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Daily Journey

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

May Blessings ~ Counting It All Joy! (Week One)


April showers
Brought us
May flowers
Fragrances of beauty 
Scattered blooms 
Rich in color
Scents of 
Scattered petals
Of love
In May


May 1~ Good morning! New month of adventures and treasures. Time to rise and shine for morning appointment. Though I'd rather stay in bed and sleep. My body is crashing and just wants to sleep, but life is awaiting to be lived fully. Morning coffee and prayer, with weather report; then out the door to start the new month adventures and treasures. New things to be thankful for. 
1. Waking up to this new month and new day. 
2. Good morning text. 3. Right on time for the dentist. 
3. Getting my teeth cleaned. Feels so good. 
4. My new tooth brush and bag of goodies. 
5. Seeing the pink petal snow beauty in the parking lot. 
6. Getting mail finally mailed off. 
7. The quiet of my home. 
8. Feet propped up and a little TV. 8. Loving these afternoon naps. Beginning to be a regular event. One I didn't like as a child, but love them now. 
9. Chicken and beets for dinner. 
10. Soft pillows and cozy, fuzzy, soft blankets to snugly in. 
Thank you Lord for this day and the blessings you have filled my day quiet day with. Blessings

May 2~ Another early morning rise. Good morning! So just want to stay in bed. But must rise and shine and get ready to go create beauty and smiles of happiness. Big yawns! Okay lets get this day rock and rolling. Time to see all the beauty and life to be thankful for on this day I have been given. 
1. My new electric toothbrush. It's pretty awesome. My teeth feel so much cleaner than they did when using the other form of toothbrush, thank you dentist. 
2. Phone call from my beautiful daughter Webber Heather, as well as her sister Amber Webber later in the day. Love my girls so very much. 
3. Bringing beauty and smiles to Dolores. 
4. The beautiful drive to Oregon City and back on the river road. Sunshine shining brightly leading me there and back. Such a peaceful drive. 
5. A call from Crystal N Koch with love, encouragement, wrapped in prayers and wise words of wisdom. 
6. For the electric power we have here in America. 
7. For those that serve Our country and communities in many capacities. To keep us safe so that we might have the freedoms in life that we have in this country. Thank you ALL! 
8. For the warmer weather. 
9. Naps and more naps. Long ones. Seems that's my favorite thing to do anymore when I get home. I take off shoes and end up falling fast asleep for a couple of hours or more love it. 
10. Comfort food ice cream and chips oh yeah! 
Thank you Lord for this day and the quiet restfulness of it as I fell fast asleep to another afternoon of rest that you've given me. Even on this day of laziness there is so much to be thankful for. Thank you for restoring my tired body with the beauty of naps and rest. Blessings

May 3~ Good morning! Awwww..........sleep and lots of it. Lazy day but with many gifts to be thankful for, many that we take for granted daily. 
1. Phone call from Webber Heather, hearing I love you mom. The best. 
2. Hot showers that relieve the pain in my neck and back. 
3. Crawling back in bed and falling back to sleep. 
4. No makeup and hair day. 
5. Finding my Pampered Chef box on porch this morning. Amber Webber I hope you got lots of goodies. Excited to try the popcorn bowl. 
6. Walking around my yard trying to find some blooms. Not many......but a few. 
7. Both doors opened letting the fresh air and sunshine in. 
8. Water 
9. Longer days 
10. Dishwasher 
11. Comforts of home. All the many little things we take for granted daily that makes our lives easier. 
Thank you Lord for this day of rest and the simplicity of the day. The sunshine and quiet that relaxes my soul that brings me restoration. The peace that only you can give thank you. Blessings

