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Daily Journey

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

June Blessings ~ Counting It All Joy (Week One)


Happiness In The Sun!

Summer Fun At the Beach

June 1~ Summer here we come! Good morning to my favorite time of year Summertime! So glad to see you once again. Time for me to do my happy dance! Today Aunt Sally Mazza is making us homemade enchiladas, salsa, spanish rice, yummy in the tummy! Thank you ever so much. Eating dinner over at my daughter Racheal's house. Going to sit under the new covered patio, that the guys have been working so hard on today. Great jobAnthony DeSouzaNick Perry, David, and Nick. It looks great! It has been a quiet day. Just doing daily chores, house cleaning, laundry, cooking, just routine living life over at daughter Webber Heatherhouse. Love my family time. Thank you Lord for the blessings of routine and family. Blessings

June 2~ Friday morning sunshine! Up to a houseful of little people on their first day of Summer vacation. heads off to babysitting and the two younger ones take off with big brother. Listen.....what is that sound I hear.....QUIET! What a wonderful sound that is! How I miss you quiet! Though will miss the loud noise when gone. A double edge sword it is. Both blessings representing a house full of love on polar opposite ends. Getting ready to head back home. An attempt at mowing yard today. At least I got some sun. Laundry done and re organization of the luggage. Thank you Aunt Sally Mazza for all you have done for Webber Heather and the kids. Jodi Lynn Donahoe-Renison, thank you for coming over for bbq this evening. Aunt Sally out did herself once again. The house is on over load with kids! Love each one of you so very much. Thank you Anthony DeSouza and the rest of the kids for foot bath this evening. What a surprise blessings. A&W Root beer float! Yummy! Thank you Nick, Nick Perry, and Kyah for coming by tonight. Time with family is a precious gift. Lord I thank you for this day. For holding my tongue, giving me your grace to deal with things out of my control, wisdom to help me through, and prayers to sustain me. Yes Lord you are my glue. Thank you. Blessings

June 3~ Sleep .... what is That? Now that it's time to get want to sleep! Silly girl! Good morning! Last full day with the kiddos and my children. Before the day started the car got another bath. So much pitch and dirt. Meet up with Nick, Nick Perry, David, and Anthony DeSouza for breakfast. Thank you Nick for breakfast. Off to airport, then back to Webber Heather to start getting ready for the rest of the day. Fall asleep and missed out on awards for the girls. Must of needed it. Time to head to Racheal's for Nick's celebration. What a lovely evening and turn out to celebrate my handsome grandson. Today has been filled with lots of laughter, family, lobe, stories of days gone by, celebrating accomplishments and bright future's. Yes the world is their oyster and the pearl is before them. Grateful to be able to impart wisdom, love, time, and stories. Thank you Lord for youth. The ones with the world before them and those of us in every chapter of life that brings a song and dance and insight of wisdom that have paved the path ahead of us. Thank you for placing those around us that walk through live with us. Time to close this page and open a new one. Thank you for making this day memorable. Blessings

June 4~ Waking to my last day with my girls and grandchildren. Thank you Lord for the precious time I have had with each one of them. Finish packing and load the car. Two morning haircuts on the two youngest granddaughters. Made for some happy girls, before heading off to church with Webber Heather and the kids. Then pizza lunch with Racheal, Nick, and the grand kids, before Aunt Sally Mazza and I head North towards home. Later start than planned, but grateful for every minute with my girls and their families. I love you all so very much. Beautiful drive home with lots of stops for stretching. Made great timing. Olive Pit to get my olives. Oh I see mountains! Oh how I've missed you. Thank you Lord for the amazing ten days you blessed me with; with my beautiful daughter's and grandchildren. For the safety of my travels as Sally and I head back to Oregon. Thank you for all the provisions as we vacation. Each memory made a new treasure to place in my treasure chest near my heart to be held tightly in my heart never to be lost. Today's blessings full of love as we head towards home wrapped in prayers. Thankful for the journey and the doors opened for each new page of my life daily. Blessings

June 5~ No! I'm not a race track! Okay I'll get up! I know you wanted to play. Thank you Cloe for waking me. You made an excellent alarm. Thank you Sally Mazza for being my travel companion this past ten days and letting me stay the night. You have truly blessed me and the family more than words could ever express to you. Hit the road earlier than planned. But love the sunshine and the prospect of getting home a bit earlier than planned. Putting the pedal to the metal. Focus and vision is home. No Beth it isn't nap time while your driving. Stay awake and alert. Push through you can do this! coffee in the forest! Keep pressing through; you got this! Stop to see Katherine Fischer Huston and pick up some water. Thank you! So nice to see you. Back on that road to home. Road weary I am! But I can do this with Christ who strengthens me. Okay not much further, I see Mt. Hood! HOME! 300 MILES TO FRONT DOOR! Thank you Lord for watching over me and getting me home safely. Home in time to make afternoon appointment. Glad I made it even though I wanted to sleep. Why yes Geo SutterI'd love to come by and say hello and have dinner. Then a quick trip to Happy Valley to pick up my package. Glad they had It! Feeling really blessed. Now home to unpack! Get back to my daily routines in my daily life until the next adventure. It has been a very amazing ten days. So happy to have been able to go celebrate my grandson and see all the grandchildren and daughter's. I love you all to the moon and back. Blessings

