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Daily Journey

Saturday, November 30, 2013

31 Things I Want For Christmas

31 Things I Want For Christmas

1. Fresh snow on Christmas day! So I might build a snowman and send a picture to my grandchildren of the snowman I built for them special on Christmas day with love from their mema. Or maybe the snow angel I made as I played all day in the fresh beauty of the Christmas snow from Heaven sent with love from my Father above.

2. My beautiful car paid off in full. That the Lord would provide an amazing miracle that it would be paid off no debit owned. Pink slip in my hand.

3. A family photo of all my children and their families together (That would take an act of God for sure)

4. A grandmothers ring with all ten of the grandchildren and their mothers stones in as well (I have always wanted a mothers ring; so why not incorporate them together)

5. My room magically cleaned with lots of closet space and room to spare ( That would mean a new home. With lots of closets and rooms to hold all of my crazy things)

6. My own home! At least a four bedroom two bath, fireplace, family room, washroom, double car garage with fenced year, with about 2 acres of land.  Paid for in full!

7. All of my debit to be paid off in full! To be completely debit free!

8. All of my children and their families here with me on Christmas morning. 

9. All of my family healthy and sickness and disease far from them. That they might have a long life ...My brother wants to live to be one hundred....So this gift for sure for him....and all the others to the ripe age of until the Lord calls them home in OLD AGE!! Free from anything that would keep them from enjoying their longevity of life.

10. For my two oldest daughters to find true happiness and the man of their dreams that would love them and their children to the end of their days. That he would provide and love them as if the moon and stars were hang for them only.

Just as Christ loves the church and is the head and that is my wish come true for them.

11. For all those who have nowhere to go, a place to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas in love, hope and warmth of a loving home. That their bellies would be filled with food, their heart with hope, and the joy of knowing our Savior!

12. That I would hear my husband sing "Amazing Grace" at church and know that he has truly given his all to Him who first loved him.

13. To be able to give each lady and gentleman in the facilities where I work a gift to brighten their spirits and know that they weren't forgotten but deeply loved and cherished. Wrapped with love to open on Christmas day.

(Every year I wrap as many hand lotions as possible to with mittens or socks to be given. It is hard to do that with so many. So as the Lord blesses me I try to put aside a bit to give back.)

14. For my mom and dad both to be pain free and set free from the pain that is weakening their bodies. That they would enjoy their old age. That they would be able to travel and do the things they desire in retirement.

That they would have more than enough cash flow to see the places they have dreamed of going and seeing.
That both their homes would be paid off and their vehicles , with no lack but plenty. 
That they would not worry and be stress free.

15. To buy each one of the grandchildren exactly what they want for Christmas with no thought of cost. I have always dreamed that would be so wonderful to do for them.

16. To see the Northern lights

17. A new pick up for my hubby all signed sealed and delivered paid in full 

18. To go to Christmas service with my hubby at midnight at the Grotto

19. To have the best Christmas sells ever in my Mary Kay business. 

20. To have the most wonderful month in my hair salon's existence; better yet the coming year and year beyond. Being a service to those who could not other wise get out and get their hair done. 

21. To see the Christmas Parade at Disney World and the Christmas lights (I have been given the wonderful gift of being in Florida the second week of December. This would be like icing on the cake! Believing God will provide all that I need and so much more for this amazing trip that I have been gifted with.)

22. To spend a weekend at a bed and breakfast on the coast

23. A weekend at Mt. Hood Lodge with sky lessons

24. A candle light dinner for two at Salty's on the Columbia River Gorge

25. To have a real ever green Christmas tree this year. Maybe even go cut our own in the snow up in the mountain's somewhere around Mt. Hood

26. Hot chocolate and Christmas songs around the fireplace

27. A eye exam and new glasses; so my eyes wont hurt any longer. (The prices are so high and am saving so I can get them checked. Need to be able to purchase new lens at least if I cannot get the frames) 

28. To fill my moms, sisters and my three daughters wish to publish some of my writings in a book (I haven't the first clue how to publish my poetry they so want me to do)

29. To have all of my teeth fixed so they don't hurt any more. Along with being pain free from all the pain I suffer in my body. That I wouldn't have to wear the braces on my back, ankle, elbow or my wrist. Oh to be free from pain! Thank you Jesus!!!

