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My journey through my day and my life with its andotes and life lessons of the day. The gifts and blessing of those people the Lord has surrounded me with along with the many treasure's He has left for me to open and enjoy along the way. My walk with my Lord and Savior, Prayers, Work, Play. Pictures of the gifts and blessing. My journey through life and how it has strengthened, blessed me or............

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Daily Journey

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Thankful Thursday

I have so many wonderful things to be 

thankful for............

1. Helpful police woman at the police station counter.
2. Getting some answers and results about the letter of failure to appear from the police and DMV
3. New skirt, blouses, nylons, and shoes for business trip 
4. Laughter
5. The prayers of the saints that stand in the gap when you need them the most
6. Celebrating my grandsons birthday and the day I became a grandma for the first time AKA Mema! WOW! How amazing and what a gift of love and so much more!
7. Business trip with my Mary Kay girlfriends
8. Coffee
9. The Lords amazing blessings fresh and new everyday
10. Being loved by family and friends!
11. Dressed for success and feeling Victorious
12. Beautiful drive to Mary Kay Conference
13. New girlfriends
14. Winning a beautiful necklace at the luncheon
14. God's favor
15. Speakers that inspire and encourage you to do your best and challenge you to beat your best
16. Realizing sometimes what you want isn't the best things for you
17. God's hand of protection
18. Traveling mercies
19. Seeing the beauty that God places in each one of us
20. Men's rooms turned into ladies rooms at the convention center during the Conference
21. Getting my household chores done
22. Laundry completed for another round
23. The beautiful sunshine that streams through my living room window
24. God's word
25. The women the Lord has placed in the my life that up lift and encourage me daily
26. A walk to the box store and the post mart to mail off package and bills
27. Getting the rest of my friends tax papers so I can help him with them
28. Setting up a business Face book Page
29. God's provision even when I cannot see it
30. The gift of friendship that God gives us daily
31. Conference calls that bring joy and laughter with encouragement and growth in business and personally
32. Going to the movies and seeing "God's Not Dead" and "Divergent" both are excellent
33. Eating huge buckets of popcorn and drinking Sprite
34. Handing out business cards today (Felt good)
35. God's promise in the rainbow that was seen when crossing the bridge "LOVE"
36. The rain that keeps the PNW green 
37. Chocolate covered coffee beans
38. Phone call with my oldest granddaughter and youngest granddaughter
39. Long conversation with my oldest daughter
40. The hope I find in the Lord everyday!
41. Early morning phone calls that bring good cheer and prayer time 
42. Lights that tell me when I need to fix something in the car
43. Healthy birth of eight baby kittens
44. Surprise discounts on my TV bill
45. Fresh running water

"My God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus."
Philippians 4:19

Enter his gates with thanksgiving and his courts with praise;

Give thanks to him and praise his name.
For the Lord is good and his love endures forever;
His faithfulness continues through all generations. -Psalm 100:3-5

thankful thursday

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Candid Moments~ Blossom's


Some of the Spring beauty 
Of the magnolia blossom's
Beads of raindrops
Kissing each petal
With the promise 
Of the gray skies
Turning to Spring sunlight

Layered in magnolia blossom's
Each step kissed with
Scattered petals of pink
Dressing the landscape with
The beauty of Spring

With rain drop kisses
Each petal 
Creased in a water pearl
Bringing new life
As Spring
Burst forth

Today I started my new schedule at the beauty shop.
I will be working on Wednesdays instead of Fridays.
Though for the next two weeks I will be working on Fridays as we all adjust to the new day.
Praying the Lord bless this new work schedule and day.
It was quiet today.
But am looking forward to what the future holds.
It has bee a rather rainy gloomy day here in the PNW.
Seems it is here to stay with us for the next ten days...or...longer.
Thank you for coming by and saying hello!
Please leave a comment.

