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Daily Journey

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Three Word Wednesday

Arrogant, adjective: Haughty, conceited, self-important, egotistic, full of oneself, superior; overbearing, pompous, bumptious, presumptuous, imperious, overweening; proud, immodest; high and mighty, too big for one's britches, too big for one's boots, big-headed, puffed up; rare hubristic.

Crude, adjective: Unrefined, unpurified, unprocessed, untreated; unmilled, unpolished; coarse, raw, natural; primitive, simple, basic, homespun, rudimentary, rough, rough and ready, rough-hewn, make-do, makeshift, improvised, unfinished, jury-rigged, jerry-built, slapdash; dated rude; vulgar, rude, naughty, suggestive, bawdy, off-color, indecent, obscene, offensive, lewd, salacious, licentious, ribald, coarse, uncouth, indelicate, tasteless, crass, smutty, dirty, filthy, scatological.

Supple, adjective: Lithe, limber, lissome, willowy, flexible, loose-limbed, agile, acrobatic, nimble, double-jointed; pliant, pliable, flexible, soft, bendable, workable, malleable, stretchy, elastic, springy, yielding, rubbery.

Your arrogant pride
With crude supple remarks
Will fall
Not as some see
But as the truth comes
Like the wind
It will billow and blow
Stirring your inner soul
Your arrogant supple crude remarks
Will fall to the ground
Like the spinning leafs 
Of falling in the Fall
Your arrogant pride no more
No longer crude and supple 
But soften with the truth 
Of the billowing wind
As its strength blows 
The light and truth
Into your your inner soul



Gilligan Maryanne said...

awesome! glad to see you
blogging again :)
big hugs to you

Anonymous said...

Not sure supple works in relation to remarks, but other than that I enjoyed this piece.

Jae Rose said...

After pride comes the fall...we can only hope!

cifar shayar said...

awesome writing

The Performer

Anonymous said...

Sometimes, the arrogance never disappears. Lovely poem.