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My journey through my day and my life with its andotes and life lessons of the day. The gifts and blessing of those people the Lord has surrounded me with along with the many treasure's He has left for me to open and enjoy along the way. My walk with my Lord and Savior, Prayers, Work, Play. Pictures of the gifts and blessing. My journey through life and how it has strengthened, blessed me or............

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Daily Journey

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Blessing of Friends

Today has been a wonderful reminder of what wonderful treasured life long friends I have been blessed with through my journey here on this earth. God has blessed me with strong Christian women who are encouraging up lifting prayerful thoughtful women.  Along with friends that are fun, funny loving, and just a plain joy to be around, because they make me feel good about who I am. He has given them strength in areas where I am weak that can help me to grow and to learn from  them. They know what to pull out of me just when to help me grow into the person the Lord has created me to be. They bring balance and harmony to my life. They are that iron that sharpens iron. They don't let me off the hook so easy, when I get whiny and fussy. They remind me that I'm not alone that they need me just as much as I need them and their friendships. They laugh and cry with me. They come along for the journey of life and friendship and accept me for who I am not for what they think I should be. My circle of friendship looks like each one of you my friends. Your smiles your laughter and insight to life that captures who you are through your pains, sorrows, losses,  joys, milestones, your personal journey of living life that has enriched and enhanced  and added depth, character,  wisdom, grace, mercy, forgiveness, peace, joy and love into my life that no one but each of you could only have brought into the relationship and helped formed the person I am and whom I'm becoming. Through the love of our Lord Jesus Christ! Because you each have the character traitors of our Father in heaven that has been revealed in Him through each of you. Thank you to each one of you for being who God created you to be and being willing to be used of Him that first loved us each one. My love and prayers reach across the miles to you all.
My lesson for the day is don't take the treasured gifts God has blessed us with in our friendships and relationship's for granted.  He has placed each one in our path to help us grow and to become more like Him. Even the ones that may rub us the wrong way. My friend you are becoming that polished pearl.

Monday, November 29, 2010

A strange Enlightment

You know some days seems you should just roll over and stay in bed or consider getting out on the other side. I had that kind of day today. It is amazing to me how I jumped out of bed feeling cold! Because it is a bit cold here ... Feeling rather good about myself and the adventure I was going on even if I didn't like it and felt it was a bother. But... All the same I knew if I got up early and took care of it it would be out of my way. Sadly to say from the time of arrival on this joyous appointment I became aware of one thing. It wasn't going to be one of my finest moments in life. I had been praying on the way to the appointment asking the Lord to make this quick and easy. It wasn't anything like I was hoping for. You know unemployment can be a real eye opener in may ways. A real measure of were you really are personally and what areas you need some good old fashion self improvement skills. Or in my case as well; how out dated and behind the times I really am! OUCH! I didn't agree with a lot that was going on and my temper was defiantly raising in areas I didn't think it would. I found it to be a bit of the pouring of salt into an open wound. They tell you you lack skills yet they don't have any customer skills in communications at all. Tact was defiantly a lack all the way around. Nothing like been told you don't even qualify for a job you have went to school for and are licensed for and then being told by this government office that you lack the skills to preform the work you do. Hm mm... Interesting. I'm sure that isn't the case o I wouldn't have been doing this work for 30 years plus. Gee.... I wish someone had told that to me maybe ... 30 years ago... Maybe I would have tried another profession. :)
Though I must say as the day went on and I was able to get my composer back and get a grip on how funny this truly was, the day did improve. I went to work on my jobs that I have then came home and took my precious CK for her walk in the field. When I came back I had more phone calls for the work I supposedly wasn't qualified for according to the assessment test at the unemployment agency. Don't figure! So the enlightenment for the day is that even though a government agency thinks they have the last word in what they think about ones skills can surely motivate one into doing things out of their comfort box to get the results they know they are more than capable of doing and then some. So lesson learned today is even though I wasn't having a great time it can be turned around for the positive and used to get the positive results one is seeking. In my case I was areas of self improvement that were defiantly needed as well as getting into the 21st century as well as getting out of my comfort zone and doing some things to help me grow my business the way they need to instead of asking for help in a system that is broken its self and is need of great repair and help as well. So I have a new excitement and zeal for my business that I hadn't had in a very long time. So thank you unemployment.

Sunday, November 28, 2010


Hi, my name is Elizabeth Hernandez.  I am a consultant with Mary Kay.   As we enter the holiday season I am working on a project entitled “adopt -a- grandparent” that will benefit the residents of Parkview Independent and Assistant Living retirement home (108th and Weidler in NE Portland).  Many of the residents are forgotten during the holiday season, so in an effort to show them their community cares, I am asking local businesses and residents if they would like to adopt someone to receive a gift on their behalf.  Each gift is $15.00.  Gifts will include a small amount of Christmas candy and either hand lotion and mittens or foot cream and a pair of socks.  A gift tag notifying them who cared enough to remember them this holiday season will also be attached. 
Is there any reason why you couldn’t make a difference for one or more of these special residents this holiday season?  
Please contact me if you are interested in making this holiday special for someone who might otherwise be forgotten.
Thank you,
 If you decide you would like to help in this  fundraiser  please  just go to my web link and leave me a message and I will be delighted to contact you. Or leave your purchase on my site with your billing information I'm so very excited about this opportunity to bless those that are otherwise overlooked or forgotten.  I'm trying to raise enough to give 350 elderly in my community. As I do work with the elderly and disabled every week. Thank you for your generosity. Remember you can adopt one or more there is no limit. It is a great way for a group or organization to give back as well.

