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Daily Journey

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Thankful Thursday~

Here we are on Thankful Thursday!
No better place to be than here on Thankful Thursday
What better time to start then Now!
With a list full of thankfuls
So many wonderful things to be thankful for
So lets get started.
Isn't it wonderful to be able to make a list and share all the many blessing that you are thankful for?
Come and join the fun
I am linking up with:

Grace Alone

As well as:

Black Tag Diaries

The Fontenot four

Come and see what others are thankful for.
I know I'm very excited to share the wonders of the Lord through my thankful list
What about you?


  1. Finding great pictures and images to share on my blog as I share each post
  2. Tickets to visit my daughters and grandchildren for my birthday in California
  3. Hallmark channel of movies
  4. Pocket bible to travel with
  5. Birthday wishes from those I love
  6. Being able to stretch
  7. Note pads
  8. The Teapot from my mom for my birthday
  9. Celebrating birthdays of loved ones this month along with mine; grandson, niece and several friends what could be better than sharing your birthday with those you love
  10. Unexpected surprises that make the heart sing
  11. My tooth brush and tooth paste along with my mouth wash
  12. Traveling pillow and small blanket
  13. Security even if it is an inconvenience
  14. Hubby's phone calls checking on me
  15. Words that speak directly to your heart from the word of God
  16. Seeing and spending time with those you love 
  17. Earrings
  18. Singing Praises to my Savior
  19. Daily working on my list of 1000 gifts for a year Doing the Joy Dare
  20. My cell phone

Thankful Thursdays Button

                              What gifts have you unwrapped this week that your thankful for?

The Fontenot Four

If you have a thankful link; 
I would love to link up with you.
Please leave me a note and I will gladly add you to my list.
Thank you!
Below is two fundraiser links to help with medical bills. 
We have no medical insurance to cover medical.
As the weeks have gone by since I have started back to work
The ankle continues to have many issues
I am thinking about a second opinion 
But that isn't really the reality for me.
So hoping come the end of the month the doctor will have some answers.
I have only been working about 16 hours a week
Some weeks even as little as four hours a week.
The bills are coming in as I struggle with each one 
The medical bills are the hardest ones.
They really don't like working with you.
I try to explain and 
But God is faithful!
Praise the Lord!
Received our first pay check
It doesn't stretch to far either.
The bills come tumbling in.
Thankful for the work!
Through much prayers 
And through encouragement of some friends they suggested I give these a try.
Though only two people have responded.
God has been faithful in other ways.
Medical bills are piling up.
Just the few that have arrived already are near $30,000 plus.
And still coming in.
God is faithful and I trust this is alp going to be paid in full;
and every need meet through Him
Thank you!


Laurie Kolp said...

Happy Valentine's Day!

Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy said...

Hi Beth, Happy Valentine's Day!

Kathy M.