handed out a Mary Kay book to Stephanie at the front desk. She was so excited! YEA! Home to get the towels done for round two later this week. A quiet afternoon as I listened and watched the weather as it changed from sun to rain to sun and back to rain on and on. Yes there are even blessings in the weather as I sit in the comfort of my home. It has been a lovely day.

Day 12~ June Sunshine Finds me with a morning wake up call. Not sure that is sunshine did make a sunshine day. Katherine Huston Fischer came for a little visit today. Out for breakfast and a little shopping makes a very sunshine day. Found a cute white top for Dallas. Kay Jewelers finds me a beautiful memory necklace. A bit of window shopping and a wonderful sweet treat to top the day of fun off with. Oh did I mention I got a message on my elbow and ankle as well. Sweet! Then movie night with hubby. Not my choice of movie his. "Zero Dark Thirty". It is a full day.

Day 13~ June Sunshine Finds me awaking early to get my day of excitement rolling. In the rain comes a beauty all its own. The thunder storms rolling through the day gave way to conversation in the beauty salon today. Even with the breaks of sunshine and then down pours; the ladies where a chatter about the weather. Home to laundry the towels for round three this week. A short visit from Katherine Huston Fischer before she headed back over the mountain this evening. Sitting and watching the weather change every few minutes as the day comes to a close.

Day 14~ June Sunshine Finds keeps me busy with lovely ladies dropping in a adding to their God given beauty! Two perms and a visit from the beautiful Shari Whitlock! Nine ladies later I was ready to head home! It was a very full and busy day! One nice thing I got to wash some base boards in the shop this afternoon. That made me fee good to spruce the salon up; as it is old and needs a new face lift so bad. Grateful for my space! Dinner out with hubby at a new Mexican restaurant this evening. Very yummy indeed! Reading some of the many blessings of the Lord others have received this day! It is so encouraging and up lifting to see the hand of God work in others as well my life! Always a sunshine find when we see the Lords hand at work. ♥

Day 15~ June Sunshine Finds really was an amazing wake up call from sisters inviting me to the beach for the weekend. How can a girl turn that down. So up and running I went to get ready for the adventures ahead of me. Time with family is always the best gift to me. The sand between my toes. Little silver dime find on beach. Laughter and memories made. Playing in funderland with the kids. I think I liked the Wheel of Fortune the best. Watching them get excited about the tickets or I just want to play. Paddle boating on the river with the family. Eating lunch from the trunk of the car. The drive to where we will stay in Oceanside. The amazing house! The evening walk on the beach. Waking through the surf. Life is great and God's creation is amazing!

Day 16~ June Sunshine Finds still enjoying the beach on this wonderful Father's Day! No cell service so cannot even call and wish my dad or hubby Happy Father's Day! It was so nice no phones. Had a TV and some internet service. Enjoying the amazing views. Morning breakfast and coffee with family at the table. Morning walks on the beach finding treasures from the sea. Caves, rocks, sand, sea life, and so much more. Taking lots and lots of photos with the camera. A wonderful lunch at the house after exploring the cove. Then loading up for the drive home. Calling dad on speaker phone with my sisters wishing him a very Happy Father's Day. Then calling hubby. Home finding the still quiet of the late afternoon. Doing towels for the week ahead. A perfect end to a perfect weekend. Watching the "Killing" with hubby before bed.

June Joy Dare
Day 10~ A gift at 8, at 12, at 2
Well at 8 I was still in bed a sleep so I know that was surely a gift.
Noon I was eating some lunch. The gift of food is always wonderful for the nourishment of the body which gives us the ability to do all the things we need to do.
2 would be resting on the couch as I go through paper work and put together Mary Kay orders to mail out. 
It was a good day!
What about you?

June Joy Dare
Day 11~ 3 Gifts painted
1) The pictures I redesign with Instagram with their programs to make my pictures more personal to me. Love my Instagram app.
2) The painted sky and the beauty of the ever changing weather here in Oregon! So hand painted my the hand of God! Beautiful!
3) The art and beauty of the classic movies

June Joy Dare

Day 12~ 3 Gifts full
1) A very lovely and filling breakfast at Elme'rs this morning withKatherine Huston Fischer thank you so much for breakfast!
2) My day was filled with plenty of window shopping and full of spending spares. Thank you Lord for the provision.

3) Full of the love of the Lord and thankfulness for all He does for me daily!!