What is your most favorite blooming tree?
Photo Challenge

March Photo Challenge
March 26~ Wheels
Just some various wheels
My cart wheel 
My suitcase wheels
BBQ wheels
Car wheels
And my steering wheel
And strangers car wheels
Wheels and more wheels

"The Lord shall open thee His good treasure."
~Deuteronomy 28:12
O Lord, Let my life reflect the joy you have put into my heart, that your name may be glorified.

March joy Dare

Day 26
3 Gifts almost gone
1. The month of March is slipping away 
2. My wonderful chocolate covered coffee beans are almost gone. I have been enjoying them very much. Thank you Cindy Forsythe Rieder. I think I need to find out where you bought them.
3. My girl scout cookies!

A Holy Experience

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Candid Moments~ Painted Sky

Painted Sky

March 25,2014
Coming home from Vancouver this evening crossing the Glen Jackson freeway coming back to Portland was this stunning rainbow. 
Sadly driving 75miles an hour is hard to get a great photo of the rainbow. 
It truly was much prettier than what you see in this photo.
The sky this evening was amazing once again.
The painted sky lately has been breathe taking.

March 25,2014
 After getting home I was greeted with yet more beautiful sites in the evening sky once again.
I had to drop everything i had to snap this photo.
I love the color and formations of the clouds.
The light breaking through the storm.
Much like how God breaks through our storms.
His perfect promise and the breaking of the storm bringing His perfect peace and calm.

March 25, 2014
Ready for the day and what lays ahead.
It was a quiet day at the beauty shop had one client today.
So headed home and then unloaded the car.
Then headed to the movies with a couple of girlfriends.
We did the movie scene today in two different theater houses.
First show we saw was "Divergent" It was excellent and much different than what I thought.
Second movie was "God's Not Dead" Super excellent.
They got the message across so well.
Truly enjoyed my day of movies.
Now this day is coming to a close and tomorrow is a new day.
Thank you for coming by and saying hello.
Please leave a note.

Do you enjoy going to the movie house or wait till they come out?

Photo Challenge

March Photo Challenge
March 25~ Your Favorite mug/and drink
My morning coffee is my favorite drink by far.
Then i also have to have my morning mix of coconut oil, honey, lemon, and cinnamon.

"God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes."
~Revelations 21:4
Dear Savior, help me to grow in your grace.....even when the tears are falling!

March Joy Dare

Day 25
A gift sung, written, painted
The gift sung would be all the wonderful music and songs sung in "God's Not Dead" movie! EXCELLENT!!!
Written would be the letter from the Circuit Court today dismissing my case and clearing my name. Yea! I don't have to go to court! I have the letter from the Judge himself! God is good!
Painted would be the beautiful sky tonight with the rainbow and the clouds...Amazing beauty lacing the sky this evening!

A Holy Experience

Monday, March 24, 2014

Candid Moments~ Signs of Life

Signs Of New Life

The afternoon sunshine and beauty of the daffodils.
Brings smiles and hope of new beginnings.

A canopy of blooms
Arching the yard with fragrant beauty

Tiny little luster's of pearl beads
Draping the boarders of the complex

Bursting with life each limb
Sways in the dance of Spring
Covered in rich beauty

In the gray of the day 
The red sunburst of Spring
Paints a pink beauty drop
As the sun breaks through the gray clouds
Through the limbs of red

One single bud
Brings birth and new life
As Spring comes alive
With each bursting bud

It has been a very full week and weekend.
With another full week ahead.
It seems the days are getting away from me.
Spring has sprung and with it my life is getting busier with each new day.
Full week of work then off to a business Conference with Mary Kay.
It is so wonderful to be associated with such a wonderful company and women.
I'm so grateful to be able to have the life I have and to share it with you all.
Thank  you for stopping by and saying hi!
Please leave a comment as I love hearing from you all.

Does your life seem to get busier as the seasons change?

