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My journey through my day and my life with its andotes and life lessons of the day. The gifts and blessing of those people the Lord has surrounded me with along with the many treasure's He has left for me to open and enjoy along the way. My walk with my Lord and Savior, Prayers, Work, Play. Pictures of the gifts and blessing. My journey through life and how it has strengthened, blessed me or............

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Daily Journey

Monday, June 24, 2013

June Sunshine Finds~ June Joy Dare

June Sunshine Finds

Day 17~ June Sunshine Finds me looking forward to yet another exciting day! Up somewhat early to have morning coffee which I always find as a small slice of sunshine. Getting ready to meet Mandie Ambs and her beautiful children at the Grotto for a morning walk in the peaceful sanctuary of the gardens. The real joy was sharing the morning with the children and Mandie and getting to know them better. ♥ Loved watching them run and play. Walking the Labyrinthian with the kids was wonderful. Seeing things through their eyes is amazing. I loved the seeing all the flowers in bloom. Having a quiet lunch at Popeye's and reflecting on the goodness of the Lord. Home to more tranquil moments before hubby gets home. I would say I have many sunshine finds and moments as I reflect on all that is good and wonderful. Thank you Lord!
The other really big piece of sunshine in this day was the chat with my brother as well as my nephew. Loved talking with them both. Miss them and love them so much. 

Day 18~ June Sunshine Finds three haircuts on my sheet today when I get to work! YEA! And of course one shampoo set. Making them the sunshine beautiful with some clips for the warmer weather and a new look for the week. Smiles for everyone! Home early as it doesn't take long to do haircuts. Some quiet moments and prayer time with Crystal N Koch! Makes the world look brighter and more cheery! Thank you for the encouragement and prayers my friend! Then a movie with hubby. We watched "Moneyball" with Brad Pitt. I really liked this movie it was good! Now some quiet time as the day comes to a close.

Day 19~ June Sunshine Finds me awaking to the smells of coffee brewing what could be sweeter.  Today's sunshine was hidden in puffy grey clouds with peeks of blue sky. My phone conversation with daughter today about up coming trip brought smiles of delight with many prayers. Posting photos for Mandie Ambs was a joy to me today. It over all was a very quiet and peaceful day which is a gift I love and treasure everyday.

Day 20~ June Sunshine Finds me up with the grey skins of sunshine. The morning was full of beautiful ladies getting their hair done for the week. Done early and lunch with Mary McCormick Loomis sharing and catching up. Thank you for a lovely afternoon. We went to Cash -N-Carry never been before! WOW! Thank you Mary for this little find that will bring sunshine for sure in the pocket book. Then a surprise knock on the door brings me tears of answered prayers. My old neighbor who was in a mess of affairs has been in recovery. I didn't even recognize her. Looks so beautiful and happy! keep up the awesome work beautiful lady and Praise God for the work He has started in you and will see to the end of completion. I applaud your accomplishment and the beauty that shines through. The best gift of the day seeing her smiling face an answered prayers. ♥ :) ♥

Day 21~ June Sunshine Finds us searching for rainbows. It was a full busy day at the salon. Making smiles that are better than the bucket of gold at the end of the rainbow. Because they are the rainbow of life each one. New styles and oh yes the dreaded favorite little red rod perm. Yes there was glimpse's of the sun trying to break through. But through it all today we found our own rainbow and sunshine.

Day 22~ June Sunshine Finds me up early and ready for some fun adventures with friends. A beautiful drive to central Oregon for a rock show with Mary McCormick Loomis and Edie Ricker Cowell! A wonderful breakfast at ZigZag! Then laughter never stops. Enjoyed learning about rocks and getting some as a gift! Sitting on my fireplace mantel. Sunshine and giggles all day from start to finish what could be better? Looking for the ruby slippers and the the lost Mt Hood. Inside joke but oh what fun! Never a dull moment when we seize the day!!

Day 23~ June Sunshine Finds waking to early morning call from number one daughter about up coming travels. Which does bring me great sunshine in my life. Making arrangements for my granddaughterSummer Harris to spend a few weeks with us. YEA! She will surely bring laughter, joy, and sunshine into our life's. Then working on little business projects and completing some goals. Laundry done for the shop and home is truly a blessings. That one seems to be an ongoing blessing each week. Watching the Killing series with hubby!

 June Joy Dare

June Joy Dare
Day 17~ 3 Gifts in your dad
1) He is a hard working man
2) He loves his family
3) He is tough but fair

June Joy Dare
Day 18~ 3 Gifts from your heavenly Father 
1) Waking every morning and being able to breathe and get up and find all the blessing He has left around for me to find in my world.
2) The love of my friends and sisters and brothers in Christ! The prayers of the saints.
3) The talent and the ability to work with my hands and make others feel and look great! 

June Joy Dare
Day 19~ 3 Gifts you become today in serving
Well......I really didn't leave the house today except for my walk to the mailbox. So this one maybe a bit tricky to accomplish. you all know I am up for the challenge.
1) A prayer partner and warrior for the needs of others.
2) A cook for hubby and I
3) An encourager was reminded as well.

June Joy Dare
Day 20~ A gift bent, beautiful, loved
My bent gift would be the flowers in the garden from all the rain that we have been getting. I see them bending in God"s glory!
The beautiful smiling face of the lovely person on the other side of my door in total sobriety looking so lovely and full of life. Thank you Lord for answered prayers. I didn't even recognize her at all! Such beauty that was hidden is now shining forth. Praise the Lord!
Loved is the friends and the friendships that I have. I so love and treasure each and everyone. The many faucets of my life that each one brings is a golden gem that shines brightly in my life add such rich beauty to mine. I love you all thank you for being a part of my life and adding such richness to it.

June Joy Dare

Day 21~ 3 Gifts found in light
1) My morning light from the breaking of dawn coming in through the blinds to wake me in the morning.
2) The digits on my electric clock that are light up with light day and night to see them more clearly.
3) My way in the darkness my the light of the silvery moon and a flash light.

June Joy Dare
Day 22~ 3 Gifts that are difficult
This one is a tough one cause it was an amazing day!
1) Getting up in the morning even when you know it is going to be play date kinda day. With lots of fun and adventures. Staying under the covers always seems so much easier it can be so difficult to get up especially if you didn't sleep well the night before.
2) Saying goodbye is never easy it can be very difficult at times.
3) Finding the right words to express ones self can be very difficult at times.

June Joy Dare
Day 23~ 3 Gifts found around the table
I am laughing so hard on this one. I know what I want to do and what is around my table unless we are talking coffee table. Than again it does't specif what kind of table. (Giggling)
1) Well...........What I would like to find around my table is love and family; kitchen table doubles as a storage for my kitchen. So..... to me that is a blessing to use it as a little extra storage space. Then clear when needed. :)
2) I find chips snacks on my table which is nice when I want a treat.
3) A picture of my mom and hubby's mom on the kitchen table along with the baby shoes of two of my daughters done in bronze. ♥

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