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My journey through my day and my life with its andotes and life lessons of the day. The gifts and blessing of those people the Lord has surrounded me with along with the many treasure's He has left for me to open and enjoy along the way. My walk with my Lord and Savior, Prayers, Work, Play. Pictures of the gifts and blessing. My journey through life and how it has strengthened, blessed me or............

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Daily Journey

Tuesday, May 31, 2011


I'm posting a short note to let you all know I may not be posting much right now. I will try and do my pictures a day. But am very ill. Praying that I will be feeling well and back to myself in no time at all. This sick business is for the birds. All I want to do is lay in bed and get warm. Thank you for your prayers and encouragement. I will be back soon to do regular post as soon as I can shake this creeping crude.
I was thinking at first it was allergies but know have lost my voice and am very achy.

What do you do when your feeling under the weather?

365 Days Of Pictures ~Day 97

This picture came via my camera phone. My daughter text it to me in 2009 of my Sammie girl dressed as a lady bug.
Amber made the outfit for her.
She is so adorable!
I have several granddaughters who love lady bugs.
I think they want to be one. Thus the costume.

My Little Lady Bug

Do you make costumes for your children or grandchildren or have you in the past?


We have a wonderful new prompt from our friend JL over at "Dodge Writes"

"Dodge Writes",  prompt you with FINISH THIS LINE...  YOUR SMILE WARMS ME LIKE THE HOT SUMMER SUN... The rules are you must use this as the first line in your write, you may do yours in prose or any form of poetry.

Your smile warms me like the hot Summer sun
Dreaming of the days we will be together again
As the days roll by I count them one by one
Your laughter and smile 
I hold tight in my heart 
A song and dance in my head
As I sway to our song
Longing for the time we will hold one another again
Each day apart like a cold Winters night
Each mile I travel
The closer to the smile
That warms me like the hot Summer sun


Monday, May 30, 2011

Playdate ~ Memorial Day

Today is Monday and we link up with Laura over at "Wellspring" for her weekly Monday playdate; please go check her out and link up with her and many others and share your play date with the Lord. You will be blessed by each and everyone.

My playdate today is of the Untied States Of America and the men and women that fought for our freedoms here in the United States. Past and present. I am honored to say thank you to each and everyone of them. I have the great pleasure of calling up family members and thanking them for their service to this country.
I have an Uncle that is laid to rest in Arlington Cemetery in a place of honor.
So to each of you and your families that have given I say thank you with a very humbled heart.

The first two photos are of my flag that I was given that belonged to my grandparents and was hang in the front yard of their home in Seattle,Washington. My Aunt Carol gave it to me shortly after I had moved back to the PNW. I just love this flag and means so much to me..I hope to pass this flag onto my oldest grandson Anthony.

Proudly Waves

Double Vision

The pictures below are of the display of flags that where put out in honor of those men and women that have served and gave their lives. There are even the POW flags among this display.
My husband had come home from work the other day and said, honey I want to show you something.
He pulled out his cell phone.And showed me a picture he had took from the car window coming home. He told me across the street from where he works they had made a beautiful display. How all these people where pulling over and taking pictures.
People where pulling over and getting out of there cars to take pictures.
So on Sunday when I had to do some grocery shopping I decide this would be a great time to have a wonderful play date with the camera while honoring those that served and gave their lives for my freedom.
It was a gloomy over cast day. But many cars where still coming and pulling over and looking as well as taking pictures.
It is really awesome when a company takes time to put out a display and honor those that are lost for our freedoms.
Freedom isn't free it does cost.
Just as it cost our Lord for our freedom from sin of this world and to have a life every lasting with Him.
No greater love than another to lay down his life for another.

John 15:13

"Greater love has no one than this then to lay down one's life for his friend."

The photos below are the display that was put out along side the road side of the business of  "On Semiconductor"
Halsey near my hubby's work.
I just wish I could have captured the awesomeness of this display.

I'm sure there are many displays and events around our many communities this day. Please take time and pay your respect even if it is in a silent prayer of thanks.

Have a wonderful and safe Memorial Day!

Do you like to fly your Flag proudly?

365 Days Of Pictures ~Day 96

This picture is in my mom's guest room.  It is of my mom and daddy (Who raised me) my brother and two sisters.
I just love it!
It is one of my very favorite portrait's of our family when we were young.
I'm not sure I like the hair do I'm sporting.
I'm sure all three of us girls endured the "Toni Perm"!

Simpler Days

Did you ever endure the "Toni Perm"?

Bucket List ~ Four

Another add to my bucket list.
Please go check out Gina, at "Rainbow's Daily Life" and link up with her and her linky.
It is so much fun to see and read about every ones bucket list.

One of the places I have always wanted to go is to the Indy 500 race in Indianapolis.
Sunday May 29, 2011 was the 100th anniversary of this very prestige race.

