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My journey through my day and my life with its andotes and life lessons of the day. The gifts and blessing of those people the Lord has surrounded me with along with the many treasure's He has left for me to open and enjoy along the way. My walk with my Lord and Savior, Prayers, Work, Play. Pictures of the gifts and blessing. My journey through life and how it has strengthened, blessed me or............

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Daily Journey

Monday, July 24, 2017

July Blessings ~ Counting It All Joy (Week Three)


Let The Celebrations Begin!

July 16~ Sunday morning Praises! Time to get this household ready for church. What a morning work out before this day is even started. Thank you Lord motherhood is for the young. Happy to be grandma! Makes me wonder how I ever did it. Grace abounds. After services home for a wonderful long afternoon nap. Funny....when we were kids we fight taking naps, the older we get we beg for them. Thankful for the long nap today. Up to go pick up the kiddos. Evening service wonderful. Late dinner and quiet time with kiddos. Blessed to be grandma! Thank you Lord for the extra rest today. Blessings

July 17~ Monday hello! Thank you sweet daughter Webber Heather for morning coffee. My girls truly know what makes their moms morning. Morning devotions and prayers as family. Yes! With the kiddos it is always a new insight of God's grace and love for us. Train a child in the way they should go. Adventures at pool....Heather at second job. Then back for more pool time and fun in the sun. Then my real adventure starts. Perm time for Mickeneez. Turning her into a true alien. Oh the flood of memories of doing my girls hair. The torture of it all for this thing called beauty. I thought we would never get through to the end result. Happiness at last. A fashionista she is! A visit with Racheal Perry. Laughter and teasing. Missing our one Amber Webber. Lord thank you for blessing me with these three amazing daughter's who in turn blessed me with ten talented and amazing grandchildren. Thank you for filling my day with lots of sunshine, kids, laughter, memories, prayers, love, and so much more. As the screeching of a long days worth of adventures with aliens loose all around me, I can say we all survived the day. Blessings

July 18~ Good morning Tuesday! Last day in sunny California. Have so enjoyed my time with my daughter's and grandchildren, the adventures, and my 40 year class reunion. What a whirlwind of activities and fun crammed into five days. Today will be no different. Plans change and the excitement starts. Time with grandchildren is always a blessing. IHOP for breakfast in celebration of 59 years of business. 59c short stack. Thank you Webber Heather. Then off to watch the kids bowl for free. My daugther finding ways to keep the kiddos busy this Summer at affordable prices. Time to get on the freeway and start my trek back to Oregon. A few circles around Rocklin, then to hwy 99. Which brought more adventures. Finding my way into and out of the orchard the GPS took me through. Oh and brought me right back to 99. Then cut over to Corning, where I made my first stop to buy olives. Finally on I5. Thank you Lord for getting me were I need to be. For safety on the roads today, as I surely thought there for a few moments I was buying my ticket to heaven. Thank you for your hand of protection Lord. For bringing me your perfect peace. For a wonderful place to rest my head. Thank you Jim Gentry for your awesome hospitality in the man cave house. Thank you Lord for watching over me and providing all I need. Blessings

July 19~ Good morning funday! So excited to knock one of my bucket list adventures off as done today. Going down the Rogue River into Hellsgate. So this feisty red head does her hair and makeup as I always do only to have it splashed off and hair glued. Wouldn't have changed it all. Breakfast at a great little restaurant in Grants Pass before we head over to the Rogue. Beautiful day. So much fun. Inow want to do the dinner and the white water. Did the lunch adventure today. So worth ever penny spent. The beauty amazing. Rocks that looked like faces on them. Wild life in its natural habitat, beautiful scenery, fun, laughter, good food, great memories made. What an amazing day filled with adventure. Relaxing after wards. Thank you Lord for this day and the memories made. For friendships that span decades. For the eyes of a child and the heart to say let's do this. Thank you for my adventurous spirit of living life fully everyday. Blessings

