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Daily Journey

Sunday, July 22, 2018

July Blessings ~ Counting It All Joy! (Week Three)

The birth of a nation
A celebration 
Of epic portions
Celebrating the red white and blue
A salute to those who gave their all
Families and friends gather
Displays of fireworks 
That light the evening sky
Happy Birthday 
You are 215 year young
God bless us
Each and everyone


God Bless America

God bless America, land that I love

Stand beside her and guide her

Through the night with the light from above
From the mountains to the prairies

To the oceans white with foam

God bless America, my home sweet home
God bless America, land that I love

Stand beside her and guide her

Through the night with the light from above
From the mountains to the prairies

To the oceans white with foam


July 15~ Good morning! Oh how I just want to sleep. But it's time to get up. Last morning at sister's before heading back home. It was a great weekend with them like it always is. Love spending time with my sisters. Thank you for always including me in the fun. Time for that coffee and to get myself pulled together to get on the road. Life is good and I know there are many blessings today. I woke up and I'm breathing is a good start. Means I'm alive. Look how many thankfuls I already have and I haven't even started my day. 
1. The coolness of my sister's finished basement where I slept last night. Comfortable. 
2. The beautiful morning sunshine. 
3. Some bacon for breakfast. 
4. Sitting on the back patio having coffee and visiting with Rosie and Jen this morning before leaving for home. 
5. A good hair day. 
6. A beautiful drive down the Gorge heading home.In a air conditioned car. Thank you Lord! 
7. A nice lunch with great service thank you. 
8. A walk up to the Stagecoach parking lot and back for a bit of exercise. It was a bit warm but enjoyed the walk. 
9. A drive to Dairy Queen to get a banana split for national ice cream day. Very yummy! 
10. Great friendship being made and built with a really awesome person. I'm really enjoying getting to know them. 
Thank you Lord for another day filled with treasures of blessings and opportunities to share your amazing world with others. Blessings

July 16~ Good morning! Monday and new week that will be filled with many blessings to be thankful for. 
1. Laying underneath the fan blowing across my body while I rested an extra hour this morning. 
2. Good morning messages that brought smiles to my face. 
3. Thankful for my landline and being able to make the phone calls needed to see about getting help for air. Though there was none available I was thankful that there were numbers to call; and each person on the other end was very kind and helpful to the best of their ability. 
4. Getting my perm exchanged. Both stores and clerks were helpful today at Sally's beauty supply. 
5. Seeing Judi today and exchanging my wallet. Thank you. Enjoyed our chat. Have a great time on your conference and trip.
 6. Walking Troutdale outlet malls today to get my walk in even. Though it was hot it was very enjoyable; I ate ice cream while I walked. 
7. Catching up with Kellie Suetta Amaru. I can hardly wait for your upcoming visit. 
8. My air conditioner in my car. Drove around in it today to stay cool. Good thing I had lots of errands to do. So wasn't just driving. But didn't mind the traffic. Which usually I do. LOL 
9. Dental floss and other mouth hygiene items that care for your teeth and mouth. 
10. Door locks 
Thank you Lord for another day to celebrate the gifts and blessings of everyday living. Each one to be thankful for spoken and unspoken. Each day holds billions of big and small gifts to be thankful for. Just waking up is a gift. Thank you! Blessings

July 17~ Good morning! Another hot muggy night......little if any sleep. Cooler outside than inside my home. But so very thankful for my residence. And of course my ceiling fans and other little fans that blow over the top of me, giving me some relief and comfort. So time to get myself put together to get errands done. Feet haven't hit the ground and I already have plenty to be thankful for. 
1. A good morning message that was thought provoking. 
2. Happy for blotting towels between the heat and tears it was most needed to apply makeup today. 
3. An ice coffee from Country Coffee in Fairview. The surprise was they gave me a 24oz for a med. Thank you! The other surprise was I thought it was going to be a hot coffee and it was an iced one. Which was nice. 
4. Meeting up with Randi Hilary at the nail salon. WOW! Another surprise blessing. I got my nails done. Thank you! My hands loved it! And they look so pretty. Forgot how nice it feels to get a manicure. 
5. Hello Melissa Simmons! Thank you for meeting with me and for lunch. What a nice treat. Loved catching up with you as well. 
6. Loving the air conditioning in my car. 
7. Hello from Canada! You bright smiles my friend. Thank you! 
8. Tires and battery on car had there checkup this afternoon. All is well.
 9. A walk around the Gresham stores where Firestone is located. Getting my walks in even with the heat. 
10. Phone call from mom. She was checking on me. I love her so much and am so blessed to have her. Love hearing I love you from my mom. Priceless! 
11. Feeling very special today. 
Thank you Lord for another great day of Summer smiles and treasured moments made into memories. The gift of today.....I am thankful! Blessings

