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Daily Journey

Monday, June 5, 2017

May Blessings ~ Counting It All Joy (Week Three)


May Flowers Of Beauty

May 17~ Time to wake to Wednesday routine. Oh how I want to stay in bed. No! Not today; beautiful ladies await your arrival. Ten happy clients. Yes they were lined up. Long day at salon. Didn't leave until well after three. Even got Thursday appointment done. Yes it is a good day. Home and falling asleep on couch. Happy morning text and afternoon smiles. Yes your selected! A delightful call from my friend Rosalie Reinhold. Love hearing from you and a bit of catch up. Prayers wrapped tightly in love sent to Our Father in heaven right back down to you. A full day of work is a blessing and provision from heaven above. Happiness in moving in a new direction. A gift that brings joy and smiles. Friendship that is a true treasure. So many things to be thankful for. Closed my eyes and boom! Yes I'm blessed! Blessings

May 18~ Really? Phone ringing....much to early. Okay rise and shine. No sleeping in; time for that another day and time. Coffee, wash that pretty wisdom right out of my hair. Getting things done this morning. A good morning sunshine text! Why thank you! Maybe it's good to rise early morning even on non work days. Afternoon appointments. Loving the beautiful sunshine. Early dinner and walk at Edgefield with Geo Sutter. Thank you. Lots of pretty flowers in the garden. Oh look....a putting green! I call it a beautiful green park! Brings laughter and smiles. Home to finish up morning chores. Always so much to do. Today I'm so thankful for that yellow ball of fire burning brightly bringing me lots of warmth. Flowers in the garden along with the flowers of beauty in my life called friendships. My morning text of sunshine to go along with the sunshine outside. Fresh linen and new doors with possibilities. Thank you Lord for all these blessings and so much more. Blessings

May 19 ~ Restless morning...... turns into a day filled with blessings...starting with prayers, coffee, and a wonderful morning call from Crystal N Koch. So glad to hear from you. Time to get out the door and get some errands taken care of. Haircut, pick up some maps, car washed, bottle stop. Really glad I went there. I didn't have as much gas money in cans as I thought I had. And you can only draw so much a day out. Tis all good. The rest will come in surprising ways I'm sure. Time to work in the yard. I filled up the yard debris can almost. So much weeding to do. And I didn't even make a dent. There is so much work out there. Pulling weeds I think about how the Lord pulls weeds from our life so we can grow stronger and healthier. Garden is a great way to see how the Lord works in our life's. Thank you Lord for clearing the weeds out of my life daily. Grateful for the sunshine. Clean up and meet up withShari Whitlock and the ladies for dinner, what delightful time. Got to seeMelissa Simmons, Sharon, Teressa, and Dolores. What a great evening we had. Today's blessing are wrapped in fellowship with the ladies at dinner. Funds to get my hair done and car washed. Enjoying the outdoors in my yard soaking the rays in as I weed. And the photos daughter Webber Heatherposted for me of her and Rylee in the flower gardens at the state capital in Sacramento. Thank you! Thanking the Lord for always revealing His love and provisions for me. Love how He speaks to us in everyday life if we just stop and listen. Blessings

May. 20~ nice to just lay in bed this morning and do absolutely nothing. Think I could stay here all day. Love wrapping around my pillows and being lazy. Okay yes Geo Sutter I would love to come over for lunch. Thank you for making a lovely lunch for us. Oh the walk in Gresham today was so nice. The best was the yogurt treat. Thank you. Sunshine kept peeping in and out. Glad I had my little jacket to keep me warm. Home reading. A knock on the door. Two Pastors from a neighborhood church doing outreach. They prayed with me for family; and we shared a little of God's rich blessings and love for us. God is so good He knows when to send reinforcements to help you stand in the gap and pray. To open doors in new directions. Thank you Lord for your perfect laborers and timing in all things. What an encouragement and blessing. Thank you for the picture you paint for me everyday brand new to enjoy. What a gift to get up and be apart of what you are doing through others and me in this old world. Thank you Lord for another day laced with gifts of life for me to enjoy. Blessings

