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Daily Journey

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Cleaning Photos Out From Phone

A Few Photos Of The Year In Review 


Lake Tahoe, Nevada
A view from my daughter as she had travel to Tahoe, Nevada for work
She said this was her view for the day
She ate lunch at the lake

Me With Giant Sized Homemade Potato Chip
Lunch early in the year with a friend.
Helping to plan our 35th class reunion for the The Dalles, Oregon
Was a great day of laughter and fun!

Pittock Mansion
Portland, Oregon
Went for a wonderful adventurous day with a dear friend to the Pittock Mansion
Love the history.
The tour of the Mansion and grounds was amazing
Rich in beauty and history, makes for a perfect day

CK & Me
My Sweet Love
Some of the final days of loving and enjoying my special girl
She went to rainbow bridge and meet up with her brother on
May 31st.
Where she runs free and is happy in no pain
Awaiting dear hubby and I
She is deeply missed!
But never forgotten or far from our heart.

Rainbow Promise
This photo was snapped as I went over to see hubby at work
His promise endures forever

Rose Captured Beauty
 Just some pretty roses that where hard not to get a snap of
These where in the rose garden on the hospital campass

The View From The Hospital
Where I Work
 Started working a new job doing housekeeping at the hospital across the street from where I live.
This was the view from one of the rooms

I manged to set an alarm off cleaning which brought this bright and shiny fire truck
It shut down the whole hospital
That was an experience

Broken Ankle
The start of a journey I never dreamed
I broke my ankle in August which started a new journey and new chapter in my life
Had emergency surgery the next day

The View Of The New Hardware
I now have become bionic
A metal plate and six screws holding me together

Pouslbo, Washington
A trip to visit mom and spend some well over do girl time together.
My second big trip after being allowed to travel on my own after my accident
What a wonderful few days it was
I ended up staying much longer than planned.
What FUN!

Grandma's Missile
A trip down memory lane while visiting my mom
This missile was my grandma's
It was awesome to open it and see all the little prayer sheets inside
Thank you grandma for the love and prayers

Mr. Heely
Saying goodbye is never easy
Thank you Mr. Heely for enriching my life
I meet Mr. Heely  at my church
I then later helped take care of him.
He had amazing stories he shared of his life
Thank you for touching mine

Mt. St. Helen's

A lovely adventure with a few close girlfriends

A days drive and viewing of the beauty God created
A day of lots of information and history as well
Lots of laughter and memories made

So Proud
Bredeen, Rylee, Mckinzee
As My grandchildren said goodbye to their grandpa
My oldest grandson wanted to honor him for his service
So the JROTC was permitted to carry his casket
My grandson Anthony is in the center.
I couldn't be prouder of them all!

Hood River, Oregon
Yet another day trip that turned into an over night trip.
Went to spend the day with my sisters and do a bit of Christmas shopping
They had to help me a bit in the snow as I was slipping.
I had such fear of falling
Thank you Lord I didn't
So my youngest sister drove my car to the The Dalles, Oregon
Where I spent the night and traveled home the next day

Feeling much better and ready to get on with my life
So many things to see and do
What should I do first.
Christmas adventures

Corie & Trey
Our newest addition to our family
The very handsome Trey
One week old here in mommies arms
Just in time for Christmas
A beautiful bundle of love and joy

Cascade Locks, Oregon

 Traveling home from my sisters
A short stop at my favorite restaurant for lunch
A beautiful view of the Columbia River Gorge and the Bridge of the Gods

Multnomah Falls, Oregon
A must stop and see no matter the weather
My favorite place to go
I just took my time coming home from my sisters
I was soaked to the very bone by the time arrived back home
What is normally a hour drive 
I had turned into a three hour plus drive adventure home 
As I took my time enjoying the views.

First Day Back To Work At Hospital
I was so excited to start back to work
I had prayed so hard that I would have this job to come back too
Thank you Jesus!
It is tough and I have new challenges
But I'm doing it!

Legacy Mt. Hood Hospital
My view as I walk up to the hospital back after a long recovery
Nervous and praying I remember all the things I need too
So good to be able to walk

First Snow
It didn't last long
But it was so pretty to watch as it came down
The flakes where huge
Hubby had said they where the biggest he had ever seen
It was a peaceful morning view 
Drinking coffee and snapping pictures
As a  flock of Canadian Geese flow over 
That was amazing

The Ankle
The ankle after a long days worth of work
So worth it
Oh how I need to prop the foot afterwards
The recovery continues

Christmas Come & Gone
Christmas was a simple quiet day
It seemed to take forever for me to get ready 
For this special day
But when it arrived it was more amazing than I thought it would be
Hubby cooked and waited on me 
As I rested the ankle and enjoyed the day
Thank you for blessing me Lord 


One of the beautiful sunrises this past week as I left for work
It was so amazing
As this year comes to a close
I think of all the beauty the Lord has blessed me with over this past year

After A Days Work

Below is two fundraiser links to help with medical bills. 
We have no medical insurance to cover medical.
As I have just started back to work there is still not much of an income.
I will not see a pay check until mid January.
I also am not working the jobs I once had as I am unable too.
I was also released from one of my jobs that paid a bulk of the bills.
Through much prayers and through encouragement of some friends they suggested I give these a try.
Though only two people have responded.
God has been faithful in other ways.
Medical bills are piling up.
Just the few that have arrived already are near $30,000 plus.
And still coming in.
God is faithful and I trust this is alp going to be paid in full;
and every need meet through Him
Thank you!


Susie Swanson said...

Awww, I love this post and all of your pics.. Happy New Year my friend..

Bethe77 said...

Thank you Susie! It was so much fun working on it and reflecting back.
Great to be working on my blog once again.

Denise said...

Thanks for sharing.