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Daily Journey

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Three Word Wednesday

Decaying, adjective: decomposing, decomposed, rotting, rotten, putrescent, putrid, bad, off, perished; moldy, festering, fetid, rancid, rank; maggoty, wormy, declining, degenerating, dying, crumbling, disintegrating; derelict, run-down, tumbledown, ramshackle, shabby, decrepit; in decline, in ruins, on the way out.

Ember, noun: glowing coal, live coal; cinder; (embers) ashes, residue.

Fragrant, adjective: sweet-scented, sweet-smelling, scented, perfumed, aromatic, odoriferous, odiferous, perfumy; literary redolent. 

Fragrant was the love
The ember burning hot
Lost in years
Of neglect
It no longer could burn 
The ember lost its light
Barely a flicker
Of the fragrant love
It once was
Decaying by the day
Dreaming for 
The fragrant love
Lost in years
Of neglect
Just a flicker
Of decaying memories
Of the fragrant love
That once was
A Love story
Of fragrant beauty
Now lost in memories
Burning embers
Of the love
That once was


1 comment:

Monica Manning said...

Heartbreaking. I know your pain. Believe that the flames will flicker again, even if it's another fire.