30. To be able to re-do both salons in the Assisted Home at Parkview and to have the one at the Village nursing home redone as well. Both salons have salon furniture that is falling apart. I thank God for each one and for the furniture. But I know that they are both sorely in need of help and up grading. Both are furnished in the late 60's and early 70's. I pray over them all the time! I thank you Lord for both these places to be able to be a servant and to make a living at them Lord. It is a blessing and I love the work that I have been given.!

31. To have a huge celebration party at year end rejoicing in all the good the Lord has done for us in this year and the hope of the coming year and what he will do for us. To celebrate with friends and loved ones far and near. 

And I know I could add more...but I thought this was fun thing to do. Hope you all enjoyed the list.
Make yours and share it! I know mine would change everyday with my mood and the situation at hand.
Some would stay the same I'm sure.
I have noticed as i have looked back over post and some that are similar how things have changed or how I feel. It is an amazing way to track and share with family as well.
Many blessing's during this Christmas season.
May the Lord bless you each richly in His name!

Mary Christmas to your house from ours 

What does your Christmas list have on it?

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Photo A Day

DAY 43


Today I am so thankful for the blessing of the past year and how the Lord has meet so many needs above and beyond. I'm thankful for family and friends far and near. For my health and the work of my hands. So many blessing to be thankful for. So numerous to many to count. Thank you Lord for the gifts of this year and the ones yet to come.

The Closing Of a Thankful Day

This wonderful bottle of wine I purchased when i was at Oceanshores, Washington for the weekend with my Mary Kay girlfriends. We went to a wonderful little Irish Pub and this wine was so good. So I bought a bottle thinking we would drink it in our room....but did not. So brought it home and today we broke it open. Very smooth tasting wine. I just love the label on it!

A Thanksgiving just wouldnt be complete without pumpkin pie. So I stopped the otehr day on the way home and purchased this one. It is a triple layer cream pie. It is a Cream Cheese cake and puumpkin layered with whip cream on top, Oh so very rich and yummy! Really glad I decided on this one. A nice way to end the day of Thanksgiving.

Hope you all had a wonderful day filled with many blessing with loved ones around the Thanksgivng table.

Are you doing any Thanksgiving shopping or Black Friday shopping?

Holiday is a vacation not a season on the calendar. Its Happy Thanksgiving. Merry Christmas! And Happy New Year! ~ Words of Beth

Thankful Thursday


Here we are on Thankful Thursday!
No better place to be than here on a Thursday
What better way to start a day!
No better time then Now!
With a list full of thankfuls
Each one  fills my heart daily with the richness of His glory and love for me!
I have so many wonderful things to be thankful for
So lets get started.
Isn't it wonderful to be able to make a list and share all the many blessing that you are thankful for?
Come and join me in the fun in giving thanks with a grateful heart!
I know I'm very excited to share the wonders of the Lord through my thankful list
What about you?

1. For the ladies I do every week at the salon 
2. How the Lord meets my needs above and beyond what I could ever dream or imagine and how timely He is!
3. The love of family and friends
4. Being able to help those in need even when it is hard for me
5. Sells I made this week in my Mary Kay business
6. My eye sight to see the the beauty that surrounds me
7. My Winter coat to keep me warm
8. Paying off a bill! One down and many more to go Thank you Jesus for the provision to pay them and that I wont owe any collectors soon
9. Lotion for my hands and body to keep it moist and soft
10. Popcorn
11. Being able to say good-bye to my friend even though it was extremely difficult
12. Vacuum cleaner
13. Running water
14. Eggnog
15. God's abundant grace, mercy, love, and forgiveness 
16. Support from unexpected sources and the love that comes with it
17. My new snowman that just arrived ready to be displayed with all the others
18. Seeing old friends 
19. Sleeping in past 7 in the morning
20. New business