May 21~ Waking to sunshine breaking through the drapes. Up to get ready for a breakfast engagement. Not sure I should go! But it's breakfast and I don't have to pay. That's a blessing. Smiles and glances from afar. Maybe someday! Seeing some friends is always good meeting new people priceless. Amber you are one spunky little lady. Glad to meet you. I think Amber' s must be spite fires. Love it! Home to put together Mary Kay orders. Always a blessing. Text from my beautiful Mickeneez. Loved those messages brightened my day with huge smiles of love. Some good news on a silent prayer request as we continue to pray for total healing. Thank you Lord for your miracles everyday. My heart is lonely so looking forward to family time. Thank you Lord for provision for this up coming visit. The quiet in the house is the peace in my heart even in the loneliness. Your grace is sufficient for me, even when it's hard to be alone. My blessings today are filled with emptiness and hope. As the sun shines it's warmth down upon me filling me with Your light Lord. Thank you. Blessings

May 22 ~ Oh it is hot! Sun beams breaking through the drapes kissing me good morning. Up to start a new chapter in the journey called life. Going to rock this day out. Full of errands and appointments. Ping! Ummm....wonder who is texting at 7:30 am I pray everything is okay. "Happy sunny Monday" thank you. You just made my day brighter with smiles of happiness. What a great way to start my day and week. Bottle store, car fluids checked and tires checked. Good to go! Time for happy feet and pretty toes. All before first appointment of the day. Sweet! Meet up with Mary McCormick Loomis for lunch. Thank you for meeting with me. Great to see you and catch up. On to next appointment. Time with some of the most amazing ladies I have had the pleasure of getting to know. So resilient and their lights shine so brightly. They are up lifting and encouraging with so much wisdom and insight to input and share. Thank you all for enriching my life with your presence and beauty. Then I get lost in the traffic and heat of the afternoon as I go meet up with Melissa Simmons. Thank you for walking over to the market. I was blessed to see you twice in a week. Your smile and hug a gift thank you. Then the sun turns my car into an oven. I love sun and heat but I don't need to be a baked Beth. Meet up withGeo Sutter and we go for a lovely stroll in her neighborhood. Getting my exercise in. Yea! Thank you! Also for your wisdom and insight to help me see things in a different perspective and to not analyze so much. May need this pep talk again but thank you so much Geo. Lord thank you for the blessings of women that are strong and friendships that endure. For afternoon benches, with cool breezes in the shade, birds singing there love songs to the world. Closing my eyes and shutting out the busy crazy world around me. Yes Lord You jam packed my day with an early morning sunlit kiss of love with abundance of sunshine and warmth to the soul breathing another day of life into me. Time to close this day with gratitude for all you gifted me with today. Thank you! Blessings

May 23~ No it cannot be time to get up I just fall asleep! Ugh! Phone ringing at 6 am. Really? Okay rise and shine, don't pull those covers over your head there is life to be lived today. Coffee, prayers, hot shower, yes I can do this. Ping! My phone again..... "Good morning what a beautiful day to put some color on......" oh I'm really liking these good morning text. Why thank you.... I think I shall. Once again you've put a good morning smile on my face and a dance step in my stride for the day. I think I could really get use to this. Hope your day was awesome as well! And you got some sun time. Off to do hair in Oregon City. So love that river drive out there and back. It's like taking a mini vacation. I never will tire of that drive. Thank you for this slice of heaven here on earth in a busy big city. Early yummy Lunch. Then on to next appointment. To crowded! Don't know....but will see. Home to kick back and relax under the fan. Yes I have had another day of beautiful sunshine to dance in and soak up the warmth. Evening breezes kissing me so gently reminding me of the love YOU have for me Lord. Small little gifts of your love and creation all around me to take in and enjoy. Truly you bless me everyday with your riches. Thank you! Blessings

