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Daily Journey

Sunday, September 7, 2014

A Simple Purse

A simple purse
Holds so much
Not just things
But ones life and dreams

A peaceful day
A walk in the park
A simple break in the day
Quiet ripples of waters tide
Sand in the toes
A kiss of sunshine 
With laughter and smiles

Ones hopes and dreams
Held tightly in a purse
Held with care and love 
With photos of life
Love hope and dreams

Peaceful heart 
A turn of tide

A window shattered
A life in shambles
Stolen and broken
In a million pieces

One mans act 
Turns ones life upside down 

A life changed
Repair costly
Not so simple
Phone calls to make
No hope of return
I have none
Who am I?

Shattered in a moment
Not just things
A life
A hope
A dream
A business
A home

Ones life
Wrapped in a purse
Stolen and broken
Much more than a purse

The straw on the camels back
Held in the purse
It breaks
Not just the dreams 
The hopes 
The life
A marriage

This purse
Now holds
A divorce
Shattered dreams
Hefty debit 
To heavy to carry
Emotional upheaval
Not held in things
An unexpected
Death unknown

Ones life
Wrapped in a purse
So simple
Yet so devastating

Now helpless
One senseless act

By one man's
Devastation to another
With no thought 
Of the harm done
The hopes and dreams
Broken and lost

A simple purse
A peaceful day
Now in shambles

A parked car
A shattered window
Police reports
Case numbers to file
Phone calls to make
Tears shed
Sliding like the ripples of water
With sleepless nights

A window shattered
A life in shambles
Stolen and broken
In a million pieces

Hope found 
Only in the tears shed
In the quiet
Of the broken heart
In sleepless nights
In Gods loving arms

Much more 
Than a simple purse
A life is held
Within its confinements

Now seeking to be found
This simple purse

Loss so deep
Now to be found 
Lost in His every lasting arms
Each ripple of fear
The tears shed
Like diamonds
He wipes each one
Held in a jar

Now Now My precious child
You are more valued
Than the simple purse

Each new step
With love and hope
Comes new life 
New beginning's 
A new purse
With new 
And photos 
Of a life lived
In its confinements

Much more 
Than a simple 


September Joy Dare
Day 5
3 Gifts Autumn
1 Leafs tumbling and swirling to the ground in full radiant colors of fire
2. Hot coffee in the cool of the morning
3. The Fall harvest

Day 6
3 Gifts growing
1. My faith daily
2. My walk with the Lord
3. My grandchildren who are growing in leaps and bounds

Day 7
3 Gifts given
1. A sunshine smile of hope
2. A cart full of food
3. A key ring, sewing kit, and a wallet

A Holy Experience

1 comment:

Gilligan Maryanne said...

My Dear sweet friend,
I am so sorry this horrible thing has happened to you!
you did not deserve this.
God has you in his control.