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Daily Journey

Saturday, August 5, 2017

August Blessings ~ Counting It All Joy! (First Week)


Summer Adventures!

The Dog Days Of Summer!

August 1 ~ Waking up to a new sizzling hot month. What excitement and adventures await us as we turn the page right into a sizzling bright Tuesday morning. Most defiantly coffee and pray time to start the month and day off in perfect harmony with the Lord. Thank you David for dropping by and putting fan together as well as helping me water down the yard, fence, porch, and all dry areas. Sadly there was a home fire in my neighborhood early a.m. thankful all got out with their lives. But their home was a total loss. Today is making appointments with two new doctors. It's warm in the house, but thankful for fans and lots of water to hydrate. Off to Costco to walk in air conditioning. Exercise in and staying cool all at the same time. Not so bad! Dinner at Highlander, a wonderful salad and lots of water with lemon. Thinking of ways to stay cool and hydrated in the triple digit weather when you have no air conditioning, you get a bit creative. Thank you Lord for places to go cool off from the heat wave. For finances to eat out. Thank you for friends that check in on me to make sure I'm okay. For the light evening breeze that blows through my hair, and brushes my cheek with a Summer evening kiss. For all these things and the air I breathe daily, and so much more I'm so thankful. Blessings

August 2 ~ Wednesday day of beauty. A melting good morning to you. Not even 6:30 a.m. and I'm already melting in my house. So glad today is smiles of beauty. Air conditioning is better outside of my home. These days I'm calling my home a sauna with these triple digits. Hey maybe I will melt away some extra pounds off my curvy body. Could I be so blessed! After coffee the most important part of the day after prayers; out the door for those beautiful smiles at the salon. I am never disappointed. Finished up and headed to the house to change and relax. Thank you David for coming over and working in yard and watering for me. Time with girlfriends is always the best. Kinda sad about the art exhibit.....but there will be other opportunities. Had a lovely dinner and visit. Thank you ladies most enjoyable. Air conditioning at dinner with a view. Must be creative to stay comfortable and cool in the triple digits. Thankful that I'm not cold in the dead of Winter freezing even with heavy clothing and blanket's on. So thankful for my water to stay hydrated, places to go to cool off that have air. My air condition car, a tank full of gas. Clients that bring smiles and laughter. A job that I love. For my granddaughter Mickeneez who was born today and has brought this family much love and joy with her precious spirit. Thank you Lord for my daughter's who have blessed me with amazing grandchildren. Yes everyday you can find one thing to be thankful for and it leads to many more things to be thankful for. Even in melting triple digit heat I'm thankful for this home turned into a sauna. Blessings

August 3~ Waking in my sauna bathhouse. Makes one slightly irritable with little sleep. So pray time today very important. Good morning text brought smiles and laughter, as I got ready for another day of smiles of beauty. Thinking of the possibilities of a cooler environment at the salon. Two beautiful perms that brought happiness to two lovely ladies. Then we brought three more smiles of beauty to three more ladies. It was a good day. The smoke and heat have made air quality unsafe for most. So home to the sauna bathhouse. Lots of hydrating my body as I do my laundry and try to stay cool. Thank you Lord for conversation with mom. Glad she is holding up in the heat. Blessed to still have her. Love you mom! Thankful for leftovers for dinner. Today I'm truly grateful just to get through this very hot smoggy day. And that I have plenty of water to drink. Blessings

August 4~ Tossing and hot! sticky and muggy......finally fall asleep and it's time to get up. Good morning sauna bathhouse on this first Friday of the month. Soaking wet doing nothing but getting ready for the day ahead of me. Cannot find my red Friday shirt, so bummed. Look a text from my grandson Anthony DeSouza. He got his care package. He said he wasn't to happy with weighed to much he said. Then he opened it.....Then he was happy. So glad you got your box. I love you so much Anthony. I think that was the best text ever. Time to take care of some bills and run some errands before it gets to hot. They say air quality here in Portland is worse than LA and Benji. That is bad air quality. Come out of the bank and there is so much commotion going on.....look a car is on fire! And a fire with explosions and drama. Thank you Lord no one in the car or anyone hurt. WOW! That was something! Home to sit under the fans in my sauna bathhouse and hydrate. Air quality so bad don't want to be out and about. So I'm thankful I got my banking and a few bills paid. Extremely thankful and over joyed to hear from my grandson Anthony. For friends that check in on me. For my one skillet dinner. And that I have lots of water to drink. Even in this miserable heat and air quality there is something to be thankful for. Blessings

August 5 ~ Good morning sticky Saturday morning. It's time to get up and have some fun in the sun today. Morning coffee and prayers to start the day out right. Then time go to Saturday market over at Mt. Hood Community College. Stop and see my brother and Scott. Then over to see Patti Shepherd, and Kim Hager. After a wonderful visit with each one it's time to meet up with Mary McCormick Loomis. And when we get together you never know where you end up in the day. The adventures and fun cramped into a day is endless. Meet up over at IHOP then to Estacada, Colton, Clackamette, Carver, Wal-Mart then home. Adventures and fun with friends is always a blessing. Seeing loved ones, and friends you haven't seen in awhile are gifts. Fun in the sun, a country drive, toes in the water, not adulting today, good food and laughter; are just a few of the things I'm so very thankful for. Yes! Lord you bless me with many gifts and treasures everyday that make me rich beyond measure. Thank you for your goodness to me. Blessings

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