Enter his gates with thanksgiving and his courts with praise;

Give thanks to him and praise his name.
For the Lord is good and his love endures forever;
His faithfulness continues through all generations. -Psalm 100:3-5

thankful thursday

The ABC'S Of Thanks~

Write a list using the alphabet and then list one item that you are grateful for that starts with the given letter.

The ABC's Of Thank Fullness

So I'm doing this Thankful list.
I just love it!
I did the original post of thankful ABC list 
Back on
Friday December 9, 2011
I had totally forgotten about it.
But going through some old post I ran across the post and said,
I must do this again!
Such a perfect post on Thanksgiving day!
Though I think we should be thankful year round not just one month or just one day, but a life of thank fullness.
So its a perfect time to add my very special list of thanks to the Lord in a very fun and unique way.

Here is how it works
 So simple yet so profound.
Write a list with the alphabet
Each thankful on list starts with the letter of the alphabet
One word or a sentence doesn't matter.
Just join in on the fun!
And see how many wonderful things you are truly thankful for.
I think this is an awesome concept and so much FUN!
It's really a simple act of gratitude.

Happy Thanksgiving
ber 9, 2

A. Aroma's from the kitchen 
B. Balance to be able to walk
C. Country that I live in
D. Day's given to celebrate and share the love of Jesus
E. Envelope's to mail out  cards of love and pay my bills
F. Financial blessings that come from work and other sources
G. Grace that I have been given for each day that I awake and journey through this amazing world that I have been blessed to live in
H. Hubby 
I. Ice cream
J. Juice
K. Kitchen that I can cook in and that I have food to cook with
L. Lesson's learned
M. Money
N. Noise (Which means I can hear)
O. Open doors of opportunities
P. Pens
Q. Quilt that keeps me warm at night
R. Relationships that I have built over the years that grow and grow into the most beautiful flowers in the garden of life
S. Sweaters
U. Umbrella
V. Victory I have in life because of what Jesus did at the cross for me and YOU!
W. Wisdom that I have gained over the years of life
X. X~tra love I'm gifted with because my quiver is full with family and loved ones. The Lord has blessed us with ten beautiful grandchildren; and plenty of family surrounding us with love daily. An amazing gift!
Y. Yams
Z. Zealous for my Lords love

What is your list of ABC's of thankfulness?
Do you have a big family gathering at your home or do you go to a big family gathering?

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Three Word Wednesday

Curious, adjective: eager to know or learn something; expressing curiosity; strange; unusual.

Inevitable, adjective: Certain to happen; unavoidable; informal: So frequently experienced or seen that it is completely predictable.

Wary, adjective: Feeling or showing caution about possible dangers or problems.

The day came 
It was inevitable
Wary from the anticipation
The  good-bye came and went
Curious to where this would lead
Empty inside 
Waiting with longing
Curious of arrival
It is inevitable 
That one would be 
Wary from all this waiting
Empty and lost
Searching with curiosity
It is safe to say
The inevitable came and went
Still empty and lost
Wondering if there will be a return

~ Beth~

Are you getting Thanksgiving snow where you live?

Photo A day

DAY 42


I am thankful for Those who serve their communities and around the globe to those less fortunate then themselves. I thanks God for their servant hearts.


November 27, 2013
 This photo was taken in the parking lot of the apartments. I was loading the car for work and noticed the beauty of the sky. I love looking up and seeing the beauty of the morning breaking.

November 27,2013
This morning sunrise was right out my front door. What beauty to walk straight into first thing in the morning as you are heading to work. It just took my breathe away. I knew I had to have snap of this one. 