July 20~ Waking to another day of adventures filled with possibilities. Today we head towards Lake of the Woods to have breakfast; with the good ol' boys, Jim Gentry, and Pat, along with his son Andres. What a great morning. Breakfast next to the Lake, a boat ride. Seeing old friends. Back to Grants Pass to head out on a bike ride. Went along the Rogue River. Beautiful afternoon. It has been another day filled with adventure. So thankful to be able to enjoy this trip and fill it with so many small adventures; filled with friends, beauty, relaxation. Memories to treasure. Thank you Jim for your hospitality and taking me out. I've had a great time on my vacation. Lord thank you for blessing me with so many great friends that love to go adventure and live life. Blessings

July 21~ Last day and morning in Grants Pass. Time to load the car back up and head out towards Central Oregon for the last leg of my vacation. Thank you Jim Gentry for everything. Had a great time. Thought I was going to head North on I5.....but GPS took me South. Then to 40 over to 69. Never been on this route before just beautiful. 23 miles to Crater Lake. Guess I'm heading there. What a greatstop. Beautiful day. Back on the road. Getting out not so much fun. Lots of construction on the rim. Took over an hour to get to 138. Love the beauty on this route. It's an adventure. Finally get over to 97. What a gorgeous day for travel. Hello vacation home! Hello Katherine Fischer Huston. Thank you for having me over. Let the good times roll. Dinner, a little nap, then time to go have ice cream. Oh Yes! And get some medication for this dam head cold. Unwanted....needs to go away NOW! Thank you Lord for getting me safely to my destination. Thank you for the beauty surrounding me. The awesome friendships that bless me. It's been another full day to be thankful for. Blessings

July 22 ~ Good morning stuffy head! Not so fun to wake with on your last few days of vacation not feeling up to par. Dang sinus, watery eyes, sneezing, just not fun! Doctor self up to head out for some fun after a quick light breakfast and coffee. Mt. Bachelor here we come. Looking forward to seeing some sights and beauty I haven't seen before. Just an hour and half away. Beautiful day for a drive and being outdoors enjoying God's beautiful creation. Rode on a chair lift for the first time ever. Loved It! Listening to Ranger Bob and learning some interesting facts. Spending time at two different lakes. Lake Todd and Sparks Lake. Both beautiful lakes set under a beautiful mountain range. Lunch at the top of Mt. Bachelor, and dinner at Sparks Lake picnic in the car. Time to drive home as both Katherine Fischer Huston and I are worn out. To top the day off a soak in the hot tub. What a perfect way to end a perfect day. Thankful to live in such a beautiful place. To be able to sit and hear and feel the beauty of the wind crease my cheeks as it blows by, like a sweet kiss from heaven as it whispers it secrets of peace to me in this place of beauty. Thankful that I have been given this opportunity to enjoy all this beauty this past week on my vacation. Thank you Lord for the provisions and the opportunity to enjoy this magficiant world I life in. Feeling very blessed and peaceful even with this darn head cold. Blessings

Sunday, July 23, 2017

July Blessings ~ Counting It All Joy (Week Two)


Let The Celebration's Begin!

July 9~ Sunday morning! Hello to my world! Sun shining brightly! Wanting to get this day started! Coffee brewing, prayer time. Dressed for the day. Ready for what the world throws at me today. An early morning Haircut! One happy person. Yea! Then on my way to Praise the Lord on His holy day. WOW! Service was amazing. Just what I needed. Thank you sweet Holy Spirit! Feeling refreshed and renewed in His holy water. Feeling break throughs and His amazing Grace carrying me to the next level. A little adventure up the road to Larch Mt. To take in the amazing views. A great little hike up to the view point. Never tire of the beauty all around me. Yes! Thank you Lord for watching over me today as I adventured out alone. Thankful for log jams and road blocks being removed from my life and eruptions of joy, happiness, and life flowing freely as I step into each new page of my life. Free from yesterday's baggage that drags and holds me down. To feeling set free, as an eagle soaring high above all that tries to drag me down. Feeling totally relaxed and ready to take on the next chapter of my life. So grateful for the gifts of today. Thank you Lord! Blessings

