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My journey through my day and my life with its andotes and life lessons of the day. The gifts and blessing of those people the Lord has surrounded me with along with the many treasure's He has left for me to open and enjoy along the way. My walk with my Lord and Savior, Prayers, Work, Play. Pictures of the gifts and blessing. My journey through life and how it has strengthened, blessed me or............

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Daily Journey

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

February Blessings Week Four -Month End


Counting It All Joy

February 19 Good morning coffee and donuts! Just being lazy and enjoying the morning. Kitchen salon open. Katherine Fischer Huston gets a new cut. Love that smile of happiness. Lazy is my day. Leftovers for lunch and dinner. Blasting the heater again tired of being cold. Thankful for the heater, electricity, and funds to pay the bill. Though the house is empty and lonely it gives me time for reflection. Time to discover what's important to me. Some days means taking care of you. Grateful I can do that. Praying and talking to God in the loneliness and quiet of my house. So blessed to have this time; even when it's not comfortable or easy. Knowing I'm loved by God. So very thankful. Blessings

February 20 Here comes Monday knocking on my door. Oh! Yes! Sleep in ....its President's Day. A phone call from Tanina Cossimina Giarrusso with an invitation for lunch with a little shopping therapy. What a wonderful surprise and great visit and time of catching up. Windowing shopping can be great therapy; especially with a friend. Thank you Tanina! Though there were lots of rain clouds we surely made our own sunshine today. As this day comes to a close I count my many blessings laced in the stormy clouds of life. As the sunshine breaks through creating the sunshine that lights my day with many blessings and smiles, I count each one with joy in my heart. Thank you Lord. Blessings

February 21 Time to rise and shine for a day full of appointments. Morning coffee is always a pleasure and a blessing. Love the rich aromatic smell of it brewing. From the first sip to the last drop it tastes so yummy and warms my insides as it gets my day started. Thankful for my car to get me to and from each and all of my many appointments today. Working windshield wipers as the rains came down. As the sky was full of raindrops today so we're my eyes. Feeling very emotional today. Grateful for my kleenex as I wiped the many tears away that streaked my face. For the safety of my daughterAmber Webber and my granddaughter Sara Harris. As they had a horrific experience tonight coming home in the snow storm. Thankful for the hands of the Lord upon them. As grey and stormy as the day, I'm so thankful for the smiles that came across my path today bringing in the light of sunshine to brighten my day. Even in grey stormy days we can find the blessings of life to be thankful for. Praising God for His hand upon my family and loved ones, including me. Thank you Lord! Blessings

February 22 Foggy start to the day. Grateful for those headlights to get to work safely. Time to create smiles of beauty. Four ladies out of eight. Finished up early today. Still had some beautiful smiles leaving the shop. Love seeing those smiles of happiness and beauty. Home to a yummy lunch. Thank you Katherine Fischer Huston for the homemade stew. Very yummy! Loved the sunshine popping out. Blue skies with fluffy white clouds bringing me a sneak preview of what's to come. Thankful for this afternoon to get some chores done on this hump day; as we race towards the weekend. Blessings

February 23 Good day! Signs of a new season. As in life ~ birthdays, anniversaries, life events, come and go. Each marking a new life, a new day, new year, a new season, another passing of life events; creating the life and person who we are at this moment. Today I was blessed as I am each week to do hair on our amazing elderly generation. Thinking how much life they have lived and been apart of making. Living history. I'm so blessed to have the opportunity to meet each one and make their lives just a little brighter. Today one of the daughter's of one of my clients blessed me beyond words. She told me how much she appreciates me and how gentle and loving that I am. That her mom looks forward to coming each week. That she always looks so beautiful. WOW! Maybe what I do really does make a difference. Then a new gentlemen will come next week, his nephew came and made an appointment for his Uncle and said really appreciate what you do and being here. Another WOW! So with the passage of each season of life and with each person that crosses our path; their is a mark of beauty left permanently upon our souls. I'm in Awe today with the paychecks of the heart. Thankful for each one and reminded of the many that have been planted in my heart and have blossomed into the wealth and beauty I carry with me daily in my life; that I can reflect upon when life turns upside-down. What a wealth of blessings I have been gifted with. So those smiles may just be changing some one's life creating a bouquet of beauty to pull from in whatever season of need. Thank you Lord! Blessings