Christmas Shopping

I have decided this year would be much more about the reason for the season rather than all the money spent on gifts that are usually played with thrown aside or returned. So I am making a few special gifts through snapfish. 
I'm having much more fun putting together some beautiful photos and designing something that they all will enjoy and treasure. Last year I tried my hand at some scarp booking. I made some pages and put them into frames. The girls loved them and they told a story of that person or event.
They told me that was their most favorite gifts. I had a ball doing them!  It is a lot of  fun going through the pictures going down memory lane. I have so many photos through the years of the girls and grandchildren along with all the many adventures and travels through my life time. Friends family scenery too mention a few. The camera happy girl I am! So I do have some on going projects. So thought of another way to help use and enjoy something I already had by putting together gifts that everyone would enjoy. It seems the ones that are put together with love are the more treasured gifts. The gifts from the heart made from our hands. Just as the Lord did for us by sending His most precious gift of all His only Son.
I have many friends who are artist and they make beautiful crafts. The gifts I believe from them are so special to me. I have friends that work with clay pottery. A few that doing beading and making of jewelry. What a beautiful talent. I love jewelry! I have others that quilt and sew. Knitting and crocheting always make lovely gifts. Some who do needle work. I do some of that myself. But not near as beautiful as one friend does. So if  you have any of these or any other wonderful talents in crafting, you might find this a delightful rewarding way to gift. Plus I find those on the receiving end enjoy them more. Its never to late to get started. Even the baker can put together beautiful tins or baskets filled with their goodies. My neighbor the other day brought over homemade doggie treats; so you see there is something for everyone on the list including the pooch.
My goal is to one day have made all of my gifts for everyone on my list. I have yet to achieve it. But.... I will!

Catching the Day in Bits in Pieces

Sleep seemed to elude me last evening! So so wanted to sleep in this morning. Which didn't happen! Between my bird and my dog that was not to be. Hubby up and running for work.
They are early raising creatures!
So morning coffee and some old movies to start the day. A brisk walk in the field with CK in the crisp cold morning air. A morning visit with the neighbor and her fine furry friend.  Time to start thinking of all I have to do in this day. I have done email correspondence, fixed up my resume and printed it.
I have been so excited about this new adventure and writing that I just couldn't stay away. Learning all the in and outs of blogging is going to take some time and how to fine tune it as well. As I get the hang of this I'm sure I will be able too.
Mid afternoon- I have had the pleasure of practicing and honing in on my craft of hair styling by weaving in some hair flairs in a friends hair. Not as easy as I thought it would be. But I know once I get the hang of it I will breeze through. Keeping it at the scalp is the trick! I am planning on doing this for an event at one of our Mary Kay meetings. My Director asked me if  I would be interested in helping on this event. I'm actually kinda excited! So practice practice practice. I'm hoping to find away to do this a little simpler, as my fingers don't want to do what they should do. My learning curve for the day.

As you see they are very fun and leave a nice highlighted glimmer. Fun for the Holidays and special occasions. Thank you Carol for allowing me to practice and have some fun learning on you today. I'm looking forward to a few more volunteers to practice on.  So if you live in the area and would like to help out let me know. Thank you! I have two more scheduled  for later this week. Then onto the event which will be in the near future.
For those who are professional hairdressers and would like the link I have supplied for your interest in you business. It is very informative and helpful.


As you can see I have been goofing off with this page and setting up things to be official. I'm so very excited about having this blogging page. A place to express and to leave advice encouragement love and prayers events just life in general. It looks as though I will be able to truly express myself in word as well as with the many beautiful pictures I have taken on my journey through life and the many adventures and travels I have been on. I have noticed there is as well areas to growth to compile more information advice likes and dislikes. Places to share my favorite sites movies books etc. This will be a wonderful life journey of growth and learning. I'm so looking forward to this adventure and friendship of self discovery. As I learn and grow I know I will be tweaking it out and refining it into a beautiful piece of art work and reading that you can follow and enjoy. Just as the Lord is refining us and turning each of us into a fine piece of pottery that He loves to lavish us with His love and many gifts that he leaves daily for us to open and enjoy. Blessings

Saturday, November 27, 2010

New Experience

Well it is late here in Portland Oregon. I have been thinking about this blogging for awhile and thought.........Well why not? So here I am at 11:30 at night trying to figure this new adventure and self expression out. Lots to learn and always room for advice. I have tuned into the YouTube page and listened and watch on a few of links about blogging. I can surely tell you there is ton of information out there. It could over whelm a person. I had visited a few other links and sites before I decided on this one. I actually had started to set up one on another but... quickly realized I was in over my head. It as well at several ways to link in. I thought I diffidently needed one a bit more simple and easy as I surely am no guru. I really just thought it would be fun to express my self, my love for life and God, along with my business that I so love. Enhance the name of my blog Daily Journey. As Life does seem to take many twist and turns. Over the years I have found that expressing my self through writing has been the best for me. I haven't journal in years, or wrote any poetry of recent. Nor have I done much penning of my thoughts. Though I do write a yearly Christmas later re-capping the year. Which I haven't yet put to pen. As I have been working on a current bible study that I am in (Character Makeover) By Katie Brazelton and Shelley Leith. I have realized how much I miss writing and expressing myself through the written word. Which has brought me on this journey to blogging. I'm really looking forward to compiling and expressing myself here and hearing back from friends family and loved ones and of course new followers who are just interested in learning about my journey and how they can apply my life lessons into their life or use some of my skills to help better them in their life journey. May you be blessed.