Photo Challenge

March Photo Challenge
March 24~ Toys
Toys are hard to find in my house these days. 
With daughters grown and gone.
Grandchildren live in another state...
And my dogs have gone onto rainbow bridge.
Though I did mange to find some toys around the house.
The center photo is of CK's favorite toy her dice ball.
The top corner is more of her and Luke's toys from when they were with us; before heading to rainbow bridge.
Top center is an old spindle doll from German that my friend gave me because I fall in love with her.
Lucy is my moms doll
The giraffe is a toy I have laying around here from when I collected Ty toys; I do have several of them and I still once in awhile will purchase one.
The corner is an angel doll I got at a Christmas party.
Two dolls in a store window in Poulsbo, Washington
The corner doll with thumb in mouth is another one of my moms dolls. She collects dolls she there are plenty of dolls at least at her home.
Puppy stuffed in couch is moms as well.
I guess you can say we never really did grow up at all!

"The Lord shall open unto thee His good treasure."
~Deuteronomy 28:12
O Lord, let my life reflect the joy you have put into my heart, that your name maybe glorified.

March Joy Dare
Day 24
3 Gifts spoken
1. Good morning your coffee is ready!
2. Hello may I help you?
3. I really appreciate you...

A Holy Experience

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Challenge Catch Up From This Past Week~

Photo Challenge Catch-up
March Joy Dare

March Photo Challenge
March 19~ Bench
Haven't got out much this past few weeks in adventures
So I have some snaps of the bench on my patio.
Looking forward to when it will be nice and warm once again and enjoying sitting out and having morning coffee.

March Photo Challenge
March 20~ Spring
Spring is blooming here in the beautiful PNW!
I love seeing all the beautiful blooms

The trees are covered in beauty.
Taking walks and the Spring breezes with the beauty and scents of the season.
Loving this time of year and looking forward to the lazy days of Summer.

March Photo Challenge
March 21~ Something old & new
The old hand stitched picture that my sisters gave me.
Old glory that belonged to my grandparents
The Civil Court Room rich in history old and new
Me with my new piggy bank
My oldest grandson and youngest grandson
The Escalade you can earn to drive in Mary Kay
The new necklace I won at Career Conference
My Mary Kay products
The bracelet we received at Career Conference from our Director

March Photo Challenge
March 22~ Hats
Oh I do have lots and lots of hats
Though this is just a very small collection of hubby's and my hat collection
He loves his baseball hats
And I just love hats of all  styles and kinds
I love wearing them!
They make me feel so very pretty!

March Photo Challenge
March 23~ Trees
One of my favorite things to take photos of trees!
Though this collection is not near the photos of trees I have.
It is a small collection.
I'm so glad I have lots of trees in our court yard were we live.
I so love the beauty of them.

"For the eyes of the Lord are over the righteous, and His ears are open unto their prayers."
~1 Peter 3:12
Lord, help me to put away my selfish pride and show my Christian witness by being friendly to others.

March Joy Dare

Day 19~

3 Gifts eaten

1. The wonderful appetizer tray at Apple Bees that Geo Sutter and I shared this afternoon before I had to be back at court! Thank you Geo for helping to make an unpleasant event more pleasant it was great to run into you and spend an hour visiting.   

2. The cauliflower cream soup I had at lunch time
3. Peanut butter girl scout cookies.....

March Joy Dare
Day 20
3 Gifts that made you laugh
1. When Georgie looked at me today with a frown then started laughing and smiling at me. Made me laugh and smile. Then she said "I love you!" Makes my day when they are smiling love making them more beautiful than they already are! I have the perfect job!
2. When I was sharing with Edie Ricker Cowell today about my interesting adventure with courts and police and the on going saga......she made me laugh and smile! 
3. When my hubby told me what kind of temper I had and that I didn't have to explain it to him...He already knows...laughing still!

March Joy Dare
Day 21
A gift salty, sweet, just right
Would be the salt in the salt shaker that I used to flavor my food with
Sweet was the very yummy dessert at the luncheon- German Chocolate cake with chocolate mouse YUMMY!
And just right would be all the wonderful time with girlfriends and new friends at the Mary Kay Conference

March Joy Dare
Day 22
3 Gifts found in His word
1. When we call upon His name He shall answer Isiah 58:9
2. His strength is made perfect in our weakness 2 Corinthians 12:9
3. He is the bread of life John 6:35

March Joy Dare
Day 23
3 gifts found in women today
1. That they love to help one another to be the best we can be
2. They love to encourage one another and lift each other up when we are needing a helping hand
3. That they are there when you need someone to go and paint the town and there when you need a shoulder to cry on. They are your friends that walk through life with you.

