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Daily Journey

Saturday, September 30, 2017

September Blessings ~ Counting It All Joy! (Week Four)


Changing Seasons!
 Of Leafy Blooms Of Beauty!

Fields Of Beauty!

September 24~ Good morning Sunday! Sunday morning of worship at Anthem church with Rebecca Sherrett. What a wonderful message. Let our little light shine! Thank you for the invite. Time to go bring smiles of beauty to Melissa Simmons and her Uncle. Beautiful drive on the river road to Oregon City. So love the drive through the country roads along the river. So relaxing and peaceful. Thank you for coming along with me Sherilynn Ganther. More country roads to find some adventures to fill the day. Of course I manage to find away to get lost even with directions. Never a dull moment with me at the helm. That's why they are called adventures. Even All Trails was failing me today. So we thought we found a great place to do a little hike. To Clackamette Park we go, which somehow took me to the kayak beach. Great fun; but...not today. Finally got to the correct part of the park. Beautiful day for a stroll. Really enjoyed the beauty of the architecture of the McLoughin bridge; was a very interesting walk under the bridge. Found an interesting old museum building that looks like something from an alien movie. Sitting by the river feeling so relaxed. Another country road drive going down memory lane. With lots of beauty and peaceful quiet. New roads to discover and explore. Thankful for my car and the gas to have these amazing drives and adventures around town. Dinner with friends always a blessing. So enjoyed myself thank you for the invite and the wonderful drink. Love my friends and the time I get to spend with each one of you. Thankful to live in America where I have the freedoms to rejoice in the Lord. To come and go as I please. For the great diversity and passion of each person that enriches my life daily with their presence and passions of life; that we accept each other and who we are. So blessed to have each one apart of my journey. Thankful for my feet and legs to go on walks in the park and on hiking trails. For the rivers that I so enjoy, that I love sitting next too. The peace I find in knowing you Lord. I'm thankful for the sunshine that shines down and brings me smiles. I'm thankful that I could be a blessing today,because of the gifts and talents you have gifted me with. For another day of being able to rejoice in you I am so very thankful. Blessings

September 25~ Good morning Monday fresh new day and week. Ready for new beginnings. Time to get ready for my day of appointments ahead of me. Coffee and prayers. Out the door to start my day. Thankful for the support I receive. Invited Sherilynn Ganther over for lunch. Then we decided to go for a little walk that turned into quite an adventure. Thankful that the Lord had His hand upon Sheri and I today. For my ears to hear the sirens. My eyes to see my help; our rescuers. For my cell phone and a thing called pings. A butt padded well as I slide down the mountain side to the rest of our awaiting help. So grateful for those who are there to help those in stress and need. For a nice bottle of wine at the end of this day. But mostly I'm grateful for the Father in heaven who truly holds us in the palm of His hand and protected us and helped those rescuers find us. Happy that Sheri is safe and her health good. So happy for hot showers and the comfort of my home. Truly a day to remember. Blessings

September 26~ Good morning Tuesday. Restless sleep, lots of pain. Grateful to stay in bed until about eight this morning. Morning coffee with Sherilynn Ganther. Was so nice to have her stay the night here after our adventures yesterday. Thank you for sharing morning coffee before heading home. So glad to catch up and pray with you this morning Crystal N Koch. Miss and love you. Time to get ready for my appointment. Sun is shining brightly, think I can get away with a Summer outfit. Laughter and story telling with tears. Yes! It is always good to share even the crazy things. They say they see a book. Hmmmm..... Time to do some light house keeping. So much needs to be done. Tried a new place to eat this evening. Yummy! Thank you! Land line and Internet down. Sit and sit waiting for help. And this is what we pay our good hard earned money for. Shaking my head an hour later still sitting and waiting. And she still waits! Really!?! Today I'm thankful for hot coffee with my friend. For morning phone calls with prayers. Thankful another phone to call and sit and wait for help regarding my phone lines and Internet. For a chance for more self improvement.Thankful for extra rest and another day. Grateful to be alive. Blessings

September 27~ Rise and shine Beth! It's Wednesday, smiles of beauty. Time to get this morning rolling. A surprise good morning snap that brought smiles, then time for coffee, prayers. Then just enough time to enjoy a pleasant early morning chat with Katherine Fischer Huston. Then two surprise Snap chats wishing me good from Webber Heather and my beautiful grandchildren Mickeneez, Rylee, and B-man. What an amazing way to start the day. Already blessed and haven't even walked out the door yet. Good morning ladies! Some waiting for me to arrive. Truly feeling the love. Twelve on the books today. Eight happy smiling faces at the end of my day. They each bring such joy to my heart. Thankful I can bring them some sunshine and smiles of beauty each week. Sadly I gave my notice today. All is left is for me to write my letter of resignation. One more month of beauty left to bring them smiles of beauty. Rough afternoon with tears but realizing this is a good thing. Thank you Cindy Forsythe Rieder for taking a little time out of your day today to let me vent. Then an enjoyable walk with your puppies around the block. Just what I needed. Thank you Sally Mazza for your input and listening ear. Something to be said for a 30 plus year friendship. Love you. Today Lord I'm so grateful for amazing support and wise words of wisdom and encouragement. For each client that comes to see me and say hello. The smiles given and the hugs and prayers I receive each week. Thankful that there is a season and reason for everything and you hold my hand leading ever so gently. Yes in joy, heartbreak, and loss there are glimmers of hope everywhere. Thank you Lord for walking me through this door and the days ahead to the final good bye. As I look forward to the new doors of opportunity. Blessings