The end of the race was a heart wrenching one for the rookie driver Hildebrand who in the last corner hit the wall. Giving the race to Dan Wheldon. Congratulation's to him and his team who drove a great race as did the rookie. It was a heart breaker!
I had really wanted Danica Patrick but that didn't happen. She drove a great race as well. Her poll start was 25th and she ended the race in 8th as well as lead it for several laps towards the very end of the race. She just got some bad breaks today.

Bravo to all!
It was a good day at the track.

Hubby recorded both the Indy and the Coco Cola race today.

My husband and I both love auto racing.

When I was much younger I use to race in Marysville, California on the dirt track with the guy I was dating at the time.
We had a blast!
He also pitted for Nascar at the time. So I got to go to a lot of wonderful races.
Meet Dale Earnhardt Sr. many moons ago.  Along with many other big racers of the time. It was an exciting time in my life. Great memories.
Somewhere in all of my pictures I have some Nascar photos. Goodness knows where they are though. I think I will have to look for them.

When I was traveling with my mom and my younger sister. to Pa. To see my Great Aunt Cora; coming home they stopped at the Indy track for me. We spent most the day there, so we went through the museum and took lots of pictures. What fun that was! Lots of history and lots of race cars. Now I must go back for the race. I'd even like to go back for The Brick Yard race in Nascar.

My husband has several tracks he would like to go too. He goes to Phoenix track every year to watch the race in November. One day i would like to go with him. He calls it the guys weekend trip. I think I should be allowed to crash it!

Do you like auto racing?

Sunday, May 29, 2011

I'm having Memorial Day Sale

Dreaming Of my Pink Cadillac
I'm having a Memorial Day sale in my Mary Kay business this weekend. If you don't have a consultant and would love to have one please go check out my web page. If your my client come join in on fun! Lets get some of these great products at a discount on me.
Lets have a memorial day party on me


Anyone who orders 40 or more in products will receive a free gift with purchase as well as an additional 10% off their order. If you shop with a friend and tell me her name and she tells me yours; and she orders from me and she doesn't have a consultant and places a 25 or larger you will receive an additional 5%. She may receive the same discounts as you, by making 40 or more as well and having friend shop; by placing the same kind of order
Host a web party and I will give you 75 for 35 in product when you have a total of 200 in sales or more. If you have a party with 400 or more you will receive in addition a roll up bag or a satin hands set from me. (Your Choice)
if you have some one book a web party from me or host one here in the Portland area where I live I will give you a choice of a free lipstick/lip gloss.
If none of these intrigue you lets talk and get some things for free or at a discount. I'm here to be a service to you and help you get the things you like and want.
This will end at midnight 31st of May.

I'm looking to be service to you in all of your skin care and beauty needs.

I do ship and shipping is free on me always. You can shop on line 24/7

Do you like shopping on line?

Some Beauty Advice

My best beauty tip from my mom was that beauty comes from within. That you can be the most beautiful women on the outside and if you aren't in the inside all that beauty on the outside isn't anything.
But do take heed take care of your skin it is the only one you get start young and you will be young for a life time. And then you will have beauty not only in the inside but on the outside as well.
Beauty is what beauty does.
Your words and actions will bring life and beauty or death and destruction.
Which will it be?

Me Doing Mom's Hair
Whats your best beauty tip?

365 Days Of Pictures ~Day 95

Lake Shasta, California
May 22,2011
The Shasta bridge
My girlfriend hates this bridge. She holds on for dear life.
It is a long bridge. But I think the floating bridge on Lake Washington to me is more scary then this one.
It is never easy when one is afraid of crossing a body of water or a bridge of any kind.
There is a bridge in Portland that I absolutely hate to cross.
It puts the fear of God and everything in my being in me on edge.
I hate it!
I will have to get a picture of that one and post it for you all.
This bridge at Shasta doesn't bother me at all.
I find Bridges and their history very interesting.
The engineering that goes behind them and the building of them fascinate me so much.
This picture is a bit blurry but I had to share it.

How do you feel about crossing bridges?

Bucket List ~ Three

If you haven't heard Gina over at "Rainbow's Daily Life" has a wonderful linky for our bucket list.
So as I journey through the excitement of life and find places and things I would like to do I'm linking up with Gina as our hostess; over at: 
Lets see how many fun places and things we can find to see and do in ones life time.
Looking forward to seeing them all as well as hearing you crossing them off one by one.

One of the places that I have always desired to see and give my honor and respect; is at Pearl Harbor where so many lives where lost and changed forever.
With it being Memorial weekend I thought what better time to share another one of the many places of history that I would love to go and see before my light flickers out to be with the Father above.
I am so humbled by the many stories I have heard from this time in history.
We owe so much to so many for the fight they fought for our continued freedoms here that we have.
I have had many friends that have been and said this is a place to go.
They say it leaves you speechless!
I can only wonder and imagine what lays beneath the watery graves of so many men and women on that fateful day that changed the direction of history forever in many life's and this country.
Thank you each one that have freely given of their loved ones and the lives lost for the freedoms I take so for granted everyday.
It is because of you I so richly enjoy all that I have.
Thank you seems so little. 

