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My journey through my day and my life with its andotes and life lessons of the day. The gifts and blessing of those people the Lord has surrounded me with along with the many treasure's He has left for me to open and enjoy along the way. My walk with my Lord and Savior, Prayers, Work, Play. Pictures of the gifts and blessing. My journey through life and how it has strengthened, blessed me or............

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Daily Journey

Monday, March 19, 2018

March Blessings ~ Counting It All Joy! (Week Two)


As the winds whistle through 
Blowing Winter away
The rains come splashing down 
Watering the land
As the daffodils bloom
The first signs of buds
Of the flowers to come
Chirping birds 
Singing their love song 
For Spring has arrived
Lovers hand and hand 
Come sit awhile 
Take rest in the garden 
As life comes into bloom 
In full color
For all to enjoy
As the March winds blow
Winter Goodbye!

~ Beth~

March 8~ Last morning waking up to the beautiful water views in Discovery Bay. Good morning Sherilynn Ganther and Katherine Fischer Huston. Its been a great few days exploring the Ports and Bays of upper Washington. Thank you for coming along with me on this birthday adventure this week. I have so many things to be so thankful for and everyday my list grows and grows. 
1. Getting packed and cleaned up before heading for new adventures that await. 
2. Stopping and getting last minute photos of interesting sites before leaving the Discovery Bay area. 
3. Going to Point No Point and doing a nice short hike in the rain. It actually was kinda fun. 
4. Seeing the Point No Point lighthouse and strolling around the grounds in the rain.
 5. Watching the fishermen in the surf fishing. 
6. Hot coffee and lunch. 
7. Wal-Mart finding a blouse for $1.00. 
8. A wonderful visit with mom before she called it a day. 
9. Getting coats in dryer. 
10. Getting wet clothes and shoes off and putting dry clothes on. 
11. Hot shower and comfy evening wear and calling it an early evening. 
12. A nice glass of wine with the ladies and some mystery TV. 
Thank you Lord for blessing this day fully with your abundance. Blessings

March 9~ OH! So stiff and so not fun! Good morning mom, Sherilynn Ganther, and Katherine Fischer Huston. Today is going to be a day of R&R with mom. A huge blessing and thankful in of itself. 
1. A blanket and bed to stretch on for a couple of hours before the day starts. 
2. Hearty oatmeal breakfast with mom and the ladies. 
3. Three games of Frackle with mom and Sheri. Mom won two; Sheri one. 
4. Then a game of Rummikub with mom and Sheri. Never finished game. But was fun. 
5. A yummy salmon dinner. Mom out did herself. 
6. A walk to mailbox with mom. 
7. Movie time....Hot Pursuit with Reese Witherspoon. Hilarious! 
8. More movies.....sappy Hallmark. 
9. Cozy clothes, no make-up or hair done. 
10. A perfectly lazy relaxing day with mom and friends. 
11. Being here with mom. 
Thank you Lord for this day and the blessing of just being here with mom and spending time with her and resting. Perfect day Lord thank you. Blessings

March 10~ Waking to another very ache body. Thank you Lord for about an hour stretched out in the blue room. Good morning mom, Sherilynn Ganther,Katherine Fischer Huston. It is a sunshine day here in Poulsbo. What beauty lays ahead filled with many reasons to be thankful for today. 
1. Oatmeal breakfast and coffee with mom and the ladies. 
2. Going to Poulsbo Historical Museum. Full of really interesting artifacts. And the gentleman running it very knowledgeable. 
3. Then off to Sea Discovery Center. Very fun little stop with lots of kids of all ages. 
4. Going back to a store that I had left a bag at on Monday and it was still there. 
5. Going back to the market to get more licorice and root beer. 
6. Beautiful sunshine and warmth as we walked around town. 
7. Playing Farkle with mom and Sheri this afternoon. And I won both games. Yeah! 
8. Mom's cowboy casserole for dinner. One of my favorites from childhood. 
9. Movie time after dinner with mom and the ladies. A period time true story. It was excellent! "Enslavement" with Jane Seymour and Keith Carradine. 
10. A popcorn popper that throws popcorn at you. So funny! But we did finally get our garlic popcorn. 
11. Laughter. 
Thank you Lord for another day filled with many blessings to fill my day. Blessings