June Joy Dare
Day 13~ 3 Gifts smelled
UGH! This one is a bit of a challenge to me today.
1) The crisp cool weather and the rain that comes down on the evergreen trees and the blooming plants. Creates amazing scents in the area I breathe ♥
2) The smell of fresh clean hair. The smells and scents of hairspray's and other hair products that are used in the salon daily. I love those smells.
3) My wonderful Mary Kay scents from my products that I use daily on me. ♥
What beautiful scents did you smell today?

June Joy Dare
Day 14~ A gift unexpected, unwanted, unlikely
So these are not exactly easy today. Especial since I wasn't really looking for them today. Hmmmm................Lets see...........

My unexpected gift is actually one of my clients today. Ann She doesn't come in much and her nephew treated her to a wash, cut and blow dry. Included was a really nice tip. I as well learned a bit more about Ann than I knew before. She was a school teacher, in the mission field. Lovely lady!
Unwanted would be all the wet dirty towels! More thank usual as I did cleaning while Marge was under the dryer today. So more towels to clean means a clean salon; along with lots of pretty hair-do's.
I also can say another unwanted gift was me trying to fix my blue tooth and phone. Which I did! So a good learning experience.
Unlikely gift was me at the bank in a long line. I usual don't go that late in the day. It was a very unlikely adventure for me. Enjoyed getting banking done and getting to know the new teller. Lots of laughs as I explained how I hate their new system as they do too.

June Joy Dare
Day 15~ 3 Gifts in His word
1) Let everything that has breath praise the LORD. Praise the LORD.
2) For I know the plans I have for you,” says the Lord. “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope.
3) “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.

June Joy Dare
Day 16~ 3 Gifts moving
I think this one is great for me this weekend!
1) The waves of the surf moving in and out of the beautiful ocean
2) My great nephew Trey (Tag) as he is learning to move on his own. Rocking and crawling on his own. Getting so big he is. ♥
3) As we roll down the highway from the beach to home. Moving from the peaceful beach back to real life at home.
Thank you Lord for the get away.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Three Word Wednesday~

Chuckle; verb; Laugh quietly or inwardly; noun: A quiet or suppressed laugh.

Evil; adjective: Profoundly immoral and malevolent; (of a force or spirit) embodying or associated with the forces of the devil; harmful or tending to harm; (of something seen or smelled) extremely unpleasant; noun: Profound immorality, wickedness, and depravity, especially when regarded as a supernatural force; a manifestation of this, esp. in people's actions.

Serrated; adjective: Having or denoting a jagged edge; sawlike.

The evil in your eyes
Leave a serrated scare across my view
I sit and chuckle at your loss
Of such a view of life


Do you have people in your daily life that see the world as evil all the time?

Monday, June 10, 2013

June Sunshine Finds~ June Joy Dare

Day 3~ June Sunshine finds sleeping way to late. Hot showers and coffee! Leisure walks around the complex enjoying all the beautiful flowers. Walking to supply house and picking up products for the salon. Going to Mary Kay meeting very nice. Many gifts of sunshine there. Lovely evening resting and listening to crazy TV!

Day 4~ June Sunshine finds where does one start on such an amazing day filled with so much! It is as though God added to the day as it went on. The hours were stretched! Salon fun and beauty to start this amazing day off! Clients happy me with a new hair color! Thank you Melody for making me beautiful with no more shades of wisdom showing! Then adventures with Mary McCormick Loomis! Off to lunch and the Portland Aquarium! Hours of discovery and fun! Yes the beauty of the sunshine was out as well. So many sunshine finds that one could not list them all on this post. I learned so much as well. Education is always a gift that is more value than gold! So much beauty and rich color under the sea! WOW!

Day 5~ June Sunshine finds is the weather is warming and the Summer activities have begun! Having a great time finding the joy in everyday. The sunshine gifts of the day are sure plentiful; you just have to look around and you will see it in everything. Today I could write yet another book. Fun in the sun with Shari Whitlock, thank you for the invite to go to the children's junior parade. What fun that was. Lots of marching bands and just kids having fun! Took tons of photos. Some came out others not so much. Playing with the new camera. Lunch at Killer Burgers! YUM! Could have split that one. Walk in the sunshine about the complex and over to Bi-Mart. Love going for walks. Meeting new people and spreading smiles and happiness of the day. Learning how to use new programs and taking care of business. Just hearing the children play outside brings sunshine joy to my heart. Finding so many things to be thankful for....what about you?

