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Daily Journey

Sunday, July 23, 2017

July Blessings ~ Counting It All Joy (Week Two)


Let The Celebration's Begin!

July 9~ Sunday morning! Hello to my world! Sun shining brightly! Wanting to get this day started! Coffee brewing, prayer time. Dressed for the day. Ready for what the world throws at me today. An early morning Haircut! One happy person. Yea! Then on my way to Praise the Lord on His holy day. WOW! Service was amazing. Just what I needed. Thank you sweet Holy Spirit! Feeling refreshed and renewed in His holy water. Feeling break throughs and His amazing Grace carrying me to the next level. A little adventure up the road to Larch Mt. To take in the amazing views. A great little hike up to the view point. Never tire of the beauty all around me. Yes! Thank you Lord for watching over me today as I adventured out alone. Thankful for log jams and road blocks being removed from my life and eruptions of joy, happiness, and life flowing freely as I step into each new page of my life. Free from yesterday's baggage that drags and holds me down. To feeling set free, as an eagle soaring high above all that tries to drag me down. Feeling totally relaxed and ready to take on the next chapter of my life. So grateful for the gifts of today. Thank you Lord! Blessings

July 10~ Good morning Monday! Time to start a new week of adventures. Ummmm........I think we need to start with coffee and prayers. First appointment of the day 9. Ran into a friend. So glad to see you and get those amazing hugs and smiles. Need to get a pedicure on these feet. I think besides making them pretty will make them feel better as well. Sister calling mid morning!?! OMG I'm on my way as fast as I can get out of this chair. Lord be with my sister's. Move this traffic out of my way my sister's need me. Hurry up and wait and more waiting. Lots of prayers, phone calls, and more waiting. Lord touch my sister and make her whole in Jesus name Amen! Time with siblings including my brother. Mom on her way. Watch over her Lord. Long day of waiting and still waiting. Covered in prayers. Thankful for amazing nursing staff and the rest of the care team. Wrapped in warm blankets. Coffee and water, sitting waiting, praying, waiting, praying. Thank you Lord you are in control. Love my daughter's and their support across the miles; along with all of my amazing friends praying with us. It's been a long day going into a long evening. Thankful for the amazing love and support throughout the day. Sister thank you for treating me to the yummy chicken sandwich. Blessed even in the midst of unknown. So don't want to adult today. Now starts the long night. And still don't want to adult. Thankful for family and friends. Blessings

July 11~ Good morning to my momma! Love having her here with me. Did her hair for her. A little short....but really cute on her. Prayer and coffee. Time to get ready to head back to OSHU. No ...look at this crazy traffic! So glad I don't have to drive this mess everyday twice a day. I'd say that's a HUGE blessing. Valet to love it. So worth it. Love driving mom's rig! WOW! What a sweet ride and all the bells and whistles. Wish I was driving that car on my road trips. Oh Yes! So comfortable too. Hello sister, hello brother. Yep! I have an amazing supportive family. Another hurry up and wait! Hurry up and wait! Hello friend's so glad you dropped in. More hurry up and wait. Yes we get to go home! Yes! Learned alot in this so unwanted health crisis. So ....unwanted as it was...and is...thankful for the information and life saving preventives. Thank you mom for lunch! Time to get you ladies on the road to home so sister can rest. I love you all so much. WOW! Look there my yard is taking shape. Thank you thank you. Off to get last minute items. Loved my early evening out and catching up with some well needed girl time. Good to catch up and a little venting as well. Love those friends that you can be who you are with no judgment....just acceptance for were you are and who are right now. The absolute best. Thank you for meeting up with meCindy Forsythe Rieder. Lots to be thankful for today Lord. Sister home and on the road to recovery. Answered prayers, praying family, and friends. Yard taking shape, things getting done around the house. Time with mom, siblings, friends. What could be better? Yep I'm thankful for all this and so much more. Blessings

July 12~ Good morning Wednesday! Day of beauty and smiles. Thankful for each one. Eight amazing happy beautiful smiling ladies today. One actually waiting for me to arrive. What a lovely way to greet the day. Finish up and head home to do towels and finish packing. On the road by 2:30 Not to bad. Traffic at a dead stop. Over an hour to get out of Portland. Grrr..... Fighting to stay awake. Pull over for a cat nap. Then my second stop to stretch. Then my third stop I needed fluids in my body. Okay thus is called self care. Back on road again. Crazy drivers out here, lots of traffic. Arrive in Grants Pass were I will stay the night. Thank you Jim for your awesome hospitality. Dinner was great! Company even better. 35 years of friendship and still counting. Lord thank you for getting me safely from point A to point B. It's been a long day. Tired and ready to close this day. Blessings

July 13~ Ringing phone.....good morning Webber Heather. No Heather mom was sleeping....I will be on the road shortly. See you in the afternoon sweet daughter. I love you! Morning coffee with Jim Gentry. Thank you for your hospitality. Athena thank you for your sweet doggie love. California here I come. Gas up and on the road. Such beauty surrounding me. Exciting drive today. First stop breathe taking. Second stop not a planned or wanted one. But...for some reason even after all the work on car before leaving Portland it did weird things. Thank you Jesus it was only something very simple and minor. Better safe than sorry. Third stop lunch. Then the race was on to get into Sacramento. Crazy drivers all around. Thank you Lord for watching over me. Four times today almost taken out. Angels on overtime today. Made it to Rose's. Two haircuts, and Mary Kay delivered. A wonderful visit with friends. Then dinner with oldest daughter. Thankful to arrive here safely, that nothing seriously wrong with the car, time with friends; perfect . Long day and happy to have arrived at daughter's home, where I can unwind and rest from the long drive. I'd say today's adventures have been eventful and full of joy and happiness. Loved my hello snap this evening, a pleasant surprise to close my day. Thank you Lord! Sweet dreams! Blessings

July 14~ Good morning Friday in sunny California! Webber Heather brought me yummy coffee! Thank you sweet daughter. Then she tells me, we must get ready for her second job. Oh no! She isn't going to get any rest or sleep. I meet her lovely client Patti that she does care giving for. What a delightful lady. We run errands. And you know sometimes those errands take the whole day. But she was happy to get them accomplished. Had a wonderful lunch. Thank you! Then finish up Heather's work day. Then a little therapeutic shopping. Exhausted! Finally she is asleep and resting. Thank you Jesus! Today I'm thankful for being here in California with my daughter's. For being able to go to work with daughter and still enjoy our day. For finding the perfect hand bag for tomorrow evening's festivities. Meeting Patti the lady my daughter works for. That I made it through the day without my hair and makeup being complete today. The world didn't stop and I didn't die from it. Now to get in touch with my grandchildren to close my day. Thank you Lord for watching over this day and the many blessings and provisions provided. Blessings

July 15~ Good morning! Anticipation of the events of the day. Wondering where Webber Heather is.....she says she has been abducted by aliens. Alas....she was! The aliens have brought her home safely. But now they want fun. So they kidnapped me and took me on a coffee adventure. Good thing I like my coffee. Then these aliens took us to the mall to do some shopping; before heading to Chuckie Cheese for the real fun to begin. The aliens love pizza! Now that they have had some fun and have been feed; I think we are safe from further abduction until they require fun and food again. Time to get ready for the evening. This eagle is ready to party like it's 1977. So excited to go to my 40th class reunion. And what a great time it was too! Thank you everyone who worked so hard putting this event together. It was awesome! So grateful I could make it here to be able to attend this amazing event this evening. Time for this eagle to close this day. Blessings

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