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Daily Journey

Saturday, August 26, 2017

August Blessings ~ Counting It All Joy! (Fourth Week)


Summer Adventure's!

The Dog Day's Of Summer!

August 21 ~ Waking up in my own bed is always a blessing. So thankful for my snugly pillows and cozy blankets on my comfy bed. Yep! I like my bed! Time for coffee! A nice conversation with a friend who brings smiles. Hope you have a great day off! Thanks for the smiles! Appointment.....that went south. Not paying 55 for 20 minutes! WRONG!!! Home to wait for the Solar Eclipse. Watching on TV best seat in the house. Sweet neighbors shared their Eclipse glasses with me. So awesome! Thank you. So amazing! 99.4 totality view from where I stood at. WOW! Temperatures dropped as well as getting dark. Then it was all over. The hype is now just a story on a page in history and a blip on my canvass of life. Glad I got to experience and see this once in a lifetime event. Then viewed many amazing photos that were captured during the eclipse. Thank you everyone for sharing. Loved viewing them all. Ummmm......whats for dinner? Love to meet you for dinner. Thank you! Italian dinner at Bocelli's, in Gresham, with a glass of wine shared and dessert. Yummy! Home to start cleaning and preparing for the week. Thank you Lord for neighbor's that shared glasses. For a quiet day. A wonderful dinner with my friend. For smiles that carried me through the day. You just never know what one phone call can do for another person. Thankful I don't have to hide my identity and pretend to be someone I'm not. Nice just to be me. Love that my friends and family except me just where I'm at and who I am. No false pretense or hidden agenda's. Glad I can color my canvases of life; with the beauty of all my friends and life experiences being truly who I am, not someone I'm not. Happy to do that no matter if the sun is shining or not. I do the sunshine dance or splashing in the rain dance, both create a beauty and a rainbow of colors to create a beautiful life; I'm so very grateful. Blessings

August 22~ Good morning! Love those early morning hello's. Hope you have a great day! Time to get my day started. Smiles of beauty today out in Oregon City. Love that River Road country drive. I never tire of it. My mini vacation on the way to work. Leftovers for lunch. Yummy! Time for next appointment. Not feeling like it....but I'm here and I will push through. Just feeling out of sorts. Home to get ready for work. A pleasant unexpected surprise. Kirby came by selling their wares. Free carpet cleaning. Yes! That means listening to their spill. FREE CARPET CLEANING! Worth the spill! Looks so nice. Thank you Lord for another day to spread smiles of beauty. For lessons learned and a class that helps me over my hurdles. I'm so very grateful. Thankful for the surprise of the Kirby man.....clean carpets, that I didn't have to do. They look really nice and it smells fresh and clean. Thankful for the offer he made me....but just wasn't in my budget. For the best compliment being told I looked like I was only 40 years old! Yea! Thankful that I have fans to lay under. Most of all thankful for the amazing friends and support I have. Blessings

August 23 ~ Good morning Wednesday day of smiles of beauty. What a wonderful fresh scent I smell. Oh the clean carpets! So nice...what a wonderful fresh clean smell. I love it! Coffee time, make up, prayers, and get my hair looking good for the day. Fly out the door to go feed this car some gasoline before work. Nine ladies on the books! Eight beautiful smiling faces. Yep! My job is complete and beautiful smiles fill the home. Head home with tears in my eyes. Need to deal with my roller coaster emotions. some days are tougher than others. Laundry started! Sherilynn Ganther, I appreciate you so much. Thank you for coming over and going on a wonderful little hike with me at Gresham Butte Saddle Back Trail. What fun! We will have to explore this site some more. Getting back on the right track! Yep this is good! Feeling much better. Fresh air and a walk does wonders, especially with a friend. Dinner! Why yes we would love to join you. Always a great time with you my sweet friend. What fun we had too. Non stop laughter, belly laughter at that. Good medicine just what the doctor ordered I'm sure. Home to finish up the laundry and the day. Thank you Lord for blessing me with work for my hands. Smiles that are paychecks of the heart. For fresh clean scent of cleaned carpets. For a nice little hike right down the road from the house. Friends to spend the afternoon and evening with. Belly laughs! Good food and not eating alone. A hello that brings a smile and a close to this day. I am so very grateful. Blessings

