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Daily Journey

Monday, March 21, 2016



Highly explosive
Can become very destructive
Can lead to problems
With personally life and relationships
Work related problems
Anger can flare
Surfacing and causing grief in all areas of life
Anger can be healthy
It can be a warning and help that there is danger
Knowing where it comes from and why is important
When not dealt with becomes destructive force

Dealing with anger in a healthy behavior
Can lead to a more healthy me (us)

Learn to think before ones speaks
Speaking before we think may cause more problems
Learn to walk away and take deep breathes
Take a break from the situation that is causing the anger
Come back calm and with a fresh out look
That's when you can express yourself clearly
Without harming yourself or others
Returning and calming stating your frustration and concerns
In a clear and more precise presentation

Take time to exercise and get some fresh air
It helps to relieves stress and leads to a healthier you
And out look on what is causing the anger
A time out never hurts anyone
Could stop the explosion from happening
Which could cause more damage and harm than whats already been done
A timeout could help with a new prospective
And a calmer you
Coming back calm With more knowledge of where your anger is coming from
What the feeling is behind the anger
Not about the who
But what is causing this anger and behavior could bring
A better results without harm to yourself or others

Identifying the source of anger
Instead of focusing on what made me mad
There is an emotion deeper that is causing the anger
Try new routines
Change what made "me" you mad
Look for solutions
Remind myself anger never fixes anything
It just makes things worse
And more explosive
Knowing why
And where it is coming from
Helps defuse the anger

Learn to stick to "I" statements
Be respectful
Don't hold a grudge
Learn to forgive
Never easy but with a little self respect of self
Can go along ways
The bitterness and hatred wont consume "Me" you
It will bring healing in me
If I learn to forgive
The hatred and bitterness wont turn into uncontrollable anger
Doesn't mean I forget what has happened
It means I'm ready to move on
To be healed from the hurt
The consuming behavior of anger
That is causing me more pain and hurt

Using tools like exercise, humor and relaxation techniques
Can help stop the anger
From exploding and erupting
Or taking control over me
Knowing when "I" you need help
Letting someone know I need help
Or seeking the help out

Learning the feelings and emotions behind the anger
Is important to be able to deal with what is truly going on
That way you can deal with what is truly bothering you
And what is the real cause of the anger

Knowing what "my" your core values are
And how they effect "me" you feel
Is key in staying healthy
Why "I" you feel threatened
Where is this coming from?

Anger is a normal feeling
Understanding it helps control it
Reasons anger can and will flare up are:

Injustice real/or perceived
Criticism we believe are unfair
Or ideals we hold dear (Core Values)

Anger is a powerful force.
It can jeopardize relationship's
Every aspect of "my" your life

Anger is a destructive force like a Volcano/or and hidden Ice berg

The volcano lays doormat just percolating until it erupts and its hot lava runs down everywhere destroying everything in its path

An iceberg looks harmless if seen from a top view; 
But what waits underneath can tear and destroy and sink a ship in minutes

Anger is much like this two hidden beauties.
A beauty of a volcano/iceberg is beautiful until one explodes and rips the sides out
Much like "me" you beautiful until anger comes in to destroy


An explosion with a force to destroy what ever lays in its path
Natural reaction when harm or threats are felt
Giving in to the force of fight or flight
Energy that controls you instead of you controlling it
Revenge that gives no forgiveness


Anger is a force all of its own if we allow it to take over and destroy "Me" us.

This is a project I had to turn in for an anger management class that I took for my health.
We had to talk about what we learned on our twelve week journey.
Have you ever had to take an anger mananagement class?

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