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Daily Journey

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Three Word Wednesday

Generous; adjective: (Of a person) showing a readiness to give more of something, as money or time, than is strictly necessary or expected; showing kindness toward others; (of a thing) larger or more plentiful than is usual or necessary.

Just; adjective: Based on or behaving according to what is morally right and fair; (of treatment) deserved or appropriate in the circumstances; adverb: Exactly; exactly or almost exactly at this or that moment.

Penalize; verb: subject to some form of punishment; (in various sports) punish (a player or team) for a breach of the rules by awarding an advantage to the opposition; put in an unfavorable position or at an unfair disadvantage; law make or declare (an act or offense) legally punishable.

Your generous hospitality
Is just what I need
You wash the blues away
The smile that shines
Brings a just and generous smile to me
Why should we be penalized 
For the friendship of hope
That brings such joy
Penalize those who bring the brow to a frown
As you turn our frown to a smile 
That shines within
The open heart of generosity
Is the gift from above
It is the just light that shines within
Each and everyone of us
That welcomes Him in our hearts
This just and generous hospitality
That washes the blues away


Is anyone having problems with Blogger that use it? I cannot get my page to set the way I had it.
Any suggestions.....I have never had this happen wont reset at all!  


Daydreamertoo said...

Lovely prose.

I have several friends on blogger and have told them to try using Google chrome as their browser and make entries that way. They said it worked better. I don't know if it's because Google owns chrome & blogger and therefore it's designed to work better through it than internet explorer or firefox etc.
Maybe try it and see if it works any better for you.

Denise said...

Enjoyed your poem.