May 4~ Good morning sunshine! Oh wait there isn't any sunshine shining. It's okay it's going to be another lazy day. I'm sure not getting much accomplished but rest. Though even on lazy restful days there are plenty of unexpected things to be thankful besides the obvious. 
1. Lounging around and getting some much needed rest. The re- energizing. 
2. Thankful for the computer and internet as I search for tickets to go see my oldest granddaughter Sara Harris graduate from high school. Not giving up. 
3. For my landline. 
4. Talking with mom today and hearing her excitement about her upcoming visit with my daughter Racheal Perry, and grandson Nick Perry
5. Talking to my daughter Webber Heather and her help trying to find me tickets to Portola to see granddaughter graduate. And always "I love you mom". 
6. Phone call from Sara, that she found me a ride from and to the Reno airport. Hearing her say "I love you grandma". 
7. An instant message from grandson Anthony DeSouza telling me he loves me. I love you too, so much. 
8. Talking to my friend Rose today in California. It was so nice hearing your voice and catching up. I miss you so much. Blessings to you my friend. 
9. Congratulations to new life. Two friends becoming grandparents. So excited for them and their families. 
10. Shredding paper! Feels good to get rid of the garbage. 
11. Another no make-up or hair done day. 
12. Encouragement. 
Thank you Lord for this day to rest and regroup. To pray and catch up with family and old friends. To search for the tickets needed to be with my granddaughter when she celebrates her great accomplishment. I am so proud of her. Thank you Lord for these blessings and so many more that you give without fail even on these quiet lazy days of rest. You always fill my buckets with so much more than I can imagine. Thank you. Blessings

May 5~ Good morning! Happy Cinco de Mayo day! Oh I so badly wanted to sleep. Very restless night and woke early with tension headache. But glory to God relief was quick. But I was up. So what wonderful and beautiful gifts and everyday blessings do I have to give thanks for today. More than I list each day this I know for sure.
1. Learning that coffee has a healing process to relieve headaches. Was so excited and happy to hear this wonderful news about my coffee. Yay! Thank you Geo Sutter!
2. Actually getting up and putting on my makeup and doing my hair. That made me feel so much better. Something about that lifts my spirits. Glad I can and have a choice to do this for myself. Happy girl!
3. Coffee in the morning is the best.
4. Walking around well tires are being repaired. Exercise!
5. Thankful the tire problem happened when at home and not on the road. The Lord's hand truly was upon me. So thankful!
6. Meeting up with Mary McCormick Loomis today. So nice to see you and spend time with you.
7. Meeting up with Rebecca Sherrett. So nice to see you and catch up a little bit.
8. A snap hello always a pleasant welcome.
9. The beautiful sunshine of the day.
10. More lessons learned. Knowing that some have stepped over boundaries and that it's a statement about them not me.
May the Lord's healing balm of Gilead start the healing process.
Thank you Lord because you are ultimately in control. Your love, forgiveness, and the truth is what always sets us all free. Thank you Lord for another day filled with crazy unexpected adventures with your watchful eye upon me. Blessings

May 6~ So wanting a good nights sleep. It seems to be eluding me. With that dawn has broken and the light is breaking through my drapes. Good morning! Though sleep would be sweet I will rise to this electrifying day that the Lord has in store for me. Let's go find out what amazing gifts and blessings out of the ordinary I can find to be thankful for today. 
1. A pot of coffee. Which seems to be on my list every day and I am thankful for it every day. 
2. Listening to the thunder and lightning last night and this morning. It has have been really quite relaxing in a strange way. God's musicians playing their instruments apparently. 
3. Cleaning out some of the patio today. Feels better. Hopeful less spiders too. (No more collection of boxes.) Still a lot more to go. 
4. A text from my beautiful granddaughter Sara Harris. You made my day today. So enjoyed talking with you. Just wish I had all the answers for you and could make everything okay. Hearing I love you grandma the best. I love you too so much Sara. 
5. Getting my kitchen floor mopped. Really needs to be redone, but looks so much better. 
6. Getting top of refrigerator cleaned off in that greasy crap off of there. Looks so much nicer. 
7. Getting coffee mugs and teacups and saucers put away where they needed to be. 
8. Prayer time with Crystal N Koch. Crystal you always have the right words and love and encouragement lined with the word of God. The perfect fitted prayer and insight thank you. Thank you for listening. Makes the world of difference. You are an amazing friend that I've been blessed with, thank you so much. I love you. 
9. A call from my daughter Webber Heather and just more prayer and insight with I love you mom. Love you too. 
10. Realizing that sometimes you just need to move so God can do what is best; even when it's hard and it hurts like hell. 
11. All the tears are healing even when it doesn't feel like. 
12. Knowing that I'm okay and that I have lots of love and support wrapped in friends, family. 
13. That prayers are the answer. 
Thank you Lord for this day even in lack of sleep, light cleaning, and hurt and pain you still bless me with much to be thankful for. Your love is never failing. Thank you! Blessings