August 24 ~ Slept in! Sweet! Good morning Thursday. Errands to run, shopping to do; both for business and for my dinner party. Thank you Sherilynn Ganther for driving me today and helping me prepare for my wild taco dinner party. So much fun having you over and helping me in the kitchen as well as cooking that yummy dessert. What fun! Then my guest arrive Mary McCormick LoomisGeo SutterJennifer Merritt-EstepChristine Good, and David. What a wild time we had. Thank you everyone. Then out for an evening walk and a drink at the Stage Coach to top the night off. Yes! Lord you have blessed me with amazing family, and friends. So thankful for help today in the kitchen. For the food that filled our tummy's. Thank you for my sister Lord that blesses me always in so many ways. For a lovely day and evening with lots of laughter and smiles. Yep! I think today was a great success. So thankful for that. Blessings

August 25~ Waking to a beautiful Friday morning. Sister Christine Good and Jennifer Merritt-Estep are getting ready to head out for Hood to Coast. They want breakfast. LOL Well....I guess I can cook a breakfast. Thank you David for bringing over beagles for breakfast I appreciate it so very much. Yep I still can make those egg sandwiches. Everyone is packed up an ready to head out the door. Be safe out there Chris and Jen. Everyone watch out for the runners an walkers for the Hood to Coast. Time for me to clean up a bit and run to my appointment. Thank you Sherilynn Ganther for coming over and going out this afternoon. What an adventure we had too. Lots of walking, laughter, and great memories made. To bad we didn't make it to the Falls due to fire. Just means we must go again. Home to phone crashing and then the computer was acting weird. pray nothing goes wrong. Up way to late trying to fix things. Thank you Lord for this day. Morning coffee with my sister. A beautiful afternoon in the Columbia Gorge. For the eyes across in Washington that saw flames and alerted our forestry. For the Rangers that kept us safe out there on the trails and fighting the fire. For a safe drive home and beautiful photos captured today. Yes it was an awesome day. Thank you for another day of rich blessings and treasures. Blessings

August 26~ Dang I just want to sleep. I'm feeling so stressed and my heart is heavy. Praying and praying. Okay lets try and get a little more shut eye. Nope...not working. Okay up I am. What???? My computer really did crash. Oh great! I pray I can get it up and running. Thank you Regina Heginbotham for trying to help me today. I truly appreciate it. I just think my computer died. I just hope I can retrieve the data. I think I need a hot shower, and a lot of coffee. Yep that is what I need. Okay I'm going to Best Buy.Thank goodness for some great advice and information. It made a world of differences when I went in there. Phone got repaired as well. Yea! Still have some minor issues to deal with. But that will be easy. Thank you Samsung man. Okay I found the computer that will suit my needs. Paid a bit more than I wanted. Definitely will need mana from heaven for this purchase. Thank you Sherilynn Ganther for dropping by and helping me put the computer together it helped a lot. Back to Best Buy. Oh great lots of new passwords to try and remember. UGH! This is going to be a long long day with lots of frustration. DAM! I can do this and I will do this! On the phone with Geek Squad. Thankful for them tonight! Okay this will come together.. Dear Lord I'm thankful just to get through this stressful day. For help along the way today in many friends and service people. For my nice hot shower. My left over tacos that I had for dinner. Thankful that with a little effort and patience that it will all come together. Learning new tools. For the quiet in my home. Yes this has been a very stressful day. But am thankful that the phone is fixed and I have a new computer, and tomorrow is a new day. Grateful! Blessings

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