July 10~ Good morning Monday! Time to start a new week of adventures. Ummmm........I think we need to start with coffee and prayers. First appointment of the day 9. Ran into a friend. So glad to see you and get those amazing hugs and smiles. Need to get a pedicure on these feet. I think besides making them pretty will make them feel better as well. Sister calling mid morning!?! OMG I'm on my way as fast as I can get out of this chair. Lord be with my sister's. Move this traffic out of my way my sister's need me. Hurry up and wait and more waiting. Lots of prayers, phone calls, and more waiting. Lord touch my sister and make her whole in Jesus name Amen! Time with siblings including my brother. Mom on her way. Watch over her Lord. Long day of waiting and still waiting. Covered in prayers. Thankful for amazing nursing staff and the rest of the care team. Wrapped in warm blankets. Coffee and water, sitting waiting, praying, waiting, praying. Thank you Lord you are in control. Love my daughter's and their support across the miles; along with all of my amazing friends praying with us. It's been a long day going into a long evening. Thankful for the amazing love and support throughout the day. Sister thank you for treating me to the yummy chicken sandwich. Blessed even in the midst of unknown. So don't want to adult today. Now starts the long night. And still don't want to adult. Thankful for family and friends. Blessings

July 11~ Good morning to my momma! Love having her here with me. Did her hair for her. A little short....but really cute on her. Prayer and coffee. Time to get ready to head back to OSHU. No ...look at this crazy traffic! So glad I don't have to drive this mess everyday twice a day. I'd say that's a HUGE blessing. Valet to love it. So worth it. Love driving mom's rig! WOW! What a sweet ride and all the bells and whistles. Wish I was driving that car on my road trips. Oh Yes! So comfortable too. Hello sister, hello brother. Yep! I have an amazing supportive family. Another hurry up and wait! Hurry up and wait! Hello friend's so glad you dropped in. More hurry up and wait. Yes we get to go home! Yes! Learned alot in this so unwanted health crisis. So ....unwanted as it was...and is...thankful for the information and life saving preventives. Thank you mom for lunch! Time to get you ladies on the road to home so sister can rest. I love you all so much. WOW! Look there my yard is taking shape. Thank you thank you. Off to get last minute items. Loved my early evening out and catching up with some well needed girl time. Good to catch up and a little venting as well. Love those friends that you can be who you are with no judgment....just acceptance for were you are and who are right now. The absolute best. Thank you for meeting up with meCindy Forsythe Rieder. Lots to be thankful for today Lord. Sister home and on the road to recovery. Answered prayers, praying family, and friends. Yard taking shape, things getting done around the house. Time with mom, siblings, friends. What could be better? Yep I'm thankful for all this and so much more. Blessings

July 12~ Good morning Wednesday! Day of beauty and smiles. Thankful for each one. Eight amazing happy beautiful smiling ladies today. One actually waiting for me to arrive. What a lovely way to greet the day. Finish up and head home to do towels and finish packing. On the road by 2:30 Not to bad. Traffic at a dead stop. Over an hour to get out of Portland. Grrr..... Fighting to stay awake. Pull over for a cat nap. Then my second stop to stretch. Then my third stop I needed fluids in my body. Okay thus is called self care. Back on road again. Crazy drivers out here, lots of traffic. Arrive in Grants Pass were I will stay the night. Thank you Jim for your awesome hospitality. Dinner was great! Company even better. 35 years of friendship and still counting. Lord thank you for getting me safely from point A to point B. It's been a long day. Tired and ready to close this day. Blessings

