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Daily Journey

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Electric Issues

Hello bloggie friends and world! has been a storming day and have lost my electricity today. Which usually wouldn't bother me. But today we had the electrician out to do repair work on the electricity as there is some electric issues in the home. looks as though it will be tomorrow before it gets fixed. It has been on the outage since Friday evening. I think I have always suspected there where issues since we moved here...but it finally surfaced and made its self known. time for the repairs to begin. Also hoping to get the rest of my new windows in before the end of the year. The gentleman that was hired has been sick. Praying he is well soon and the weather clears enough for him to finish the job. Have lots of little home repairs and improvements going on. Need to finish up the master bathroom . The shower has some problems and now it is ready to be painted then shower head put on. The joys of home ownership and home improvements. Always a little surprise here and there. 
As I re~start my blogging please bare with me as I feel my way and the direction I want to take my blog. Not really sure which direction I'm going to go. Right now it just feels good to do a little bit of journaling as I regain my footing and direction that I would like to go with my blog. It also feels good just to journal whats on my mind and heart until I make some clear decisions. As i just really want to get back into the habit of working on my blog once again. Thank you each for your patience's as I go through this process. 

This is a foot bridge heading to one of the little hiking trails at the Painted Hills in Central Oregon.
Thought until I decide what direction I'm going. I will share a bit what is going on then a picture of an adventure. I do love taking photos and sharing Gods beauty. This was taken in early Fall when the weather still felt like Summer. It was a full day of small little hikes. I think I will share a photo a day this week of the Painted Hills.

Painted Hill's Oregon
Fall 2015

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