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Daily Journey

Saturday, February 4, 2017

February Blessings That Im So Thankful For Week One

Counting It All Joy

February 1 Early rise for the day of beauty and smiles. Five ladies out of nine. Not a full day, but a day full of smiles and blessings. Home early to laundry, which is now done for the week. Then I snuggled under blankets for warmth. Winds are blowing, maybe they are blowing to bring about some changes. I know I am working on some big ones. Mary McCormick Loomis came by to take me to Costco. Picked up a few items, thank you Mary. Just a normal day looking for some excitement. So I'm very excited to see what this month will bring. New pages to write on with new adventurers and memories to be made. Thanking God for His grace and mercy today and His eyes always being upon me watching over me like the sparrow. So grateful! Blessings

February 2 Beautiful early morning sunrise. Sometimes getting up early to watch the sunrise is the most beautiful gift. The breaking of a new dawn into a new full day. Never to pass our way again. Each day has so much to offer as we greet each one. Thankful I was able to go to my morning appointment to create beautiful smiles of beauty for Delia and Dorloras. While there I watched a flock of wild turkey's feeding in her backyard on the patio. A first for me! I was so excited I had to stop rolling Delia's hair and watch them and take a few photos. Reminding me that God feeds all the birds of the air and cares for them how much more He cares for me and all my needs. The drive home today along some old country back roads. So peaceful! Reminding me of a friend I miss so much. With tears rolling down the cheeks with a smile on my face thankful for the time I had with my friend. Loving the peaceful beauty and the memories that still bring smiles. Missed but never forgotten. Friendships bring such amazing gifts even though they may not be near or with us. They are felt with a memory a song, or scent, a picture so many ways. So happy to have had the memories to keep me company on my way home today. Funny how are friends can touch us even when their not physically present. Thank you all my dear precious friends who leave your fingers prints upon my heart giving me many memories to carry with me forever and always. ♡♡♡ Then that darn ground hog saw its shadow giving us another six weeks of Winter. Truly is funny when you think about it. God is the one that sets the sun upon the day and the season. Yet we laugh at this silly old wise tail of the ground hog. So the God that sets the sun to bring the light that breaks upon the day will ultimately decide the length of the Winter season, not some silly ground hog and his shadow. Each day I wonder were is my gift? What am I going to be thankful for today? Then as I sit and reflect I see how many gifts and things I truly have to be thankful for. Humor, friendships, memories, country roads, work of my hands, God's love, and so much more. As God sets the evening sky upon this day I pray He wakes me for the morning light. So grateful for this day I was gifted with. Blessings

February 3 A good day to sleep in under the warmth of all my snugly blankets. This morning Waking to a blanket of ice, creating a ice skating rink once again. day consisted of bundling up under layers of clothing and blankets. I chipped away at the ice hoping to get out.! So grateful I had done shopping earlier in the week. So I'm happy I didn't have appointments that had to be cancelled or rescheduled. Enjoyed a wonderful conversation with my friend Rose, in Sacramento. So finding my gifts in my day was a bit challenging. Hot coffee and prayers, electricity, my TV, my phone, to mention a few. Blessings

February 4 Filled with many surprise gifts and blessings throughout my entire day. They came from the first sip of morning coffee; then as I was looking out the living room window I saw a hawk on the fence. Wishing I had my camera to capture him. But was so cool to see him sitting there. Then as fast as I caught a glimpse of him he was gone. Then a chilly but beautiful walk up to the mailbox and back where I captured crystal ice beauty throughout the neighborhood. The ice and ice melt create such magical beauty. Each storm seems to bring great reminders that they don't last forever. Even in a storm there is great strength and beauty that comes from each one. So as this storm passes by just like in life, comes more strength and beauty. That was hidden in the darkness waiting to break through the ice and melt into the gift of beauty. Relaxing under the warmth of my blankets comes a mid afternoon invite to go out with two of my amazing friends Mary McCormick Loomis and Geo Sutter. What a wonderful way to cap off the day. As I sit and type out the gifts and blessings of this day I hear the evening rain storm raging outside. God's tear drops. That's what I thought they were when I was much younger. His tears of love for His children. He loves us all so much. Knowing He has placed each gift for me to enjoy! Thank you Lord! Blessings

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