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My journey through my day and my life with its andotes and life lessons of the day. The gifts and blessing of those people the Lord has surrounded me with along with the many treasure's He has left for me to open and enjoy along the way. My walk with my Lord and Savior, Prayers, Work, Play. Pictures of the gifts and blessing. My journey through life and how it has strengthened, blessed me or............

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Daily Journey

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

End Of January 2017 Blessings

Day 27 A leisurely start to my day. Picking up color for the salon. Got to keep those gals looking young and beautiful. A windy afternoon walk at Depot Park and Otto Park. Was a bit wind blown; but loving the blue skies and sunshine. The picture below is of the slough over at Otto Park. Then an evening class to learn more about my phone. What fun that was. I'm going to need to take a few more classes. Thankful for the knowledge of Steve who teaches classes on Samsung. Then an evening out with Mary McCormick Loomis. What a relaxing and enjoyable night out. My special gift today was meeting Lucy (the dog) at my class. She brought huge smiles to me. Her daddy Gary very nice gentlemen. Thinking I need a special four legged baby myself. Love the twist and turns in my day that bring many surprises along the winding path of life. Blessings

Day 28 Being lazy today. A blessing for sure. As I was sitting looking out the widow reflecting on the events of the past week I received a phone call that blessed me beyond words. My sweet friend Lori in California called to see how I was doing. We talked for almost two hours or better. So much to catch up on. As she was sharing that she is getting ready to retire from doing hair completely. I guess at 74 that is okay! She has been doing hair for 43 years, that's along time. She was such an encouragement to me today. Brought back memories from working in her salon, to going to church with her and just doing life. We laughed and shared so much in that short time. As if we were having coffee chatting away the minutes of the afternoon. So grateful for life long friends that I have been blessed with. Even distance doesn't change or long periods of not talking to one another, just as if we had spoken yesterday or spent the day together. It truly is a blessing to have friends that pop up when you least expect that can turn an ordinary day into an extraordinary day of laughter and magic. It's like you are all tangled up in life, then they come along and take you away from the tangled knots of life. Fill your heart with so much love, laughter and joy, that when you have to go back to reality the tangled knots aren't so bad anymore. Being blessed with amazing friendships far and near is truly a blessing to be thankful for. Each friendship adds another jewel of beauty to who we are. Thank you Lord for the gifts of friendship. And truly I have been blessed with a great many friends that I treasure. Blessings

Day 29 Wanting to stay snuggled in my blankets. But it's rise and shine for some coffee time. Thankful for the prayers that have been sent my way. Each one has been felt this day and weekend. So grateful for the prayers of the saints. Excited to order yellow ribbons for my daughter Webber Heather and myself. Working on a little Mary Kay business today. Then an invite out for the afternoon with my friend Geo Sutter. What a lovely afternoon and evening it turned into. Mary McCormick Loomis meet up with us for a lovely dinner. Thank you. Then when I came home I sat and looked around. Smiles of tears wailed up inside of me. You see this balloon has been continually blessing me since Thanksgiving day. My beautiful daughter Heather and her children bought this for me. As I wasn't doing to well that day though they were here with me. The gift of her and the grandchildren giving me continue joy every time I see that balloon float around. Knowing with it came a great deal of hope, love, encouragement, and forgiveness in a very difficult situation. Reminding me how truly blessed I am and that "I can do all things through Jesus Christ who strengthens me." Very grateful for those He places around me daily in prayers, phone calls, love, in person and so much more. His gifts are endless and continual. Thank you Lord! Blessings

Day 30 The last Monday of January. Hard to believe this month is about completely over. Thank you Lord for blessing me and carrying me through the many obstacles of this month and meeting all of my various needs. It was a very full and busy Monday as we closed this day out. Heading from appointment to appointment. Grateful for the lady at the Senior Disabled office who was so patient and understanding. Helped me understand some things I didn't understand on the medical end. The courtesy of those that help others in understanding are truly wonderful as I know how frustrated I was. And can only imagine how others must feel trying to understand all the mumble jumble. So today I'm thankful for those lifesavers that help in all different types of areas where we may be confused by all the mumble jumble of legal jargon we would otherwise not understand. Thank you to all those wise people who help others understand. Blessings

Day 31 The close of January. We celebrate my mom's birthday today. I'm so truly blessed to still have my mom. Trying to reach her this morning was a bit of a tag game. So in traditional song I left message wishing her a very happy birthday and many blessings. Then she called me back before she was out her door celebrating with her friends. May I be as spunky and energetic as she is at her age. Mom have the best birthday ever. Love you! More appointments today. Thankful for the chiropractor who is helping me with pain. Late this afternoon I took a little road trip to one of my favorite places. Where I just feel such peace. Loved the breaks of blue in the sky that brings me hope. The tall trees resting by the river banks of rich water. Much like what I like to do with my Father in heaven, were He fills me with His living waters. Feeling refreshed and renewed in the gentle quiet of the late afternoon. Each fleeting moment a gift and memory made. Thank you Lord for all the many blessings you send my way. Blessings

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