February 24 Fun Friday! Actually I think today was prayer Friday. Lots of prayers going up for family and loved ones. Reminded how fragile and precious life truly is. I appreciate those in my life and what each add to my life daily. Glad to have my telephone to call those I love. Thankful for another day to be able to tell my family and friends, how important they are and how much they mean too me. As we are not promised tomorrow. Loved being able to pray for them all throughout the day. Thank you Crystal N Koch for praying with me today. And it was great to just talk and catch up. Love you!  A fun evening out with Mary McCormick Loomis. Dinner and the ballet to see Swan Lake. Feeling totally relaxed. Thank you Lord for another day. Blessings

February 25 Warmth under my cozy fuzzy warm blankets; really don't want to get up today. But....I have an idea! The sun is out and it's a great day for a short journey to see my sisters. It's been a long Winter. Time to travel the gorgeous Gorge to go to the The Dalles. So happy to have my car full of gas so I can take this trip to see my sisters and extended family. Great to see family and friends I haven't seen since November. Fun times....running errands with them. Then time with my great nephew's who always bring such joy to my heart. Oh Yes! The kitchen salon at the Good household is open for business. Did I mention their home is toasty warm. I'm so in seventh heaven here. I don't have to wear six layers of clothing. 😆😆 I truly enjoyed the beautiful day and the views. Grateful my sisters home is always open to me. My heart is full! Thank you Lord for my family and friends you have blessed me with. God's blessings filled me to over flowing. Simply pleasure in the everyday with those I love fill my heart. Blessings

February 26 Waking at my sisters house to the brewing of coffee. Out for morning breakfast withChristine Good and Jennifer Merritt-Estep and Dave. What a wonderful way to start my day. Spent the day relaxing and enjoying the company of family. Some free groceries from the monopoly game from the coupons. Thank you Rosie for sharing your win with me. Then some true crime before heading home. Thank you all for a lovely weekend and hospitality full of love. Loved playing with my great nephew's and spending time with them as well. I sure didn't want to come home. Then a misty drive home. Always beautiful, looking at the snow covered trees on the mountain sides. Thank you Lord for the many blessings. Blessings

February 27 A new day and a new week. It's Monday time to get this week rolling. Though I would prefer to stay in bed and act as if it wasn't. So I will thank you Lord for for waking me; getting my bum rolling. Some coffee and prayers. Some chat time with the beautiful Sally Mazza. Then out the door to run some errands before heading to afternoon appointment. A short visit with my brother Don. Always blessed to hear his voice and his enthusiasm along with his huge dreams. Though the skies are grey and my heart blue. I know that the love of my family and friends with the gift of another day; that the sun will shine and my heart will dance a new song. Grateful for this day to learn to shine and dance under the grey skies. Thank you Lord for holding me on days that are hard to get through. Truly blessed! Blessings

February 28 Wake up time Beth! Time to get up and celebrate another day. Coffee prayers out the door to the many appointments I have today. Thankful for the Chiropractor and the work they are doing to help me with my pain. In between appointments a stop at fast food for lunch. Thankful for the dollar menu, but even more thankful for all the many provisions and daily things I take so for granted. As I saw many today that shined with much less than what I have. The opportunity to catch up with Mary McCormick Loomis after all of my appointments today. She always shines and has a smile no matter what. Thankful for our friendship. 😊😊 Enjoyed the beauty of the evening sky. As this last day of the month comes to a close I look forward to what the new month holds for me. Feeling very blessed and thoughtful of all that I have been given daily. Thank you Lord! Blessings

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