Psalms 119:44-48

I will always obey your law, for ever and ever. I will walk about in freedom, for I have sought out your percepts. I will speak of your statues before kings and will not be put to shame, for I delight in your commands because I love them. I lift my hands to your commands, which I love, and I mediate on your decrees.

Image Source Page:

Have you ever been to the Pearl Habor site?

Saturday, May 28, 2011

365 Days Of Pictures ~Day 94

Lake Shasta, California
May 22, 2011
Stopped and took this picture after we crossed the bridge. We drove down a dirt road into an area where you hiked into the lake. It was a great place to get some photos.
You could see where others where relaxing by the water side down at the bottom.
I was thinking how I wish I had time to do so myself.
Another time and another trip.
It was a beautiful afternoon.
The lake looks so inviting.
Peaceful Rest

Do you like to hike into secluded areas that you can rest and regroup for the wild and crazy rush of the world?

Pink Saturday~

How exciting to be a part of such a wonderful celebration.
I'm so excited to be apart of this blog hop and the Pink Saturday.
I don't exactly remember how I ran across this wonderful blog but have so enjoyed visiting so many wonderful blogs and seeing all the wonderful pink items. It is amazing to me to see all the wonderful pink items we find.
Not to mention all the lovely ladies and blogs I have meet and came across, due to this wonderful blog hop.
That is such a wonderful gift Beverly has given each of us.
Thank you Beverly!
Come celebrate a blog hop birthday with Beverly over at "How Sweet The Sound".
Very inspiring and up lifting.
 Today I'm sharing some pink flamingos.
These lovely creatures are keeping guard these lovely plants.
My girlfriend loves pink flamingo's.
These yards decorations are being used inside to decorate.
Who says you have to go by the rules.
I think they look adorable here in the sitting room near all the lovely plants near the widow.
Maybe they are awaiting their great escape.
Or maybe the are guarding the plants from the dogs that live in this home.
Who knows?
At any rate I think they are lovely!

Flamingo Guard

Flamingo Gaze

Do you like pink flamingo's?


Six Word Saturday

Ti's that time of week once again when we get to hook up to "Show My Face" Six Word Saturday with Cate.

                             Recovering, Resting, Remembering, Honoring, Proud American!

                                               Whats your favorite thing to do o a Saturday

Photo Contest~Trash

 Destiny over at "Twisted Fate Photography" Her contest this round is "Trash".

This has been a very hard challenge for me. Though I have been very excited about it as well. I have taken many shots.
Some I was looking for that I took awhile back I couldn't find. So out I went in search of new ones. I have so many and I have to pick just one. Not an easy pick for me.
I took some of trash in the house after the mail.
I took some of trash where ever I could find it.
Actually sad to say there is plenty of trash around to find too.
I was hoping to find something very unique and different.
But alas I didn't find anything real striking to me. But I did have a blast trying too though.
I may have to share my trash photos in other ways maybe in my 365 photos.
Who knows where they will pop up.
But my choice out of my selection is:

I thought this was odd to find this so clean and orderly. Usually it is dripping over with trash as well as larger items surrounds the containers.

Orderly Trash

Do you find others trash interesting?

Friday, May 27, 2011

Five Question Friday

Well I haven't done this link in awhile so I thought okay its time!
Especially since my grandson is eager to learn all he can about his mema.
You see he wants this blog to be made into a special book for him to have.
So the wonderful mema I am I will be putting fun things in here for him to learn about his family and his mema.
So if you head on over to "My Little Life"
And link up with the Five Question Friday.
Great way for others to get to know you.
So lets have some fun getting to know some fun trivial facts.
Or nonsense!
1. Do you apologize to your kids?
Yes! I do and I have!
I think it is very important too do so.

2. What color are your nails right now?
Well if we are talking on hands they are all natural.
But if we are talking my toe nails... that is another story.
They are hot ruby red with sparkles on them.

3. When you were growing up, how difficult was it for you to stay home from school sick? (As in, did you have to vomit or just say "I don't feel good".)
Well you had truly be sick when I was a kid or there was no staying home. You would be given the dreaded Castor Oil. You had to stay in bed no TV no fun!
I wasn't one to like any of that! So sad to say I learned to cut school and play hooky young. But alas that didn't last long either they caught on quick and that was the end of that!

4. When is the last time you bought a new comforter for your bed?
Gosh! Well! Hmmm..... I'm thinking maybe way too long here!
I think I will have to buy a new one for the Winter.

5. Favorite website(s)?
I don't think I have favorite websites. I just travel about.
Though I must say i do love my Mary Kay website. I do spend a lot of time there.
Though it is usually cause I'm working or learning about our products.


Do you have pinics or BB Q's on Memorial weekend? Or any other family activity?