March 11~ Last morning with mom. Good morning mom, Sherilynn GantherKatherine Fischer Huston! The morning with mom goes so fast. Time change has made these last few hours fly by. I know there are adventures awaiting to find and be thankful for today. My biggest thankful for today is being blessed with a beautiful baby girl 37 years ago. Happy birthday Racheal Perry! I love you so much. 
1. Spending morning with mom and the ladies and one more homemade breakfast with mom. The best! 
2. Drive to Bainbridge island to catch the ferry to Seattle. 
3. The view of Seattle and Mt. Reiner from the ferry. 
4. Getting out of the not so fun traffic and hills of Seattle safely heading towards a great adventure. 
5. Arriving at Snoqualmie Falls. WOW! 
6. The 1/2 mile hike down to the Snoqualmie River, power house, and boardwalk view to the Falls. Beautiful! 
7. The drive home in the beautiful sunshine weather. 
8. Meeting up with Mary McCormick Loomis for dinner. 
9. Getting car unloaded and unpacking from a great week with my friends. 
10. The amazing views of the day. 
11. The best travel companions. Thank you Sheri, and Katherine. 
Thank you Lord for this day and the friends and many blessings of the day to numerous to count. Blessings

March 12~ Awwww.....waking in my own bed and my house. Good morning Monday! Good morning Sherilynn Ganther, and Katherine Fischer Huston. One more short fling before going back into the real world of our personal lives. So much to be thankful for and I'm sure this day is filled with plenty of goodness to be thankful for as well. 
1. Waking up to another day and a few more hours with the ladies. 
2.Breakfast at IHOP before entering our perspective lives. 
3. Seeing the beautiful Geo Sutter today and her beautiful smile. 
4. Helping a friend out today. 
5. Being super blessed with some dishes; along with some other items. Thank you so very much. Super blessed. 
6. Cleaning out more junk from the house. 
7. Working in yard, getting limbs broken into green can. 
8. The beautiful sunshine today. 
9. Feeling accomplished. 
10. Talking with Sally Mazza
11. Moms phone call. 
12. Friends checking in on me. 
13. Leftovers for dinner. 
Yes! This has been a very full day, getting back into the grind of life. Filled with many blessings of abundance. So thankful for. Thank you Lord for filling this day and directing my footsteps. Blessings

March 13~ Good morning! Back to our regular scheduled life. Morning prayers and getting ready for appointments and of course coffee. I know I will find many things to be grateful and and so very thankful for. The days are stuffed with miracles and joys everyday even in the mundane and everyday living. 
1. Morning coffee and my weather report, before heading out the door. 
2. Warm clothing for the wet rainy day. 
3. Sharing my amazing trip.
4. Being able to open up and sort out confusion and frustration that makes no sense. And seeing things through a different light and filter. 
5. Realizing that as awesome as technology is it can be a deterrent from living and enjoying life and those around you fully.
 6. Having enough time between appointments to get shopping and gas. 
7. Realizing that sometimes its best to just keep your mouth shut. 
8. Long conversations with old and dear friends that make the journey beautiful. 
9. Saying prayers and praying for others needs; knowing the Lord heard and is answering them. 
10. Knowing others are praying for you and that all things work out for Gods good and glory. 
11. Knowing that I may not understand why certain things happen; but realizing that I don't always need to understand or have the answers. It is okay and that if I'm to know God will reveal all things in His perfect timing. 
12. That I have a safe and warm home to live in. 
Yes, Lord there is always something for me to be thankful for as you always reveal and bless me everyday with another day and your goodness even in the mundane day of living life. Thank you! Blessings

March 14~ Wednesday morning of beauty! Good morning early rise. Rather be sleeping but life is calling me. Morning routine of prayers, coffee, weather, and pull myself together. I know the day holds many treasures waiting for me to enjoy. I'm sure I will have plenty to be thankful for as I always do. 
1. Great to see Dolores and her mom this morning. 
2. The drive home on the river road from Oregon City just beautiful. 
3. Memories of driving some of this route to see a friend I miss. Wonder how they are. Thankful they crossed my path even if it was for a short period of time. 
4. Helping David out with his truck. 
5. Getting doctor appointments made. 
6. The beautiful sunshine today. 
7. Another interesting day with doctor and EKG. Seems this is becoming a little to familiar. Thankful for the technology and knowledge of the doctors and those caring for me. Not where one wants to spend an afternoon.....but .....I'm here! That's something to be thankful about for sure. 
8. Thank you Sherilynn Ganther for meeting me there, I truly appreciate that. 
9. Going to see Geo Sutter. So good to see her. 
10. A yummy dinner with friends. 
Thank you Lord for seeing me through another day. Carrying me through and meeting all my needs even the things I truly didn't want to deal with. You truly are the life giver. Thank you! Blessings

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