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Daily Journey

Friday, September 19, 2014

First Love

The tingle of first love
The shy blush
The quick look away
The heart is in bloom
As it ripples with joy
The rush from their voice
The tingle of first love
That twinkle in their eyes
The sparkle that shines
The rush of the heart
The racing of shyness
Each time he looks her way
With blushing eyes
Of hope
With sparks flying
With burst of fireworks
That tingle of first love
Each twinge a rush
A smile in bloom
The laughter in the look
Each moment captured
With star lite magic
Of evening lights
With first love
The sunshine in the smile
A cherished moment
A rush of excitement
Spinning round and round
On a Ferris wheel
First love
Each thought 
A circus 
Of dreams 
Is this what love is?
This joy
This euphoria 
Of sweet innocent love
The tingle of the little girls first love


September Joy Dare
Day 19
3 Gifts in conversation
1. The silent smile that says I understand as we sit and visit
2. The lets go out for a ride and just drive
3. "I love you"

1 comment:

Gilligan Maryanne said...

absolutely beautiful you are so talented with your poetry
glad to see you blogging again
love n hugs