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Daily Journey

Monday, November 16, 2015

Hello Bloggie World

Hello bloggie world! 
It has been awhile since I have posted anything. This past nine months of my life have been a roller coaster. I have been wanting to post and get back to blogging. I have missed you and the creativity of this platform where I have shared my changing life as well as photos of adventures taken and creative writing. Blog hops where I have meet amazing friends and learned from each one of you. I am ready to get back to have some fun and sharing my life adventures and journey along with my creativity art form of photos and writing. Thank you each one who have remained around waiting for me to come back. Look forward to getting re~acquainted and meeting new friends as well. I know some of you are friends of mine of FB and have kept up with my coming and goings. It has been an adventure. And I truly wouldn't have been able to keep up with the blog with all of my travels this past nine months either. Grandchildren growing and embarking upon their adult lives; as well as many changes taking place in those I love as well as mine. I seem to do better in the Winter with my blog as I do tend to hibernate and not adventure out as much. But always have lots to share and learn. 

One of the many adventures I was on this past nine months. Wanted to share some of the beauty that is in my back yard that I go and explore and enjoy throughout the year. This is the Painted Hill's in Central Oregon early Fall. What a wonderful day and adventure we had this day. Never a dull moment when you go out into God's creation and enjoy the treasures and beauty He has blessed us with.
The Painted Hill's
Early Fall 2015

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