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My journey through my day and my life with its andotes and life lessons of the day. The gifts and blessing of those people the Lord has surrounded me with along with the many treasure's He has left for me to open and enjoy along the way. My walk with my Lord and Savior, Prayers, Work, Play. Pictures of the gifts and blessing. My journey through life and how it has strengthened, blessed me or............

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Daily Journey

Sunday, February 19, 2017

February Blessings Week Three


Counting It All Joy

February 12 Waking to celebrate the Lords day. So a cup of coffee as I dress and shine for the day. Headed off to church to celebrate the Lord's day. Picked up my wonderful cozy soft leggings fromRebecca Sherrett. Thank you so much. I so love the warmth of these soft cozy leggings. Home for leftover tacos for lunch and Hallmark Valentine movies. Kinda sappy.......but....maybe somewhere out there is my future valentine. LOL A girl can dream even at my age. :) Loved the beautiful sunshine that was bursting with its warmth and beauty today giving me hope for warmer days ahead. A wonderful conversation with Katherine Fischer Huston, catching up. Praying for your health and all your various needs. Love you. Wrapped up in my electric blanket as I sit here learning that being alone isn't always a bad thing. As much as I hate it........I'm grateful for the peaceful quiet it brings and soul searching. Giving me opportunity to hear my heart and what is truly important to me. Small gifts even in the empty quietness of my life. Finding hope in the simple tasks of daily life. An evening call from my brother to check on me, making sure I'm okay. Thank you my sweet brother, I love you. Thank you Lord for all your many gifts you grant me daily. (Picture is of Clackamas River) Blessings

February 13 Can I please stay in bed and forget about the new week. The sun broke through the drapes, bringing sun rays of the new day and week ahead. Breaking through the cracks bringing me Monday morning; ready or not. A new week of gifts to be treasured and found. So time for coffee and prayers. A slow start to my day and thankful for the extra time of quiet as well as added prayer time. Some house cleaning making me feel productive. Thankful I have a home to clean. Enjoying the sun beaming through the windows. Warming the house with rays of hope. Feeling grateful that my family and friends are safe from the flood waters and dam breaks in Northern California. Thank you Lord for watching over them all. My emotions all over the place. Wishing I could hold them all in my arms. It's days like today I long to have them all little and home with me. Thank you Lord for your watchful eye and provisions daily. Blessings

February 14 Swinging into the day of hearts of love. Draped in sweet scented flowers and sweet heart candy, lavished in chocolate foiled red boxes of hearts. That must mean it's Valentine's Day. ♡♡♡ Happy Valentine's my sweet family and friends! ♡♡♡ Pray it was all you dreamed it to be and more. Grateful that my broken heart is mending and the lover of my soul is my Valentine year round. As I sit through this day of candy hearts of love; I'm thankful for all that bring joy and love into my life daily. You each bring a valentine heart of happiness year round to treasure. Thank you for your presence and gift of friendship. I'm truly blessed by all year round. ♡♡♡♡ Blessings

February 15 Up early to rock it at the salon creating smiles of beauty. It was a full day at the salon seven ladies only two cancellations. A phone call to go and cut hair in a private home after work. An added extra blessing with warm beautiful smiles to cap my working day off. Home to laundry and the quiet and loniness. Which was kinda I listened to the rain thunder down on the house. Making I guess one could go dance in the rain. But I'm staying in the warmth of my electric blanket and counting my blessings one by one. Blessings

February 16 Phone call 5 am from daughter number 2 Amber Webber wishing me a very happy birthday. Back to sleep....phones ringing with beautiful birthday wishes from many friends ♡♡♡. Daughter number 3 Rachael calls then daughter number 1Webber Heather calls. Lots of beautiful wonderful birthday wishes covering my Facebook page with birthday wishes and love. Thank you everyone for all the beautiful messages sent my way. Feeling very blessed and loved. I spent all morning curled up in my blankets and I even turned on heat to blaring to warm my house. Birthday gift to me, {warmth}. Then I got my self moving and did my hair and makeup Cuz a girl has to look good when she turns 59. So thankful for all the birthday wishes and love being sent my way this day. I'm truly blessed!♡♡♡ Another year ahead of me to adventure and journey through. Thank you Lord for 59 years of living well. Blessings

February 17 I could've slept in....but no, 6:30 am awake. So prayers and coffee with morning weather and news. Then I decided to watch a movie. It was one I had DVR'D. Really like that device. Afterwards grabbed my jacket to go to the bank. Chelsie Lanning made my day. Wishing me a happy birthday, then telling me I was 29 plus interest. LOVE IT! Thank you Chelsie you made my day. Then a visit from my beautiful friend Randi Hilary. We had so much fun catching up. Then out the door to help celebrate my friendRebecca Sherrett new business adventure. So excited for her. I won a pair of leggings. So much is stuffed into one day. God's blessings coming in many ways. While at Rebecca's meet some wonderful ladies and caught up with another friend the beautiful Christina Lee. The day painted in beauty just as the evening sky was painted in rich beauty for me to enjoy. It's seems one can always find a blessing to be thankful for. Loving all the many gifts of the day. Blessings

February 18 Good morning Beth time to rise and shine. Sister's, Christine Good, Rosie, and Jennifer Merritt-Estep, taking you out for brunch. Katherine Fischer Huston is arriving in town. And so many gifts and blessings are awaiting you today. Thank you sister's and Jennifer, for brunch so much fun, and tons of food. Then Mary McCormick Loomis and Katherine arrive on the scene. More food and surprises. After enjoying a hearty meal Katherine, Mary, and I headed for adventures unknown on the old scenic highway heading towards all the beautiful Falls in the Gorge. Rain and beauty. A little wine tasting at Skamania Lodge in Washington. Then a surprise treat at the bath house in Carson, at the Carson Hot Springs, in Washington. We are treated to a mineral bath and wrap. Total relaxation 😊Heading home from a very full day. A late dinner and drinks to top the day off. Arriving home to crash from our long excursions throughout the day. To numerous to mention them all. Feeling refreshed and renewed. Totally blessed from the first morning light to the last flicker of the day before my eyes closed for the night. Thank you everyone for making this memorable. God's blessings truly over took us today. Blessings

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