September 28~ Extremely restless night. Pain not fun! Very early good morning smile. A very nice start to my day. Unable to fall back to sleep. Wishing my handsome grandson Nick Perry a very happy birthday. The joys, the smiles and love you have blessed this family with since the day you were born. Priceless! God blessings to us through your love and light that you have added to our family. You will soar with the eagles. Love you so much! Finally in exhaustion I fall back to sleep. Waking in horrible pain. Hot, hot shower as I feel the pain leave a little. Thank you Lord! Time to get ready for my appointment I don't want to be late. It was a great class. Really helped me a lot. Prayers with Crystal N Koch, with lots of encouragement. Thank you! Hello Mae Huston and Katherine Fischer Huston. Thank you for the water. Loved seeing you both. Looking good Katherine. A haircut puts a happy smile upon another face. Love those smiles of beauty. A car ride and an old frontier cemetery then a nice dinner. Thank you. Love trying new places. Service excellent food excellent, cannot go wrong there. Thankful for making it through yet another day. For my grandson and all of my amazing grandchildren. Hot showers and naps in the afternoon. Little hidden gems right here in town. Even when its hard to push through the pain Lord you help me breathe through that moment to the next. Seeing the beauty in old tombstones as we walk through this old frontier cemetery tucked away on a hillside. The warmth of the sun upon my skin. So many things I take for granted. The smile and laughter of the children playing outside. The hug that says I understand and I care. Thank you Lord for all this and much more. Blessings

September 29~ Awww....though I woke up early and had a restless night I still got to stay in bed until almost 7:30 this morning. Yea! Good morning Friday.....hello weekend! Lots to accomplish today. First lets get some coffee and prayers in. Gather all my items for my errands today. Post office to mail my box off to my grandson Anthony DeSouza serving in Afghanistan. Thank you for your service and all the men an women who serve around the world. Love you tons! Banking is always fun; especially when I get to break in a new teller. Thank goodness for Chelsie Lanning, you are awesome! You make banking so enjoyable; if that is even possible. Which it is because of you! Then drop off funds. Never fun! Off to meet the beautiful Christina Lee. Love those leggings, thank you so much. Then home to meet up with Geo Sutter. Then off we went to Costco. Always something new and exciting there. Got some wonderful velvet sheets for the Winter to keep me warm. They are like a blanket. Found a ultra light down jacket as well. And of course the usual grocery items. Thanking God for the funds that purchased them today. Then picked up paperwork to fill out for adventure on Tuesday morning. Home to cook dinner, porcupine peppers. Yummy! Time to wash Summer and grey right out of my hair. A bit darker than originally planned. But very pretty. Excited about my new Fall color. Thankful Lord for the rich beauty and colors of Fall, that paint the trees and sky with rich beauty. Thankful for my bottle of color to paint a rich new color look for me this new Fall season as well. For different perspectives and insights that help enlighten my perspective on situations that other wise would cause upset, stress and anxiety. Thankful that much was accomplished today. Thank you Lord for the liquid sunshine though I do prefer the yellow fire ball in the sky that throws much heat. As I close another day that I was blessed to be apart of, I'm thankful for the home I live in. Blessings

September 30~ Good morning last day of September. It's the weekend happy Saturday! Yes, I'm up early. Serviceman to repair my phone and Internet service is suppose to be here.....between.....8 a.m. and 8 p.m. oh my gosh! Really!?! Does not make one happy. Waiting and waiting. Glad I enjoy my coffee. Go through lots of paper and throw away. More cleaning. Still waiting! Grrrr.......almost 11 a.m. yea! You have arrived! My outside box is bad. Within an hour everything is back up and running. Thank you; thank you so much! Time for lunch! Turned into a day of paying bills and being lazy. Making plans for future business. Beth's Pet & House Setting open for business. Still lots of details and things to do and set up. But...hey! I'm NOW open for business. Excited to see what the future holds. More to come in the days and weeks ahead as I move forward in my new business opportunity of adventure. Please share...I am willing to travel around. (Oregon) As this day comes to a close I'm thankful for my Internet and phone service. My printer getting hooked up and running. For yummy leftovers for lunch and dinner. Thankful that my daughter's share photos of my grandchildren that I can enjoy and share. Thankful that everyday I'm given another chance to make a difference and be better than the day before, thank you Lord for this and so much more. Blessings

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