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Daily Journey

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

August Blessings ~ Counting It All Joy! (Fifth Week)


Summer Adventure's!

The Dog Day's Of Summer!

August 27~ Sunday morning beauty. Time to celebrate a new day and week that awaits us. Thank you Rebecca Sherrett for inviting me to check out the church right down by my house. Great service and perfectly fitted word. Time of prayer perfect! Very timely. Great to see you. Home in time to hear from Mary McCormick Loomis. Yes I would love to go on a ride with you. Watch out Tualatin here come the East side girls! Glad you could come to Geo Sutter. What fun we had! Amazing lunch at Cracker Barrel, trip over to Cabela's. Which was really fun! Then over to Tualatin Park. Another full day of adventures with the most amazing friends. Thank you Lord for another day of life. For your word that feeds the soul. For meals that I don't have to eat alone; and enough left overs to see me through the week. For happy snaps that surprise me and a very unexpected possible lunch date later this week. For a compliment that blessed me beyond words. Today's thabkful list is endless. Thankful to be able to say that after yesterday. Blessings

August 28~ Oh just a little more sleep before I have to get up...maybe about twenty more minutes will do. Okay...thank you for the extra shut eye. Truly was needed. Time to get ready for the day. Tapping at my door......8:30 am! Ummm....Good morning James. Yea! Garbage disposal and ceiling fan is going in today. Surprise surprise! Thank you! Thank you! Finally after 18 long months it is happening. I'm so happy. Okay! I got to run! I have appointments. Dang! Oil & filter lights coming on. Guess I will be having a change in my day. After morning appointment heading to the car doctor for oil change. A few more appointments. Wondering how I ever accomplished everything working 40 plus hours a week, raising kids, taking care of a home, husband, appointments etc. I never seem to have enough time lately. Oh that's right it's called priorities. Life sure does change overtime and as the years go by. Excited to go see Edie Ricker Cowell. Driving out to Milo Mclver State Park. Edie thank you for dinner and the great evening. Enjoyed our walk with Mary McCormick Loomis, Steve, and if course Murphy. Loved seeing Sarah and hearing about her trip abroad. What fun we had....and finally we had our cup of tea together. A long dark drive home. Brought back memories driving those dark roads at night. Springwater Rd, Harding, towards home. Actually happy smiles....but sadness as well. Will always wonder. You are in my prayers and my heart. May the Lord be with you wherever you are. May you find your happiness. Maybe someday a call I will get. Safely home. Thank you Lord for a day filled with pleasant surprises and long over due promises fulfilled. For wisdom and insight shared. For the free car wash after the oil change. Thankful that all my needs are meet first in You and I will never lack because you care for me. Thank you Lord. Blessings

August 29~ Hey I got to sleep in until 8 this morning. So grateful for the extra hours of rest. Then I just took my time getting ready for my day. Been feeling out of sorts. Time for my appointment. Not truly feeling connected but I'm going to push through. It's suppose to help. Home then an early dinner thank you. A phone call that unnerved me to my very core. Sending lots of prayers and love. Cindy Forsythe Rieder thanks for dropping by. Glad I had what you needed. You look fabulous. Enjoyed our chat. More calls and lots more prayers. Thankful for caregivers and Shriner's children Hospital and burn center. Long day filled with uneasy disconnected feeling. Unexpected turns for those I love. Wishing I could be with them. Thankful God holds all our days, hours, minutes, and seconds in His hands; along with all those we hold and love dearly. Thankful for supporting friends, and prayer warriors that stand in the gap with unconditional love. Hearing three of my granddaughters voices this evening. Kyah as she headed to baseball. Mickeneez with her rushed giggles of help. Rylee when I asked can I come hold her hand; said I live to far away it will take to long. Made me smile. Blessed to be a grandma to these amazing grandchildren. Tough days make me realize how blessed I am in just being present with my daily life even when I don't want to be. Hidden gifts and treasures pop out from the most unexpected places and from family and friends I have been given. Thank you Lord! Blessings

August 30~ Good morning Wednesday smiles of beauty. Time to get ready to make my sweet ladies smile and shine. Nine on the books today. Five happy smiling sweet ladies today; done early today. Heading home to check on granddaughter and take an afternoon nap. Funny when I was a child I'd fight to stay up and not take a nap. Now I'd do anything to have that afternoon nap. Tap tap.....Hello Sherilynn Ganther! Okay time to finish getting ready for a night of fun out with the girl's AmyJune McClureSherri Weldon, and Melissa Greely. Thank you Sheri for driving. OMSI Oceans was so much fun. I didn't even see it all. Great time with a wonderful group of amazing friends. Food, drink, music, dancing, education, fun! Yep that's what life is about. Thank you Lord for another day of life. For watching over granddaughter Rylee, touching and healing her. For rest in the afternoon before the evening adventures. For these wonderful group of ladies that bring me joy and happiness and that have helped teach me how to smile again. For a fun and educational evening. Yes today has held many treasures and gems that brighten my life with their beauty and presence. As I am creating my rainbow of love and hope. Thank you! Blessings

August 31~ Good morning Thursday beauty. Four clients on the books. Yes, Pearl I can add you to the day of beauty. One cancelled. Still four happy beautiful smiling ladies. Done early to head home for some rest. Feeling extremely tired today. Feet up! Watermelon lunch...yum! Hello beautiful Katherine Fischer Huston. Yes we can go have fun and see Anna Michelle Leach-Beeching. Thank you Katherine for late dinner and drink. So good to spend time with you Anna. Home to crush and burn. Lord thank you for each client that brings me smiles. For watermelon and the sweet red taste. For the safe travels for Katherine and her blessing Anna and I. For my bed that is so cozy comfy. Thank you! Blessings

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