July 13~ Ringing phone.....good morning Webber Heather. No Heather mom was sleeping....I will be on the road shortly. See you in the afternoon sweet daughter. I love you! Morning coffee with Jim Gentry. Thank you for your hospitality. Athena thank you for your sweet doggie love. California here I come. Gas up and on the road. Such beauty surrounding me. Exciting drive today. First stop breathe taking. Second stop not a planned or wanted one. But...for some reason even after all the work on car before leaving Portland it did weird things. Thank you Jesus it was only something very simple and minor. Better safe than sorry. Third stop lunch. Then the race was on to get into Sacramento. Crazy drivers all around. Thank you Lord for watching over me. Four times today almost taken out. Angels on overtime today. Made it to Rose's. Two haircuts, and Mary Kay delivered. A wonderful visit with friends. Then dinner with oldest daughter. Thankful to arrive here safely, that nothing seriously wrong with the car, time with friends; perfect . Long day and happy to have arrived at daughter's home, where I can unwind and rest from the long drive. I'd say today's adventures have been eventful and full of joy and happiness. Loved my hello snap this evening, a pleasant surprise to close my day. Thank you Lord! Sweet dreams! Blessings

July 14~ Good morning Friday in sunny California! Webber Heather brought me yummy coffee! Thank you sweet daughter. Then she tells me, we must get ready for her second job. Oh no! She isn't going to get any rest or sleep. I meet her lovely client Patti that she does care giving for. What a delightful lady. We run errands. And you know sometimes those errands take the whole day. But she was happy to get them accomplished. Had a wonderful lunch. Thank you! Then finish up Heather's work day. Then a little therapeutic shopping. Exhausted! Finally she is asleep and resting. Thank you Jesus! Today I'm thankful for being here in California with my daughter's. For being able to go to work with daughter and still enjoy our day. For finding the perfect hand bag for tomorrow evening's festivities. Meeting Patti the lady my daughter works for. That I made it through the day without my hair and makeup being complete today. The world didn't stop and I didn't die from it. Now to get in touch with my grandchildren to close my day. Thank you Lord for watching over this day and the many blessings and provisions provided. Blessings

July 15~ Good morning! Anticipation of the events of the day. Wondering where Webber Heather is.....she says she has been abducted by aliens. Alas....she was! The aliens have brought her home safely. But now they want fun. So they kidnapped me and took me on a coffee adventure. Good thing I like my coffee. Then these aliens took us to the mall to do some shopping; before heading to Chuckie Cheese for the real fun to begin. The aliens love pizza! Now that they have had some fun and have been feed; I think we are safe from further abduction until they require fun and food again. Time to get ready for the evening. This eagle is ready to party like it's 1977. So excited to go to my 40th class reunion. And what a great time it was too! Thank you everyone who worked so hard putting this event together. It was awesome! So grateful I could make it here to be able to attend this amazing event this evening. Time for this eagle to close this day. Blessings

Saturday, July 8, 2017

July Blessings ~ Counting It All Joy (Week One)


Let The Celebration's Begin!

July 1~ Welcome July! Waking up at sister's home; which is always full of life and daily excitement. Never a dull moment here. Walk downtown to watch the parade. Got my exercise in. Always something to do and places to go with my sister's. Must always be ready for an adventure and the unexpected surprises, laughter and fun that goes on around this family. So grateful I'm apart of this crazy fun crew called my family. Thank you for inviting me to come over this weekend to join in on the fun. Loved riding in the convertible this afternoon with top down, sun beating down, and wind blowing. Got to love a convertible in the good old Summertime. Time to enjoy a bbq with family and friends, along with smiles of laughter and fun. What could be better!?! The evening sky lights up with fireworks in celebration of 4th of July. What a spectacular show it was. The end to a beautiful Summer day and evening. So blessed to have my sister's, and friends that enrich my life with their smiles and presence. Thankful for the freedoms we have and celebrate here in the United States of America. Lord thank you for all the amazing journeys you take me on daily as I scope out every opportunity and fun things to do. Blessed with another day flowing with tiny blooms scattered all around me. The day closes and my heart is full. Blessings