P.S. to thankful. So thankful to hear from Pat Holzbach today. She brought so much encouragement and love. I miss you my friend. Hugs to you and Monty dog. Thank you! Blessings to you in your new space.

May 7~ Good morning! New day new week. Wonder what awaits me. The sun is pushing through the cloud cover. It really feels like Spring finally, and Summer around the corner yay! As this day starts I do want to stay in bed. But then I would miss out on all my gifts to be thankful for. 
1. Sitting on the couch looking out the window enjoying the quiet; drinking my morning coffee. 
2. Thank you Geo Sutter for reminding me how much I appreciate my electricity. Extremely grateful for the modern-day convenience of electricity. 
3. That I live in a world with many conveniences that my forefathers didn't have. Thankful thankful thankful! 
4. My ironing board and iron. 
5. My scissors to cut with. Had lots of things to cut today and they came in very handy. 
6. Getting my ballot off in the mail. My vote has been cast. My vote is in. 
7. Phone call from Crystal N Koch. Always so much love, wisdom, words of encouragement wrapped in prayers. Thank you so much. You are such a treasured friend. Love you! 
8. The beautiful drive down the old scenic highway. 
9. Hearing a great story from the gentleman at Vista House this afternoon on my adventure. Thank you for the chuckle and smile. Perfect Analogy. 
10. The kind ladies at Latourell Falls. 
11. Finding another trail to walk. 
12. All the greenery and beautiful Spring foliage. 
13. Coming home and smelling my homemade chicken rice soup simmering in the Crock-Pot. How yummy! 
14. Feet propped after wearing wrong shoes for walking today. 
15. Realizing once again that I'm okay just the way you made me Lord. That opinions are just that opinions. 
16. For the quiet drive and adventure with you Lord, as you spoke to my heart and soul. 
Thank you Lord for this day and waking me once again with your gentle love. Filling my day with rich beauty and adventures. Insight and that no matter what the day holds you hold me. Thank you! Blessings

May 8~ Is it really May 8th? Good morning and blessings! So much on my mind and heart. Restless sleep. Thinking I need to reevaluate some things in my life. Thankful for the Lord's hand and guidance. The prayer warriors that stand in the the gap and pray. I truly have so much to be grateful for. With that being said I've already spoken of the Lord's guiding hand and the prayer warriors. What greater gift is these two besides my salvation that I am so thankful for. Well I know I have so much more to be thankful for. 
1. Hot showers 
2. Sunshine and coffee. 
3. Vitamins 
4. Finding out I didn't have to drive to Salem. 
5. The sweet old lady in the truck parked next to me. Her smile radiant and full of grace. 
6. Meeting the owner of the restaurant. Enjoying his joyful conversation and love of his wonderful little establishment. Quite the host. You knew he loved his place and what he did for a living. 
7. The safe travels to and from my destinations today. 
8. Meeting up with Randi Hilary. Really enjoyed our visit. 
9. Phone call from Crystal with wise words of wisdom and love. 
10. My lavender tea. 
11. The smell of the Spring rain. 
12. The quiet in the house as I listen to the train go by. 
13. Being able to be silly and not worried about what others think. 
14. Thanking the four police officers today for serving my community. 
Thank you Lord for these gifts and so much more that you bless me with daily. Blessings

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