A Holy Experience

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Thankful Thursday~

I have so many wonderful things to be 

thankful for............

1. Hubby making me soup and serving me when I came home for lunch
2. Mary Kay meeting and seeing all the wonderful ladies that help encourage me and support me no matter where I am in my business
3. Jeans with bling on the bottom pockets
4. Tips for my service's rendered
5. Afternoon naps
6. Meeting new people and connecting with them
7. New business opportunities
8. Homemade desserts
9. Being able to help others achieve their dreams and goals
10. Knowing that because of God in you and who He created you to be....I do make a difference and that He has great plans for me and my future
11. Getting taxes all put together ready to see tax person
12. typing up foundation request for a wheelchair
13. Money to go grocery shopping with (Thank you Lord!)
14. Talking with some of your oldest and best of friends that get you even when your upside down ~Love~
15. No more re-runs
15. Homemade corn beef and cabbage dinner
16. My printer to be able to print things off that need to be done
17. Airline tickets to Sacramento to do some Mary Kay work as well as see my girls and grandchildren
18. God's complete favor on my life
19. New skirt and dress for business trip
20. The love and prayers of friends when you call and say.....I need prayers......
21. Answered prayers ........even when it isn't the way we think it should be......Thank you Lord for your perfect answer for our needs!
22. Getting my hair colored
23. Unexpected phone call at work that makes me blush and giggle with laughter.....
24. Leftovers (Corn beef and Cabbage)
25. Knowing God's provision is perfect and He will meet all of my needs above and beyond
26. A surprise late birthday present from my sweet friend Shari! She had been ill and still wanted to celebrate me even a month late!
27. Meeting up with Geo today un-expected and having a lovely hour with her for a drink and appetizers at Apple Bees
28. Finding the cutest roommate gifts ever for this weekend at Conference for the ladies I will be sharing a room with
29. God's grace for the day 
30. God's favor and Victory in every situation that comes my way!

"My God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus."
Philippians 4:19

Enter his gates with thanksgiving and his courts with praise;

Give thanks to him and praise his name.
For the Lord is good and his love endures forever;
His faithfulness continues through all generations. -Psalm 100:3-5

thankful thursday

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Candid Moments~


Today was a late start in the salon.
I had another appointment at a private home.
I am caring from some of my girlfriends clients while she recovers from surgery.
Here at the nursing home you never know how the day will go.
I had three appointments on the books.
One canceled then another came in.
I'm always happily surprised one way or another.

Set up for work
As I wait patiently.
I got a phone call from Melody,
 The hairdresser who once had this shop for twelve years.
Then blessed me with this business.
She came over with lunch today and colored my hair'
And I did hers as well.
What a blessing!
Oh thank you Lord!
Business trip coming up so I did want my hair to look nice.
It does!

This picture was taken before the hair color
So I will have to get some more photos done.
But hey I was semi busy today!
That is a wonderful thing.

Thank you for popping in and saying hello!

Do you color or does only your hairdresser know for sure?

Photo Challenge

March Photo Challenge
March 18~ Big Foot
Today is my girlfriend Sally's birthday!
Happy Birthday dear friend!
She loves Big Foot!
I guess she is one who believes.
I do not!
But my other friend Carol picked this challenge out in honor of her
And her love of Big Foot
She is pictured with Big Foot coffee.
The other two are statues taken in the surrounding area here in Oregon.

"As I was with Moses, so I will be with thee."
~Joshua 3:7
Dear Lord, please remove all doubt from my mind and help me to have faith in your promises.

March Joy Dare

Day 18 
3 Gifts red
1. The blood of Christ who;s shed blood washed away my sin 
2. Red potatoes
3. My beautiful red heels (That I dream of wearing!)

A Holy Experience