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Daily Journey

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

May Blessings ~ Counting It All Joy (Week Two)



May Flowers Of Beauty

May 9~ Is it really time to start this day!?! Sun shining brightly burning light rays through the breaks in the drapes.; bringing me smiles of warmth and joy. Coffee and out the door to Oregon City for some smiles of beauty. Oh my gosh even my beautiful drive on country roads along the River Road is busy. Still beautiful and much more relaxing than the freeway. Always makes me smile with warm thoughts and joy of happiness. Thank You Lord and my friend for this wonderful route! Played with the musical stuffed toys well Dolores's hair was drying, what fun! Just like a kid in the store pushing all of the buttons to hear all of the sounds, and to see what they will do. Oh no! A rock through my windshield....that puts a damper on the day. Oh wait! So happy I have my new insurance coverage. It's covered! Thank you for Country Financial. And it was put in this afternoon. Now that is great service on both ends. So a lovely walk through the town of Gresham well Mt. Hood Glass put windshield in. Thankful they could get me in right away. What a beautiful day for a walk through town. Loving this sunshine. I think this is were I'm suppose to do my happy dance! Soaking in those sunshine rays from that yellow ball of fire. An unexpected wonderful phone call from my friend Denise. Always wonderful to hear from her. Its so nice to have friends that even when you talk or see each other forever you know they are there. Thank you Eleanor for your Mary Kay order. Love when the business works when I'm doing other things. Thank you Webber Heather for getting Eleanor's order to me. Yes even on a day that I had other plans that went south, that turned this day upside down........I can truly say I'm blessed and thankful for the way the day is going. Perfectly designed by the Lord, even in unexpected mishaps, and twist and turns in the day. It actually turned out to be a pretty nice day even though it didn't go the way i wanted it too. And the Spring and Summer dance starts. My heart is singing the "put your dancing shoes on." Its time to get out of that house and dance an new dance. Winter blues are out of here! Be gone! Blessings

May 10~ Really!?! I just went to sleep do I have to get up? A packed full day awaits you Beth. Ladies lined up to see you. Smiles in bucket loads. Busy day seven beautiful smiles of beauty at the salon today. Home to do two more haircuts. Finish packing. Time is ticking soon you will be at the airport. Great steward on the plane. Quite the comedian. Arrived safely to smiling grandchildren.Webber Heather looks so tired.a late dinner, drop daugther off at work, then home to rest. Thank you Lord for safe travels and so many smiles, and lots of friends that lighten my load. Yes I am super blessed and ever so grateful. Blessings

May 11~ Toss and turn! Toss and turn! Oh no time to rise and shine. Dear daughter Webber Heather needs her momma to come get her from work. Early morning sunshine....oh the traffic and freeway! Oh how I don't miss this at all! Home to get the kiddos off to school. Morning coffee at Rio Java with Jodi Lynn Donahoe-Renison. Thank you for the yummy coffee. Heather thought she would make the perfect morning sitter. She did! Racheal daughter number three showed up to have coffee with me. Thank you! Then off to see Donna Brooks and Lisa Stites. So wonderful to see you and catch up a little. It's been much to long. Must do again soon. Then home to rest before kiddos come home. Walk to Knights Academy for the kiddos kickboxing. Then was surprised by granddaughter Summer Harris. Had a lovely visit. Then our walk home from gym. Lovely evening with the cool Delta breezes. I do miss them. Then another surprise grandson number three Nick Perry surprises me. I'm so thankful and blessed by these amazing grandchildren. All are growing into beautiful talented amazing young adults. I'm so proud to be their mema. Lord I thank you for blessings me with my gorgeous daughter's Heather, Amber Webber, Racheal, and the ten amazing grandchildren they have blessed me with. Yes, I have so much to be thankful for today and everyday. Blessings

May 12~ Waking up and being served hot coffee and a sweet roll in bed. So super blessed to wake to my daughter Webber Heather blessing me with the perfect wake up call. Kiddos out the front door to school. Heather and I do some shopping therapy. I introduce her to Maurices. So loves how comfortable their clothing is. She blessed me with a yummy Lunch at "Taste of Tuscany" in Roseville. Then off to Wal-Mart were she does some Mother Day shopping. Love spending the day with my girls. Wish I had my other two daughters Amber Webber, and Racheal with me enjoying this day as well. Love mother daughter time. Text that makes me laugh with smiles as I look forward to seeing you soon. Pick up kids and head to dinner party in Roseville. What a delightful evening with the kids other set of grandparents. Dinner was excellent and the hospitality and company the icing on the cake. Thank you for including me. A fun after dinner table game before dessert. "Table Conversation/ Conversation Box" What a fun way to open the table up and get to know those around you. I may have to do this. Home were my granddaughter Sammie came to spend the night with us. Today's blessings and things to be thankful for immeasurable. Blessings that over flow, flowing and pouring into others happy zone. The best kind of day when your gifts and treasures over flow into others joy and happiness, making their days full of blessings unexpected. Thank you Lord for enlarging my basket of blessings so that it over flows into others life's and brings blessings their way. Blessings

