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Daily Journey

Saturday, March 4, 2017

March Blessings~ Counting It All Joy

Counting It All Joy

March 1~ Good morning March. Time to start a new day a new month of opportunities filled with many blessings. Today I was super blessed at work. Eight happy residents, with big smiles. Finished up and was able to run an unexpected errand and clear some paper work up. Then a late lunch with Mary McCormick Loomis. Love soup! Three bowls of yummy hot soup. Roll me out the front door. Then home for the day. Comfy clothes. Thankful for my flash of memories that bring me a smile, and a ray of hope that those sunshine moments are just around the corner. Great reminder that the grey storms of life will pass, and happy times will be marching in once again. Thank you Lord for this day and the hope we have in you. Blessings

March 2 ~ Time to rise and shine for another day of work. First things first. Love my coffee and quiet time. Truly grateful for my little salon and all the ladies and gentlemen I have the pleasure to meet and do hair care for. Today I meet Ron a retired Green Bret and his nephew Mark. All I can say is thank you to this man and what an honor to meet him. He recently just came back home to the states from Thailand. He served in Vietnam and stayed to help this country and the men and women there. The little that was shared today was amazing. These are my heroes who have given their lives for our freedoms and the life I take for granted so often. Thank you Ron for your many years of service to so many. Today just reminded me what an honor and gift we are given everyday by these men and women who proudly serve our country. Thank you! Seems so little yet means so much. Meet up with Mary McCormick Loomis for fun! Another fun filled adventure; today in Troutdale at the Troutdale Mercantile Store. Yes! Some ice cream, it turned my tongue the color of my coat as I was eating black licorice. YUM! Then a a call from Geo Sutter. A Lovely dinner. Thank you so much! How wonderful catching up with you. Not to mention a bit of exercise. What a wonderful day filled with so much. Then time to do my weekly laundry, so grateful I don't have to go out and do it. Today was crammed full of beautiful blessings and treasured gifts to be thankful for. My cup runneth over. Thank you Lord for these and so much more that you have blessed me with. Blessings

March 3~ Yeppy! Sleeping in all nestled under my cozy warm blankets. What a treat after rising early all week. Love a long hot shower with all the body washes and sweet body scents. Luxury! Then some to love these days of leisure. Love my prayer time and the things the Lord and I talk about. Thank you Lord for this peaceful restful day. Now I sit and listen to the rain make music as it comes pounding down upon the house. Watering the bulbs for the Spring blooms of beauty. Some hot tea and honey as I sit snuggled under my electric blanket watching Jeopardy. God's simple blessing of peace wrapped in His perfect love for me. Blessings

March 4~ It's Saturday! Time for coffee prayers and morning weather report. Love that I have my TV to catch up on some of the activities of the week in the morning report as I wait to hear the weather forecast. Time to start working on those taxes. Which means I'm grateful for my work and though....I hate paying or doing taxes ....grateful that I am able to do that. As I have been going through receipts, I realize how blessed I have been. How many wonderful gifts and opportunities I have been given. Truly I have been provided for and needs meet even when I didn't realize it. In total Awe! Thank you Lord! My friend Jeannie surprised me today. She came over and I colored and styled her hair. Turned out nice. Jeannie thank you for dinner. It was great seeing you and catching up! Love all the laughter. It was the best. It seems life is always breaking through in new and beautiful ways. Life is so full of beauty. Just as the seasons so is each one for us. We must be open to receive and to break new ground for the blessings that await us each and everyday. Even in the mundane and boring; the simple and unexpected; the unknown, and the planned. The ability to live fully and completely in the moment of each day. Excepting each moment and relishing in the beauty of it all. For this moment I'm thankful for because I'm not promised tomorrow. Thank you Lord for this day and all the grace and love you have bestowed upon me. Feeling very blessed. Thank you! Blessings

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