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My journey through my day and my life with its andotes and life lessons of the day. The gifts and blessing of those people the Lord has surrounded me with along with the many treasure's He has left for me to open and enjoy along the way. My walk with my Lord and Savior, Prayers, Work, Play. Pictures of the gifts and blessing. My journey through life and how it has strengthened, blessed me or............

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Daily Journey

Monday, June 10, 2013

June Sunshine Finds~ June Joy Dare

Day 3~ June Sunshine finds sleeping way to late. Hot showers and coffee! Leisure walks around the complex enjoying all the beautiful flowers. Walking to supply house and picking up products for the salon. Going to Mary Kay meeting very nice. Many gifts of sunshine there. Lovely evening resting and listening to crazy TV!

Day 4~ June Sunshine finds where does one start on such an amazing day filled with so much! It is as though God added to the day as it went on. The hours were stretched! Salon fun and beauty to start this amazing day off! Clients happy me with a new hair color! Thank you Melody for making me beautiful with no more shades of wisdom showing! Then adventures with Mary McCormick Loomis! Off to lunch and the Portland Aquarium! Hours of discovery and fun! Yes the beauty of the sunshine was out as well. So many sunshine finds that one could not list them all on this post. I learned so much as well. Education is always a gift that is more value than gold! So much beauty and rich color under the sea! WOW!

Day 5~ June Sunshine finds is the weather is warming and the Summer activities have begun! Having a great time finding the joy in everyday. The sunshine gifts of the day are sure plentiful; you just have to look around and you will see it in everything. Today I could write yet another book. Fun in the sun with Shari Whitlock, thank you for the invite to go to the children's junior parade. What fun that was. Lots of marching bands and just kids having fun! Took tons of photos. Some came out others not so much. Playing with the new camera. Lunch at Killer Burgers! YUM! Could have split that one. Walk in the sunshine about the complex and over to Bi-Mart. Love going for walks. Meeting new people and spreading smiles and happiness of the day. Learning how to use new programs and taking care of business. Just hearing the children play outside brings sunshine joy to my heart. Finding so many things to be thankful for....what about you?

Day 6~ June Sunshine finds are surely morning coffee when you get up and get ready for a full and busy day! Having enough appointments on the books to keep you busy. Booking new ones for next week and re- arranging appointments to stay busy when I am at work. Sending out each one with smiles of happiness until next week. Getting some sunshine while taking care of business for up coming events. Thank you Cindy Forsythe Rieder blessing me with the purses and the tops. I am so excited know I don't have to purse shop have that covered. Thank you for helping me out with so many things you are a surely a very treasured friend. Early dinner and kitchen cleaned what is better than that. It is a happy day indeed with so many blessing of sunshine coming my way.

Day 7~ June Sunshine finds can be as many as the stars of the night. Today was filled with plenty of surprises. Some I may not think of as gifts but all turn into a blessing if I allow the Lord to work in me and through me and the situation. Had plenty of work at the salon making the ladies pretty for the week ahead. A few haircuts for the gentleman and smiles for the journey. Getting to see Shari Whitlock again today and trimming her hair up. It is always a blessing to see those we love and care about. Seeing my dear Randi Hilary! She looked really good it was nice to visit for a bit. The Lord bless her. Then relaxing with foot propped up. Oh the gifts found if we just stop and take a breath and breathe in all the gifts and beauty around us.

Day 8~ June Sunshine finds having some of my chores done before noon is a sure sunshine joy. Being able to put a smile on my neighbors face after giving her a haircut this morning. Meat from the meat market is always a sunshine find and so much better and taster. Several small walks in the sunshine today. A little patio gardening puts a huge sunshine smile on my face! Great little smiles of joy tossed around freely and captured to hold onto. Loving these days of June!