July 2~ Sunday morning glorious sunshine! Sitting outside with Great nephew's and sister's on the patio soaking up the fresh air and the morning sun rays drinking morning coffee. Perfect start to the day. Sunday morning drives to unknown locations and adventures. Hood River and Bonneville Fish Hatchery. Walked around the Historical Hotel and Wah Gwin Gwin Falls. Then visited Herman the sturgeon at the fish hatchery. Taking in all the beauty surrounding me. Thankful I live in such a beautiful part of the world. Where all I have to do is drive a short ways to enjoy a quick adventure with lots of fun! Then capture lots of beauty in my camera. Memories to treasure. Found a few new places to hike. Yea! Can hardly wait to check them out. Propped feet watching old westerns on TV, Big Valley, and Bonanza. An early dinner with wonderful company. Perfect! Thank you Lord for all the wonderful blessings of the day. Blessings

July 3 ~ Early rise for early morning appointments. Overcast and cool. Looking for those sun rays. Morning coffee and a sweater is the order of the morning. Doctors and results. Not necessarily where I want to be....but it is what it is. Some good results and some not so good. Think I will go home and take a nap. Oh WOW! It appears I slept the entire day away. Time for ice cream and early evening outing that brings fresh air, sunshine, and friendship. So my thankful is that I made it through the day. Grateful for sleep. Loved sitting out on patio eating ice cream. This was a day of body crashing and resting. God's grace. Blessings

July 4 ~ Happy 241st Birthday America! Happy 4th of July! A time of celebration and remembrances of the freedoms we so richly enjoy here in America. God bless the USA! Thank you Lord for this beautiful country I live in. The sun is shining and I have so much to be thankful for. Family, friends, a home, a car, a job, food, clothes; my list is endless. Thank you for blessing me so richly Lord. I take so much for granted daily, things I don't even think about that I take for granted each and everyday. Tonight as I listen to the celebrating and fireworks I think of those that aren't at home celebrating. Those that stand guard and protect the freedoms that I so richly enjoy. Thank you for these men and women that stand guard and those that gave all. Humbled by the life I've been given daily. Thank you each and all that fought for this country and the freedoms I enjoy. Blessings

July 5 ~ Good morning Wednesday! Rise and shine to a beautiful Summer day. Time for me to get ready to create smiles of beauty. Wishing I didn't have to go in to the salon. Such a beautiful morning to just sit and take in all the sunshine and beauty. But.....I know my ladies would be disappointed. So off I go to see how many smiles will come to see me today. Ten on the books, eight beautiful ladies and one handsome gentlemen. Each one amazes me with their beauty and life stories. So grateful to have such an amazing job, that I truly do enjoy. A little country music to relax to as I prop my feet this afternoon. Thankful for leftovers for dinner, fans to cool the house, cat naps, and unexpected kindness. Lord it's in the ordinary and simplicity of day with no bumps that I am simply grateful for today. For your grace and love that's wakes me and gives me another day to write my story of me (Beth). Each day a gift to create a rich story that's mine. Blessings

July 6 ~ Good morning muggy Thursday. It's not time to get up yet....But I'm getting up. To muggy to sleep. Coffee, prayers, get ready for work. Three beautiful ladies coming in today. Two perms and a shampoo set. It's always nice to go in on Thursday's because I usually end up booking more perms, like today. Sunshine brings me so much hope. I love Summer! It's my favorite season. I love the fireball and the hot long days. And still I don't get everything in I would love too. But grateful for all the things I do get done and do. Thank you Rebecca Sherrett for me meeting up with me this evening. Thank you for your insight and words of wisdom. One day all this loneliness will pass. Love that I have friends that are there to brighten the day and help me see things in a different perspective. Thankful that laundry is done for another week. For a place to call my own, a car to drive to get me to and from. Yes even in my loneliness I have lots to be thankful for. Blessings