November 27,2013
 The evening sky tonight was just as amazing as it was this morning. Again this shot right out my front door.
Do you see the plane? I wonder if those are arrivals for the Thanksgiving festivities of tomorrow.
I love the circle in the center that the clouds made. Made me think of the circle of life and love of those around em and the love the Lord has encircled around me as well.
Just beautiful! To think He created all this and hand painted it just for our enjoyment and a reminder of His love for us.

November 27, 2013

This one was taking in the back by the garages as I was doing my laundry this evening. Another hand painted picture from the hand of God!
I just can never get enough of His gifts and the beauty He has placed around us.

Do you go watch Thanksgiving Parades?

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Photo A Day

Day 41


I'm thankful to be able to set my own work schedule. So I am able to set it so all the ladies will be beautiful for all of the events of the season of celebrations with loved ones and family. And I as well be able to enjoy some time with family and friends with some add extra days of R&R. Praise the Lord for being my own boss!!!

Angry Bird

This was so irresistible!
I had noticed a day or two ago that there was this funny looking thing sitting at the neighbors door.
So of course I had to walk over there and check it out. And am I ever so glad I did. So darn cute! The funny thing is I love angry birds. I fell in love with the angry bird game on my phone and Ipad. Though sadly I hardly play it any longer. But I just thought this fellow was to irresistible not to get a photo of.

As you can tell I really liked him a lot. They used their pumpkin too. Amazing is the pumpkin has survived into Thanksgiving. Glad he has or I may not have had the chance to see him and get a snap of him. I didn't know that they made these items to decorate with. I really think that is rather clever.
From an angry bird fan. "ME"!!!!!

Do you use your pumpkins and other Halloween decorations into the Thanksgiving season?

Monday, November 25, 2013

Photo A Day

DAY 40


I am thankful for across the miles even friendship is still held tightly and love crosses over the miles with laughter and joy even tears. it always remains true to one another. So thankful for these friendships that the Lord sticks together like glue. You enrich my life and know me better than most over the many years of hope loss pain joy happiness just life in general. Yet your always there even across the miles.

Bare Branches Reaching

Campbell Park
Gresham, Oregon
This photo was snapped last week on one of my short walks. I just love how the trees appear to be stretching their branches to the heavens reaching for our Father in heaven. Or maybe they are Praising His holy name. The blue skies and the fallen leafs that are our Fall flowers of beauty scattered about dancing at their trunk. Just made a picturesque picture. I can almost feel the crisp cold of that day when I look at this photo... the same time I can feel the warmth and love of our Savior in the beauty He has given us in this day. I am so grateful to be able to enjoy the rich beauty of the day that He has blessed me with. I pray each day I find the joy and beauty in it and that I will never grow tried of the beauty of the day and the blessing no matter what each day may bring. 

Have you already started preparing food for the Thanksgiving festivities and dinner?

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Photo A Day

DAY 39


I am so thankful to be able to help today and make a transition that is huge for them a bit smoother by just being able to help even if it was just a little cleaning and packing with some encouraging words. May their journey to their next chapter in their life be filled with peace, joy, and much happiness. Travel safely my friend! Thank you Lord for allowing me to help!

Looking Out

Today when I was getting ready to leave I saw this wonderful little kitty looking out the window of the slider door. Not sure you can see him or not as the leafs and the sun are shadowed in as if like a mirror of the beauty that the kitty looks like he is longing for outside in the beautiful late Fall sunshine of this day.
As you see the leafs are piled nicely in the front of the slider as well. Thanks to the winds of the East County blowing so hard over the past week. They have finally slowed down. Not near as cold.
The beauty is that the gardeners wont have to worry about raking them up. They have already been rolled up and piled up quite nicely for them thanks to those tanker rolling winds here in the East County. I really wanted to get a clearer snap of the kitty in the window but I think I really like the reflection in the door as well. Hope you all can sorta see him. Maybe next time I will be able to get a better snap. I was afraid if I moved to fast, or the flash on the camera would startle him or any strange movement he would jolt away. The moment I moved he did dart away too. This is the neighbors next door to me. Very lovely couple with small child and kitties as well. Thanking God for quiet and peaceful neighbors. Such a glorious day to find small gifts and treasures in the sunlight of the day. Though very crisp out I truly have enjoyed this late Fall day.

