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Daily Journey

Sunday, April 2, 2017

March Blessings ~ Count It All Joy (Week Five)


The Winds Of March

March 26~ Waking to the rain pidder, padder upon my roof. Dancing rain drops, tears from heaven, diamonds in the sky, crystal beads strung together in love. So many words and sentences describe the magic of the Spring rain. Thinking I needed to go dance, jump and splash around in the rain today. Other plans.....breakfast, a surprise invite for a glass of wine. So very nice. Pleasant surprises. Surprised myself when I said Yes! A box of my favorite candy opened the door in an odd an unexpected way. Guess hot tamales can get you an afternoon date for a glass of wine. Never underestimate a box of candy. Thank you Lord for this day of dancing rain drops and my box of hot tamales that brought unexpected smiles. Now it's time to close this day with a good movie on Hallmark. Blessings

March 27 ~ Woke to sirens this morning. Pray whoever they where for is okay in Jesus name. Have heard lots of sirens today. It must be a Monday. Even heard screeching train wheels on the train tracks this morning. Birds chirping, geese honking, coffee dripping. Just to mention a few of the sounds I heard this morning as I awoke to this new day. So guess I'm thankful for my ears to hear all these wonderful sounds and noises, and so much more. This afternoon as the rain came down in buckets; (it was a down pour.) I could hear it so clearly in the building I was in. I found it so soothing. The laughter, the sniffles with tears, the encouragement, the words of love from mom on the phone today. So many wonderful sounds and noises. My list is endless today of the beauty of sound and being able to hear. Something we take for granted daily. Loving hearing all the many sounds around me. Thankful for the ding on my phone that notified me of a good morning text. It is the little things that bring joy and smiles that last the whole day long. Signs of Spring everywhere bringing hope and joy of warmer days ahead. Thank you Lord for the many blessings in each and every day in the simple beauty of living life fully to the best of my ability. Hearing all the wonderful things in a day! Blessings

March 28~ Wakey, wakey! Time to rise and shine. Things to do, places to go, and people to see. No lagging. Coffee is on, prayer time and get ready for this day you've been blessed with. No time to be idle. Chiropractor appointment, along with medical papers being dropped off. Then to the hospital to order paper work. So much red tape. Find the treasures and the blessings. A walk through the old neighborhood, as well as were I once worked. Memories of times that seemed I never would get through. I did! Memories of friends that lightened the days as well as the loads. Thankful that I'm reminded that each season brings it's glory and woes; and with each one it leaves memories that marks a chapter in our lives; not the end of the story just a new chapter to write on. A new blank page daily to write my story with the 1440 minutes I'm given everyday. Signs of Spring everywhere. Beautiful blooms popping up in the gardens everywhere. Just like the beautiful flowers of friendship that decorate my life with each one of your presences. Grateful for each one of you. More afternoon appointments. Smiles and laughter bring bubbling joy. A late afternoon early evening with the beautiful Geo Sutter. Thank you for taking me on your errands and an early dinner. So very yummy. And the best was catching up and visiting with you. Now it's time to close this page for this day. Thank you Lord for decorating it with colorful blooms of love and beauty. Blessings

March 29~ Good morning Wednesday our day of smiles of beauty begin. Get your motor running and those scissors ready. Made an appointment for April thank you Melissa Simmons. It was off and running from the start of this day. Line of smiles waiting upon my arrival. Thank you Lord. Put in a full day. Was serenade today for the first time ever. How cool! Asked to dance. And was told I would make a good jitterbug partner on the dance floor. Got to love the energy of these elder people. Thank you Mr. Stacy for making my day! Love hearing their stories. So grateful to have this opportunity to do a job I love and hear stories I'd never hear otherwise. Truly blessed! Okay I'm ready to get my dancing shoes out and go dancing. Oh yes! I can dance in my house, in my kitchen, anywhere I want! Balloons of celebration. A very Happy Birthday wish! Then home to do laundry, some housework. A woman's work is never done. A bit thoughtful of the many gifts I have been given in my life that I carry daily in my heart and in my memories. Thank you once again Lord for another day stocked full of treasures sent to me from you; to be enjoyed by me. Blessings

March 30~ Good morning Thursday! Coffee! Time to pack for road trip with sister Rosie, and Terrie Bariletti Dunn-Daggett the sister from another mother. Sister tells me I'm limited....really? Okay I'll try! Some light house keeping. I really wish and pray the Lord would get after my house cleaning fairy. She is never around when I need her most. My Mary Kay arrived. Love going through my box of goodies and putting them away. Make sure to pack mom's Mary Kay she ordered. Love my business. My brother Don, stopped by to meet up with Rosie. Love seeing my brother. Having family to spend time with, even short visits is such a gift. Glad to live near my siblings. Load the car and on the road to see my mom. A fun filled weekend awaits. Thankful the for traveling mercies and the angels of the Lord encamped about....because there are crazy drivers out there. Laughter, beautiful scenery, and more laughter as we continue to head towards moms. Thankful for family and laughter and beautiful evening sunset skies with rainbows painted just for me. Blessing

March 31~ Oh I don't want to get up out of this warm comfy bed. Mom has a heated bed with the most comfortable mattress ever. I even got hot! I must be in heaven. Mom made us pancakes for breakfast. Love being here. Makes me want to be a kid again, maybe or not!?! Nothing like being in moms home. Then a trip to Port Townsend for the afternoon. Lunch in an old soda fountain. Love being here with my mom, Rosie, and Terrie Bariletti Dunn-Daggett. Having so much fun with this wild crew. Though they don't want to put on red party dresses and heels and go dancing. That's a bummer! Home for a wonderful dinner with family and friends. Stories, laughter, and plans for the "Death Day Party" Rosie is planning. Yes there is a back story to the "Death Day Party". Nothing like moms home cooking even at ???. Then more laughter and wild crazy stories with lots of laughs this evening. Driving in from Wal-Mart big eyes of Mr. Raccoon staring at us. What a surprise seeing him lurking around the big evergreen tree. Keep those eyes peeled for gifts hidden even in the dark of night. It has been a day stock full of love, smiles, laughter, many memories made. Scenery of old buildings, and a beautiful Port. Love my family I have been blessed with and all those added. Friends that enrich our journey . Thank you Lord for this day, the family and friends you have blessed me with. Blessings

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