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Daily Journey

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

July Blessings ~ Counting It All Joy (Week Four Last Week)


Let The Celebrations Begin!

July 23 ~ Grrrr..... head is still stuffy. Truly just want to feel better. Medicine time...pray this helps. Good morning last day of vacation! Last morning at vacation home. Today I head home back to my reality. Time to get my things in order and packed up and loaded into my car. First though one must have coffee and breakfast. Then Katherine Fischer Huston and I head off to morning service. I sure do love the old hymns. Back to house to finish loading car up. Lunch with family before heading back. A nice drive. Traffic was heavy but moved well. Home to unpack. Oh so much to do! A surprise phone chat that was nice. Thank you Lord for watching over me and getting me home safely from all my travels. So thankful to be home and get to sleep in my own bed. Blessings

July 24~ So nice to wake in my own bed and home. Home sweet home! Ummmm......over slept.....missed an appointment..... oh well! So goes life sometimes. Still stuffy, sneezing and just not feeling myself, and a tooth ache as well. Ugh! Well...lets see. Oh My! My glasses are broken. Well guess I need to go get those fixed asap. So goes this day. Repairs and errands. Yep! It's Monday! Today I'm thankful to be home. That I have food in my refrigerator and a stove to cook on. Thankful for glasses being repaired and my necklace is under warranty for its repair. For afternoon naps under the fan. Sometimes your just grateful to get through the day. Thank you Lord! Blessings

July 25~ Good morning Tuesday! Waking to another day of stuffy head, watery eyes, sneezing and I just want to be back to healthy. Please go away and let me not feel icky anymore please. Thank you! Time to get ready for work and make that beautiful drive along the old river road heading to Oregon City. Love this drive. I never tire of it. It is so beautiful, peaceful and relaxing. Then home for a quick lunch before fun in the Gorge with Edie Ricker Cowell, Addy, and Rebecca Cutler-White. Always fun to spend time with friends in some of your favorite places. Thank you for asking me to join you today. Dinner, a walk in downtown Gresham. Then a surprise drive out to Clackmas Town Center. And I didn't buy anything. I kept my blinders on. Though I was tempted. Thankful that I can work and play all on the same day. Thankful for friends that are always ready to to have some fun. Grateful I can find the positive when a world of negativity surrounds me. Thankful for my fans blowing on me and my cozy bed and fresh water to hydrate. Yes Lord there is always something to be thankful for. Blessings

July 26~ Good morning Wednesday! Good day to normal routines of smiles of beauty. Yes lined up at the doors waiting. 13 on the books. Rescheduled two for tomorrow. I didn't even get the door open before they started wanting in the chair. Give me a minute ladies.....thank you! All 11 left with big beautiful smiles of happiness on their faces. I'd say that was a successful day. Though a long rough day we made it through. Then on to two other appointments. The one I wanted to get through today had to be rescheduled for Monday afternoon. Bummed! But....hey it's just a minor delay. Then meet up with the beautiful Melissa Simmons to deliver her Mary Kay and have an early dinner. A perfect late afternoon with a friend. Thank you. It's been an extraordinary day with so many ladies waiting and some interesting upheaval. Thankful God is in control and not me. Thankful this day is coming to a close and I can put it and the stress behind me. Thank you Lord for the work of my hands and the many blessings each lady brings me with their smiles and life experiences. I'm thankful you hold my future in your hands. Glad to be home under the safety and protection of my home and your loving hand. Blessings

July 27 ~ Good morning Thursday! Early rise a day of more beauty. Perms, shampoo sets, and haircuts await me. Today went well at the salon. Everyone happy with smiles of beauty. More appointments made for next week. Keeping my hands busy. Edie Ricker Cowell called and invited me to camp. So very excited. Pack, head to store and get some goodies for camp and head down the road. So relaxed! Enjoying the late afternoon into evening. Visiting, playing cards, campfire and smore's. What could be better? Stars peeking through the canopy of the trees shining down on us. Thank you Lord for your surprise blessings each day given in work and play. For the simple everyday gifts. Blessings