July 7 ~ Good morning Friday and here we come weekend! Marine layer hiding my beautiful yellow sunshine ball of warmth. Three outfits later I found the one that fits for today and all of my errands. Thankful for the selection of clothes that I have, and cute shoes to go with my outfits. Tires taken care and brakes are good. Thankful I paid extra for the life of tires, balancing etc. Cost nothing. Then went and spoke to management at car wash. Nice....a free car wash. Thank you Lord! Excited! Getting closer to having garbage disposal in. Purchased today along with last fan to be put in. Yea! Wendi Chapdelaine what a blessing you and Tim Chapdelaine are. Looking forward to next month. What fun we will have. Today's simple pleasures in life are wrapped in love from family and friends. Along with great favor as I went about my business today. Thank you Lord for always making sure all of my needs are meet even areas that surprise me. Thank you for the peace of the evening as this day slowly winds down and comes to a close. Resting in you Lord as you continue to meet all of my needs that I have. Thank you! Blessings

July 8 ~ Time to wake to Saturday morning sunshine and coffee. Excited to see my girlfriend Jeannie today. I get to do her hair for her. We always have so much fun. (It turned out beautiful!) Today we went through some old year books from junior high and high school. Wondering if we'd ever recognize anyone we went to school with. How did we get so old so fast? Seems like yesterday we were dreaming of the life's we would have. If we were going to pass our finales. What dress we were going to wear to prom. If we were going to to cut 6th period class to meet up for soda and fries. Dreaming of our current crush. My how times have changed. Today we are covering our grey, talking about grandchildren, what or doctors say about our health, and our retirement and the latest in headlines. Thankful for the years the Lord has blessed me with. Thankful that He has blessed me with life-long friends from childhood. The laughter, smiles, and life long memories we have made. For lazy afternoons in the Summer rays. Today I'm thankful for clean linen, hot showers, morning walks, eye makeup remover, music, laughter, prayers, and awesome friendships that grow with you. Yes Lord you fill my days with everything I need and more. Thank you. Blessings

Sunday, July 2, 2017

June Blessings ~ Counting It All Joy (Final Week)


Happiness In The Sun!

Summer Fun At The Beach!

June 25~ Waking to little pidder padder of little feet and voices. Must be time to get up when little ones are ready to start the day. The smell of fresh brewed coffee. Little four legged fur babies barking they need out. Must be at my sisters house. Thank you Christine Good, Rosie, Jennifer Merritt-Estepand the rest of the household. Love spending time with you all. Time to head back home. It's a beautiful day and it's going to be hot! Thank you Mary McCormick Loomis for suggesting the scenic route. Of course I had to add fun along the way. Many stops and wandering done by this feisty redhead. Sure had fun! It may have taken all day to get from point A to point B but the days wild flowers and paths less traveled where calling my name today. Yes! Many stops to stop and smell the roses along the way. Thankful I had no agenda or pressing appointments to rush home too. Celebrating the freedom that I have been richly blessed with in this country. Lord your blessings never cease to amaze me. Thank you for my safety and provisions today. The abundant beauty of sunshine and scenic views on my path towards a wonderful life. Thank You! Blessings

June 26~ Good morning Monday and fresh new week of adventures. What paths of adventures await me for the next chapter and page of my life. Morning coffee. Good morning mom! Love getting call from mom. I love you. Now it's time to run out the door to my appointments. Darn doctor sending me to blood sucker and then xrays. Neither are fun. Both are hurry up and wait when you have no appointments. Thankful to get in. Feeling stressed today. But did get centered thank you Sherilynn GantherSherri Weldon! Feeling very blessed. Picking up my beautiful niece Corie Coggins. Glad I can help Christine Good. I love Corie and you very much. Good things coming. Mary McCormick Loomis it is always good to hear from you. Thank you Geo Sutter for meeting Corie and I for a bite to eat. A bit if yard work completed this evening as well in cooler temperatures yea! Thank you Lord for watching over my health and well being today. That I have amazing supportive family, and friends. Thankful that I could be their for my niece and sister. Your grace is sufficient for us all Lord. Today felt overwhelming but you carried me through thank you. Now time to rest. Blessings