May 24~ Good morning! Wake-up! Time to rise and shine. Full day of activities awaits you. Coffee time! Lots of prayers to cover this day in. Ladies await me. Nine on the books. Oh how I want to get out early. Doesn't look like it. Lined up at the door. Thank you Lord for my beautiful ladies. Two cancel, but still a busy full day. Oh look ping! My good morning text a little later than normal. Your setting a tone for me, with smiles. Mary McCormick Loomisstopped by salon and shared her bright and shiny smile with us. Shop laundry done and ready to go in two weeks. Late start on the road. Think the Lord is keeping me safe. First stop in Clover to check onKatherine Fischer Huston. Thank you for blessing me with a bite to eat. And let's not forget my teaspoon of Ice cream. Meanie! On the road heading to Sally Mazza house. Beautiful drive into Klammath Falls. Trucker trucker 1 - 9 I'm in a convoy. No Smokey's in site! Arrival! Sally made dinner and margaritas. Yummy yummy in the tummy! Plans changed...but I may change them up more. We will see what ideas I come up with. Thank you Lord for the safe arrival to my first destination on the first leg of my trip. Thankful for getting through this day. Loved my conversation tonight. Thank you for the evening smiles. Lord your blessings abound as I look forward into my future; thank you. Blessings

May 25 ~ Awake early. Quietly start getting ready for the day of adventures ahead of me. Time to load the car for our traveling adventures. Decisions which direction to go. It is a beautiful morning. Coffee and prayers before we hit the road to parts unknown. Okay Sally Mazza and I are heading to Portola to my daughter Amber Webber, and two granddaughters Sara Harris, and Summer Harris. Long drive in the mountain's. Free lunch in Portola. Cool! Laughter and fun spent with my girls. Body is tired. Still another two to three hours to Webber Heather. Beautiful scenic views into Sacramento from Portola. Stop on the Truckee River. Could have camped out there. So relaxing.....great place to stretch and regroup. Finally make it to Sacramento. Ready to unwind! So very exhausted and just need to rest. Thank you Lord for getting us here safely and for the many blessings along the way. So grateful for each and every one of them today, to many to count. Blessings

May 26~ Sleep and more sleep! Oh how I could sleep all day. Look Webber Heather brought coffee and sweet rolls home. Thank you honey, what a blessing. Okay....I will get moving. So much to accomplish today. Let's get this car washed. Eye balls popping out $25. To wash the bugs off my car. Then grocery shopping. Feeling really blessed I live in Oregon. They pay 10c a bag to bag your groceries. Gas up car for adventures this coming week. Again I'm thankful I live in Orgeon. Here I pump my gas and at home they pump my gas for me. Sally Mazza and I bouncing from one store to another today. Thank you Sally for cooking dinner. Love fried chicken, homemade potato salad, broccoli and cheese. What a very yummy dinner. Phone lines are burning up. Prayers being sent. Does not understand why some don't honor and respect those that serve. But am so thankful I was raised to honor and respect those that serve. Thankful for all that Sally helped me accomplish today. You have blessed my daughter Heather, her family and I so much today. My huge thankful today is knowing I serve a big God who meets all our needs above and beyond. For long lasting friendships that are loving, accepting, full of grace and understanding. For the noise of my grandchildren and the hugs and love they give me. Thank you Lord for another day of possibilities filled with your gifts just for me. Blessings

May 27~ Waking up and saying good morning sunshine and world. Today our soldier arrives home. Everyone is so excited for Anthony DeSouzato arrive. Webber Heather loads us all up to head to the airport. Anthony thinks mom is bringing the whole dam neighborhood. Close! But....really it's just the family. Lunch, shopping, and ice cream, what could be better. Visits from my grandchildren bring joy and happiness to my heart. It is so full with love. Thank you Shawn HarrisNick Perry, Sammy girl, Kyah, for coming to spend time with us today. The laughter and goofing around makes my heart sing and dance. Racheal my baby girl came over with hubby Nick and family. It has been a full day of family loving on one another and just enjoying each other's presence. Aunt Sally Mazza laughing so hard she couldn't breathe. Stories of days gone by when the girls were little. Tall tales of mema's many escapes. Yes today has been filled with the many riches and treasures of family. Surprise call fromWendi Chapdelaine. WOW! So happy to hear from you. Look forward to seeing you. Yes Lord you have richly blessed me with amazing grandchildren that I'm so very proud of. Having eight of them in the house today loving on each one. Thank you! Aunt Sally's fried chicken, potato salad, and broccoli cheese left overs a huge hit. My day is full of so many blessings and memories made today. Thank you each one for making it so special. I love you all; you are my heart beats. Blessings