Day 9~ June Sunshine finds Seeing all the wonderful brothers and sisters in Christ at service this morning and worshiping together. A wonderful message went forth on being the light and the salt of the earth. Getting some groceries for the week is a wonderful thing. The provision for all our needs. Cleaning out some of the junk from the house today and taking Winter items to the garage surely felt like sunshine to me. Feeling rather accomplished today in a variety of areas in my life. A bright and sunshine gift came in this evening from my friendRosalie Reinhold. Catching up with her and hearing the wonderful Praise reports and the joy in her heart and the love and encouragement. Thank you my friend. God truly is doing great and mighty things everyday!

June Joy Dare
Day 3~ 3 Gifts from today's conversations
At first I thought this was going to be hard. did change rather quickly through out the day. Now it is going to be hard to pick the top three.........
1) Inspiration~ Came from Cindy Forsythe RiederCathi Forsythe, and my granddaughter Mickenzee Anne
2) Memories juggles and remembered with great joy~ Mickenzee Anne my granddaughter,
3) Laughter comes from many conversations that I had that made me smile and laugh. 
Thank you everyone who enrich my life through their presence in my life and all that they add to my life daily ♥

June Joy Dare
Day 4~ 3 Gifts found in Christ 
1) Peace even when the storms of life are surrounding you! Walking in His Victory and grace of peace
2) Unending gifts of love daily from every area of your life! His unconditional love and the love He shows through each breath we breathe.
3) His perfect provision in ALL things and meet all our needs daily above and beyond our wildest dreams. That we have no lack in Him!

June Joy Dare
Day 5~ A gift of peace, of hope, of love
The gift of peace would be the silence in the house when everything is shut down and ready to call it a day.
The hope found in our Lord, and for another tomorrow to be all He created us to be.
The love of my grandchildren and the hope they have of coming for a visit or me to them; where the peace of joy would be found in pure joy and love!

June Joy Dare

Day 6~ 3 gifts "ugly-beautiful"
I dislike this one when we have it on the sheet. It is so hard there are just a few that are so challenging to me and this is one of them. Come on it is hard to find beautiful in ugly~ Right!??
1) My little tennis shoes that I wear with my Capri's and other Summer clothing when I am walking or going to work so I don't have to wear my bulky tennis shoes. I think they are ugly but others think they are cute so they can be beautiful!
2) Some of the attitudes of others then watching them change when treated different or ....... from ugly to beautiful!
3) My phone that I am clearing out is becoming more beautiful as I believe it will work better once it has all things cleared off it. I think it is ugly and then someone will call and makes it beautiful even when it doesn't work right. (Need to get fixed or new one)

June Joy Dare

Day 7~ 3 Gifts in what you are reading
Okay as of right now I'm not reading any books.  So.....Not sure how I am going to fill this part of my joy dare. I have a funny idea and lets see who catches on....... And I assure you I could find more than three with this clever idea.
1) I find humor in my reading
2) People and things to pray about
3) Beautiful photos
Can you guess? What are your three things with what you are reading?

June Joy Dare

Day 8~ 3 Gifts empty
Unusual ones for me to find. I maybe able to do this....
1) My laundry basket is empty for at least a day. All laundry is washed folded and put away until some more finds its way into the basket.
2) All the pots and pans have been cleaned out from the dinner this evening. Must have been good it is all gone and empty too.
3) All the little planter starter pots are empty, right into a larger pot making one big beautiful planter on my patio. Love it! So empty starter pots make beautiful large pots. 

June Joy Dare
Day 9~ 3 Gifts that made you really smile
1) Talking with my friend Rosalie Reinhold this evening on the phone as well as my friend Linda. Both who live in California. Love that even with the miles we still can be connected. As well as texting with my oldest granddaughter Sara! She surely puts a huge smile upon my face.
2) Making some sells towards my Mary Kay goal in my business. It puts me just a little bit closer with each one. Thank you for the orders!
3) My beautiful flowers on my patio make me really smile as I sit in the sunshine and enjoy the beauty of them.

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