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Daily Journey

Monday, July 1, 2013

June Sunshine Finds~ June Joy Dare

June Sunshine Finds

Day 24~ June Sunshine Finds are gray skies of rain. So making my own sunshine is in order today. I think that will be a lot of R & R. Catching up with Sally Mazza and her adventures. My new BBQ was brought home today! YEA! Now if the sun and warmer weather would arrive and stay. Yes today was one of those days were being in the house snuggled up was just perfect for me.

Day 25~ June Sunshine Finds me ready to work. But...the Lord gave me today off to do other things. I enjoyed a wonderful phone call with Crystal N Koch who always lifts me up and encourages me. My mentor and treasured friend and sister in the Lord! Another enjoyable phone call and catching up with my friend Tricia Towne! Loved hearing her voice and just talking.

Hearing Sally's voice on the phone as I drove down the road this evening. She always makes me laugh and I know she is always there for me no matter the time or day. A day of catching up with those I love that are far away in other states. A bit of cleaning for the upcoming week. ust a few treasures that helped me get through a day that otherwise would have been very difficult. A sunshine gift indeed.

Day 26~ June Sunshine Finds starts out with gray skies of beauty and morning call. Then sitting having morning coffee with hubby before I start the day of adventures. Off to bring smiles of short haircuts and beauty to the ladies at the Adult Foster Care. Always blessed to see their smiles. Then off and running to find goodies for the coming week. Costco and Walmart always an adventure in and of themselves But.....both on the same day is a sunshine all in of its own. So excited to know I have taken care of some of the things for the coming week ahead. Muggy sunshine springs forth as the day lingers on. Excited to look for a trailhead for Carol Miller and I this Saturday. Adventures awaiting. YEA!!! Quietly amazed at all I haven't seen in my own back yard. Oh the adventures and sunshine ahead.

Day 27~ June Sunshine Finds are having work for these hands. Love when I have work and the ladies leave with smiles. It always brings sunshine and happiness. Making the decision about my work schedule for the the 4th of July week. Finding a collapsible cane for traveling that I can put in hand bag when I don't need to use it. What a perfect sunshine gift and done in pink rose's too. :) As well as getting my elbow brace. Love when we find the perfect items we need. Got some more shopping done for the month of July! Love that I am getting these things done. Sunshine indeed!

Day 28~ June Sunshine Finds where to start! The sun woke me with the morning light. A golden yellow gem! Then when I arrive I have a full schedule of beauty and new gentleman Joe was a hoot! I really liked him! Had me laughing the whole time. Got to drive in the wonderful heat of the golden ray ball of heat that brought us to 90 degrees today. YEA! Spoken to my gal at the bank she wants to come for a facial on Monday. I also handed out a book to a neighbor here in the apartments who maybe interested. Plus the lovely Shari Whitlock is wanting a make over as well. Laundry done for both salons next week. YES! Got some Mary Kay business done as well. Enjoying the beauty of the evening and just feeling a bit accomplished. ♥ I would say I had some wonderful sunshine finds today.

Day 29~ June Sunshine Finds light breaking through the window blinds waking me to get ready for a day to remember. Filled with friendship, laughter, and God's amazing creation of beauty! Carol Miller and I had a very fun filled eventful day of photo capturing moments. I surely wont forget this day! Thank you Carol! ♥ The Emerald Falls! The scenic drive both there and back! Lunch with a view and great company! Just a few highlights of the day! Nothing better than exploring the beauty that surrounds us! Thank you Lord!

Day 30~ June Sunshine Finds me getting ready for a full week of excitement! Cleaning and washing rugs and floors. Truly I am not sure what the sunshine is in it until it is complete! But....It is a blessing to be able to do these things and know that it will be worth it in the end. Things are shaping up nicely around here. Watered my beautiful flowers on my patio before it got to warm today. An awesome visit with Crystal N Koch! She always up lifts encourages me and makes me see things through the way the Lord would see them. Thank you for being such a gift to me my precious friend. I always have a wonderful visit and a new up dated prayer list. I love you much! Gods blessings! Phone calls from grandchildren about up coming visit! So excited they are jumping on the phone even. I love it! It is going to be a grand time here this coming week and month ahead. So my sunshine finds is preparation for the month. Joy is coming................This was a great month as it comes to a close I thank God for each and everyday and each one of you. ♥

 June Joy Dare

June Joy Dare
Day 24~ A gift in water, in words, in white
My gift in water would be my nice hot shower this morning. I took a nice long one. I love the water running down my back. A gift of water massage I say.
In words is hearing that I will be able to get my waffle iron replaced. It just means being a bit creative. Those words made my afternoon. As I had only used the waffle iron about three times four max.
In white is the refrigerator that holds all my cold foods and freezer foods until I am ready to use them.

June Joy Dare

Day 25~ 3 Gifts in someone older than you
I'm laughing so hard on this one. As most of you know I do hair in assisted living and nursing home. So I am always around older people than me. 
1) Their wisdom and insight
2) Their zeal for life
3) Their stories of their life filled with rich history and love

June Joy Dare

Day 26~ 3 Gifts found in fabric
1) The feel of the Hula-hoops and the plastic that they are made of. A fun adventure with grandchildren when they arrive from California and huge gift indeed.
2) The silky feel of my blouse....I love that material. The loose comfortable fit.
3) The fabric the couch is made out of. I not sure what it is. But I sure do like and love the color as well. It was a wonderful gift to me too about two years ago. Than you Cindy!

June Joy Dare

Day 27~ 3 Gifts framed by a frame
1) The pencil etching of my mom and dad in their younger days; on loan to me from my sisters. They hang proudly in my living room.
2) The pictures that hang in my salon at the village that Melody left for decor in an otherwise very plain hospital looking room.
3) The family snap shots that are framed in a family frame of our family reunion back in Omaha, Nebraska when the girls where little. One of my favorite memories. The only family reunion we ever had and the last. We all agreed! LOL

June Joy Dare
Day 28~ 3 Gifts eaten
1) I really enjoyed the noodle salad served today at the assisted living. It was very yummy!
2) The chicken oriental salad and chicken breast that I had for dinner this evening.
3) The Greek honey yogurt with the fresh fruit that I had with dinner this evening. Very yummy!
I would say it was a yummy healthy food day.

June Joy Dare

Day 29~ A gift small, big, just right
I am laughing so hard over this one as I think today was filled in every way with all of the gifts small, big and just right.
The small gift would be the joy of taking family photos for a traveling family through the Gorge at the Visita House at Crown Point! They were so excited that someone would offer to do that. I had like three camera's taking photos for them. My small gift of delight.
The big gift was the joy of my adventure out with Carol Miller today and going to the Emerald Falls and the drive there and back on scenic routes. The company of a good friend and the memories made. Perfect!
Just right is knowing that God has you in the very palm of His hand! I know your thinking that is Big! But... to me it is just right! I know He has me!

June Joy Dare
Day 30~ 3 Gifts you gave today
I am laughing a bit as I really have been inside cleaning all day. So.....
1) I gave praise to my Heavenly Father 
2) I had a listening ear and as well as they did. Love that we can do that with one another. The gift of friendship.
3) I gave hubby and myself a clean house

Are you going out of town for the week ahead?

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