June 6~ Waking up in my own bed! Pure luxury especially when you sleep in past 9:30. Loved just being all cozy in my bed. A wonderful good morning text which brought big smiles. I really like those morning text! A call from Wendi Chapdelaine. Thank you enjoyed visiting and just catching up on life. So glad we have reconnected, don't want to loss you ever again. Then an afternoon with the ladies; AmyJune McClure, and Sheri. What a great time we had. Lunch in Troutdale with lots of laughter and just having fun. Thank you both for coming this way. What a great day in the sun it was. Home to see that my favorite extra parking area is no longer. Looks as though it has sold. New neighbors...I'm off to a bad start taking up their parking. Not good! Sitting in the quiet of my home; after looking for old phones because I need a certain one to help out David as his is broken. The one I have is just like his. Still looking for one more...of course it's the one I need and cannot find. Thank you Lord for your perfect day of peace and therapy wrapped in friendships, laughter, sunshine, and the magic of adventures that are right NOW! Right were we are with those you have gifted us with. Each moment a beautiful treasured gift waiting for us to fully enjoy and capture with our whole heart and soul. When we do it is a treasured memory and gift that will keep giving us smiles of happiness and joy for a lifetime. Thank you for these moments. Truly am thankful for each moment of this day. Blessings

June 7~ Early morning rise! It's time to get back to routines. It's Wednesday smiles of beauty at the salon. Time for me get myself motivated. Coffee, prayers, and time to run out the door to see my amazing ladies and bring them beauty and smiles for the week. Thank you Lord that I'm still able to do this job I love. Fourteen ladies in the books today. Twelve showed up bringing me smiles. Who knew I would be so missed. Turned into a long day at the salon. Came home to prop my legs up. A surprise call from Geo Sutter. She had a long day too. Early dinner out. Much better than eating alone or trying to cook when ones to tired. Thank you Geo for coming by and picking me up. Home relaxing! Thankful for my ladies that brighten my work day. For friends that call and say let's not eat alone. Thank you Lord for holding me up today. Helping me to see the beauty of the evening as it comes to a close. Yes! In my routine and loneliness there is a magical dance that awaits me. It's my future. I love you Lord for you hold me in your hand as I learn this new dance step so I don't slip and fall. And if I do you are there to catch me in this dance called life. Blessings

June 8~ Rise and shine Beth...its time to get ready for another day of smiles of beauty. Coffee and prayers and time to head to the salon. Liquid sunshine from heaven with breaks of radiant sun beams breaking through the clouds bringing God's grace and blessings. Afternoon naps that bring renewed energy. An evening out that brings joy and happiness to my heart. Phone calls of love with prayers to cover those we love. Friends that answer the call for help. Yes Lord you surround me daily with your mercy and grace. Each moment a gift to honor and treasure. Thank you for your hand that clears the path and leads the way. Making this journey easy when we follow your leading. So grateful for all the provisions along the path ahead of me daily. Blessings

June 9~ It's rainy Friday! Time to get this house in order....or at least start on it. Yea a semi hot shower today! Happy me! Okay where to start....laundry, toss papers, run dishwasher, put items in shed. So much to do! Looking better. Time to run some errands. Geo Sutter and I go shoe shopping. Yea! She got her shoes. I found some cute ones too! A late lunch at Pie Vs. Pie in Gresham. Very yummy! Thank you Geo. I had a great time shopping and chatting the afternoon away. A phone call to grandson number one Anthony DeSouza before he flies back to base. You are in my heart and prayers always. May the Lord watch over you and continue to hold you in the very palm of His hand; as you continue to serve our country my grandson. I love you so very much. Thank you for your service Anthony. Just wish I didn't have to go home to an empty lonely home. Especially after being with a house full of love and kiddos; even as overwhelming as it was at times. I miss those voices of laughter, yelling, and love. The emptiness of the longer days are so hard. To find the positive and joy of thankfulness in these longer days isn't always easy. Today the silence is piercing. I found hope in that I can hear your voice more clearly Lord. That in these times of emptiness and silence is were I can find my voice again. The person you created me to be. The dance that gains strength each day as you lead and guide me to that place were I find my voice again into Victory! Thank you for this day and the many blessings you have provided for me. Blessings

June 10~ Restless night! Grateful for the sleep I did get. Sweet! Good morning texts! Loved how my morning started. Phone call from the beautifulCrystal N Koch. So uplifting and encouraging with prayers wrapped around our conversations. I love you and miss you tons. Thank you always for your love support and prayers of love that help and encourage me. Help me to move forward and endure the next chapter and page in this dance of life so I can sing once again. Then Melissa Simmonsand her dad arrive. So extremely grateful and thankful for the help with the water heater today. Enjoyed the visit and awesome conversation as well. Feeling very blessed. Then it's time to get on my knees and scrub these floors and get down to some deep cleaning. Front bathroom done. All the floors cleaned. Then went out to do some weed eating between rain showers. Yea! Looking a bit better. Long ways to go. Glad to get some done. A hot shower! How sweet and wonderful is that! I think that's my happiest gift today! Thank you Lord for sending help and making it reasonable. Thank you for the encouragement and prayers today. Now I sit again in the loneliness of this house. Be still and know I'm God! I hear you say. Be still my soul be still! I don't know all you have for me.....but I know you love me and carry me in the palm of your hand and meet all of my needs. Thank you for your provisions Lord daily. As I search for that new song in my heart and the dance that brings me joy and happiness. Blessings

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