June 27~ Tuesday morning calling! Good morning to another day. Much to be done. Grateful for being able to re arrange my schedule to be able to be there for family. And still being able to get my work in. What a blessing that is. Even got some huge errands done; as well as oil changed in car before next road trip. So thankful for that! Love those calls that stand in the gap in prayer with you. Answered prayers that come quietly when you least expect them; or the ones that come swiftly and quickly just in time. For friends that check in that always have the perfect word of encouragement and love wrapped in prayers. Lord I thank you for your perfect timing even when it seems it will never change or be answered. I take heart in knowing you have my best interest in mind and your timing is always perfect. Always right on time, never late! Thank you for the late afternoon sunshine that warms me as you guide my every footstep. With much on my heart and mind I know that your yolk is light, and when I lean upon you and give the burdens over to you it takes my weights off me; and You bare them for me. So grateful I am Yours and with You there is always Victory! Blessings

June 28~ Good morning Wednesday of beauty and smiles. Ladies await! Coffee and prayers! Surprise conversation laced in prayers before the day starts. Thank you Lord, just what I needed. Knowing your eye is on the sparrow how much more your love and care is upon those that call out to You. Full house today at the salon, eight on books. Six happy beautiful ladies today. Thank you Lord for watchingover them and me both today. Home for an afternoon nap. Revitalized to finish up my day. Now to chores and taking care of business. For friends that help after work even after along day. Thankful for leftovers. Thank you Lord for the many gifts of the day wrapped in many colorful smiles, and unexpected surprises laced throughout the day. For a place to prop my feet and rest my tired body. Blessings

June 29~ Good morning sunshine! Don't want to get up. But today is full of lots of appointments. Rise and shine to the beauty of a fresh new page of adventures to create and memories to hold onto. Each one ready for me to dance through to the other side of victory. Thankful for my step ladder to climb up in the rafters of the shed. Enjoying the morning coffee, gets that motor running. Out the door into this very full day of activities. Thankful for my luncheon engagement. Thank you so much. Then off to complete some errands that have been neglected. Afternoon yard work. Oh so overwhelming. Getting it done little by little. Yellow ribbons up in support of my grandson who is serving. Thank You! Two haircuts this evening.....and this day has unending things that seem to be keeping me busy. Thank you Lord for your strength and guidance as I weave my path through this day, as it comes to a close I'm Thankful for all that got accomplished today. Blessings

June 30~ Good morning Friday! Welcome the weekend! Good bye June! It has been let's close this last day of the month with a bang. Morning coffee with prayers is always a good start to the day. Red Friday must wear red and remember all those deployed and serving. Sunshine beaming through the blinds and drapes. Love it! Thankful to go get my haircut. Glad I went in... my girl Leah is leaving. Happy she told me and gave me her information so I could follow her. I'd hate to lose her took me about 17 years to find someone I liked. Even this old hairdresser is picky about who does her hair. Home to do some more yard work and catch some of the sun rays. My yard is starting to take shape once again slowly. Taking me awhile to get the yard in shape. Slow but sure. Hydrate and resting my feet and legs after working in the yard. Whole body feels beat up! Evening out in Gresham, how busy this little town can be. Then I decided to drive to sister's. What a beautiful evening drive down the Gorge. The evening sky amazing. Thank you Lord for hand painting it for me this evening. Happy to be here. Had a fun evening out with my sister. Time to prop feet and legs once again and rest my weary eyes and body till the morning light. Lord thank you for this day, the sunshine, and the provisions of the day. Blessings