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Daily Journey

Saturday, June 17, 2017

June Blessings ~ Counting It All Joy (Week Two)


Happines In The Sun!

Summer Fun At The Beach!

June 11~ Sleep seems to be eluding me lately. Pain levels are high. As much as I want to curl up and stay in bed..... I'm going to rise and shine and get dressed for the day. In fact I'm going to put on a skirt and blouse and head to church and Praise the Lord for this day He has blessed me with. Meet up with Rebecca Sherrett at church then after we headed to lunch. What a yummy salad that was too. Then we decided to shoot a few games of pool. It was a draw who won. What fun we had. We even danced to some great tunes from the late 70's and early 80's. Then Geo Sutter called and we went on this delightful afternoon adventure across town then an early dinner. It was awesome! We ate at a place called Davidson's. Thank you Geo! Then home to relax. What a fun filled day with friends. Even in lack of sleep and in pain God blessed me with a beautiful day and wonderful friends to enjoy it with. Best part I didn't have to cook today or eat alone. Thank you Lord for for the simple pleasures in life. Blessings

June 12~ Okay! Time to rise and shine as I look out to the liquid sunshine as I seek the great big yellow ball of light and warmth. Today I was blessed to see my goddaughter Jennifer Perrin and her family today. I had breakfast and adventures with them today. Took them down the scenic highway to Vista House, then onto Multnomah Falls. Turned out to be a sunshine day under misty blue skies. What a lovely adventure it was. Thank you for fitting me into your vacation plans. Really enjoyed showing you my playground and seeing you. Then home in time for my afternoon appointment. Thankful to be able to make it today. Realizing how much I truly have learned and grown over the past months. Thankful to realize that as a woman we are gifts to be honored and treasured. We are unique individuals who have so many special gifts and talents to offer. We give all of our heart in all that we do. We are a rainbow of beauty that shines brightly. Thank you Lord for all YOU have placed inside of me so I can gently pour out my love to all those around me. Filling me with your perfect love daily to pour out to those I love. That I am someone to be valued and loved. Yes! Lord today was a gift of love from you and has filled me to over flowing.The lessons in each one you have placed around me to fill my heart to over flowing. The lessons and keys to break chains that hold me hostage into the future that awaits me as I take each step forward into my life that awaits me in this journey of life. Thank you! Blessings

June 13~ Sleep seems to elude me these days. Thankful that I can stretch and just rest. Time to rise and shine for a full morning of beauty. Heading off to Oregon City for a shampoo set, and a perm. My wonderful drive on the river road. Fighting to stay awake. NO! One cannot fall asleep behind the wheel of a car. Stay awake and alert. You can do this Beth! Both turned out great! The smiles from the perm priceless. Heading home I stopped in Gresham for lunch at Uggly's taco bar. Yummy! Then home were I promptly fall asleep! Naps those oh so wonderful little afternoon delights that energize you. Funny when we are little we fight to not take them; then as an adults we beg to have one. Grateful for my nap today. So to the ladies I was suppose to get a hold of today; I'm so sorry! I crashed and burned, my apologies. Edie Ricker Cowell, and Wendi Chapdelaine what a delight to talk to you both today. Both bringing me smiles of friendship and love. Thank you so much Lord for this day of rest to re energize before tomorrow's day of beauty. So happy to just prop my feet up and nap. Yes Lord thank you for these days that you place us near still waters to rest in you. So you can replenish us in You. Blessings

June 14~ No! I just fell asleep and it's time to rise and shine for another day of possibilities filled with beauty and smiles. Four amazing ladies at the salon today; only one canceled. So thankful for each one. Slow day but it is a good thing as pain levels are high. Loved each smile that left the shop today. Rene said she is super pleased with my work, and Shirley says my hands create miracles with hair. Thank you. Home to re-group for afternoon activities. Meet up with the delightful, beautiful and amazing Christina Lee. Loved seeing you. Love my leggings and top. So very soft! I know they will hug my body nicely. Thank you Geo Sutter for having me over for dinner. How very yummy and filling. It was a lovely evening thank you. Surprise today on Face Book my baby girl Racheal Perry has reinstated her page after many years. Love that I now can keep up with all three if my amazing and talented daughters; Webber Heather, and Amber Webber. Love these girls with all my heart. Today I'm grateful for social media and being able to stay in touch with those I love and care about. The phone call from my brother, who just called to check in on me. Thank you! Seems it came at just the right time. Just when I'm wiping my tears, his voice come across the phone and lifts my spirit's. Yes Lord you know exactly what we need and when we need it. In my loneliness you send friends to share my day and life with. You know how much I love my daughter's and grandchildren and you make it possible to stay in touch daily with all the new technology and social media. Then you have family or friends reach out in perfect timing when I'm feeling lost and needing to hear a voice that brings joy and happiness in the mist of my loneliness. You have a perfect solution and gift for each situation I'm in. Thank you Lord for your provisions even when I don't even know I need them. Blessings

