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Daily Journey

Saturday, March 25, 2017

March Blessings~ Counting It All Joy (Week Four)


The Winds Of March

March 19~ Good morning sunshine! Yes the golden fireball is out as we close this Winter as we head into Spring. Let's celebrate this day the Lord has blessed us with. Off to church I go after some morning coffee. As I left church I decided on a small road trip to see my sister's and spend the afternoon with them. What a beautiful day for a drive. To my surprise there is a small gathering for a yummy BBQ. Perfect timing on my part. Thank you! Time with family and friends always a blessing. Love doing unplanned adventures unexpected fun. It has been a day of fun.  Filled with lots of love and laughter. A very blesse day. Blessings

March 20~ Pull those pillows over your head. Not today Beth. No time for more sleep it's time to get up. It's a very early rise and shine 5:20 am. You will enjoy this drive home from sister's house. You can get up out of that comfy bed now. Sleep later, life to live right now. Enjoy a quick cup of coffee a short visit with your sister Rosie. A beautiful drive home awaits you this morning. It's still dark.....but you will survive this; and you will get to watch the sunrise. Prayer in the car and music for the trip home. Home to freshen up for the days appointments. Mail box surprises, my mail box is full and a box from my daughter Webber Heather. Filled with girl scout cookies, picture of my grandson Anthony DeSouza, return of my elf, and Christmas in March. Love it. Lots of wonderful new snowmen to add to my collection. Brings huge smiles of happiness to this tired redheaded gal. Thank you. Thank you Mary McCormick Loomis for stopping by. A couple of haircuts, that bring smiles of joy. Which Always brings joy to me when I see those big beautiful smiles of happiness. Always wonderful to see you and spend time with you. Its been a long day with lots of little blessings and treasures sprinkled throughout this wet rainy day. Finding my grateful even on a Monday. Always something to be thankful for. Even when your tired and lacking sleep. Thank you Lord for the views of the morning through the Gorge then sustaining me throughout the day. So much to be thankful for as this day closes. Blessings

March 21~ Wake up Beth! You have a full day ahead of you. Time to get dressed for the day. Remember that this is the day you became a grandma for the first time. Your handsome grandson Anthony DeSouza was presented to his mother and loved ones 20 years ago today. His mother's ray of sunshine and our future American hero. It is a good day to celebrate the miracle of life. Thank you Webber Heather for blessing this family today with Anthony. So proud to be a grandma to him and to all ten of my amazing grandchildren. Each a gift and a miracle, that have enriched my life. Thank you Amber Webber, and Racheal. Appointment after appointment, running from one to another. Yea they are finally done. Late afternoon and time to catch my breathe to enjoy some of the beautiful sunshine that has burst through the storm clouds. An early evening get together with friends to close the day. Seems this Tuesday has been filled with the budding beauty of Spring in the air; with a zillion miracles of beauty waiting to burst through the cold dark storm of Winter. Thank you Lord for this day of the symphony of life bursting into a dance of beauty. Blessings

March 22~ It's Wednesday time to rise and shine for smiles of beauty. Always look forward to seeing the beautiful ladies at the salon. Each one Brings huge smiles of joy to my heart. So thankful to be able to bring them smiles of beauty each week. Off early to enjoy some beautiful sunshine and celebrate a birthday with a friend. Then off to meet another girlfriend to pick up some leggings. Thank you Christina Lee. Laundry for the week is getting done. Then a happy hour dinner with Mary McCormick Loomis. What a great day. Signs of Spring everywhere. Love seeing blooms. Gives me hope as life has given me so many changes that something beautiful will bloom for me too. Clean sheets on the bed. A beautiful evening sky, with blue skies. Hope of brighter days ahead. Each blessed with so much to be thankful for. Thank you Lord for all my blessings spoken and unspoken. Blessings

March 23~ Good morning sunshine! Time to rise and shine to another opportunity of living life to the fullest. Sun is popping out, you don't want to miss out on that. Beautiful morning to drive to Oregon City for creating more smiles of beauty. A route which was shared with me last year by my friend. Country roads and river routes, much more peaceful than driving the freeway in morning commute traffic. A bit longer but so worth the peaceful drive and the scenery. No stress in this drive at all, nor the feeling of being rushed. So thankful to him for sharing this route with me. As I'm very grateful to live in such a beautiful place as well. Never have to travel far to see amazing beauty and scenery all around me. Then home to deal with daily living, bills, cleaning, business calls, etc. Oh what fun! Thankful for the life I've been blessed with. Today I was reminded how truly blessed I am to live the life I've been given. To live in a place rich in beauty, a car to be able to travel to see it all, and a comfortable home to live in. Thank you Lord for this and all the provision given daily to live each day fully. Blessings

March 24~ Awesome I can stay in bed this morning. I don't have to get up to rush out to any appointments. Snuggled up under warm cozy blankets, tucked around 10 pillows. Now that is cozy. A long leisurely morning hot coffee, hot shower, quiet time and prayer. Life is good. Some days it's just good to be lazy. A text from a customer for an order; love my Mary Kay business. A nice little sell (unexpected). Yes! Meet up with them and watch happy smiles appear. Even my Mary Kay business brings smiles. Love my business of beauty; always bringing smiles of beauty in every aspect. A phone call from Mary McCormick Loomis, want to go for a ride. Sure! Always a grand time with this lovely lady. We chased our rainbow looking for our pot of gold and found a double rainbow. I think we have had the pot of gold all along. It's the daily adventures of life with those we love. Hot soup and warm bread; servered up with great company and laughter. Wonderful way to close up this day. Thank you Lord for this day laced in the luxury of leisure, quiet time, friendship, laughter and so much more. The treasures that are the rainbows in my life even in the storm. Blessings

March 25~ Love Saturday mornings. Love classic TV in bed snuggled under my covers. Watching the classic "Hazel". Wish they still made wholesome TV. But so grateful for reruns on some of my TV stations. Coffee.....lots of coffee. Then the afternoon spent with two business suave' ladiesChristina Lee, and Rebecca Sherrett. Love my sweater! Really enjoyed visiting and spending the afternoon with them. A phone call from my sister Rosie, confirming an up coming trip to see my mom. I do believe I'm feeling the Spring in the air. Adventures seem to be popping up. As the birds are singing and chirping to the morning glories. The flowers are blooming in beauty. I'm ready for new beginnings. Each day a new day to write a new chapter in my story. Thank you Lord. Blessings

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