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Daily Journey

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

July Blessings ~ Counting It All Joy! (Week Four)


The birth of a nation
A celebration 
Of epic portions
Celebrating the red white and blue
A salute to those who gave their all
Families and friends gather
Displays of fireworks 
That light the evening sky
Happy Birthday 
You are 215 year young
God bless us
Each and everyone


God Bless America

God bless America, land that I love

Stand beside her and guide her

Through the night with the light from above
From the mountains to the prairies

To the oceans white with foam

God bless America, my home sweet home
God bless America, land that I love

Stand beside her and guide her

Through the night with the light from above
From the mountains to the prairies

To the oceans white with foam


July 22~ Good morning! It's going to be a warm one. I can feel the heat already. Need to get outside chores done early today. Thankful for these beautiful Summer days. 
1. A big pot of coffee to start the day. 
2. Warm good morning brings smiles. 
3. Thank you David for sealing the window and putting locks on. 
4. Thank you David for helping in the yard today. Most appreciative. Looking better. Long ways to go. 
5. Getting laundry done is always a blessing. 
6. Got a new electrical cord after the other was cut in half. 
7. A much cooler house with this portable air conditioner. 
8. Bathroom floor cleaned. I think I need a self cleaning house. LOL 
9. Prayers 
10. Delightful evening chat. 
Thank you Lord for always watching over me and blessing me when I least expect it. Thank you for today's gifts spoken and unspoken. Blessings

July 23~ Good morning! Monday and a new week is upon us. Time for me to get up and get this Monday started. Waking and breathing the first blessings of the day. 
1. Good morning laughter a great way to start this day. 
2. Out the door early getting errands done. 
3. Getting Rose's Mary Kay order off to her. Should have by Thursday. Thank you for your order. 
4. Bottle drop.....interesting some changes have been made. Not sure I like them.....but hey I still don't have to stand and count. 
5. Walmart fun! 
6. Getting meds hope I feel better soon. 
7. Appointments made with dentist and primary doctor for tomorrow morning. Oh I hope they make me better. DON'T LIKE NOT FEELING WELL! Thankful for these caregivers. 
8. My lunch of chicken drums and brussel sprouts. 
9. Advice from Kellie Suetta Amaru and catching up with her. Can hardly wait for your visit here. Looking forward to seeing you. 
10. Talking to Randi Hilary and her exercise idea for me. (Belly dancing) we will see how I do with this one. 
11. An afternoon nap 
12. Smiles and love sent across the miles. 
13. A much cooler house. 
Thank you Lord for another day to see all the goodness and many ways you fill my day with love, adventure, answered prayers, and everything I have need for. Blessings

July 24~ Good morning! Rise and shine Beth time to get ready for several appointments. A cup of coffee with morning prayers is a great way to start each day. Today's thankfuls 
1. Morning business call and talked to a delightful lady in Alabama who made the business call much more tolerable and enjoyable. That's just a business called can be enjoyable. I guess they can be because mine was. 
2. A great nurse practitioner at the doctor's today made my doctor's appointment much better to deal with. She was so funny we laughed a lot. 
3. That the dentist got me in as quickly as they did today very grateful for that. 
4. The nice gentleman at Costco who helped me with my water. 
5. The sunshine 
6. A full gas tank 
7. Finding a penny, always reminds me "Manna From Heaven". God's provision. 
8. Old classic movies on TMC. Black and white love this art form. And so wholesome. 
9. Filling up file 13 
10. Humor 
Thank you Lord for this day for all the many blessings that filled this day. For your favor and healing hand upon me today. So thankful for all this and so much more that isn't spoken. Blessings

July 25~ Early! Good morning! It is already mid week. I get to go make a smile of beauty. So grateful for this day every week. Wonder what other wonderful blessings await me today. 
1. Early morning chat. 
2. Power smoothie 
3. Beautiful drive to Oregon City. 
4. Talking to my friend Rose in California. It's always wonderful to hear her voice and hear what's going on down there. 
5. Fun at Carver Boat Launch on the Clackamas river.
 6. Putting my feet in the water, at the mouth of Clear Creek. 
7. Taking a walk around the park. 
8. Getting in and seeing the dentist so my gums will feel better. Thankful they could get me in so quickly. 
9. Prayers with Crystal N Koch this afternoon. Feeling very encouraged and loved. Thank you! 
10. The smiles I get everytime I watch the police lip sync challenges. Love them! That you all that serve our communities. 
Thank you Lord for this day filled with love, healing, happiness, and Summer sun. What could be better!?! Feeling happy! Blessings

July 26 ~ Good morning! Thursday sliding into the Friday heading right into the weekend. But for me it feels like the weekend already. I'm rolling over and pulling the covers over my head for a bit more shut eye. Yes it is nice and comfortable in the house just what is needed for extra sleep. First blessing of the day. I know there is more in store for me today. 
1. Wonderful phone calls to start the day from several friends checking in and saying good morning. Perfect! 
2. A wonderful reconnect with an old friend from California. What fun talking with her like no timeout passed at all. Thank you to Daniel Melissa Tarin for getting me back in touch with your mom. 
3. Big pot of coffee 
4. Enjoying old sitcoms. 
5. Love that the air conditioner is keeping the house nice and comfortable. 
6. Invite to happy hour with Cindy Forsythe Rieder and her mom. What a great evening filled with lots of laughter. Thank you for the invite to dinner. Really enjoyable. Had a great time. 
7. Playing with the dogs 
8. Hearing from my sister.Love when they call and just checking in. 
9. For my medication mouthwash. My gums are feeling better. 
10. The beautiful moon this evening. 
Thank you Lord for another day filled with your mercy and grace and everything I need and more. Always so much to be thankful for. One could write on and on forever. Blessings