Day 6~ June Sunshine finds are surely morning coffee when you get up and get ready for a full and busy day! Having enough appointments on the books to keep you busy. Booking new ones for next week and re- arranging appointments to stay busy when I am at work. Sending out each one with smiles of happiness until next week. Getting some sunshine while taking care of business for up coming events. Thank you Cindy Forsythe Rieder blessing me with the purses and the tops. I am so excited know I don't have to purse shop have that covered. Thank you for helping me out with so many things you are a surely a very treasured friend. Early dinner and kitchen cleaned what is better than that. It is a happy day indeed with so many blessing of sunshine coming my way.

Day 7~ June Sunshine finds can be as many as the stars of the night. Today was filled with plenty of surprises. Some I may not think of as gifts but all turn into a blessing if I allow the Lord to work in me and through me and the situation. Had plenty of work at the salon making the ladies pretty for the week ahead. A few haircuts for the gentleman and smiles for the journey. Getting to see Shari Whitlock again today and trimming her hair up. It is always a blessing to see those we love and care about. Seeing my dear Randi Hilary! She looked really good it was nice to visit for a bit. The Lord bless her. Then relaxing with foot propped up. Oh the gifts found if we just stop and take a breath and breathe in all the gifts and beauty around us.

Day 8~ June Sunshine finds having some of my chores done before noon is a sure sunshine joy. Being able to put a smile on my neighbors face after giving her a haircut this morning. Meat from the meat market is always a sunshine find and so much better and taster. Several small walks in the sunshine today. A little patio gardening puts a huge sunshine smile on my face! Great little smiles of joy tossed around freely and captured to hold onto. Loving these days of June!

Day 9~ June Sunshine finds Seeing all the wonderful brothers and sisters in Christ at service this morning and worshiping together. A wonderful message went forth on being the light and the salt of the earth. Getting some groceries for the week is a wonderful thing. The provision for all our needs. Cleaning out some of the junk from the house today and taking Winter items to the garage surely felt like sunshine to me. Feeling rather accomplished today in a variety of areas in my life. A bright and sunshine gift came in this evening from my friendRosalie Reinhold. Catching up with her and hearing the wonderful Praise reports and the joy in her heart and the love and encouragement. Thank you my friend. God truly is doing great and mighty things everyday!

June Joy Dare
Day 3~ 3 Gifts from today's conversations
At first I thought this was going to be hard. did change rather quickly through out the day. Now it is going to be hard to pick the top three.........
1) Inspiration~ Came from Cindy Forsythe RiederCathi Forsythe, and my granddaughter Mickenzee Anne
2) Memories juggles and remembered with great joy~ Mickenzee Anne my granddaughter,
3) Laughter comes from many conversations that I had that made me smile and laugh. 
Thank you everyone who enrich my life through their presence in my life and all that they add to my life daily ♥

June Joy Dare
Day 4~ 3 Gifts found in Christ 
1) Peace even when the storms of life are surrounding you! Walking in His Victory and grace of peace
2) Unending gifts of love daily from every area of your life! His unconditional love and the love He shows through each breath we breathe.
3) His perfect provision in ALL things and meet all our needs daily above and beyond our wildest dreams. That we have no lack in Him!

June Joy Dare
Day 5~ A gift of peace, of hope, of love
The gift of peace would be the silence in the house when everything is shut down and ready to call it a day.
The hope found in our Lord, and for another tomorrow to be all He created us to be.
The love of my grandchildren and the hope they have of coming for a visit or me to them; where the peace of joy would be found in pure joy and love!

June Joy Dare

Day 6~ 3 gifts "ugly-beautiful"
I dislike this one when we have it on the sheet. It is so hard there are just a few that are so challenging to me and this is one of them. Come on it is hard to find beautiful in ugly~ Right!??
1) My little tennis shoes that I wear with my Capri's and other Summer clothing when I am walking or going to work so I don't have to wear my bulky tennis shoes. I think they are ugly but others think they are cute so they can be beautiful!
2) Some of the attitudes of others then watching them change when treated different or ....... from ugly to beautiful!
3) My phone that I am clearing out is becoming more beautiful as I believe it will work better once it has all things cleared off it. I think it is ugly and then someone will call and makes it beautiful even when it doesn't work right. (Need to get fixed or new one)

June Joy Dare

Day 7~ 3 Gifts in what you are reading
Okay as of right now I'm not reading any books.  So.....Not sure how I am going to fill this part of my joy dare. I have a funny idea and lets see who catches on....... And I assure you I could find more than three with this clever idea.
1) I find humor in my reading
2) People and things to pray about
3) Beautiful photos
Can you guess? What are your three things with what you are reading?