June 15~ Waking to liquid sunshine, and Fall like weather. What happened to Summer? Awww......its coffee time! And I get to share it with the delightful and beautiful Katherine Fischer Huston, before I head off to work. Marge arrives for her perm. A quiet morning at the salon. Marge's perm turned out beautiful. Heading home to clean up and start my towels. Then off to meet up with Edie Ricker Cowell, and Rebecca Cutler-White, along with Katherine for lunch. It was so awesome to see these amazing ladies and spend the afternoon with them. I have missed them very much. So glad to see you ALL and catch up. I look forward to seeing you again Edie before you head in other directions and activities. Rebecca we need to get together more often. I feel so blessed to have spent time with you ladies today. A little treasure hunting at the second hand store. We all found a treasure and a bargain with our Senior discount. Then off to my late afternoon appointment. A surprise invite for a glass of wine and pizza. Thank You! Home to pick up Katherine and another adventure out. Chatter, laughter, and walk or is that a dance in the rain. Jump in puddles, and remember what it's like to be a kid again. Soaked from head to toes; drenched rat, or Debbie Reynolds and Gene Kelly in "Singing In The Rain". No it's Katherine and Beth being silly and having fun stepping out of the box creating adventures and memories. So much fun! Thank you Lord for blessing me with amazing friends that accept me and love me right where I am. For turning a grey stormy sky into sunlit smiles and laughter. Thank you so much Lord for the treasures I have been gifted with in my friendships. So thankful for the diamonds in my life that are covered in the beauty of love and friendship along with sisterhood. Thank you for the glistening water drops of love that lite my dance steps today as I played in the rain. Blessings

June 16~ Oh how sweet to sleep in! Sad that I cannot find the yellow fire ball of sunshine. So willing to pay hostage fees. Lounged around the house until mid afternoon. So relaxing, read and just kicked back drinking coffee. Then it was well past time to run errands. Katherine Fischer Hustonand I got our errands in. Then caught up withRebecca Sherrett! Thank you for the blessing. It will help me out so much. It was great to see you. Then meet up with Geo Sutter for dinner. Oh I ate so much they could've rolled me out the door. What a great time we had. But wait the fun and adventures aren't over yet. Meet up with Mary McCormick Loomis. You never know what kind of trouble we can get into. So off to Duke's we go! We were laughing so hard the servers wanted to join our party. People watching can be so interesting and fun! Then these crazy ladies have me drive home. Shaking my head! Hate night driving. Thank you Lord for watching out over us and getting us home safely. Today I'm thankful for sleeping in, late day starts, friends that their homes are always open and welcoming. Crazy laughter and fun that brings belly laughs from deep down in your soul. Finding the crazy happy in everyday living with those you share life with. Even under gloomy dark clouds there is sunshine to be found. Thank you Lord. Blessings

June 17~ Waking to overcast skies. Hoping for breaks of sunshine. Saturday morning coffee and some morning chats. Leisurely start to the day. A walk to the post box and back. Longing for blue skies and a yellow ball of fire. More lounging around day dreaming and wishing. Time to go celebrate three beautiful talented young ladies, two graduated high school and one college. Congratulations on your achievement's ladies. Thank you Cindy Forsythe Rieder, and Cathi Forsythe, for inviting me. Had a lovely time. Time for one more adventure before Katherine Fischer Huston leaves to head back home over the mountain. Gelato it is! So yummy! Always time for a treat. Thank you Katherine for all the fun little adventures and activities crammed into the last two days. Back to the silence in my space in the world. Thank you Lord for stretching and expanding our time so we could cram alot of things in a small amount of time. Thankful for the finances provided for these unexpected activities and the provision to meet all of the needs that I have. Thankful that everyday I am given another chance to write on a clean slate another page on my journey. Filling my page with the bouquet of a bountiful harvest of friendship and love, while living life to the fullest even on the simplest of days. Thank you Lord for gift of life and the daily provisions of your grace, mercy, and love. Blessings

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