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Daily Journey

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Three Word Wednesday~

Backfire; verb: (Of an engine) undergo a mistimed explosion in the cylinder or exhaust; (of a plan or action) rebound adversely on the originator; have the opposite effect to what was intended; noun: A mistimed explosion in the cylinder or exhaust of a vehicle or engine; a fire set intentionally to arrest the progress of an approaching fire by creating a burned area in its path, thus depriving the fire of fuel.

Embarrass; verb: Cause (someone) to feel awkward, self-conscious, or ashamed.

Taste; noun: The sensation of flavor perceived in the mouth and throat on contact with a substance; a small portion of food or drink taken as a sample; a person's liking for particular flavors; a person's tendency to like and dislike certain things; the ability to discern what is of good quality or of a high aesthetic standard; verb: Perceive or experience the flavor of; eat or drink a small portion of.

The lust 
The passion
The sensation 
Of the taste 
Of the forbidden
It backfired
With a twist of fate
Leaving each
A bit embarrassed


What are you favorite challenges?

After Work
Below is two fundraiser links to help with medical bills. 
We have no medical insurance to cover medical.
As the weeks have gone by since I have started back to work
The ankle continues to have many issues
The visit with the doctor didn't go as well as I had hoped 
On the 3st of January 2013
He has put me on another med
He wants to see how the next three months go
He said I may have arthritis setting in
Not good news at all.
It appears this may not get any better than what it is
So the work I do may not be what I will be able to do
Makes me very very sad.
As I love what I do very much
I am thinking about a second opinion 
But that isn't really the reality for me.
So we will go another three months an see what happens.
Then be re-evaluated with more ex-rays
Many prayers need \
As well as the Lord meeting the many needs we have
I have only been working about 16 hours a week
Some weeks even as little as four hours a week.
The bills are coming in as I struggle with each one 
The medical bills are the hardest ones.
They really don't like working with you.
I try to explain and 
But God is faithful!
Praise the Lord!
Some times I wonder
How the money is going to stretch
As the bills come tumbling in.
Thankful for the work!
Through much prayers 
God is sustaining us
And through encouragement of some friends they suggested I give these a try.
Though only two people have responded.
God has been faithful in other ways.
Medical bills are piling up.
Just the few that have arrived already are $45,000 plus.
And still coming in.
God is faithful and I trust this is alp going to be paid in full;
and every need meet through Him
Thank you!


Stan Ski said...

3WW - That's how it usually goes...

Sheilagh Lee said...

that is how it goes