May 13~ Time to quietly get up and get ready for my morning adventure. Heather is sleeping and so are the kiddos, after their late night escapades. Meeting up with Gale Paiva. Thank you for inviting me to breakfast. Great seeing you and doing a little bit of catching up. Loved seeing Janetta Ann, Navaeh, Debbie. Time passes by so quickly. Time with B-man; just him and I. What fun we had. Snap chat crazy photos. Basketball, scooter and secret places. Blessed to have one on one time with him. Seeing An Drea, and Mandy Romine. Took my daughter Webber Heather out and blessed her today. These girls have grown up together. Somethings never change. Life long friends. Such treasured gifts. Was great seeing them today. A spider in my blanket! Oh hell no!! Even in the warmer weather and sunshine I still want to be wrapped in a blanket. Believe it or not I'm cold. Thankful to be here in Sacramento with the sunshine though. Today's abundant blessings are time spent with family and life long friends. Knowing they are always there in love and in our hearts no matter where we are. Always in my heart and in my prayers. Thank you Lord for the life long blessings of relationships that withstand the test of time and the journey of life in every chapter and season. Feeling Loved! Blessings

May 14~ Good morning! It's mother's day and the day is going to be full. Rise and get dressed for church with Webber Heather and the family. I am blessed with a picture of Heather's four children in a beautiful hand made frame. What a wonderful way to start my morning. Then an unexpected mother's day wish that brings me joy and happiness in a form of a text. Thank you! You are bringing me sweet smiles across the miles. Was blessed with breakfast this morning before Sunday school. God I love when you shine through others. Then durning service was blessed to see my three grandchildren Mickeneez, Rylee, and B-man perform this morning. What a gift to be here to enjoy these blessing. After service time with my youngest daughter Racheal and her family. Her husband Nick BBQ for all of us. It was a lovely afternoon and meal with two of my daughter's and five of my grandchildren. Love seeing how much big Nick loves my daughter and his family; and all of us. Got to talk to my mom and she was blessed to speak to Heather, Racheal, and her great grandson Nick Perry. Missing my Amber Webber, but know I will see her soon. Pray her day was blessed. Loved hearing her voice today. Yes! Today I'm blessed to be a mom and grandmother and an influence to many others that the Lord has blessed me with in my life. To see the lives that I've touched and to see how I have touched others as well, is a blessing immeasurable. We just never know the impact we have on others or the impact we have on them. Thank you Lord for blessing me with my girls that have blessed me abundantly. And all the other children and lives you have brought into my life. Truly rich in love that keeps giving. It has been a humbling day. Blessings

May 15~ Good morning Monday! It is a bitter sweet day to rise and shine. It's time to spend a little more time with the kiddos before school. Hurry mom it's time to go! Oh No! NO make up nor hair combed! Lord be with me! Vanity popping out. LOL Then Webber Heather and I go pick up her sister for morning breakfast and coffee. Headed to the pancake house in North Highlands. Laugh is on mom. I can take the heat. Judgment coffee! Thank you Racheal for breakfast, Heather for driving. It was a wonderful mourning with my girls. Then home to freshen up and out the door once again. These girls are always on the move. Ummmmm......wonder where they got that from? Errands out of the way. Let's have ice cream Heather. It is a good food group and a good food source all on its own. Then we pick up Summer Harris and head home. I finish up my packing. A little home work time with the kids. Then a quick stop for some good byes at Racheal,s. B-man wants to climb inside my luggage and come home with me. I'm going to cry. Mom just go! I love you all so very much! See you soon. At the airport.....I don't have a seat? WHAT??? PLANE THREE HOUR DELAY!?!?!? Huge sigh! Okay! I just need to get home. Waiting isn't fun! Counter call 100 dollar voucher for next travel adventure with Southwest. Well....thank you Lord! For our inconvenience. Sweet! Late night arrival to rainy Portland. Home to my own bed so very grateful. Blessings to be thankful for today, time spent with my girls and grandchildren. Laughter under the poker face I held all morning long!. Remember mom use to work in gambling halls and played poker. Not being the premium-a-donna all made up. LOL Heather! Love you! The voucher for 100 dollars, home safely to my liquid sunshine and my own home and bed. Yep! I'm blessed and have lots to be thankful for. Blessings

May 16~ Waking up in ones own bed. Time to get my motor running and get back to my routine. Coffee prayers and out the door for work. Oh no! Car is empty! Guess I'm getting gas. Out to Oregon City on my country roads along the river. I never get tired of this drive. More time for prayers. Lots of liquid sunshine coming down. Your not in sunny California anymore. Home to go through mail and bills. So much to catch up on. Oh my yard needs so much work. Thank you Geo Sutter for an early dinner. It was good to see you and catch up. An invite out....oh where the heck is that?!? Yes ... I would love to meet up. Looking good! You know how to make this girl blush! Between the texting and a lovely evening out and a sweet good night. It was a wonderful welcome home. Thank you for the smiles. Today's blessings are numerous. Seeing the beauty in the liquid sunshine with sunlit breaks beaming through the clouds. The jungle that's called my yard...because it holds flowers of beauty hidden in the jungle of over grown grass and colorful blooms. Time spent with friends. An unexpected date with a warm welcome home. The smile that says I'm glad to see you. Yes I'm thankful for the many blessings God pours out daily just for me to enjoy. So thankful for another day. Blessings

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