July 18 ~ Good morning! Ugh! Seems I just fall asleep. Now it's time to rise and shine for some smiles of beauty. Oh we have a cooler day ahead. Yeah! Sadly it's cooler outside then in my house by almost 30 degrees. Crazy! Thinking my fans just aren't cutting the heat. But thankful each and everyone of them. I can't imagine how horrible it would be without them. So much to be thankful for as my early morning day starts. 
1. Cool comfortably clothing. 
2. Water 
3. A friend with an early-morning ear thank you Crystal N Koch. Thank you for the love, support, encouragement, words of wisdom, and prayers. 
4. The beautiful morning drive along the country roads and river to Oregon City. 
5. Della's perm turned out beautiful. 
6. GPS that takes you on quite the detour; going to the bank. What a much different route than in past travels. It was an adventure for sure. 
7. Referral from Pat Holzbach for a hair client. Thank you! And thank you for checking in with me about my family. Blessings 
8. A wonderful couple of calls checking on me. Thank you for loving me and caring. 
9. Setting up new appointment and getting product. 
10. Most definitely my air conditioner in my car today again. Very blessed to have that air conditioning. 
11. An afternoon catnap 
12. Talking to mom 
13. Feet propped up. 
Yet another day overflowing with blessings to be thankful for. Thank you Lord for knowing just what I need and for all the additional blessing as well spoken and unspoken. Blessings

July 19~ Good morning! Finally a little cooler. I actually got a little sleep thank you Lord. Slept in a bit and caught up on some sleep. So thankful for the extra rest and shut eye. So nice to have so many thankfuls before I even get out of bed. I know my day will be chalked full of many blessings. 
1. Coffee 
2. A wonderful morning chat. Seemed to be a great way to start the day. 
3. Getting out in the front and working on some of the rock and yard. So much more to do but looks so much better. 
4. For garden gloves, garden rake, and garden clippers, and an almost full green garbage can. 
5. Two nice hot showers today. I know that is a blessing. Funny thing about it.....took one in bathroom and then the other in the other one. Too funny! 
6. Having two bathrooms 
7. Going and getting a portable air conditioner. Super blessed! Saved $70 on a nice room model. I think this will work. 
8. Picked up fresh fruit and veggies today on sale. Yum! 
9. Meeting up with Cindy Forsythe Rieder and Mary Ann Forsythe Wimberly for happy hour. Thank you for invite so enjoyed it. 
10. Going with Cindy to watch Katelyn play sand volleyball this evening. That was fun. And they WON! Thank you for inviting me. What a wonderful evening of fun with great friends. 
11. A much cooler house. 
12. Learning new things about my computer. Never a dull moment. 
13. A walk to mailbox and back. 
Yes Lord you have filled another day with your many rich blessings. Thank you for giving me another day to dance the beautiful dance of life with. Those you have graced me with daily. Blessings

July 20~ Good morning! sleep again! Guess there will be plenty of time to sleep in the Winter months. Phone is ringing.....I'm sure the first of many blessings today. 
1. My beautiful daughter Webber Heather called me this morning. So wonderful to hear her voice. She called to ask for specific special prayers. I love standing in agreement with her. But loved hearing her voice and I love you mom. 
2. Another ringing phone. My dad's wife Joanne Good. Loved hearing from her and hearing what's going on with her and dad. Love you both. 
3. Talking and praying with Crystal N Koch this morning before my day got rolling. 
4 God is so faithful to bring such loving and up lifting calls to start my day. 
5. A morning laugh on me. A drive to Clackamas for a perm.......a week earlier than I should be there. I think we will call it my dry run. 
6. Stuffed mushrooms for lunch and dinner. Got them on sell yesterday at Freddy's. 
7. Watermelon 
8. A walk around the community. 
9. Working out in the front area doing another hour and half of gardening. Little five little making improvements out front. 
10. Afternoon naps. 
Thank you Lord for all my many blessings small and big, the everyday and the unexpected; but best of all the ability to laugh at one's self. Blessings

July 21~ Good morning! Yahoo! I actually got a decent night's sleep. Funny...I even had to use a blanket last night. I would say that is an oxymoron. But so is life in the grand scheme of things. What a beautiful dance it is! Today is filled with lots of amazing gifts. So I need to get up and get this day started. 
1. A nice big pot of coffee to start the day. 
2. Thank you David for coming over and putting the portable air conditioner in the window for me. I know it's not rocket science but I sure do appreciate that you did it for me. 
3. Seeing Cathi ForsytheCindy Forsythe Rieder, and meeting the other ladies; helping with the wedding decorations. What a great time with great people. 
4. Formosa's 
5. The beautiful sunshine 
6. Mom's phone call to just check in on me. Got to love that. I love you mom! 
7. So many wonderful phone calls today and chats. Feeling really blessed. Thank you everyone for the calls, messages, and texts. WOW I am feeling the love. 
8. Going to the all class reunion at Montavilla park today; for Vestal Elementary and Junior high. 
9. Seeing Mr. Roy one of the best loved coaches and teacher. Though he did remember me.....after today I'm sure he will never forget me. I spilled his pop all over. We chuckled and cleaned it up. 
10. Seeing that big beautiful black lab Marshall today. Had fun throwing the ball for him. What a sweet heart of a boy he is. 
11. Seeing old friends and meeting lots of new people today. 
Thank you Lord for waking me up to enjoy this incredible full amazing day; stocked full of treasured friends and memories. Life is a journey with beautiful dance steps if we just stop and take a breathe and take it all in. This day will not come again. Live fully and in the moments because those are the gifts and treasures. Thank you Lord for so many today. Glad I stopped and said yes to life and living it fully. Blessings

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