May 28~ Good morning Sunday! It's the day the Lord has made and we shall rejoice in it! Going to morning services with my daughter Webber Heatherand her family. Forgot how much work it is to get a family ready for church. Lots of love and patience's. A little frustrated and time to break away for a bit. Went to see my friend Rose. What a blessing to see her. Cut her hair for her well I was there. Our visit not near long enough. I love you Rose. Then off to meet up with Wendi Chapdelaine for an early dinner with her, and Sally Mazza. So good to see you. It has been way to long. Thank you for dinner and blessing Sally and I. Our visit was way to short as well. We must get together again really soon. Back to church to worship the Lord and all He has done for us. A beautiful day out in the sunshine. Though I do believe I'm surrounded by cement. Missing the beauty of Oregon. Thankful to be here with my family and friends. Seeing those I haven't seen in a very long time. So blessed to have been able to see old friends that are golden treasures. Thank you Lord. Blessings

May 29~ Good morning! Thank you to all that have served and given your all. You have given me the freedoms I so richly enjoy. Time to give honor to those who gave their all. First the pancake feed at the church with Webber Heather and the kids. ThenSally Mazza and I go looking for coffee in the cement city before heading to the memorial service. No there aren't coffee shops on every corner. Thank you Judi Byrnes and Jim for inviting us. It was an honor to attend. A little sun at the ball park along with some baseball with the kiddos. Loving the sun.....not liking the cement city at all. Missing my green Oregon. A wonderful evening and BBQ with some of Heather's friends. What a blessing. Had a great time. Love those texts that are bringing smiles across the miles. Today was filled with many gifts and treasures to be thankful for. Those that gave their lives for the freedoms I so richly enjoy daily. Friendships that are golden and last a lifetime. Memories made in the park with family and friends. Laughter, new babies to hold and love. New friendships. Time in the sun. Technology that is instant. My list is endless with the gifts given today. Thank you Lord for your many gifts given to me each day; daily for me to enjoy. A little slice of heaven on earth. I am truly blessed to have this life you have given me. Blessings

May 30~ Good morning Tuesday a go go!! Yes back on the road we will be today. Webber Heathermade french toast for breakfast this morning before we head out. Thank you. Heading up to Portola to see Amber Webber. Beautiful drive. Weather is perfect. So grateful for the angels of the Lord encamped about and traveling mercies. God's hand of protection was upon us today. Thank you. Thank you Sara Harris for the planter. I love it! It was an interesting day and visit. Grateful for my time with my daughter and two of my granddaughters Sara, and Summer Harris. My three youngest grandchildren Mickeneez, Rylee, and B-man, had a grand time with their Auntie and cousins. Took all of them to Mexican restaurant to eat today; so grateful Aunt Sally Mazza speaks Spanish, or we wouldn't have been able to order. Later a bit of pool time. So relaxing sitting in the sun. Then it was time to start the trip back home to Sacramento. Cool country breezes and country roads. Flying home on the downward decline. Home to showers and bed. Thank you Lord for this day and it's many twist and turns and your hand of safety and protection upon this day and us on our adventures today. So very thankful. Blessings

May 31~ Quickly rise and shine. Today is a very full and busy day. Time to celebrate some huge accomplishments. First things first. Coffee and pray. Then time to head to the airport. Then we are able to catch some of Sammie girls promotion and time with her and family. Thank you Shawn Harris andKrystal Sparks for including us in the breakfast celebration. Then home to prepare for the next events. But wait..... We must go get Webber Heather. So off Sally Mazza and I go into the cement city. Then go way past where we needed too. So much has changed over the years. Then back to house to collect everyone and head to dinner for pre celebration of Nick Perry. Then off to the graduation. A class of 315 from Rio Linda High the class of 2017. So proud of you my handsome grandson Nick. A 4.0 and honor. Makes this grandma very proud. Realizing 40 years ago I was making this walk to pick up my diploma in 1977. More celebrating as we have time with family. Today the Lord blessed me with so much to be grateful for. Most of all being here and celebrating with my grandchildren as they embark into the future into the next chapters of their life's. I love being one of their biggest cheerleaders. Thank you Lord for the precious jewels you have given me in each one of them. Truly I am blessed. Blessings

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