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My journey through my day and my life with its andotes and life lessons of the day. The gifts and blessing of those people the Lord has surrounded me with along with the many treasure's He has left for me to open and enjoy along the way. My walk with my Lord and Savior, Prayers, Work, Play. Pictures of the gifts and blessing. My journey through life and how it has strengthened, blessed me or............

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Daily Journey

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Daily Journey: Three Word Wednesday

Daily Journey: Three Word Wednesday: Habitual,  adjective: done or doing constantly or as a habit, regular; usual. Illustrious,  adjective: well known, respected, and adm...

Three Word Wednesday

Habitual, adjective: done or doing constantly or as a habit, regular; usual.

Illustrious, adjective: well known, respected, and admired for past achievements.

Jumbled, verb:  mix up in a confused or untidy way.

The broken vase holds
The shattered heart 
Of broken glass
Jumbled memories of days gone by
The past creeping its ugly head
The habitual pain of repeated mistakes
As illustrious as the present is
The jumbled memories of the past
From the habitual pain
Remains forever present
Is history repeating 
Even in the illustrious present
In the  old vase holds
All the broken glass
Fragments and pieces
Of a shattered heart
Creating a illustrious vision
Mirrors of illusions
Of the present
All jumbled together
Like a puzzle
Waiting to be put together
Is the heart forever broken?
In the vase shattered glass
In habitual pain
Jumbled in glistening 
Teardrops of a broken heart
Stained and broken
Awaiting the touch
Of the Master


Monday, November 23, 2015

Just Another Day

Well today has been a bit adventurous for me. My cell phone has been acting up. So I have been babying it for some time. I really don't want to purchase a new cell don't really have the money for one. So between last evening and today we managed to get it back up and running. YEA! I need to baby it for at least another 6 months. Love Samsung and AT&T between them both we managed to get it up and running and then went and purchased a new battery. Got a few lessons in phone care. Don't ever leave phone charging over night nor charge for more than four hours at a time. Could become very dangerous and make the battery explode. Also if phone is getting hot there is a battery issue. Yes, you can baby the phones and stretch there life expectancy slightly as I am doing. But most be willing to take the time to go in and have them check it and make sure it is functions and has all the current up dates. A bit of work but well worth it. This was about a six hour adventure between last evening and today. But glad I did as I really couldn't afford the purchase and contract of a new phone.

This is a photo of a battery that exploded in a phone which is on the left hand side. Mine is on the right and they said it was well on its way to doing what the one did on the left. So very thankful it didn't explode.

Batteries Plus
Nov. 23, 2015

This was a photo I took this past Oct. at the Army museum in Fort Benning, Ga. While visiting my grandson Anthony; before he left for a new unit. I am so very proud of this young man and all those that serve.

Army Museum
Fort Benning
Oct. 2015

Friday, November 20, 2015

Three Word Wednesday

Three word Wednesday has always been a favorite of mine. What a great way to get back into blogging. 

Enigmatic, adjective: difficult to interpret or understand; mysterious.

Faulty, adjective: working badly or unreliably because of imperfections, (of reasoning and other mental processes) mistaken or misleading because of flaws, having or displaying weaknesses.

Grovel, verb: lie or move abjectly on the ground with one's face downward, act in an obsequious manner in order to obtain someone's forgiveness or favor.

As he walked into a room
Enigmatic with his faulty grovel
With all eyes on him
Knowing he would 
Make a grand stand
Only to loss the girl in the end
Because of his faulty grovel
Not the enigmatic personality
He once stirred
As a young man 


Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Electric Issues

Hello bloggie friends and world! has been a storming day and have lost my electricity today. Which usually wouldn't bother me. But today we had the electrician out to do repair work on the electricity as there is some electric issues in the home. looks as though it will be tomorrow before it gets fixed. It has been on the outage since Friday evening. I think I have always suspected there where issues since we moved here...but it finally surfaced and made its self known. time for the repairs to begin. Also hoping to get the rest of my new windows in before the end of the year. The gentleman that was hired has been sick. Praying he is well soon and the weather clears enough for him to finish the job. Have lots of little home repairs and improvements going on. Need to finish up the master bathroom . The shower has some problems and now it is ready to be painted then shower head put on. The joys of home ownership and home improvements. Always a little surprise here and there. 
As I re~start my blogging please bare with me as I feel my way and the direction I want to take my blog. Not really sure which direction I'm going to go. Right now it just feels good to do a little bit of journaling as I regain my footing and direction that I would like to go with my blog. It also feels good just to journal whats on my mind and heart until I make some clear decisions. As i just really want to get back into the habit of working on my blog once again. Thank you each for your patience's as I go through this process. 

This is a foot bridge heading to one of the little hiking trails at the Painted Hills in Central Oregon.
Thought until I decide what direction I'm going. I will share a bit what is going on then a picture of an adventure. I do love taking photos and sharing Gods beauty. This was taken in early Fall when the weather still felt like Summer. It was a full day of small little hikes. I think I will share a photo a day this week of the Painted Hills.

Painted Hill's Oregon
Fall 2015

Monday, November 16, 2015

Hello Bloggie World

Hello bloggie world! 
It has been awhile since I have posted anything. This past nine months of my life have been a roller coaster. I have been wanting to post and get back to blogging. I have missed you and the creativity of this platform where I have shared my changing life as well as photos of adventures taken and creative writing. Blog hops where I have meet amazing friends and learned from each one of you. I am ready to get back to have some fun and sharing my life adventures and journey along with my creativity art form of photos and writing. Thank you each one who have remained around waiting for me to come back. Look forward to getting re~acquainted and meeting new friends as well. I know some of you are friends of mine of FB and have kept up with my coming and goings. It has been an adventure. And I truly wouldn't have been able to keep up with the blog with all of my travels this past nine months either. Grandchildren growing and embarking upon their adult lives; as well as many changes taking place in those I love as well as mine. I seem to do better in the Winter with my blog as I do tend to hibernate and not adventure out as much. But always have lots to share and learn. 

One of the many adventures I was on this past nine months. Wanted to share some of the beauty that is in my back yard that I go and explore and enjoy throughout the year. This is the Painted Hill's in Central Oregon early Fall. What a wonderful day and adventure we had this day. Never a dull moment when you go out into God's creation and enjoy the treasures and beauty He has blessed us with.
The Painted Hill's
Early Fall 2015