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Daily Journey

Saturday, March 18, 2017

March Blessings~ Counting It All Joy (Week Three)


The Winds Of March

March 13~ Nice to wake under the cozy warm blankets of my own bed in my own home. So thankful for this place. Though I am looking for that hour I lost. I cannot seem to locate it. Will need plenty of caffeine. Time spent with Katherine Fischer Huston and Lara Hurst this morning having coffee. What a treat. A few early morning haircuts. And the morning is gone. Where did the time go? Still looking for that hour I lost. Time with Katherine before I need to leave for afternoon appointment; and then her heading home over the mountain. Time is precious and never long enough with those we love. Hold tight to these moments as they wont pass this way again. Tomorrow isn't promised so one needs to be present with this moment and time treasuring every second of it. As it is the gift. The rain storm outside is how I feel inside. The darkness reaching for the light. Where the emptiness is searching. Searching to be filled with the warmth and glory of His perfect love. So many holes that need His healing balm. Life is rough! In the darkness of life there are many holes. That show a life well lived. It can leave many empty spaces where now only the Lord can fill and heal. Which was once filled with the business of living life with those we love. Now empty spaces and holes needing His touch. Thankful for the Lord's perfect healing and love for me. Some days tougher than others. But grateful for each one. It shows a life well lived to the fullest, good or bad. It's a gift I'm so thankful for. Reaching for the light of His glory. Blessings

March 14 ~ Waking up to another day of liquid sunshine. Coffee, prayers, clean up for the day. Afternoon appointment. Rain rain go away come again another day. Love those childhood nursery rhymes and poem's. Loving the longer days ...... but missing my hour of sleep. What is a girl to do? But take a nap! Dreamland, where dreams really do come true. Nothing better on a wet, rainy, damp day then to be curled up for a late afternoon snooze in dreamland. Thankful I can take those cat naps. Love looking back on my adventures of the past weekend, and so many others that I have been on. Knowing even in the storms of life there are many silver linings of blessings filled with God's grace, mercy, and love. We just have to stop and look around and smell the roses; as the old adage goes. They sure have many wise truths weaved through them. Each day given is another opportunity to be an inspiration and live life to the fullest extent of our capability at that moment. Grateful for the quiet moments, to reflect and be thankful for all I have been gifted with each and everyday. Truly I am blessed even in the quiet rainy days when I'm not dancing in the storm; but dreaming in dreamland where dreams really do come true. Blessings

March 15 ~ Wake up, wake up! It's time to get up and get ready to go create smiles of beauty at the salon. It's Wednesday, they are waiting for you Beth. They love coming in and being pampered by you. It is your bright spot as well in the week, seeing all these beauties, and gents. And hearing all about their life's journey. What a blessing to be able to bring them the smiles of beauty every week and brightening their day. So blessed to do work I love doing. WOW! So blessed to be able to go shopping today and purchase this weeks special dinner (corn beef and cabbage.) Plus all the other groceries and needs for the home. Refrigerator, and cupboards are full. Thankful for the finances to be able to do that. Finding rainy day pictures and old time treasures through this dreary wet rainy day. Learning to see all the beauty in the moment I'm in. Even old time treasure's from days gone by. Thank you Lord for each gift and life lesson in the day as it is your gift to me. Sitting and watching the rain come down. Much like the tears that flood me. But are held like diamonds in the Lord's hand. Just as the rain looks like beads of diamonds glistening on the window pane. As this day quickly comes to a close I'm grateful to have this roof over my head. Blessings

March 16 ~ Time to wake up to a day full of amazing beauty. First things first....prayers and coffee. Then time for beauty in the salon. The sun is out and there are blue skies. Love that yellow ball of fire The warmth of the sunshine is warming me inside and out. As this day slips away minute by minute I soak up every second of the warmth of the sunshine and blue skies I can. A short drive up the road to Springdale to pick up some horseradish. Thank you Geo Sutter for coming along with me today. Then we detoured into Troutdale for ice cream and a short walk with lots of laughter and smiles before heading back home. The best laugh was thinking this plastic rose was a real flower. Sunshine and laughter truly are the best medicine. Having great friends to share your silliness with even better. Thankful for being able to laugh at life and at myself. Being a kid at heart. So thankful for this sunshine of beauty. Blessings

March 17 ~ Top of the morning to you Irish eyes. Time to look for those Irish blessings. Happy St. Patty's Day! Early morning appointments all completed by 10:30 am. Found me a handsome green Leprechaun at the bank today. Kevin you looked very handsome. But you didn't give me a pot of gold! So off to find my pot of gold in the liquid sunshine. This green eyed redhead will capture the adventure in this festive day. Corn beef and cabbage in the crock pot. An invite to travel across town with Geo Sutter. What a fun little trip across the river to the tile store. Seeing parts of town I didn't even know about or that I've ever seen before. Rain coming down non-stop. Trying to rain on my parade, but I will find the fun even in the storm. With no sight of sunlight or a rainbow; how's a girl to find her pot of gold? Oh that's right it's in the journey that we find the pot of gold. Sparkles of greens and golds; four leaf clovers, dancing in the rain. Friendships to share the journey with. Yummy dinner to fill the tummy. Maybe I already had the pot of gold all along. Yes I would say I was blessed today. Thank you Lord for this day. Blessings

March 18~ Woke up early and fell back asleep only to wake to the pounding rain coming down like thunder upon the roof of the house. Then I dozed off and on to the patter of the rain hitting the roof top. Love those cozy, lazy Saturday's when life isn't pressuring you to get up and do life. Then the call of coffee and prayers. Dress code of the day yoga pants and sweatshirt. Got to love no make up and hair days. Perfectly imperfectly comfortable for the days chores. Worked on taxes until calculator died on me. Seeing how truly blessed I am. As I go through the receipts of last year, seeing the many blessings I have been given. Very grateful for the many blessings that I have been provided. So many taken for granted and forgotten about. Thank you Lord for the abundance of blessings and how I was able to share as well. Baked a cake today and Mary McCormick Loomis came by with ice cream to go with it. What a wonderful evening we had. Sitting and chatting away. Glad you could come by. Listened to music all day. Music therapy, got to love that. Listened to music all day. Music therapy good for the heart and soul. Made working on taxes easier too. As I listened to the music the lyrics and tunes would minister to my heart. Some tunes spoke to the heart and soul with many memories wrapped around them. While others were waiting to make memories to be held in a lyric and tune. I caught a glimpse of the sun this afternoon briefly between rain storms passing through. Love those sun rays. Today I enjoyed the lyrics of my slow dance of puttering and working on taxes, in the comofrt of my own home. Grateful for these days that I can just move slowly at my own pace; not in the fast lane of life. God's amazing grace. Thank you Lord for these days of leisure. Blessings

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