Can you see the kitty in the window? 
Do you like reflection photos?

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Photo A Day

DAY 38


Today my thankful list is lengthen and long as I it is everyday. As there is so much to be thankful for daily. Today I'm thankful for the body of Christ, answered prayers, His provision and eternal love. How He minister's to us through those around us. The phone call this evening from my Summer Harris girl. I'm so blessed with amazing grandchildren. Thank you for each one Lord. Summer made the Honor Roll along with her younger sister Sammie! They will be recognized one week from Monday on December 2nd for their accomplishments. So very proud!

God gave this word to me earlier today after some answered prayers. Which I must say where answered extremely quickly in the most amazing way across many miles from People I have never meet but through a prayer line. He never ceases to amaze me or let me down. 

God is not limited to our unlimitedness. He abounds in ways that are beyond our understanding and takes us out of our box! Thank you Jesus!

Painted Lights

November Evening 23, 2013
Troutdale, Oregon
The sky was so pretty this evening it was a sky I could not resist and had to snap a shot of.
Hand painted just for me to enjoy and share with you all.
I had to run out to the outlet mall to pick up and birthday gift for a baby for hubby.
One of the co-workers had invited he and I do a birthday party.
We didn't make it.
But we have the gift to give to them.
But I got the best gift ever this beautiful hand painted sky by the Lords hand.
Just wish it wasn't so dang cold!
But am thankful for beautiful evenings and hand painted skies.
I love how the lights on either end of the photo just beam like twinkling stars.

What is your favorite time of day?

Friday, November 22, 2013

Photo A Day

DAY 37


I am so thankful For my hands and fingers and all of my limbs. I can move and work and do the things I love most. So blessed that they all move and work according to the way they were designed too! Thank you Jesus!

East County Winds

November 22, 2013
Campbell Park
Gresham, Oregon
The Winds in the East county where I live;
They get crazy wild out here!
Creating their own kind of beauty throughout the landscape.
They create a raucous that would scare most.
When I was a child they did scare me very much.
I would crawl in bed with my mom or sister even sometimes with my brother.
Just so I wasn't alone when they blew as they would scare me so bad.
Know they can lull me to sleep, or wake me straight up out of bed.
Sometimes they sound like fright trains coming right through the walls and the windows.
Earlier today its sounded as if they were going to blow the winds out.
They get get up to 80 90 miles an hour easy.
Today they have been around 40 to 45 miles an hour.
Oh the bitter cold that comes with them.
The wind chill factor brings the temperatures even further down.
Frightfully cold I must say.
 Today's high was around 45 but when I left for work it was 37 and felt like 27 with the wind chill factor working. I pulled out my gloves today. i would have wore a hat but it would have blown off. 

I love how the photos above looks as though the leafs are climbing the staircase the way the winds blew them around into a beautiful pile clinging to one another waiting to climb the staircase.

November 22, 2013
Campbell Park
Gresham, Oregon
This photo was takes on the left side of my apartment.
Here it looks like the wind blow them and rolled them up tight and laid them in a line.
So funny how the wind took the scattered leafs and piled them neatly for anyone to come and clear them away.
But the gardeners wont be back until Thursday. I'm sure by then there will be more added to the line up above awaiting their to to climb the steps and those here will have more rolled up tightly. Even pine needles added in as well.
Such great skill the East County Winds have and the visions they have created.
I think I will stay in snuggled tightly in my warm blankets as they whirl, twirl, whistle and howl right through the night.

What scared you when you were little if anything?