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Daily Journey

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Three Word Wednesday

Habitual, adjective: done or doing constantly or as a habit, regular; usual.

Illustrious, adjective: well known, respected, and admired for past achievements.

Jumbled, verb:  mix up in a confused or untidy way.

The broken vase holds
The shattered heart 
Of broken glass
Jumbled memories of days gone by
The past creeping its ugly head
The habitual pain of repeated mistakes
As illustrious as the present is
The jumbled memories of the past
From the habitual pain
Remains forever present
Is history repeating 
Even in the illustrious present
In the  old vase holds
All the broken glass
Fragments and pieces
Of a shattered heart
Creating a illustrious vision
Mirrors of illusions
Of the present
All jumbled together
Like a puzzle
Waiting to be put together
Is the heart forever broken?
In the vase shattered glass
In habitual pain
Jumbled in glistening 
Teardrops of a broken heart
Stained and broken
Awaiting the touch
Of the Master


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