June Joy Dare

Day 8~ 3 Gifts empty
Unusual ones for me to find. I maybe able to do this....
1) My laundry basket is empty for at least a day. All laundry is washed folded and put away until some more finds its way into the basket.
2) All the pots and pans have been cleaned out from the dinner this evening. Must have been good it is all gone and empty too.
3) All the little planter starter pots are empty, right into a larger pot making one big beautiful planter on my patio. Love it! So empty starter pots make beautiful large pots. 

June Joy Dare
Day 9~ 3 Gifts that made you really smile
1) Talking with my friend Rosalie Reinhold this evening on the phone as well as my friend Linda. Both who live in California. Love that even with the miles we still can be connected. As well as texting with my oldest granddaughter Sara! She surely puts a huge smile upon my face.
2) Making some sells towards my Mary Kay goal in my business. It puts me just a little bit closer with each one. Thank you for the orders!
3) My beautiful flowers on my patio make me really smile as I sit in the sunshine and enjoy the beauty of them.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Playdates With God~ May Blooming Treasures Found & May Joy Dare


May Blooming Treasures

Day 27~ May blooming treasures Getting up and getting ready to go be a blessing to some young teen moms. Thank you Lara Hurst for inviting me to this wonderful event. Lesley Rose Dobbins so good that you and I got to go and be apart of a wonderful event! Lara and Lesley did make-up and I did hair. Though I did get to help with make-up a little. It was so much fun. I think the young ladies had a great time too. It was full of treasures and blessings for sure. Home to have hubby help me in kitchen for dinner. Yea! Holding those precious babies today was just a joy! If you have never taken time to volunteer maybe consider the youth. They so love it! I know I sure enjoyed my time with them. Because of hipp laws there where no pictures to share. But I can tell you they looked awesome!

Day 28~ May blooming treasures all the war movies on TV representing all the Heroes through the years. Watching some with hubby this evening. Listening to classic Elvis Presley music. Having all my appointments hold at the salon today. Yea! Prayers and love standing in the gap for those in need. The sun breaking through the rain clouds. God's love meeting all of my needs above and beyond what I ask. ♥ Foot propped up and resting. Many treasures found in this wet rainy day with break sun breaks bringing shining hope of more to come.

Almost forgot as I wanted to get ready for tomorrow and go to bed. But I did not forget. 

Day 29~ May blooming treasures Staying home and getting some cleaning and projects done around the house. Truly something that takes a lot out of the day, but always needs to be done. But the treasure of having it done when you have accomplished it completely. Praying and catching up with my friend Crystal N Koch! A treasure indeed!  Making homemade chili and actually having all the ingredients I needed to make it. YUM! Many blessing just being home and getting small projects done around the home.

Day 30~ May blooming treasures was getting my work done early today. Much earlier than I thought. I had five clients done by noon. Two ladies were on a outing so they wouldn't be back until around 2:30 this afternoon. But....that opened the door for a better plan and wonderful treasure. I got to go sick at the hospital with my niece Corie Coggins and sister Christine Good today. I got to play with my Great nephew Trey aka (Tag). Dinner with them before they headed back to the The Dalles, Oregon. Then a nice visit with my neighbor Pat Holzbach and her adorable Mickey. It was a quiet day of treasures that I know where God designed perfectly for the day and me. Thank you Lord!

Day 31~ May blooming treasures finding more clients to fill the books today to over flowing. Receiving amazing surprise phone call from a friend that I haven't seen or spoken to in about ten years.♥ Best surprise ever! ♥ Loved hearing from her and I so have wondered how she has been. :p Getting some banking done to pay the bills coming in. Saying good-bye to May and getting ready to say hello June. It has been a great month filled with many treasures and blessings filled with plenty of surprises. Thank you Lord for each and everyone.

June Sunshine finds

Day 1~ June Sunshine finds for the first day of the month is time with friends and small adventures around town. Always fun to find new places to explore and laughter and memories made with friends. Lunch and ice cream with Mary McCormick Loomis and Edie Ricker Cowell who are the adventurous girls as well. Beautiful evening out in the neighborhood visiting with Pat Holzbach and a few others that where out this evening. The sky was amazing! Learning more about what we can do for our safety. The beautiful sunshine of the day that closed with blue sky's of beauty. Great first day of the month in finding sunshine gifts. 
What did you find in today's beauty?

