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Daily Journey

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Accountability ~ With Gym and Workouts

So today was my first day back to the gym since I left on my trip to visit all the grands. I must say that was a full time workout everyday. Especially since I spent most of my time at the ball park chasing after one game after the other. Three diamonds with grands on them. Plus there where two other fields I couldn't even get too as they where at two different parks. So I did get my work out that way in Sacramento not to mention chasing after little ones. I can say I'm not as young as I use to be. Glad I'm not raising little ones at this age. OH MY! I cannot believe I'm actually going to state this but it actually felt good to get back in the gym today. Had to work off all that Cold Cream Ice Cream that I had with the grandchildren not to mention all the other goodies as well.
It was great to see my encouraging work out partner's as well. I got there a bit early. But that was good. As I needed to do a bit longer work out. I did 150 sit-ups with 25 pounds of weight. I actually thought I had set it with 30 but I guess I didn't. Then I did fifteen minutes on the NuStep and an hour on the Tread Mill. A GOOD DAYS WORK OUT!  I was hoping I might get to go tomorrow not sure though. I have a full schedule this week. Next week as well. I need to write in time for the gym to maintain my goals and activity for the gym. But I sure did get the old heart a pumping today especially since I didn't have the little ones to get it pumping early everyday like when I was in Sacramento. There is a reason we have children young. They had me running and heart pumping early everyday. Great to be back on my routine.

Do you maintain your routine's well on vacation and find places to work out or do the things you would when you are at home?


welcome to my world of poetry said...

Great to read, getting back into the old routine after a vacation is sometimes hard.


Thisisme. said...

You certainly had a good workout on your first day back in the gym, my friend! Yes, there is a reason we do have our children when we're younger. I can vouch for that. I was looking after Eli & Ruby for eight days last week, and I still feel extremely tired! It was all go, go, go!!

Denise said...

Keep up the good work.