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Daily Journey

Saturday, July 8, 2017

July Blessings ~ Counting It All Joy (Week One)


Let The Celebration's Begin!

July 1~ Welcome July! Waking up at sister's home; which is always full of life and daily excitement. Never a dull moment here. Walk downtown to watch the parade. Got my exercise in. Always something to do and places to go with my sister's. Must always be ready for an adventure and the unexpected surprises, laughter and fun that goes on around this family. So grateful I'm apart of this crazy fun crew called my family. Thank you for inviting me to come over this weekend to join in on the fun. Loved riding in the convertible this afternoon with top down, sun beating down, and wind blowing. Got to love a convertible in the good old Summertime. Time to enjoy a bbq with family and friends, along with smiles of laughter and fun. What could be better!?! The evening sky lights up with fireworks in celebration of 4th of July. What a spectacular show it was. The end to a beautiful Summer day and evening. So blessed to have my sister's, and friends that enrich my life with their smiles and presence. Thankful for the freedoms we have and celebrate here in the United States of America. Lord thank you for all the amazing journeys you take me on daily as I scope out every opportunity and fun things to do. Blessed with another day flowing with tiny blooms scattered all around me. The day closes and my heart is full. Blessings

July 2~ Sunday morning glorious sunshine! Sitting outside with Great nephew's and sister's on the patio soaking up the fresh air and the morning sun rays drinking morning coffee. Perfect start to the day. Sunday morning drives to unknown locations and adventures. Hood River and Bonneville Fish Hatchery. Walked around the Historical Hotel and Wah Gwin Gwin Falls. Then visited Herman the sturgeon at the fish hatchery. Taking in all the beauty surrounding me. Thankful I live in such a beautiful part of the world. Where all I have to do is drive a short ways to enjoy a quick adventure with lots of fun! Then capture lots of beauty in my camera. Memories to treasure. Found a few new places to hike. Yea! Can hardly wait to check them out. Propped feet watching old westerns on TV, Big Valley, and Bonanza. An early dinner with wonderful company. Perfect! Thank you Lord for all the wonderful blessings of the day. Blessings

July 3 ~ Early rise for early morning appointments. Overcast and cool. Looking for those sun rays. Morning coffee and a sweater is the order of the morning. Doctors and results. Not necessarily where I want to be....but it is what it is. Some good results and some not so good. Think I will go home and take a nap. Oh WOW! It appears I slept the entire day away. Time for ice cream and early evening outing that brings fresh air, sunshine, and friendship. So my thankful is that I made it through the day. Grateful for sleep. Loved sitting out on patio eating ice cream. This was a day of body crashing and resting. God's grace. Blessings

July 4 ~ Happy 241st Birthday America! Happy 4th of July! A time of celebration and remembrances of the freedoms we so richly enjoy here in America. God bless the USA! Thank you Lord for this beautiful country I live in. The sun is shining and I have so much to be thankful for. Family, friends, a home, a car, a job, food, clothes; my list is endless. Thank you for blessing me so richly Lord. I take so much for granted daily, things I don't even think about that I take for granted each and everyday. Tonight as I listen to the celebrating and fireworks I think of those that aren't at home celebrating. Those that stand guard and protect the freedoms that I so richly enjoy. Thank you for these men and women that stand guard and those that gave all. Humbled by the life I've been given daily. Thank you each and all that fought for this country and the freedoms I enjoy. Blessings

July 5 ~ Good morning Wednesday! Rise and shine to a beautiful Summer day. Time for me to get ready to create smiles of beauty. Wishing I didn't have to go in to the salon. Such a beautiful morning to just sit and take in all the sunshine and beauty. But.....I know my ladies would be disappointed. So off I go to see how many smiles will come to see me today. Ten on the books, eight beautiful ladies and one handsome gentlemen. Each one amazes me with their beauty and life stories. So grateful to have such an amazing job, that I truly do enjoy. A little country music to relax to as I prop my feet this afternoon. Thankful for leftovers for dinner, fans to cool the house, cat naps, and unexpected kindness. Lord it's in the ordinary and simplicity of day with no bumps that I am simply grateful for today. For your grace and love that's wakes me and gives me another day to write my story of me (Beth). Each day a gift to create a rich story that's mine. Blessings

July 6 ~ Good morning muggy Thursday. It's not time to get up yet....But I'm getting up. To muggy to sleep. Coffee, prayers, get ready for work. Three beautiful ladies coming in today. Two perms and a shampoo set. It's always nice to go in on Thursday's because I usually end up booking more perms, like today. Sunshine brings me so much hope. I love Summer! It's my favorite season. I love the fireball and the hot long days. And still I don't get everything in I would love too. But grateful for all the things I do get done and do. Thank you Rebecca Sherrett for me meeting up with me this evening. Thank you for your insight and words of wisdom. One day all this loneliness will pass. Love that I have friends that are there to brighten the day and help me see things in a different perspective. Thankful that laundry is done for another week. For a place to call my own, a car to drive to get me to and from. Yes even in my loneliness I have lots to be thankful for. Blessings

July 7 ~ Good morning Friday and here we come weekend! Marine layer hiding my beautiful yellow sunshine ball of warmth. Three outfits later I found the one that fits for today and all of my errands. Thankful for the selection of clothes that I have, and cute shoes to go with my outfits. Tires taken care and brakes are good. Thankful I paid extra for the life of tires, balancing etc. Cost nothing. Then went and spoke to management at car wash. Nice....a free car wash. Thank you Lord! Excited! Getting closer to having garbage disposal in. Purchased today along with last fan to be put in. Yea! Wendi Chapdelaine what a blessing you and Tim Chapdelaine are. Looking forward to next month. What fun we will have. Today's simple pleasures in life are wrapped in love from family and friends. Along with great favor as I went about my business today. Thank you Lord for always making sure all of my needs are meet even areas that surprise me. Thank you for the peace of the evening as this day slowly winds down and comes to a close. Resting in you Lord as you continue to meet all of my needs that I have. Thank you! Blessings

July 8 ~ Time to wake to Saturday morning sunshine and coffee. Excited to see my girlfriend Jeannie today. I get to do her hair for her. We always have so much fun. (It turned out beautiful!) Today we went through some old year books from junior high and high school. Wondering if we'd ever recognize anyone we went to school with. How did we get so old so fast? Seems like yesterday we were dreaming of the life's we would have. If we were going to pass our finales. What dress we were going to wear to prom. If we were going to to cut 6th period class to meet up for soda and fries. Dreaming of our current crush. My how times have changed. Today we are covering our grey, talking about grandchildren, what or doctors say about our health, and our retirement and the latest in headlines. Thankful for the years the Lord has blessed me with. Thankful that He has blessed me with life-long friends from childhood. The laughter, smiles, and life long memories we have made. For lazy afternoons in the Summer rays. Today I'm thankful for clean linen, hot showers, morning walks, eye makeup remover, music, laughter, prayers, and awesome friendships that grow with you. Yes Lord you fill my days with everything I need and more. Thank you. Blessings

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