Day 2~ June Sunshine finds us a beautiful Sunday celebrating the love and grace of our Lord and Savior. Knowing He is walking besides us and with us making our burdens light as His yoke is easy. Seeing friends and bright and shiny smiles that light a room. Lunch with hubby is always nice especially when I don't have to make or clean up after. Time with my treasured friend Crystal N Koch via the phone. Sharing and praying catching up. Love and encouragement. An evening drive and the breathe taking views. DQ ice cream to close a perfect day of sunshine finds that light up my world.

May Joy Dare

May Joy Dare Day 27~ 3 Gifts found in Church
1) Fellowship with like believers
2) Praise and Worship
3) The word going forth

May Joy Dare  Day 28~ 3 Gifts in today's work
1) Having my perm hold that I have been re-scheduling now for over a month. She finally felt well enough to come in. Praise the Lord!
2) Having several residents come to the door and ask if they could get an appointment for Thursday for haircuts. YEA! I know have 7 appointments for Thursday and in Jesus name they all hold. And always room for more.
3) Melody came in today for me to color her hair. She is the wonderful lady who blessed me with this shop. I got to color her hair for her today. Then we prayed together for many people and things. Love its! ♥ 
What amazing gifts did you have at work today?

May Joy Dare Day 29~ A gift at 8 am, 12 pm, 8 pm

1) 8 am gift was I was still in bed asleep. Truly an nice gift indeed!
2) 12 pm was getting linens done and towels and so many other chores around the house. Always a gift of accomplishment when done.
3) 8 pm hot shower and plenty of lotion and cozy jammies to close the day with.

May Joy Dare Day 30~ 3 blue gifts

1) The blue sky with the white puffy clouds floating through the blue beauty above
2) My sisters pretty blue eyes
3) The lights on my DirecTV box

May Joy Dare Day 31~ 3 Gifts you gave today

1) Helping my client remember her youngest son today and who pays for it and where she comes every Friday after breakfast.
2) Drying clients hair with blow dryer even though I could have sent them out wet. They were just shampoos. Making them look fresh and cute with a little style and shine in their hair.
3) Sharing important information with my neighbor to help keep her safe and all of us in this complex.
What gifts did you give today?

June Joy Dare

June Joy Dare Day 1~ 3 Gifts orange
Not going to be easy as I can tell you I don't recall orange in my day. Bit I will think of something orange three times I'm sure.
1) My orange tube of Mary Kay night emollient cream. Such wonderful cream indeed. Just lathered myself with some on my body.
2) On the covered bridge we visited today there was graffiti underneath it that some of the painting on it was orange. Not sure that was a gift....but it was orange. The bridge was amazing and enjoyed the beauty there.
3) There were little orange flowers or something growing wild among the moss on the brick wall where the bridge was. The beauty was breathe taking and so peaceful.

June Joy Dare Day 2~ 3 Gifts funny
1) Me talking on the phone to Mary McCormick Loomis today and being so out of it and so disconnected. Mary must of wondered who this person was. Rest does wonders! I can only imagine how funny I must have sounded on the phone.
2) Thinking I could pull the covers over my head today and not get up and go to church. God wasn't allowing that at all. I kept rolling over and never felt comfortable until I got up and started getting ready for service. Perfect fitted word. Rolling back over and going to sleep not so fitted.
3) Me falling asleep typing at the computer and nodding back up and hitting more key strokes. Why to funny. Trying to stay awake and type at the same time. Gives new meaning power naps; and not missing a beat. So I think!

A Holy Experience

What have you found in treasures? Have you linked up or doing the Joy Dare?

Ankle X-ray
April 30,2013
Sadly this is as good as it gets for me according to the doctor.
I will have to live with the swelling and pain.
I have permanent damage done to nerves and tenants
as well as muscle.
There is calcium build up.
Pain caused by the tissue around the scar area  where the plate and screws are.
Thank you for all the love and prayers of support.
I cannot afford second opinion.
But am grateful I can walk.
Below are two fundraiser links to help with medical bills. 
We have no medical insurance to cover medical.
As the weeks have gone by since I have started back to work
The ankle continues to have many issues
The cost of second opinion is much more than I realized
Doctor has discounted my pain meds
Many issues
Needing God's direction
With many prayers 
I feel God is showing us
The direction to go.
God is faithful and I trust this is going to be paid in full;
and every need meet through Him
Thank you!