July 27~ Good Morning! it is Friday and I have an early morning rise. I have a day of beauty and smiles to create today. I am excited to go see this lovely lady and give her a perm. Thank you for the referral Pat Holzbach. What a wonderful blessing and great way to start my day. I know there will be many more blessings to be thankful for today. Waking up and not being in the obituary section today is a huge plus; as that means I have been given another day to live my life fully. 
1. Power drink to start my day. 
2. Comfortable clothes 
3. A nice drive out t Clackamas taking the backroads. 
4. Giving Martha a perm and cut. 
5. That the caregivers at the adult foster home helped me be creative to get this perm done. It turn out beautiful. Thank you ladies. You never know what you can do until you have to do it to get the job done. Success!
 6. A nice lunch of leftovers. 
7. Even though I haven't quite figured out the warterpike it is helping my gums. It is rather funny to see all the water going everywhere except where it needs to go. LOL I'm sure it would be a candid camera moment for sure. 
8. Thank you Mary McCormick Loomis for the Mary Kay order. Glad we could meet up. It was great seeing you even if it was briefly. 
9. The pictures working on computer once again. Oh I am so very happy! 
10. Talking to the nice lady on the phone with a credit company and how well she helped me. Great customer service. Always thankful for that. 
Thank you Lord For blessing me with this day. That your hand is always guiding and directing me. Thankful for your favor and the grace given me. Blessings

July 28~ Good morning! It is the weekend! It is so much cooler in the house today! So much so that I actually have a chill. Though it is supposed to be hot today. Looking forward to finding some adventure to have today. Time to make that thankful list. 
1. My morning coffee. 
2. Morning phone call with Crystal. Always uplifting and encouraging. 
3.Prayers answered and prayers said. 
4. Chatting with one of the neighbors. Always has a smile. 
5. A drive out to Gresham and picked up a book that Judi left for me. Thank you! 
6. A great afternoon out at Glenn Otto Park on the Sandy River. 
7. Feet in the water and sunshine on my face. 
8. Great watching the families enjoy their time out on the river. Brought smiles to my face. 
9. Gourmet ice cream. Tasty! 
10. A place to rinse my feet after playing in the river today. 
11. Hot showers. 
So grateful for this day thank you Lord for blessing me once again. Blessings

July 29~ Good morning! Good morning great big ball of fire in the sky! Heat wave is upon us. Thankful that I have this portable air conditioner to help keep the house and me semi cool. Truly I think this is a huge blessings today and has been and will be as long as this heat wave is with us. Still need that morning hot java though! No day is complete in my mind without it. Already blessings are abounding. 
1. Prayer time for all of our firefighters and those in harm's way. Those who have lost loved ones and so much more. Prayer is essential. 
2. A great visit and conversation with Jim Gentry today. Glad you are surviving the fires down in southern Oregon. Great to catch up with you as always. Look forward to our visit in the future. 
3. My water. Seems I cannot get enough of it lately. 
4. Sitting and sending out I love you's to family. Because you are never promised tomorrow and I want them to know I love them with all of my heart and soul. 
5. Listening to some great rock and roll. 
6. Just being lazy! 
7. Looking up hikes on the internet. Hoping to do one soon. 
8. That being alone doesn't mean that I'm alone. I have the most import person in my life daily. Look to the heavens and know I am never alone. 
9. Some grape tomatoes to snack on. 
10. That I can dance to my own drum and it is okay. 
Yes Lord another day to say thank you to the many blessings that you give daily. Ones mentioned and the ones never spoken a word of. The list is endless of what we have to be thankful for everyday, just waking up and breathing. So blessed! Blessings

July 30 ~ Good Morning! New day new week to celebrate all that awaits. But in the meantime I'm rolling over for a few extra shut eyes. 
1. Morning coffee with prayers. 
2. So glad I have a huge bathroom mirror and a nice hand mirror to put my makeup on and do my hair. 
3. A comfortable sundress. 
4. The nice case worker at Senior Disability Services that I spoke with this morning. I may not agree.....but she explained it clearly and was very helpful. 
5. No waiting at Costco to get gas today. So nice! 
6. Being told I'm a beautiful woman. 
7. Seeing Melissa Simmons today to deliver her Mary Kay order. It was so nice to see you. 
8. Thank you for lunch Melissa what a pleasant surprise. 
9. Popcorn 
10. For all those who provide services to us to make our lives more comfortable. 
Thank you Lord for another day to celebrate the gifts of the day. Blessings

July 31~ Good morning! It's the last day of July! It just doesn't seem possible. Time is flying by. Seems we were just celebrating Our Country's birthday. On the eve of another month that I'm sure is filled with many blessings to be thankful. On this last day of July I find myself reflecting on the many gifts I have been blessed with. 
1. Soft huggable pillows to bring me comfort. 
2. Classic movies recorded from TMC. 
3. My bottled water. 
4. No makeup or doing my hair. 
5. TV in my room that I can enjoy from my bed. 
6. Not having to get dressed or do anything. 
7. A day spent in bed all day. 
8. Being extremely lazy. 
9. My overhead fan 
10. My ensuite. 
Thank you Lord for another day of Summer and your many blessings. Thankful for a complete day of rest. Blessings

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