July 28 ~ Loved waking up at a campsite on this beautiful Friday morning. Coffee and breakfast withEdie Ricker Cowell. Thank you so much! What a wonderful relaxing morning and day I have had. Enjoyed just hanging out with you Edie. Then we went down to the river. More kicking back and catching up. Time to head to my sister's to get ready for this evenings event. Another 40 year class reunion in the The Dalles. I'm becoming quite the social butterfly. Was amazing to see so many that I haven't seen in many years. So many i went to grade school with. WOW! I'm sure I'm not that old yet! Thank you Lord for this life filled with so many friends throughout my life. This world you gave me is my oyster filled with so many pearls of beauty. Each stage eloquently weaved perfectly together. Feeling very blessed to have had the childhood I had; though hard at times when making new friends. So many schools from elementary, and high school, so many. Four high schools have given me many life long treasured friends. I am so very Thankful! Blessings

July 29 ~ Hello Saturday! Waking to little voices and four legged fur babies today at sister's house. Must get that cup of morning java and get ready for the day. A tour of the high school, then onto the museum. A few memories jogged; other's tightly tucked away for another time. Really glad I made the decision to go on this little trip to the The Dalles this weekend. Love seeing my sister's, great nephews and the rest of the gang, as well as many friends. Meet a lovely gentleman working on the Alumni committee. Looking forward to talking to him more. Home to get ready for the wedding reception. Yummy food, great people, beautiful bride and handsome groom. Congratulations! Then an invitation for a glass of wine. Why thank You! I'd love too! A very enjoyable hour and half. Thank you Lord feeling very blessed and full from the days activities. Thank you for safety and protection as I drove today. For friends that that let you know how much your appreciated, missed, loved, and glad you could make it. Feeling very loved today! Thank you for evening breezes and the music of the soul that dances in the magical beauty of life. For a walk down memory lane with childhood classmates and friends. Where memories are made, children are molded as life unfolds as we head into adulthood; from know it all teenagers. For the life you weave so beautiful for me to wander through each day creating sunbeams of hope, love, joy, happiness sparkling for others to see as I live life fully each day in you Lord. I am grateful! Blessings

July 30 ~ Sunday morning beauty. Sleeping in for that extra beauty rest. Yes! All I want to do today is sleep. This has been a lazy dazy Sunday. Naps and comfort junk food with more naps, along with sappy Hallmark movies. Oh and catching up on my Nashville series. Thinking I'm already for bed already. My body is crashing hard. Thank you Lord for the comfort of my home, the bed I snuggle in. I'm thankful for junkie snacks and food in my refrigerator; we call comfort foods. For my TV that I have enjoyed watching this afternoon. For the fans over head cooling me. For long lazy Sunday afternoons that require nothing from me. Thankful for another day to be grateful. Blessings

July 31 ~ Happy last day of July! Good morning Monday! Oh happy day! New week, new chapter of a fresh new day and week as we close the last day of a very sizzling busy July. Time to shine for the day with coffee and prayers. Thank you David, for coming by and taking care of a few things for me. Much appreciated, looking forward to the rest getting done. As the day slides by I enjoy catching up with my beautiful friend Sally Mazza, love and prayers always wonderful lady. So thankful you are in my life. Off to Costco for water to stay hydrated this week, as the heat wave hits us. Oh what a crazy nightmare. I could hardly wait to check out. Home to unload and just kick back for a bit. Attempting to put fan together. I'm sure a kindergarten could do It! But not me! LOL Then off to doctor so the blood sucker could do their job. Isn't life grand. So thankful Lord for your watchful eye and protection that covers me daily. For fresh water, and morning coffee. For doctors given skills to keep me healthy. For my ceiling fans that cool my home. For the simple beauty of each given day in simple routines of living life, I am grateful. Blessings

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